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  1. Relive the Memories (or) Create New Memories of these Newsstand Publications and Movie Theater Showings.
    | Erotic Calendars
    : Colt Men | Cowboy | Hairy Chested Men | Leather |
    | Movie Magazine: Ass-Slappin |
    | XXX Movie: The Best Little Warehouse in L.A. |

    | My favorite Model today is Tony Ganz | My favorite Actor today is Michael Christopher |



    2007 Colt Men Calendar 📥

    Gage Weston


    2007 Colt Hairy Chested Men Calendar  📥

    Carlo Masi


    2008 Colt Cowboy Calendar 📥

    Tony Ganz


    2008 Colt Hairy Chested Men Calendar  📥

    Adam Champ


    2008 Colt Leather Calendar  📥

    Tony Mills



    Erotic Calendars Gallery




    The Best Little Warehouse in L.A. (1982) - by Laguna Pacific - A William Higgins Film

    source: Gay Erotic Video Index

    The crew over the the best little warehouse in L.A. are a loyal bunch. If there's any hanky panky to be done, they do it on the job!
    Muscular foreman Michael Christopher leads the list of horny culprits as he goes after everyone from the new guy on the job
    to the deliveryman (Giorgio Canali) to the entire night shift crew. But judging from what goes on between shifts,
    afterhours, and even on weekends, everyone's equally hot and bothered at the horniest little warehouse in town!


    Movie Magazine: Ass-Slappin  📥

    ENJOY,  🙂 ERIC

  2. HEDO UPDATE 08/16/2019😊
    https://www.adonismale.com/blogs/entry/224-🏖️🌴☀️🚫👚👙 hedo-trip-w-updates-0813-182019-🏖️🌴☀️🚫👚👙/

    🏖️🌴👙 Miss Hedonism II Bikini Contest 👙🌴🏖️

    Tiff & I have been having such a great time here so far & got even better yesterday! Along with some encouragement (not that I needed much) from Tiff & a few others that we had been hanging out with, I entered & participated in my first bikini 👙 contest in years! 😂
    Even though I had my c-string bikini, I wore a bikini that I had bought here that I saw earlier & really liked to participate the contest in.

    There was about 10 participants & out of all of them, I took top honors as Miss Hedonism II for this week of Aug. 13 - 18! 😊
    Who would've of thought, huh? 😂 Along with the title as MIss Hedo II, I also got a voucher for a 1/2 price stay for next visit (gave it to Tiff) & a check for $5000! 💰 , which I will invest in my daughter! In addition to that, even gave me credit on that bikini I had bought!

    Afterwards I posed for some promotional material for Hedo II.


    I really like how it turned out with the setting & lighting.
    They gave me copies of both print & non print versions for my portfolio, which I have a lot of stuff already from when I used to model on a regular basis years ago. I had called home to tell my man what happened & he along with my daughter gave me congrats! 😊

    After recovering from all of yesterday's events, both of us are planning on chillin & hangin out 😎 with drinks in hand 🍹 on the nude beach! It is so nice to be able to get up from the beach lounger & make my way over to the bar completely naked! 🏖️🚫👙☀️
    Tiff did schedule for us later on full nude body massages! 😊💆‍♀️ 


    Tiff took this the other day of me enjoying one of the outdoor showers on the nude beach! 😊

