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  1. JoelR
    Latest Entry

    Parler is a new social media platform that promises 'free speech' to users who were kicked off Twitter.  Ironically, they've posted community guidelines that are stricter than those of Twitter:


  2. image.png.fde1618a8bd0c2e18d3d28e9a6f848had to explain to the incompetent

    who got the paying gig that should have gone to image.png.fde1618a8bd0c2e18d3d28e9a6f848

    because image.png.fde1618a8bd0c2e18d3d28e9a6f848has been handling their communications for years

    what exactly this charity organization does

    how they are governed

    and it's history


    especially because the incompetent sent an insipid email saying

    "why is there no listing of the board of directors? all i can find are lots of documents but shouldn't we have bilaws ('bilaws'? as opposed to homosexuallaws or heterosexuallaws? the moron can not even spell BYLAWS) somewhere? i remember when i first came around it said something about the the organization governs itself? i can edit that but can't find it"


    image.png.fde1618a8bd0c2e18d3d28e9a6f848had to explain that the entire organization votes on what it does

    the board merely makes certain that the financials are healthy and that all work is in adherence to its mission

    the is an organization that this organization is a part of - but we are autonomous

    that years ago image.png.fde1618a8bd0c2e18d3d28e9a6f848put the members of the board - with contact info and photos so that people could know who they were


    image.png.fde1618a8bd0c2e18d3d28e9a6f848 also added it was sad that image.png.fde1618a8bd0c2e18d3d28e9a6f848knew all this information but apparently had no means to use it and image.png.fde1618a8bd0c2e18d3d28e9a6f848's abilities completely are put to waste


    the idiot responds to image.png.fde1618a8bd0c2e18d3d28e9a6f848

    "well - i know what a charity group is. i really find image.png.fde1618a8bd0c2e18d3d28e9a6f848's explanation condescending"




    oh sweety! image.png.fde1618a8bd0c2e18d3d28e9a6f848 was intentionally not being that nice to simply be condescending

  3. What is it when a white female is referred to as a "Queen of Spades"? Let me enlighten you about this.

    • (Definition 1) The playing cards symbol usually with a 'Q' above or inside. It connotes white women with a sexual preference for black men. It can be seen on tee shirts or even as a tattoo. Also a way for a white woman to let potential black lovers know she is available.
    • (Definition 2) Typically a married white woman that enjoys sex with multiple(2 or more) well hung black males at a time, on a frequent basis. The woman is typically a swinger and engages in sex with the permission of her husband. The wife may maintain one or more steady lovers and refer them as her "boyfriend", "her bull" or that she is "black-owned". Frequently the husband and wife film the wife's escapades for future enjoyment.

    (Source: https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Queen of Spades)

    Those who've known me for a while here at AM know that I am very fond of black penis as I've not only talk about it under my "Favorites" on my profile, but have posted multiple blog posts about it as well. Just some of my blog posts I've posted about it:


    My first time enjoying having fun with Tony's black penis! 🤤
    I was 18 yo at the time, right out of HS & just before going to GA Tech a few months later. Of course this is obviously before getting my boobs enhanced!

    Above taken from https://www.adonismale.com/blogs/entry/94-poll-reply/

    My man doesn't even know about the time (during my Hedo trip with Tiff) that I got naked & got fucked really good by DeAnthony on a beach! 😊

    One thing my man knows since we met is my fondness for a black penis. Love it he knows this & on occasion lets me have fun getting fucked by one! Usually it's been my long time friend Tony that fucks me with his amazing huge black dick to meet this need, but sometimes have been fucked by other beautiful black penises!

    In addition to the 3 well endowed black men that fucked me (https://www.adonismale.com/blogs/entry/13-🍆-story-behind-the-animated-gif-🍆/), I have really enjoyed having fun with & getting fucked by the following black men:

    • Tony (long time friend of my younger brother) - was my first experience with a black penis when I was 18 yo & has fucked me on occasion.
    • Troy (younger brother of Tony) - was behind setting up & filming my first interracial sex scene with 3 black men that I did many years ago & also has fucked me.
    • DeAnthony - The awesome beach fuck during my Hedo trip with Tiff
    • Jarail (Dontel's son) - https://www.adonismale.com/blogs/entry/7-la-califucking-part-1/
    • Dontel (Good friend of my man in CA) - Has fucked me multiple times & I've taken it in the ass!

    It has been suggested to me I should consider doing a interracial sex scene for https://www.blacked.com/ (which I have checked out & enjoy seeing all of those huge black dongs!). My man & I have talked about this & he says he wouldn't mind at all doing this. I have mentioned to him that if I were to ever do it, that I'd want to get fucked by 2 well endowed black men for some Oreo Sex. 😉

  4. hey gang, my niece Betty, posted this to facebook. i was blown away that we as a country are doing so well dealing with the virus (see attached pic below for reference)!! with love from Wes!! Hugs!!! 


