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  1. 190a.jpg.3b1a019fa114f1882492b2ffd225b53c.jpg

    The Hanky Code
    A flagging system used to identify
    one's specific sexual interest by wearing
    one of many particularly colored bandana 
    hankies in one's back pocket.
    Right=passive/bottom - Left = dominant/top
    "Hey you, what does a brown hanky mean if it's on the right?"
    "It means I don't care if you're a vegetarian or not, bub"

  2. David

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  3. OK this blog is caught up... to my posts on blogger now... Thanks for reading...

    First of all... A belated Happy Valentine's Day!





    There was a radio show in the 40's (Before my time) ... called "The Life Of Riley" I only know about it because it was adapted into a feature film and television series by the same name... but the catch phrase "Living The Life Of Riley" boils down to living a carefree, comfortable and throughly enjoyable life... through the years I've known several people who I thought were living the life of Riley... only to learn sometimes of the turbulent troubles and problems they had but kept locked up behind closed doors... there actually have been a handful of people who thought I led the life of Riley... all of it is the impression or vibe  we give off... one of the most important things I've learned is... no one has an easy, perfect, trouble fee life; It simply does not exist except in fantasy... and it's important not to become a victim to this particular folly.

    Upon reflection as I've been writing here... I am eternally grateful that I've never had some of the problems and issues  in particular that some of the people I've known who I assumed were living charmed easy lives... I've also finally learned that no one is going to come and recuse me and make things better and easier... everything is up to you... and it's all tied up in the decisions we make, the people we associate with and our overall mindset.

    Sometimes the plot of our life gets unraveled and we are not really sure who we are and where we need to start to have things make sense. If we are extremely lucky we meet someone who can help us pick up the pieces and move forward... more often than not... we have to figure it out for ourselves and maybe we will meet that person or encounter the situation when the time is right. I'm a real big believer in knowing the right time and place... because as confusing as life can be... sometimes when we find that person, place or thing as the catalyst... it just feels right... and when we don't it feels wrong... don't ever second guess yourself on this one.

    The places that help me feel my absolute best and brightest...are generally near the ocean... and the weather is generally quite warm with cooler breezy nights. Suffice to say I like tropical and sub-tropical places best because of the way I feel there. It's not always possible to be there physically... but if you can capture some of your favorite scents (mine is night blooming jasmine) and from that form a mindset  of what some of natures essences are that bring out the best in you... try to incorporate them in to your every day life no matter where you are in the world... much of what you are looking for is in your memory bank... don't be afraid to look for it... here is where it started with me... We all have at least one place in the world where we experience feeling of belonging, happiness and empowerment... I'm really lucky, I have a handful... but you have to be willing sometimes to go out of your comfort zone to find them.





    I'm convinced that a positive mindset and happiness go hand in hand... from here you can start making the necessary changes or alterations to living your best life...and you will find your way to where your heart wants to be where you feel happy and healthy and not heavy  and hurt... but realize that there will always be grief and sorrow in life and there is nothing you can do to stop it... it would be like fighting a tidal wave... so you have to learn new ways to swim sometimes to get past it.





    Let's talk for a minute about the people in your life...it took far to long for me to completely walk away from the toxic people who were in my life... blood is not thicker than water, it's just messy mostly and if it's leaving and indelible stain and shadow on your happiness and well being you have to decide if the payoff is worth the pain... for me it was not...and that manifested changes with the people I associated with personally and professionally... it's a difficult pill to swallow the first time but it's better to loose others than lose yourself. After a through house cleaning of the wrong people... you are left with quality over quantity... I was thinking recently that I used to have a lot of friends when I was younger... truth be told... I didn't have more friends... I just knew a lot of people.

    When you find that one (or maybe two or three) that rock, that best friend... the one who truly gets you, that one that makes your worst days a little better...hold on tight, really tight to those people because they are the ones who come along once... maybe twice and if you are really lucky three times in a lifetime.... Once you recognize that the people in your life are either reflections of a repeated cycle you need to learn from or are the guides toward something new and better you start to recognize people for who they are... and it makes things much, much easier... and you will be less likely to be hurt from the people who do not come into your life with feelings of mutual admiration and respect... One of my biggest issues is disrespectful  behavior and attitudes... and there is a simple test...Of everything in life time is not renewable... in life and love there is almost no form of disrespect higher than wasting someones else's time... being late is a broken promise...it tells people waiting for you that you don't respect them or their time.

    Start by setting goals... small goals that are easy... medium size goals that take some time and effort... and a few big goals that you can't possible achieve until you grow into the person who can. I've said before but it bears repeating... make the best decisions possible... making the worst decisions usually has a horrible outcome...





    So... I hope that helps... but you need a pen and a piece of paper... write down everything that matters the will help you live your best life... my list has pieces of all the places I've been and the people I have loved, my favorite songs and books and quotes from movies...and whispered conversations in the moonlight... and Champagne.






  4. Jack's Corner

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    Note:  This blog entry won't have much to say about AI-assisted or AI-enhanced images like the enhancements that the latest generation of iPhone cameras can produce for any photo you take.  That's a brave new world, and not much is known about it yet.