    Much ❤️

  3. The Sweeter Side Of Life

    I've often said and I even wrote  once that... "I wish there was a cookbook for life with the recipes that will tell us the exact ingredients we need and how we need to mix everything together to have everything turn out exactly the way we want to."  and I've been thinking about it... and even the finest cooks in some of the best kitchens in the world don't always have everything  turn out perfectly all the time...  One of the people who taught me to be a great and fearless cook told me you need to be able to have a backup plan to fix any culinary mishap and often you can repair almost anything  in the kitchen with... butter,  whipped cream, sour cream, chocolate or fresh fruit... and in most cases he was right.
    The thing about cooking and baking like everything else in life... the more you do it the better you get... but also you develop an understanding about ingredients and the science of   how they react or perform together or in certain climates and altitudes (I have to confess I am not a good baker at high altitudes) ... but developing a sense of how things should smell and how the molecular qualities of water, oil and sugars and proteins perform independently and in tandem under varying temperatures takes cooking into a science and that in my opinion is when you become the master of the craft. I owe my own understanding to this from the book On Food And Cooking  by Harold McGee; I can't recommend this book highly enough if you are serious about becoming a great cook.
    But perhaps more importantly this book taught me to think about how relationships whether they are professional or personal in nature breaking down the components of people in different situations and even geographic locations. I suppose what I'm trying to say is if we look at the ingredients we have to work with in life and examine how they work together and independently and react under different forms of stimulus we have within us the ability to write the recipes we need in life... and while they might not always turn out the way we planned when we started if we have the contingency plan ready... life will flow a little more smoothy.
    There are a lot of discussions going on now in the news and on social media about science and religion and belief systems in relation to them... I for one am very science based about everything in the world and how the world works in our whole life right up until we die... but there is a part of me in my heart where where miracles can live if we have hope and love in  our daily life and it reflects in how we see the world.... that is part of what this whole blog has been about from the very start in terms or letting old memories and dreams come outside to play again to help build a bridge over the boundaries  we can often create  from fears, obligations or neglecting our dreams by not listening to them... Far away from science are our first kisses and how we learned to love and share from them... and like in the kitchen  when things go awry we learn to fix mistakes or start over and not give up... so we do all have the recipes for life... but it's important to remember... are we starting with the best ingredients?... do we take responsibility for mistakes? ... and do what is necessary to fix them? I think if we each start with these two simple steps and the life lessons we have learned up until this very moment we are on the right path.  I think I either wrote here or in one of the online venues I have participated in... "we all make mistakes... but if we don't learn from them and/or make the worst possible decisions because or in spite of them... then the outcome is likely to be abysmal."
    Things, people and  situations are either life affirming or life diminishing... what we do, what we say and how we handle them are what make the differences...this is one of the things that have nothing to do with science... it all boils down to... are you a decent person or not.
    I often hear other people say... "This is the icing on the cake" to mean something negative... I don't know about you but I love cake and I like the icing the best so I never use this metaphor as a negative... I usually say... "This is the straw that broke the camels back" because  this metaphor is the result of a lot of little things that build up for whatever reason... usually because someone else is being an asshole... and it sometimes is better to walk away from anyone who has proven that they are not life affirming to you and your dreams.
    Another ingredient here that is not science based are our dreams and ambitions... they will always be our best guides in life so don't abandon them no matter what because if you do all the other important things in your life will soon start to evaporate... your dreams and ambitions keep all the important things alive... sometimes you might have to alter them or refine them but don't give them up unless you have found a better road to travel... think of the revisions as adding the chocolate and whipped cream to repair the problem... we probably always have to do this because finding the sweeter side of life is like finding the truth... we always have to keep looking and learning.
    I'll leave you with this...
    If you don't speak French... it translates to... We do not see things as they are...we see them as we are...


  4. RunItsBlip
    Latest Entry

    image.png.0dc8f8e6a00b1cacae422ae6386b2a28.png first came upon Max Scheider upon coming upon Kurt Hugo Schneider

    like too many others

    image.png.acbb75ca41fce9806e01174474fc5b57.png thought "be they brothers?"