  5. I said something a few weeks ago that sometimes people can become damaged and permanently changed beyond repair because perhaps they made a wrong turn or decision... I've had some time to think about this as well as some of my own circumstances and choices and I believe now that if you don't process your pain, disappointments and losses properly then your emotions and subconscious might lead you down a bad path.

    Don't waste your life pining over a door that was never meant for you... you'll end up heartbroken over a story that was never yours and miss the one you're supposed to be living. I've said it before here but it bears repeating if it doesn't open it's not your door.

    Whatever is for you, will not go past you... But I'll get back to this later...

    Storms and lightening and violent storms used to be one of the things that scared the living daylights out of me (If truth be told they still scare me)... but I've learned to have respect for them with the knowledge that nature like people need to have a way of resetting and balancing... But always take whatever steps necessary to keep yourself out of harms way.
    I have loved every moment of every day that I've lived in or visited a tropical places... the weather and the lifestyle suit me perfectly as most days and nights have ideal temperatures and conditions of low to mid 80's high temperature during the day and low to mid 70's at night. In Hawaii there are two main seasons... Dry... April through October and Wet... November through March. The most you get in terms of temperature variance is in February where it goes down to the mid 60's at night and into the upper 80's during the day. One of the things I love best about Hawaii is that it can be raining on one side of the island and dry and sunny on the other. Tropical storms in Hawaii are tropical cyclones that form in the South Pacific... the worst in terms of death toll was Iniki in 1992 with six deaths. Hurricanes rarely impact the islands because of their unique geography in that they are usually just outside the arm of danger and weather patterns with winds push them away as they approach. Hurricane Hector passed about 200 miles south of Hawaii in 2018.
    In terms of weather conditions a Tropical Depression is an atmospheric low pressure with sustained winds of 38 - 62 miles per hour. If you observe the conditions from the window inside it would look like several thunderstorms grouped together. All tropical disturbances are a result of water vapors rising from a warm ocean to create energy to power a storm. I'm bringing all of this up for two reasons... first if you are unfamiliar with being in a tropical storm it's important to to have supplies enough to last at least 10 days to two weeks. Know the safest place in your home or hotel to be during a big storm and... I should not have to say this but... don't go outside until it's safe.
    I've been thinking about all of this while we have all been locked down in place during the covid-19 crisis mostly in terms of having necessary supplies and sheltering to stay safe... When you live in the tropics you become very attuned to changing weather patterns culminating in a tropical disturbance (I can actually feel the storm coming) a tropical depression and a tropical storm...and a hurricane or typhoon being a storm with  sustained winds over 74 miles per hour. I've been in one hurricane and one typhoon... they were both near the top of the list of the most frightening experiences of my life... and my best advice is if you have a chance to leave the place under threat in time... you should do so.
    My other reason for brining this all up is purely metaphorical... we all  (or at least we should) have emotions that can build into concerns, a depression and /or a storm and it's understanding the signs and the changes in our mental outlook and physical wellbeing that are the building blocks to navigating the issues and sorting them out leading us to a greater understanding of ourselves and circumstances. I've said this before too... I have made the best possible choices available at the time and some of them took me places that were not the right destination... other people have sometimes made the worst possible choices and it impacted my life and these are just as important to understand... it's not OK what some people have said and done and a hand full of them are no longer in my life as a result of it... but I've had to take the responsibility for fixing it and moving on... this I think is one of the key factors in not processing disappointments and sadness properly... if you hold on to it and dwell on negative thoughts and energies.... like any storm it grows and becomes worse. One of the things that I've learned from my own experiences  with negative people and circumstances is that we don't  always have control over our current situation... but we have complete control over our thoughts and habits... and that will  impact where we go in the future.
    I've thought about this while I have been home thinking about empty beaches, museums, theaters and restaurants... as difficult as the last few months have been... the quiet has been a gift to to give me the chance to listen to my own voice from deep inside my soul without the distractions of the noise from the crowds... all of it has helped clear up some of the confusion of what other people have been saying and what I actually know in that happiness is not about a career, or being like what other people expect but listening to your heart and finding yourself and that  happiness is not in the hands of other people.
    I've had a chance to get my bearings and reset my compass as the world has had a chance to push away the toxins and pollution... I never thought I would see a day with no air pollution over the skies of Los Angeles or the canals in Venice crystal clear... I'm seeing the world much as I see myself and circumstances right now... the clouds are clearing and anything and everything  is possible again...
    One of the most important things I learned living in The Caribbean is... there are some things you can only learn because of a storm... it's time to start something new and trust the magic of new beginnings.
    Finally yesterday was the first day of summer... and those of you who have been reading since I started this project... I am taking this time to be one of the boys of summer... See you in September. Have fun... but stay safe...Hurricane Season is 1,June to 30, November!
    PS...  I'm starting a new bucket list with..