  5. OMFG! 🤯
    My man just gave me one of my "many" birthday presents & look what it is! 😵

    A Red Dragon "Chance the Flared Stallion" dildo! 😮😉😊😍🍆


    Got me the medium sized one! Glad he did cause I can't even imagine trying to
    use a large or extra large one! OMG! There so fuckin huge! 😵🤯


    This is the one he got me! 😊😉


    Think he got a black one cause of my fondness for a nice huge black penis! 😊
    I will say that it will be put to good use I hope, really curious especially after trying to see if just how much of it I can insert in me! Just from the flared tip of it, looks like my tanned pussy is gonna be challenged a lil bit just to even get it inserted. Part of me thinkin I am really gonna love this huge dildo, especially after the initial insertion of it! 😊

    He did tell me that he was tempted to get a large one just to see if I could take it in me! From the looks of the large one, my gawd that would stretch me about to my max!

    Let you all in a lil side note & personal secret.
    So just for those whom may not have known, my man is a gynecologist. We met years ago back when I was a patient of his while I was with my ex-BF.

    So after a few visits we got to know each other. Eventually when I had an appointment, I would purposely schedule them as last for the day. During some of these visits we would play around with / tease each other, which at times lead to him fucking me right there in exam room. One time while I was on the table with me spread open with feet in the stirrups & my pussy fully exposed to him, he stuck a speculum inside me to begin his exam. While conversing with him during it, I told him that I was curious with this crazy ass idea as to how wide the speculum could open my bare pussy. OMG! I was getting so turned on as he slowly used the speculum to open me up.
    He finally stopped when he knew when my pussy was opened far enough. There was some discomfort but I was so fuckin turned on it didn't matter! He even took a photo of me just lying on the exam table, completely naked with legs in stirrups spread "wide" open!
    Afterwards he began to slowly loosen & retract the speculum from my now stretched to its limit for the first time pussy! To be honest, I was so damn turned on by that, that I made him fuck me, he did so good that I fuckin squirted 💦 so much after an awesome orgasm.

    Damn, just telling you all that just know this has got me horny as fuck! Guess it's time to try out my Chance flared dildo! 😉😊
    You will have to pardon me while I go lose myself & try to ram this new dildo inside me! Gonna ❤️ this present especially if I get multiple orgasms!

  6. vallam2222
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    This is the first entry in a list for sock sightings.

    Wilde Alliance 03 "Too Much, Too Often" (1978)

    The Doctor Blake Mysteries S02E07 - The Silence / full episode

    Agatha Christie's Partners in Crime - 02 The Affair of the Pink Pearl / full episode

    Edd Byrnes
    ITV Thriller Where The Action Is 8th Feb 1975

    Gary Collins
    The Double Kill S05E02 British TV Series

    Shoe Removal
    The Professionals (1977) SE1 EP1 - Private Madness, Public Danger

    Maigret Rupert Davies
    The black and white series from 1960 to 1963.
    I forget which episodes but there was at least 3. I'll let you know when I find them. I love the series and recommend it.

    Agatha Christie's Death on the Nile, film version, 1978. You'll have to watch the movie as some haven't seen it.
    Anyone seen the 2022 film version? I haven't.
    The tv series also has a very similar scene with the same character.

    Midsomer Murders from 1997, there are 22 or 23 seasons. Fun series. Bunch of sock sightings. Someday I might go back and watch them and find/list each one. Until then, you're on your own!

    Please enjoy!



  7. PAcowgirl
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    Well, friends, on Monday I have my final gender affirmation surgery. It's been a journey, and will still be a journey after this, but I'm just thrilled that this now going to be behind me and I can enjoy the rest of my life. I'll still be the same person who loves men like everyone else in here, but with the right body parts. 🙂 


  8. Just Jump in the water is fine and the mermen & fishes are Horny & playful. Just as you jump in the mermen will surround you to prepare you to dive deeper ,No worries about air because the aqua men will give you air by kissing you as he starts to play with your cock.

    As you go deeper he realizes you are getting hard so he stopped to have fun with you first he kisses you then as he slowly moves down your body he gives you the best blowjob ever and the moves to your back side to rim your butt. As you were playing you didn't realize you sunk to the floor & he pull you into a cave to breed you. As you realize it you  wanted to get bred by the mermen. Then after a week of constant sex you wake up to find himself a merman and lived in the sea for Eterny.












  9. HOla

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    A 测试 qutes

  10. Emogeek19's blog

    Here is a complete list of the photos from the scenes Trevor Knight was in from Suite 703 (Now Richard.XXX from 2007-2013).


