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  1. Another installment of SuzieNudie's Hump Day! 😂🐪

    Taken while enjoying a "Girls Night" with my cousin Tiff, & 4 of others a few years ago. We all watched some show about male strippers & it featured this black male stripper who happened to get all of us gals attention! 😊

    Cute butt! 😍 


    What was even better is when they showed his rather impressive dong! 😮
    OMG! Oh so fuckin beautiful! I could've easily seen myself spending all night in bed enjoying it! 😍

  2. RunItsBlip
    Latest Entry

    image.png.fc7066b23f8ed2e9279e6cdb1367ea65.pnghad writer's meeting again for "talent show"

    the first couple of things image.png.2de8d9cc45eb8a4f93aa33fd549bd0be.png wrote:

    1 - a song parody - not image.png.fb0d6c023584c59b541c4f8e75df20d5.png's actual foray - but it worked into what we were THEN doing but now they agreed with image.png.1adeafe1a3afe2946e8bf1829f9782da.png that it would be way to complicated to pull off - so we got no finale

    2 - gangster kids running a "pay to play" scam on the playgroud. they loved it at first though considered it "a little dark" - will be used sometime in the future maybe

    they have been trashed


    image.png.9c3e60de4e4ac95e342068673a7a9ccd.png again has to revise a skit so it is "less dark" and fits better in how the show will be staged

    and image.png.e1b6ccf386d3423843db5caf5df6bec8.png assigned SOMETHING about making a "smart house" - yech stuff image.png.323c364af5ff6676aeda1a4ea3948ef7.png knows ZERO about

    and - as such - it is kinda difficult to write a satire on a topic you really do not know enough about

    but - if image.png.dc7f1c77dbe830c50282f9031df70118.png wants image.png.e176ccd3ef5c0661c3c0a47641acfebf.png's stuff in the show as opposed to the decidedly unfunny stuff

    then image.png.1567b93981ba7321664d67cb8429de24.png better write it


    at least the producer and image.png.798f09f81d2b7abbf138abe6cfb0eb04.png are on the same page as far as humor is concerned


    "but what about image.png.9b48828687759407f60dab4df6241d32.png's homage to the Marx Brothers?" you ask

    thus far it seems to still be making the cut

    however they fell in love with the Three Stooges bit image.png.305173e3b18c67fe4727b55cc65c9fbe.png provided tonight


    Three Stooges over the Marx Brothers?

    this kinda displays what image.png.af5301a2f01e56945332bbfe4406fae2.png is dealing with here


    nothing against the Three Stooges but....come on! really?

  3. Relive the memories or create new ones of these 1976 / 1977 Newsstand Editions of Drummer Magazine, Him International Magazine, In Heat Magazine, QQ Magazine.

    Screenshots of / by: David Sparrow, Jakal, Geoff Shields, Steve, Man's Image, Him's 1977 Gay Address Book, Randy Nash, Francis Loney, Lovers,

    David Eastman, Peter, Gerry, Jim, Andreas, Peter, Gerry, Algis, Jerome, Klaus, David.

    • In Heat Magazine Premiered in 1977.

    Click / Tap Image to Zoom



    Click or Tap Text Links to View Screenshots (or) to Download / View Gallery for Today's Issues.


    Drummer Vol3 No21 1977
    Him International No5 1977
    Him International No6 1977
    Him International No7 1977
    In Heat No1 1977
    QQ Magazine Vol8 No2 1976-03_04
    QQ Magazine Vol8 No3 1976-05_06
    QQ Magazine Vol8 No4 1976-07_08
    QQ Magazine Vol8 No5 1976-09_10
    QQ Magazine Vol8 No6 1976-11_12

    Drummer Magazine - Gallery
    Him International Magazine - Gallery
    In Heat Magazine - Gallery
    QQ Magazine - Gallery

    JayBee's Uploads:  📌  Crossed off of my list !
    Jock 1999-10 Vol9 No10
    Jock 2000-04 Vol10 No3

    Today's Random Gallery Images below are from Ciao Magazine Album


    As always your Requests, Comments, Questions are surely welcome!