  6. Okay….Back in the 70's I and other gay men didn't want to classify men of other races by color. So we classified them by flavor…..lol….hahahaha….In bars and on the streets we would refer to white men with blonde hair and white skin as Vanilla men; white men with black or brown hair and white skin as Chocolate Chip men; White men with red hair and white skin as Strawberry(21st century called "ginger") men; Black men with dark skin as Dark Chocolate men; Black men with brown skin as Chocolate(or Milk Chocolate) men; Black men with light brown skin as Carmel skin men; Black men with light skin that resembled white skin as Yellow men; Latino men, we just called them Brown Sugar men; Asian men, we called them "Lemon or Yellow" men. It was all based on flavor. And so we worship them as our means of achieving the ultimate orgasm. It works.

    Worshiping muscle is an ancient practice HISTORY OF MUSCLE WORSHIP. The exact origins of muscle worship remain elusive. A review of the historical literature suggests it may have its origins during the time of ancient Greece; sometime around the early 300’s, BCE. Historians refer to this period of time as the Hellenistic ages. 


    Gay muscle worship is no different than any other form of muscle worship. The clinical name of this activity is sthenolagnia: a ten-dollar term for getting aroused by a person’s muscles.

    Specific to men who are attracted to other men, we define muscle worship as a male who gets turned on by well-built jocks, wolves, daddies, otters and bears! 


    This Alpha god want you to worship him and the accomplishment of his physique but it is not just his body you admire and lust for, it is his sensuous methods of getting you into the mood. Most men of his type from my personal experience especially in the gay bars appear very macho...but in the bedroom are dedicated "Bottoms." They like their nipples suck and nibble upon and their cocks sucked. Then They beg you to fuck them...and I mean beg.....which makes you the top.....and it's indicated here with this stud. Enjoy!



    If you like Hairy muscle gods you might want to worship him. Now remember if you don't like him.....don't worship him.

    It is your choice.


    Although, not as good as Alpha Dan, But he is effective and growing to be more of a credible muscle god...really into hair and armpits. He has some muscle definition and veins.....not much...however he realizes on his size. So, if you are into mass rather definition...this is your man.


    So. This Brown Sugar man is dripping with sweet savoring brown sapping sugar with a nice big sugar cane. This guy is Hot!!! Hot!!! HOT!!!! And sweet with sugar. Enjoy his sweetness!!!




    One of my favorite muscle gods who has muscles and veins from the top of his head, literally, to the tips of his toes!!!

    And he does everything with charm,  style, and a smile. Love this guy!!! His name is Alex. He calls himself, "The Dominator."



    Great veiny muscular chocolate man. Love his hair!!! I love this guy!





    Now I am not sure but I think that Alex is either a Brown Sugar man or Italian...I am not certain...I will get back to you on this matter. Meanwhile, enjoy him!!!



    This young cocky muscle god is trying to make a name for himself. If you feel pity for him, show him some love and follow him on Skype for private sessions.






    Turn to him when you desperately need to worship this god.



    Muscles god Austin giving you his bedside manners


    This muscle god is what muscle gods are really like in private. I know because I have had over 40 years of having sex with these muscles gods which 90% of them were bottoms. They love getting fucked. In fact, many did not cum until they were banged! And many times I was shocked because I thought because of their persona I thought that they would be tops and dominate me, but it was just the opposite. So, here is a prime example of what I just said. 


    This guy is my guy. However, he has lost so much weight took him out of

    resembling Wolverine into becoming a sort of Iron Man.






    My man Simon The Wolverine is flexing at me as if I am making him bring it!!!

    LMAO....but I really not.....but he thinks I do.......hahaha.....lol....hahaha

  7. Tomster
    Latest Entry

    Are you still asleep or up already? Are you a late riser or an early bird?

    Long long time ago I was a late riser. Please do not confuse with a late bloomer. Anyway, I took every chance to start the day later. The weekend was always meant to sleep in. 

    Something's changed. Several years ago I changed my behaviour to the contrary. 

    It was at a time when I had trouble sleeping. I woke up at night, always thinking about the unfinished tasks, personal goals, ideas and rolled from side to side until I finally fell asleep again in the early morning. When my alarm clock rang, I pressed the snooze button again and again. This battle turned into a morning ritual. When I sat at my desk later I was drained and tired. I did the most urgent tasks and postponed all the others in the hope that I would be fitter the next day. 

    Procrastination is a vicious circle.

    Now it happened that I got up when I lay awake around 4 am. It wasn't intended. I didn't even think about. I just decided to get up. 

    What happened now was interesting. I enjoyed the morning peace and quiet, started to work off my tasks and the to-do list was getting shorter. So I started thinking. I began to deal with the matter. Why did I sleep better again? Why was I more productive? Why was I more relaxed? 

    5 reason to get up at 5 a. m. 


    You have not yet been pushed to and fro by a thousand small and large demands from a thousand directions until you feel dizzy. No one is bothering you, neither mails, nor phone calls, nor life gets in your way. Your partner is still sleeping, your colleagues and your competition even more so. Television has nothing to offer. 