    Schneider actually is a fairly common name

    Max has been performing since he was a little kid

    Max was in the regrettable Nickelodeon show -

    and aren't ALL Nickoldeon shows regrettable? -

    "How To Rock"


    Max can act

    Max also can move as he went to a performing arts school in New York

    (image.png.8e4a40f3736389137cabab991be1c783.png not certain if it is the same one as in the film Fame. there are numerous schools like that in NY)

    Max also can sing


    what image.png.db16bedb2bf12f59bcf308ca04f2d352.png particularly liked about Max Schneider was that Max has the full appreciation of understanding that a great part of sining (and dance) IS acting

    there is just something about when Max Schneider sings you believe him

    - at least image.png.90c60271652ee9209bf31270bf5acea0.png does -

    a great case in point is a song of Bruno Mars' - When I was Your Man

    Boyce Avenue covered this (with Fifth Harmony)

    and image.png.ffa1c06b011b74dd0965c64f53f1835b.pngliked it ALOT

    mostly due to the arrangement

    but Max REALLY sells it - and when image.png.cfc75fa1e61ed5a91468692dad702b3f.png saw Kurt Hugo Schneider

    sitting in a tree and playing the harp........

    (what instrument CAN'T he play? no., seriously)

    there is a little glitch in the performance

    - it almost looks for a moment like Max spits up on himself -

    and if image.png.634a90a96743e01f79bc95b04fdce263.png had directed image.png.088c01f1cf9cf4d27b975c680743bf75.png woulda screamed CUT! Do it over!

    but Max seriously emotes

    another fave of image.png.292cf476b06cf8267d3c9cd85687e649.png's is this rendition of Say Something

    Postmodern Jukebox does this as well

    and it is the horn that steals the show

    but this really is superior

    the simple arrangement

    the chairs back to back

    and Max appears almost to completely loose it in this

    the line "Say something - I'm giving up on you" is performed in such a way that you genuinely FEEL the frustration you would have in such a situtation

    will Max Schneider still do covers now?

    image.png.7b5ecc2897e0e28c28acf174f013877c.png hopes so


    Max goes by MAX now and is determined to be a full fledged pop artist

    quickly MAX is displaying writing chops that, frankly, impresses image.png.d5e1628d4a3e3423b6bcb1086fd65ab5.png more than Boyce Avenue

    (Boyce Avenue excels in how the do a cover. the originals? big hit and mix bag there)


    this is VERY recent MAX - only a couple months old

    it is a fun video as well


    with work like this MAX might break out of Youtube and become a known name

    there are live performances of Love Me Less

    and those performances are as good as the video

    image.png.f3d684c7c2d33f643a760c537fff0c5c.png will post the original official video AND a live performance

    because the acid test is always whether you can do it live

    and MAX passes



    LIVE (on the Today Show)


  5. With all the cameras and smartphones out there, it’s no surprise that, once in a while, someone captures a truly bizarre once-in-a-lifetime photo. Whatever you want to call them – forced perspectives, optical illusions or pictures taken at just the right angle – they are brilliant and hilarious because they totally twist your perception of what is real.

    The most important common element is that somebody took a picture in the right place at the right moment.

    Here you'll find some perfectly-timed pictures seen in the web.


  6. What no one really knows is, I'm a talented singer. 

    To be honest, listening to me when I sing is an adventure. A squeaky door sounds much better. :m0769:

    But I love music. I suppose you are like me that you guys hear music, but do not listen. But there are many moments in my life when I really listen to music. Sometimes it happens that a song touches me for some reason. It is possible that I have even heard the song several times before. 

    Other songs are important to me because I have a direct connection to them. I associate these with a special experience or emotion. 

    Does it happen occasionally that you like a cover more than the original? 

    All these songs have a significance for me. 


    Mad World

    I admit I like the cover versions by Gary Jules and Adam Lambert much more than the original. 

    I've chosen this video, because Adam performed powerful and emotional. 


    The original by Tears For Fears


    The Sound of Silence 

    Once again the cover is the better one for me. It has more power, but it's still emotional. 

    Ten thousand people, maybe more
    People talking without speaking
    People hearing without listening

    Those lines were written by Paul Simon in 1963/64. Are those lines still valid? 