    ENJOY,  🙂 ERIC

  4. My Rainbow Blog

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    Recent Entries

    Latest Entry

    “Community is woven from gifts. Unlike today's market system, whose built-in scarcity compels competition in which more for me is less for you, in a gift economy the opposite holds. Because people in gift culture pass on their surplus rather than accumulating it, your good fortune is my good fortune: more for you is more for me. Wealth circulates, gravitating toward the greatest need. In a gift community, people know that their gifts will eventually come back to them, albeit often in a new form. Such a community might be called a "circle of the gift."


    A beautiful quote on a 'gift culture,' a culture that underpins the entire foundation of AdonisMale and what goes back to the original mission of our community: to share beautiful photos of men.

    The most important part about gift culture is that the reward comes not from taking or consuming, but on the very act of gifting itself.  In a community, the more that you put in, the more that you receive.  

    What gifts have you received from the community, and what gifts have you shared?  

  5. Kawika's World

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    I learned how to surf in Hawaii if you want to try it...Here are few things you ought to know...

    closeout – a wave or a large section of a wave that breaks at the same time, making it impossible to continue surfing the open face of the wave down the line – along the face of the wave duck dive – a technique used to paddle out past a breaking wave.  Arms push the nose of the surfboard down while the knee or foot pushes down on the tail as the surfer dips below the passing wave. face – the open, unbroken part of a wave green wave – an open wave allowing the surfer to surf along the face of the wave, going either left or right parallel with the beach instead of straight towards the beach inside – when paddling for a wave, “inside” refers to the person closest to the peak of the wave.  “Inside” also refers to the shallower part of the water closest to shore. kick out – to surf out of the wave, ending your ride (also called flicking out) deep – the steepest part of the shoulder closest to the peak of the wave is considered the deepest part of the wave.  Often when a surfer is “too deep” they are unable to drop in to a wave without falling off of their board lineup – the area where the waves normally begin breaking.  Surfers sit on their boards in the lineup and wait for waves to break. longboard – a longer, wider, thicker surfboard.  Longboards catch waves much easier than shortboards but are much harder to control and turn. outside – when paddling for a wave, “outside” refers to the person further away from the peak of the wave.  “Outside” also refers to the deeper part of the water, where the biggest waves break, further from shore. left – a left is a wave that is breaking to the left.  The direction “Left” is used by the surfer when describing the direction of the wave while facing shore.  Therefore, from the beach, a “left” is described as a wave that breaks from left to right. peak – the immediately breaking part of the wave. right – a right is a wave that is breaking to the right.  The direction “right” is used by the surfer when describing the direction of the wave while facing shore.  Therefore, from the beach, a “right” is described as a wave that breaks from right to left. section – a part of a wave.  When a surfer “makes a section” a surfer is staying in front of a breaking section of the wave. set wave – a larger wave (the largest waves usually break in sets of 2,3, or 4) shortboard – a shorter, narrower, thinner surfboard.  It is more difficult to catch a wave on a shortboard than it is on a longboard, but a shortboard can be controlled/turned much easier. shoulder – the unbroken section of the wave directly next to the peak turtle roll – a technique used to paddle a longboard out past a breaking wave.  Longboards are generally too big to duck dive.  With the turtle roll technique the surfer turns upside-down and propels the surfboard (also upside down) through the breaking wave. whitewash – the broken white water of a wave moving straight towards shore... and wipeout- I'm sure you don't need an explanation!

    Surfing can be dangerous so it's important to know the terrain under the water you are surfing on and what is at the shoreline (rocks)... the most important advice I can give anyone starring out is to take lessons and then take some more lessons. Whenever I surf  someplace new I hire an instructor for an hour or so to show me the ropes of the beach.



    Oh... and about naked surfing ... you need to go to a sanctioned nude beach and if the water is fit for surfing there is usually and invitational event but just remember to be extra careful... and have fun!