    Benjamin Franklin got up at 5 a.m. every morning to be able to plan citizen militias undisturbed, to design the US Constitution in his head and to invent the lightning rod. The philosopher Immanuel Kant got up at this time to smoke a pipe, meditate and think up his epistemology or phrases like "One who makes himself a worm cannot complain afterwards if people step on him.".

    At 5 a.m. there is only you, with your clear thoughts, your plans, your goals. Full of energy and time for you. 



    Why do we so rarely manage to do sports after work, or take care of our household or finally give our family and friends the attention they deserve? Why are most diets thrown overboard in the evening?

    Self-discipline is like a muscle that goes limp during the day. Every little decision you make (Quickly cross the crossroads at yellow?), every tiny task you don't do out of pure joy or habit (Quickly iron your shirt before going to the office. Better to eat only the apple than the family pack of chocolate bars), strains the muscle of self-discipline. Like any other muscle, it needs energy. At the end of the day there is nothing left of it. All your plans to lose weight, to do sports, to meditate regularly, to start a business, to read more books or to learn to play the guitar, are confronted in the evening, unarmed, with an army of old, bad habits, light distractions and tiredness.

    At 5 a.m., you're more self-disciplined than you've ever been that day. Why not invest this energy in yourself and your dreams instead of giving it away over the day to your job and the things that others want to do with you ("Heyyy, do you have a minute...?"). 



    Between 6 and 9 in the morning, people tweet with the highest percentage of words like "fantastic!", "super", "proud" and "shit, that's cool!", according to the results of a major analysis. It's the people who, in all outward calm, did great things with joy while the sun was rising.

    At 5 o'clock in the morning you still have plenty of time to do things that feel fantastic, bring you forward and make you feel proud. While your fellow men are still wallowing in bed.



    Ernest Hemingway got up at dawn to write about old men and the seas, the war and snow on Kilimanjaro, securing himself a Nobel Prize in Literature and millions of readers.

    At 5 a.m. you can hang on to the teat of creativity and drink from it with big gulps. Sounds disgusting, but it works.


    The early morning attracts SUCCESS 

    James Citrin, CEO of a global recruitment agency and himself an early riser by conviction, asked 20 managers of international corporations when they get up and how they spend the morning hours. None of them started the day after 6 a.m. One of the interviewees was Steve Reinemund, former head of PepsiCo. Reinemund gets up at 5 a.m., goes for a four-mile run (outside or on the treadmill), takes a shower, meditates, reads a book or the newspaper, and then spends breakfast time with his children without rush before he drives to the office and starts the work day. He knows: what is most important to him must be done first. Because during the day, urgent things come to the foreground, which do not necessarily have to be important.

    At 5 o'clock in the morning, the successful ones take the reins of their lives in their hands.


    Thanks to my monk for reminding me. The five reasons may now appear to some to be somewhat contrary to the completion of tasks. No. I transformed myself into an early riser and realized that it is of the greatest advantage for my private life as well as for my job. Both spheres must be in harmony, in balance. By getting up early I managed to keep this balance. 

    Every day I got up just before 4 a.m. At first I allowed myself a delicious tea, which I enjoyed most of all on the balcony in the summer months in all peace and quiet. There is hardly anything better than the sunrise and the chirping of the birds in the morning. Afterwards I went for the morning sport. Freshly showered and wide awake, I got into the car after a leisurely breakfast to arrive at the office shortly before 7 am, two hours before business hours. In these first two hours I accomplished the most essential tasks. BTW, my to-do lists are not sorted by priority, because everything is always important or appears to be. My lists are divided into unpleasant, pleasant and enjoyable tasks. The unpleasant tasks are to be done first. Even for this there is a simple reason. As long as you know that you have an unpleasant task to do, you work less concentrated. The energy is vasted only with the thought "I still have to do this... shit.". But once you've done that, you just pat yourself on the back and say "Well done". Through the relief and the sense of achievement, you gain new strength but above all you are more relaxed and in a better mood. 

    At the end of the day I have more time for myself, for my partner,.... and so on. Just because I got up earlier, did not procrastinate, got things finished. Also on weekends I got up at this time. The best time to bake bread and buns. 

    I've learned that many people do not understand the importance of (self)discipline, (self)structure and (self)balance as essential tools to live a more fulfilling, positive life. Getting up early is a simple first step, which should be complemented later with further puzzle pieces, such as purposeful relaxation, meditation, etc. But it is a first step. 

    In the past weeks and months I was able to observe that especially those people of whom I know that they have a similar attitude towards life and use the same or similar techniques as I do, can deal with the current situation much better. 