    Here's the original by Simon and Garfunkel



    You Raise Me Up

    I wasn't aware that's a song by Secret Garden. 

    Josh Groban's cover was the version I knew as the original. 


    How often did you guys listen to Hallelujah

    Jeff Buckley touched my heart. 

    RIP Jeff Buckley 


    The next song will always be remembered in connection with one of the embarrassing moments. Better do not ask why. 


    To be continued in the comments. 


  7. Hey all! 

    My 'fun times' with Stan have been pretty steady, although I readily admit that I've been chatting with a few other guys on line lately. This weekend I finally decided to let him cum in my mouth. The sensation was exhilarating, but the taste was so-so. I'm slowly but surely getting used to the taste of cum (which is a fun adventure in itself). 


  8. My Rainbow Blog

    There are two fundamental kinds of communities.  

    Community of Users

    The focus is on the users, and the social interaction between users.  

    This usually emphasizes features centered on the users like profiles, status updates, a membership directory, user albums, user blogs, and user-published content.  The user is there to broadcast his perspective, and shares his personal perspective.  Even though other users can comment, the primary focus is on the individual's original content.  

    Community of Content

    The focus is on collaborative content, and the shared creation of content.  

    This usually emphasizes features like group discussion, group albums, group blogs, wikis, and other collaborations.  The community gets rewarded through group accomplishments, and come together to solve issues.  

    What is AdonisMale?

    Reconciling the two and bringing them together has always been a challenge (in a good way) for me.  I intentionally try to offer both.  My personal opinion is that new users come for the community of content - they're specifically looking for a certain model or image.  Power users who upload a lot of content tend to also focus on the community of content.  Most regular users, however, stay for the community of users and the friendships that develop.  

    This struggle was highlighted recently in a review of our Gallery, where it was questioned why I had image boards in Forums vs albums in Gallery.  I sought private feedback, and one of the best responses is that topics allowed anyone to add to the pictures.  There can be many people all contributing images. For users who don't have large collections but instead share one or two photos here and there, it's a better fit.  

    When the gallery was initially developed, I pushed the software developers to provide 'group albums' where anyone could contribute to an album.  They developed the feature two years later, and by that time, we had already built out our Main Gallery (now known as Themed Albums) and it was too big of a change for us to course-correct. 

    With that said, I did want to educate the community that we do allow group uploading in albums!  It's an option under Privacy when you create an album:

    Create Album - Privacy.JPG

    Our albums are a quandary.  Most themed albums are better as user-albums, where the owner controls the album and is the only person allowed.  Porn is a very intimate affair, and I can understand the behavioral psychology in wanting to preserve your porn albums for yourself.  

    However, we do have model albums for fashion models and gay pornstars, where it might make sense to allow many users to  contribute to one album.  

    This is certainly a complex challenge without any easy path for us.  Most solutions requires a technical change at the software level to change default settings, and it's always difficult to change things once a section has matured.  With that said, I look forward to seeing AdonisMale grow both our content and our users.  We recently hit half a million images in our gallery and we have more fun and games in our forums, and it's been so gratifying to see the community grow by leaps and bounds.    

  9. JoelR
    Latest Entry

    A selection of male erotica for the week, including Justin Seitz by Ryan Boyd Photography.  

    My personal favorite is #6 with the pearly droplets of thick cum.  To be able to capture the photo in the instant when the cock is gushing is truly a rare moment.  

    rare photographer erotic1.jpg

    rare photographer erotic2.jpg

    rare photographer erotic3.jpg

    rare photographer erotic4.jpg

    rare photographer erotic5.jpg

    rare photographer erotic6.jpg

    rare photographer erotic8.jpg


  10. Wes AKA bakersman94

    • 2
    • 13
    • 101

    Recent Entries

    Hello, my name is Wes, and i have been with AdonisMale for several years now!! i will be 68 years old on April 10th, 2019!! i want to start off my talking about a challenge i joined at my gym. the object of the challenge was to lose weight and body fat, and gain muscle. the challenge ran from Oct. 14th, 2018 through to Jan. 6th, 2019.