    Your ultimate goal is to get a clean ride on the shoulder of the wave--- to do this you have to steer the board by standing up and using your feet to turn the board away from the break and ride the wave at an angle... Does this sound like Greek to you? Then you need to go to surfing school--- almost every hotel and surf shop on Oahu has someone they can recommend to you... The Banzai Pipeline, Sunset Beach and Waimea are the magic names to the brotherhood of Oahu surfers... but I recommend trying the gentler sets of waves in Waikiki if you are a beginner. Always pick the best surfing spots for your ability. For the most up to the minute weather and surf reports on Oahu call 808 973-4380.

    Oh... and last but certainly not least---


    First surfer up closest to the curl has the right of way.

    Paddle around the break to get out.

    Hang on to your board and look out for other surfers.

    Help other surfers in trouble.

    Respect the beach and the ocean.





  6. JoelR
    Latest Entry

    A selection of male erotica for the week, including Justin Seitz by Ryan Boyd Photography.  

    My personal favorite is #6 with the pearly droplets of thick cum.  To be able to capture the photo in the instant when the cock is gushing is truly a rare moment.  

    rare photographer erotic1.jpg

    rare photographer erotic2.jpg

    rare photographer erotic3.jpg

    rare photographer erotic4.jpg

    rare photographer erotic5.jpg

    rare photographer erotic6.jpg

    rare photographer erotic8.jpg


  7. Tommy's adventurous life

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    Dustin McNeerNo, the guy in the photo isn't me. This is Dustin McNeer. I just love his smile, his physics.

    I was born and grew up in Munich, Bavaria. Bavaria is part of Germany, Germany is part of Europe. My origin is a part of me and I don't want to deny my roots, but I don't feel as Bavarian or as German. I don't want to think within those boundaries. I'm just a human being, living on earth - not more, not less.

    At some point I found out that I was not only interested in women, but also in men. The latter has become even more prevalent than I ever thought.

    My first relationship with a man turned out not to be good for me. It was a gradual process that he isolated me from family and friends. Later he beat and raped me. He apologized and regretted it and I forgave him because I loved him. But it happened again and again. At some time I reached the point where I only had two options left. Either I disappear in the dead of night, afraid he'll find me, or I kill myself. Guess what option I chose.

    I literally started a new life. I escaped to another town, changed my name. My middle name became my first name. That's why you know Tommy aka Thomas. For the first few months I lived in my old rickety car, continued my studies and had several jobs on the side. When I finished my studies and earned my first doctorate in economics, I was still living in a very nice flat-sharing community. 

    My sex life can be classified as excessive. I had countless one-night stands. I never wanted a relationship again. 

    I failed.

    To make a long story short, almost ten years ago I fell in love unexpectedly. Today he is not only my best friend and the love of my life but also my husband since last month. :tiny-smileys-yesemoticons-020:


    My friend @RunItsBlip wrote recently in a thread of me:

    change is neither good or bad

    good is good

    bad is bad

    change is change

    and all three are

    on occasion necessary


    Bad things happened to me, good things happened to me. I don't want to miss anything that's happened to me in my life. It made me the person I am today. I know that I can get up again when I fall. 

    Life is an adventure, life is change.


    If you want to know more details about me, just visit my profile.

  8. Sharing Something I Love

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    So, look at these dreamy beaches , some of the best ones in Italy ( that's my Country )





    Cala Goloritzé, Sardinia

    Cala Goloritzé is one of Italy’s most enduringly famous beaches, located at the base of a ravine on Sardinia's idyllic northeastern coast. It’s tiny, but no less beautiful with its limestone cliffs, soft ivory sand, and striking, blue-green ocean. In fact, it's so special that it was made a UNESCO site in 1995.





    Marasusa, Calabria

    Marasusa Beach is located in the town of Tropea, widely regarded as the jewel of Calabria and christened “La Costa degli Dei”—the Coast of the Gods. It’s easy to see why deities would approve: Marasusa is home to scenic cliffs, pristine white sand, and calm, clear waters.




    Cala Granara, Spargi

    Located on Isola di Spargi in the Maddalena Archipelago, Cala Granara could almost be mistaken for a tropical Tahitian beach . It’s not flanked by dramatic cliffs like many Italian beaches; instead, it’s backed by palms and lush island plants. The shallow turquoise waters are perfect for snorkeling and the silvery sand begs for all-day sunbathing.