    As is commonly known, some things in my life have changed in the meantime. I am still an early bird. Something that will never change. I wake up between 4:30 and 5:00 o'clock in the morning, get up and usually prepare an Earl Gay (a self-made herbal tea) with lemon. I enjoy it together with the pleasant silence and the sound of the waves on the deck. Pat and sometimes Ben join me about a half hour later. We swim a few lanes and jog a few kilometres before enjoying the breakfast my husband has prepared in the meantime (or we all prepare it together) in all comfort. After that we are ready for all the tasks and challenges of the day. In doing so, we also pay attention to balance, to enjoy the pleasant things and moments. 

    Being an early riser does not mean going to bed early. There is a German wisdom "Mit den Hühnern schlafen gehen." (go to bed with the chickens [and you hold the cock in your hand when you wake up]*) which says that you should go to bed early like the chickens. I realized that my body demands much less sleep than I had ever thought before. *the part in square brackets is a commonly known addition 😁

    Life is energy. (If you have read carefully, you have already figured this out.) This energy can be channeled in a purposeful way. 

    Thanks for reading.

    Please let me know by your comments if you are interested in techniques to transform yourself into an early bird and other ways to achieve more positivity, balance in your life. 


  8. Hi friends,

    I hope this message finds you all healthy and well. These last few months have been trying on many levels for multiple reasons. If there is anything that these times may be good for, it's certainly for soul-searching and deep contemplation. 

    Over the past months I have been talking to a psychologist about my sexual identity. Over the past year (as you all know) I have finally acknowledged my attraction to men and, well, have acted upon this (to put it mildly). My mind is finally at ease that I mustered up the courage to finally pursue my own happiness.

    ...in spite of this, my soul still seems a bit lost in all of this. Every since I was relatively young I used to imagine I was a girl and in some small way that has always been in my mind. The last few months have revealed that perhaps my acting out with men is a reflection of a deeper issue.

    I am currently talking things through with my psychologist about the possibility of becoming a woman. The thought of this makes sense to my heart, while at the same time it is indeed truly frightening. Aside from my psychologist, no one close to me knows about this path I am considering. 

    Posting this lifts a major weight off of my shoulders, and I appreciate your thoughts a d prayers as I dig deeper into my identity.


  9. I had been working for my older brother's construction company while going to school. As I neared obtaining an MBA and finishing my studies, my brother asked if I had anything in the business world lined up yet. "Heck no" I said "I haven't even finished my resume yet." He then mentioned that we had a distant cousin in Boston who was doing very well, and had received a number of promotions. My brother continued: "He must be pretty high up on the corporate ladder already. I'll contact him and give him your e-mail. Maybe he can get you some connections." A few days later I received an e-mail from our cousin. "Got an interview lined up for you" it said. He gave me an address in Boston and said to be there next Monday at 1:00 pm sharp to see Robert Simon. I knew this must be a large building, but no room number was given so I googled the address. It was the headquarters of a large insurance company, and to my surprise at the top of the page was "Mr. ROBERT SIMON, CEO! A small thumbnail photo next to his name revealed and incredibly handsome man who could barely be 40.

    That Monday, I left home early to be in Boston in plenty of time. I planned on stopping for coffee on the way, but I was already nervous and decided I didn't need the caffeine. I arrived at the building at 12:00 pm and pulled up alongside a parking valet in front. As I got out of my car, he tipped his cap and said "good afternoon Mr. Brandon." The surprised look on my face prompted him to explain that he was advised to expect me around that time with a description of my vehicle. I gave him my key and entered the huge marbled lobby. I walked toward a reception desk and before I could open my mouth, the receptionist said "Mr. Simpson's office is on the top floor, Mr. Brandon." 

    I took the elevator to the top floor wondering how I would find his office. I didn't need to worry because "MR. ROBERT SIMPSON" was plastered on the first heavy glass door one sees as soon as the elevator door opens. I gently opened the door and was surprised to see no one in the office, no receptionist or secretary. I sat down on the large overstuffed leather sofa and admired the beauty of the ostentatious office. The wafting aroma of coffee made me look around for a coffee maker, and I found one but the pot was empty.  A handsome young man walked by the glass door and noticed me. He came in and said with a lovely british accent "ello, you must be Mr. Brandon." I replied that I am and he said "Well Mr. Simpson's secretary had a rather nasty headache and went home a short while ago. I believe Mr. Simpson is still down in the gym working out. is there anything I can do for you while you wait?." "I would love a cup of coffee" I replied, "I smell some brewing, but the pot is empty." "Oh," he said "Mr. Simpson always keeps some brewing in his office. I'm sure Bob won't mind if you go in and have a cup." He pointed to a solid wood door with Mr. Simpson's name on it. 