    i didn`t have the money to join the challenge until 2 weeks and one day after it started!! i opted for the supps, but felt i was doing well enough on my own to not need the aid from a personal trainer!! i found out that the supps were not supplements like BCAAs, Glutamine, or whey isolate protein to name but a few!! they were actually more for health. i got meal replacement shakes, which can be drank before a meal, as well as a meal replacement. i never got the supps until Nov. 4th, and never started using them until Nov. 7th, because i wasn't sure how to use them in regards to the challenge.

    i also got cleanse for life!! cleanse for life burns off the visceral fat around the organs, but also helps burn off fat throughout the rest of the body. i was with the challenge for approximately 10 1/2 to 11 weeks. i lost 12 pounds of fat, gained 10 pounds of muscle and lost 22 pounds in weight. i didn`t win anything though, as i wasn't eating enough food for it to be beneficial in adding more muscle!! i may not have won the challenge, but i did win in regards to my personal goals of losing body fat, losing weight and putting on muscle. when i joined the challenge i was 294 pounds. when i weighed in at the end of the challenge i weighed in at 272 pounds!!

    i was so pleased with my results, i went and bought a months supply of the meal replacement shakes and cleanse for life. i figure, by the end of January, i`ll be very close to if not at my goal weight of 244 pounds!! all this after having had quadruple bypass surgery on March 9th, 2017. i had 85% to 90% blockages in 4 of the arteries to my heart, i was having a burning pain in my upper abs, lower chest area every time i tried talking a walk that was longer than 5 minutes, and i was out of breath trying to do any activity as simple as putting the garbage out.

    for 8 months leading up to my surgery, i was confined to the house. i was able to cook a meal, or walk to the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom, or my bedroom without discomfort. my existence was limited to one floor of a small house. i think because the blockages were so severe, it caused my heart to beat wildly at times, as though it were trying to pump more blood throughout my body. i really do not know how i was still alive by the time i went in for my surgery. i am doing so much better now. i can breathe normally again, i can walk to my hearts content with no pain, and i can go to the gym and weight train 6 days a week. i will continue adding to my blog with more about me as time goes by!! thank you for reading this, with love from Wes!! hugs!!!  

  • Our picks

    • Bryce McKinney
      Bryce McKinney
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    • Friday - 16th
      I'm posting a little early today, as I am facing getting up at 3 am to go to Tampa airport tomorrow. what I do for love - or buck$. there is a lot of media to consider today - I have posted a gay comics special featuring an on-going story of two middle aged, middle class average guys and some of the sitcom situations they face together. it may not do much for those who are younger than the baby boomer generation. whatever. I have updated the Miscellaneous Male Models H and remind you that if you happen to really like some of these guys, you are welcome to contribute to the club and to my collection. then the regular posts, featuring Bruno Herkenhoff, an ineffable strawberry blonde whose delights are beyond description. also have included a zip for Jon-Erik Hexum, who died much too young. hope you like 'em!

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    • Thursday - 15th
      morning came early - I had a 3 am run to Clearwater and it was an hideous trip. pouring with rain . . . couldn't wait to get home and flop down on the couch for a bit before taking care of Mom and shopping. rested up most of the rest of the day. and meditated on the loveliness of Ryan Hayward. you all are probably sick of my rabbiting on about blondes; I consider red-hed a variety of blonde, and this bubba is one hunk of MAN. wow!!

        • Stiffie
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    • Wednesday - 14th
      just another day in paradise - got our ration of liquid sunshine this afternoon, and I scanned nearly my last magazine. have a nice lineup of models, led by David Hasselhoff of Baywatch fame. I have never seen it, can you believe? anyway, I hope you enjoy the images.

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    • René Alvarado
      René Alvarado
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