    Cala Pulcino, Lampedusa

    The picturesque Cala Pulcino is located on Lampedusa, the largest of the Italian Pelagie Islands. You’ll need to spend half an hour hiking over rocks and through thick vegetation to get there, but upon arrival you’ll be rewarded with powdery sand, spectacular views, and the endless blue Mediterranean  stretching into the distance.

  9. Wes AKA bakersman94

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    Hello, my name is Wes, and i have been with AdonisMale for several years now!! i will be 68 years old on April 10th, 2019!! i want to start off my talking about a challenge i joined at my gym. the object of the challenge was to lose weight and body fat, and gain muscle. the challenge ran from Oct. 14th, 2018 through to Jan. 6th, 2019.

    i didn`t have the money to join the challenge until 2 weeks and one day after it started!! i opted for the supps, but felt i was doing well enough on my own to not need the aid from a personal trainer!! i found out that the supps were not supplements like BCAAs, Glutamine, or whey isolate protein to name but a few!! they were actually more for health. i got meal replacement shakes, which can be drank before a meal, as well as a meal replacement. i never got the supps until Nov. 4th, and never started using them until Nov. 7th, because i wasn't sure how to use them in regards to the challenge.

    i also got cleanse for life!! cleanse for life burns off the visceral fat around the organs, but also helps burn off fat throughout the rest of the body. i was with the challenge for approximately 10 1/2 to 11 weeks. i lost 12 pounds of fat, gained 10 pounds of muscle and lost 22 pounds in weight. i didn`t win anything though, as i wasn't eating enough food for it to be beneficial in adding more muscle!! i may not have won the challenge, but i did win in regards to my personal goals of losing body fat, losing weight and putting on muscle. when i joined the challenge i was 294 pounds. when i weighed in at the end of the challenge i weighed in at 272 pounds!!

    i was so pleased with my results, i went and bought a months supply of the meal replacement shakes and cleanse for life. i figure, by the end of January, i`ll be very close to if not at my goal weight of 244 pounds!! all this after having had quadruple bypass surgery on March 9th, 2017. i had 85% to 90% blockages in 4 of the arteries to my heart, i was having a burning pain in my upper abs, lower chest area every time i tried talking a walk that was longer than 5 minutes, and i was out of breath trying to do any activity as simple as putting the garbage out.

    for 8 months leading up to my surgery, i was confined to the house. i was able to cook a meal, or walk to the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom, or my bedroom without discomfort. my existence was limited to one floor of a small house. i think because the blockages were so severe, it caused my heart to beat wildly at times, as though it were trying to pump more blood throughout my body. i really do not know how i was still alive by the time i went in for my surgery. i am doing so much better now. i can breathe normally again, i can walk to my hearts content with no pain, and i can go to the gym and weight train 6 days a week. i will continue adding to my blog with more about me as time goes by!! thank you for reading this, with love from Wes!! hugs!!!  

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      Paris names four squares and streets for LGBTQ icons

      Paris has renamed three squares and one street to mark the 50th anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall riots, dedicating them to LGBTQ icons.

      One square was named Stonewall Riots Square, in recognition of the uprising by New York's LGBTQ community in response to a police raid at Greenwich Village's Stonewall Inn.

      A second square was dedicated to poet and Communist activist Ovida Delect, a French transgender woman who was deported to a German concentration camp during World War II for her work with the French Resistance.

      Another was named after San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk, California's first openly gay elected official, who was assassinated while in office.

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      Three Stooges over the Marx Brothers? Read about @runitsblip difficulties in writing skits for his talent show.
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    • Tuesday - 25th
      now this may be confusing; I am co-featuring Adam Champ and Chris Champion, but, unable to choose one over the other, the picture of the day is Al Cavuoto. back to the Champ(ion) situation. better eat yer Wheaties before you take on this pair. what a brace of lads!!! I think a marriage made in heaven. anyway - enjoy the posts - I've added zip files for your convenience. L8R!

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