    I pushed open the heavy door slowly and was amazed at the size and beautifully appointed office occupied by a tremendous mahogany desk and huge overstuffed black leather office chair and behind that were the largest glass windows I've ever seen with a stunning view of the city. I found the coffee maker where the glorious aroma was coming from and poured a cup. As I took my first sip I noticed several photos hanging on the wall next to the closet door. I went over to get a better look and was directly drawn to a photo of a bare chested Mr. Simpson on a beach standing behind a sign that read "CLOTHING OPTIONAL BEYOND THIS POINT."  Wow! I thought, that gorgeous Mr. Simpson on a nude beach! He was incredibly muscular, hairy, and waving at the camera with a broad masculine smile. What I wouldn't give to have been there I thought. At that moment, I heard a noise from the closet. The "closet" door opened and a billow of steam came pouring out. I realized that it wasn't a closet at all, but Mr. Simpson's private en-suite bathroom. Through the cloud of steam emerged the same muscular, hairy chest I was admiring in the photo. Mr. Simpson wasn't in the gym at all, but was obviously showering after his workout. He had a towel over his head drying his hair, so he didn't see me and I scooted aside so he wouldn't run into me. He must have seen my shoes, because with the towel still over his head he bellowed in a sophisticated English accent "Ahh, you must be Mr.Brandon." Then he removed the towel and with that big broad masculine smile said "you're early Mr. Brandon." "Yes, I'm sorry sir..."  he interrupted "have a seat young man, your cousin has told me wonderful things about you." I sat down across from the huge desk and it was then that I realized as Mr. Simpson came around to the other side of the desk, the towel he was drying his hair with was the ONLY towel he had. He looked out the windows still toweling off his hair with his massive round muscular bare buttocks just a few feet from me. He tossed the towel onto the back of the chair and said "beautiful view isn't it." Well, I wasn't noticing THAT view anymore for sure. Then he turned and with his magnificent huge dangling, hairy, uncircumcised manhood in full view, picked up the resume I brought along and pulled the chair toward him. I crossed my legs to hide the boner in my dress pants as best I could as he sat down. "Suddenly he looked up at me, smiled, and said "Oh, I guess you may have figured out that I am a naturist. The folks around here are pretty much used to it. I find that I am more relaxed without clothes and can be more productive when I'm relaxed. That's why I have a male secretary. Not that I mind women seeing me, but for legal reasons. I don't need any harassment lawsuits or that kind of thing you know." 

    Fortunately the interview went well because Mr. Simpson stayed seated behind his desk and I focused on his face and beautiful sparkling blue eyes the whole time. He was such a sweet and gentle man that I was at ease even as aroused as I was at the thought of him being completely naked. He continued with some small talk as the interview wrapped up, then he stood up and picked up a suitcase he had hidden behind the desk. He brought it around and sat down in the leather chair next to me and I got a closeup view of his incredible nude body as the muscles moved to open the suitcase. "I have a meeting as soon as we are finished, so unfortunately I have to put these things on" he said. He pulled out a small black ball and unfurled a pair of sheer, ribbed black OTC socks. He set one aside and rolled up the sides of another. He lifted his foot up and I saw that beautiful cock nestled in a thick black bush against the background of his thigh as he put the rolled up sock around his toes and pulled it up over his muscular calf. He did the same with the other and I so wanted to reach out and gently swipe my fingertips up that ankle and thigh, but knew I couldn't touch. Then he grabbed his shirt and tie out of the suitcase and stood up putting them on while he spoke about something I can't remember, with his dick swaying gently about a foot from my face while he buttoned his shirt and tied the tie. "Don't wear 'em, always go commando" he said, as I realized he was talking about briefs. I watched as he pulled his pants up, zipped up and then put on his shiny polished black shoes over those perfectly shaped feet inside the sheer black fabric. "Well, I guess I'm ready for the prudes now" he said as he slapped me on the back. "I think we'll get along well, you and I" he said. "I like the way you dress, and I can tell that you really like the way I dress too" he said as he winked, and pointed a finger down at my obvious boner in my dress pants. "Now stay here in my office and finish yourself...I mean your coffee" he said. Then as he was going out the door, he stuck his head back in smiled and whispered "I keep the dirty laundry in the top drawer under the coffee maker." He winked again and was gone. 

    To be continued....




  10. R1.thumb.jpg.407e9f633ef31b5169803987635d1406.jpg


    Byron’s hand trembled as he held his binoculars in the dark window overlooking the quiet outer London neighbourhood and focused them on his chubby mother in her nearly see-thru flouncy house-dress and tall, handsome dapper Rex Davenport making their way over to his very swank terraced house.

    Byron’s breath increased and his heart rate doubled at the thought of his sex crazed whorish mum having her wicked way with his dreamy Rex. It was so kinky, watching your own mum have sex, but that’s Byron...he loved to watch men. He only hoped he’d have a chance with Rex once his mum finished with him tonight!

    Byron stroked his small but very hard cock through his trousers...the odd couple entered Rex’s home and the lower floor lit up. The front door slid closed and Byron watched his seductively whorish mother guide tall Rex into the front room. The windows were curtained but the fabric was only partly drawn and Byron could see his mother now embracing Rex fully...their mouths locked in a kiss. Rex looked over toward the window, his eyes met Byron’s lens and he winked. Rex knew the horny young man was tuned in and watching every delicious move the couple made!



    He watched his mother as she moved to the sideboard and began to make a drink for each...Rex stood in the middle of the room and began to slowly unbutton his shirt and gently slip it off. His rusty golden haired chest now on display and his toned musculature was dazzling in the lamp lit space.

    Rex stood, now facing the hungry and over-zealous Zelada, clad still from his slender waist down but deliciously nude above. Byron watched his mother move like a tigress to him. Drinks in their hands now, they moved along to the stairway leading above.

    Zelda grabbed a crystal ornamental dish from the coffee table with her manicured fingers as she sailed along. No doubt she had her ciggies in house-dress pocket. A trait of hers Byron knew all too well.


    Byron watched the couple step nimbly out of sight and then the upper bedroom lamp was lit by Rex who stood by the big handsomely made bed.

    Both stood watching each other and laughing, each on one side of the bed and Byron knew that chasm of fabric would soon be breached and both would be rolling nude together. His small cut cock bobbed and wiggled in anticipation. The idea that this was his mother, it just did not matter. It was all about Rex! His love!


    Byron watched and watched and saw ALL!





    Rex surveyed his female playmate as he sipped his drink. She stood across from him on the other side of the bed and although she was frowzy and chubby. Her bleached hair pulled back in a baby-doll style and that over-made up face looked almost scary, but sexy! Rex was intrigued that this 60 plus lady, a true cock slut- would do anything he asked was actually in his room and her horny son was watching thru the window. The whole scene made Rex’s uncut cock roar with life. He could not wait to strip!


    The flimsy house-dress, see-thru even in the dim bedside lamp’s light, could barely contain those voluminous breasts and Rex could not wait to sink his teeth- gently- into each and chew her huge nipples!



    “See something you fancy, big boy?” Zelda asked rubbing her breasts thru her dress with one hand while drinking her strong drink with the other.

    “Mmm, lots! I think food may have to wait.” Rex said recalling he’s yet to have any meal tonight.


    “Oh, we’ll eat. But a more carnal meal!” Zelda chirped.

    “May I smoke?” She asked and pulled out her ciggies from her pocket. She had no intention of not smoking.

    Rex did not say anything and let her light up. She was using his best candy dish from the living room as an ashtray.  She was so NOT classy Rex mused to himself but she had much to teach him if he were to please boss Marlene this Saturday night.

    Zelda puffed and sipped and watched Rex.

    Both knew that Byron was watching and both were aroused at this notion.

    “You have a fucking lovely body, Rex. No wonder my son loves you! Show me more honey...make me wet baby!” Zelda crooned as she blew smoke his way.

    Rex raked a hand thru his tousled reddish golden haired head and smiled.


    “Sit there, in the antique chair at the bottom of my bed. I’ll give you and Byron a little strip show...you like? He asked slugging down the last of his drink and putting the glass on the bedside table near the little lamp.


    “I like, baby, I like.” And Zelda tottered on her heels over to the chair and sat down. Her chubby net hose covered legs crossed before her. She looked hungry.


    “Show mummy, show mummy all your goods!” Zelda purred and Rex inwardly groaned at the “mummy” reference but played along. She was his teacher tonight and he needed to moisten her appetite so to speak! And so he began!


    Rex, all near six feet of him, knelt on the edge of his big duvet covered bed, his good trousers would get creased...but he could have them pressed. He worked his feet out of his shoes and they thudded to the carpeted bedroom floor. He moved now into the central zone of the bed...Zelda a few feet away purred and puffed her ciggy.


    Rex seductively rubbed his hands over his golden furred chest and felt his own tight pectoral muscles and flexed his arms. His nipples perked up and he got touch of goose pimples. He loved showing off...even to this old, rather used-up, MILF!

    Zelda clicked her bright white false teeth together.

    “Oh, you sexy fucker. What I’m gonna do to you tonight. Byron will get one great sex show from his mummy.” Zelda said as she pulled open the upper section of flimsy house-dress and exposed her large fleshy boobs...with nipples like small saucers and hued in darker, almost mocha tones of colour. Rex’s cock went steel rod-like and Zelda noted it.


    “Somebody is one horny bunny. Wait until I suck you, baby!” She said beginning to massage her left breast and pluck at her now hardening nipple.


    Rex’s began to pull of his leather belt and tossed it aside. His green eyes danced with excitement as he began to undo his fly zipper and button.


    Across the street, Byron was drooling with each move he made.


    Rex swivelled and as he knelt, his upper body gyrated and pulsed to music only he heard. The show was moving along and sweeping both mother and son deep into its folds. Rex was all they wanted, they were smitten!

    The way his body shown in the shadowy light of the room sent chills all thru Zelda. Her hands moved over nipples, plucking and pulling as Rex massaged himself before her.

    Rex moved down off his knees and sat, legs apart, pulling down his trousers...over his socked feet-tossing them aside.

    The sight of Rex in just his sleek underwear and OTC blue socks made Zelda moan.


    “Oh, Rex! Look at you in those sexy undies and socks, what hot stud!”



    Rex sat with those toned legs parted, his knees bent facing Zelda head on, his sweaty socked toes wiggling and his meaty heels planted firmly on the duvet.


    Zelda looked at his bulging crotch as the view was perfect to admire this manly mound...what lay inside, she could not wait to explore!

    And then Rex moved his hand down, down...and inside the waistband of the underwear. It was time to be naked for his playmate and for the voyeur, her very excited son Byron.



    Much More To Cum!!!!! DJ

  11. Today's Edition includes Black Inches Magazine from June 1999 and Movies featuring Cover Model Flex Deon Blake, "Doomsday Bunker" (by Director Joe Gage who is one of my favorites) and more of my fetishes. Stay Safe and Enjoy, Eric. 


    Black Inches Magazine June 1999:

    Cover Model Flex Deon Blake:

    "Doomsday Bunker":






  12. naked tony exposed

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    naked male tonyslave displayed

  13. Diablos6s
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    There’re not bad photos with Ryan; even the blurred ones are useful. He always gives something different, he’s a natural poser. The best are his expressions,  better when he’s gooning. 

  14. Will I received my 1st Chem on the Dec. 19 and guess what? I had A reaction to one of the Meds and Broke out into A rash all over my Body I was itching so bad I wanted to end everything . Finally got A hold of my Cancer MD after the New Year and was place on steroids pills it started working after  first  Dose boy was I Thankful  I had A Awful Christmas and New Years. I have Chemo every 3 weeks will on the 1-9-2020 I go for my 2th Chemo the Doctor cut the Med she was thinking that cause the Reaction so if you don't here from me she pulled the wrong ones. I'll update as soon as I can.....Ricky

  15. I  wanted a broad cross section of opinions....  Earlier this week.  I was challenged with "well, you gays, all sleep about anyway. No one is ever monogamous. It's all open relationships" 

    Ithetr are many viewpoints. 

    I don't agree.  I've never cheated on anyone in my life... 

    I have always been n monogamous.  When a partner suggested an open relationship, we parted ways as I didn't want to do it nor hold him back. 

    I don't think people  are necessarily nore promiscious in terms of mindset but I do think it had become easier to pursue that choice through the digital age. 

    Sorry for rambling. But monadry (I thought monogamy was correct) is not for everyone and its the same in.

    across all sexualitiez... And not necessary less likely cos of being gay

    Not that I'm making a judgement of what anyone believes. 

    What I will say is its important to be with someone (as) with the same core beliefs


    I have also seen a article recently on it 


    Am I allowed to post a link.? If not will delete

  16. Sergai

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    I have a very small penis and I was wondering if anyone on here would have any interest in  me posting personal photos? Depending on the response I would be happy to do this.

    Compare.jpg IMG_3098.jpg IMG_3138-2.jpg IMG_3867.jpg IMG_3868.jpg
  17. PART III: The Towels.


    At the end of the video, while we were sitting there buzzing over what we just learnt, a mid twenties guy with a really toned body came in wearing only an orange towel.  He introduced himself as Old Nick. Apparently everyone refers to him as Nick in hell. He can change shape and body, generally designing himself to be whatever fantasy man turns you on. He explained how there were pitchforks, flames and Demons in Hell. "We have pitchfolks with dildos on the end for your enjoyment. There are certainly flames here in Hell. They are used to heat the saunas and steamrooms. I'll leave you to work out why the Demons need booking for the night, if you so desire". As Old Nick explained, Hell had a reputation to live up to and he felt some guys would be disappointed to find no Demons.

    Apparently, there is a towel code in Hell. Similar to the hankie code they tried unsuccessfully to implement back on Earth. There are three colours with these towels. Green, Orange & Red. Upon checking into Hell, you are handed a towel and three drinks vouchers at Reception. Green means you are currently straight oriented. You do nothing you don't want to do. It is explained there are no woman here and that they are, indeed in Hell. Green towels must be left alone. An Orange towel means they have chosen between 1 to 5 sexual encounters with another guy upon arriving in Hell in a green towel. Red towels are for the gay aware guys, giving access to the backrooms here. So, as Old Nick advised, when we get changed in the room next door, we are all being given Orange towels, as they are the most popular towels amongst the guys. Fresh meat. 

    "Although one of you guys will be issued a red towel. Let's be honest, you'd earnt a red towel by the time you were fifteen."

    So, with that, a new door suddenly appeared which he guided us through, and left us to get changed.

    Who would have thought. When we had changed into the towels, there it was. The red towel. @JoelR. I guess the signs were there. Why else would he own and run Adonis Male after all.

    Apparently a Demon had already been pre-booked for him.


    Part II: The Induction   

  18. Confessions of a Vistafan

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