    1. https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/60693-trevor-knight-guy-parker/

    2. https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/61941-trevor-knight-kurt-wild/

    3. https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/62003-tristan-tucker-antonio-milan-trevor-knight/

    4. https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/61995-trevor-knight-mason-wyler/

    5. https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/61953-trevor-knight-emilio-sands/

    6. https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/62688-trevor-knight-nikko-alexander/

    7. https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/62392-trevor-knight-brandon-wilde/

    8. https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/61998-trevor-knight-gianni-luca/

    9. https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/61997-trevor-knight-ari-sylvio-tucker-scott/

    10. https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/62418-trevor-knight-cameron-adams/

    11. https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/62243-trevor-knight-rod-daily/

    12. https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/62690-trevor-knight-david-west/

    13. https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/62689-trevor-knight-nikko-alexander-2/

    14. https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/62691-trevor-knight-gavin-waters/

    15. https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/62717-trevor-knight-braxton-bond/

    16. https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/62692-trevor-knight-jayden-grey/

    17. https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/25290-brad-benton-trevor-knight/

    18. https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/62718-trevor-knight-shane-frost/

    19. https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/62716-trevor-knight-michael-rogue/

    20. https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/62001-trevor-knight-tristan-mathews/

    21. https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/62719-trevor-knight-kirk-cummings/

    22. https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/62723-trevor-knight-tristan-mathews-2/





  11. (Reader Note: The life and times Of Rex Davenport flow as a pansexual lust filled romp revolving around the ginger haired 40 ish male Adonis known as Rex. Rex is a late bloomer and now is getting sex at an astronomical rate...from men and women and all flavours in between! The raunchy escapades would make retro sexploitation director Russ Meyer blush!  So...big boobalicious breasts, long silky foreskin-clad cocks , juicy inviting man-asses, tasty engorged clits and Rex’s aromatic bewitching totally addictive size 11 socked feet all await you...come in, if you dare! Reader be warned! This might be too raunchy for those of a delicate nature!)




    Chubby bespectacled Byron shook and tried to hold the binocular spy glasses still... but he could not! Seeing Rex and his mom, Zelda in this pose of worship and foot love...it was almost too much! His cock throbbed in his hand while the other held the binoculars. His mind was full of ideas on what he’d do to Rex when his mother came back from her session and let him his mature Adonis all to himself!


    Back inside the warm, dim light of Rex’s bedroom across the street...

    “Love these socks on your feet...so sheer and very big business...my other lovers’ socks always smell so acrid but yours smell so leathery and warm...truly inviting...mmmmm!” Zelda moaned as she enjoyed the feel and aroma of Rex’s moist foot.

    Zelda pulled her feet free from Rex’s grasp and let her toes wander down to Rex’s pulsing uncut rod which lay oozing onto his furry tummy; her feet moved up and down along his hardness with skilled toes flexing and stimulating every inch.

    Rex wiggled and gyrated gently to her talented foot work and let his hands pinch his own hard nipples and make generous circles through his rusty coloured chest ringlets.

    Zelda smiled, seeing Rex and smelling him...and tasting him was like no other sex experience in her rather jaded sexual career. And she knew Byron, her only son was watching from just opposite. She could see the glint of the lenses!


    This made her pussy juicier and her need to devour Rex even more urgent!

    Another window curtain was twitching...Zelda saw the bedroom curtains of the house next to hers open and a nightgown clad woman stood watching.

    Nina Warren thought nobody saw her watching the show in Rex’s bedroom. And why shouldn’t she watch...she could see in, like Byron could and Rex never shut his curtains. In truth, the sexy real blonde 47 year-old divorcee had been a long fan of Rex’s masturbatory exploits and recent guest sexual liaisons!

    Now Zelda made a mental note: See Nina, soon!

    They hardly ever spoke. Nina was so posh and well-off. Now Zelda knew they had a common passion...the deliciously ginger haired stud, Rex!

    His busy warm socked toes were becoming wet as they prodded deeper into Zelda’s nest; Rex loved the feeling of nearly fucking her with his big socked toe since she offered no resistance at all. Her body seemed to be moving closer to his and they were nearly merging in the middle, ass to ass...crotch to crotch.

    Dialogue ceased and became more like tribal grunts...guttural sounds of pleasure and bliss.

    Rex felt Zelda’s mouth suckling the socked toes of his left foot and then she fumbled for and the sock edge around his calf. Shakily she worked and pulled the blue moist sock free of Rex’s large sweaty bare foot. She hungrily resumed sucking his naked toes as Rex moved up slightly with his hands and tugged away her fishnet pantyhose! Pulling them over her legs and feet...both fully bare fleshed now except for Rex’s right blue nylon socked foot which moved back to Zelda’s perfectly exposed gaping slit for further fucking fun!

    Both Nina Warren and Byron were masturbating in earnest as they saw the now mostly naked players enjoying fetish foreplay of the kinky type!

    Rex’s hands glided all over Zelda’s still rather pleasingly shaped mature shaved legs and found himself manually guiding her nimble playful feet! He pushed them back and forth along his aching rock hard shaft which was edging ever closer to eruption.

    Zelda abruptly stopped sucking Rex’s toes and moved upward between the now very spread wide naked legs of Rex! Rex’s legs were then thrust up-he lay on his back on the pillows, his one socked foot and the other bare waved about in the air over the bed!

    Her painted nailed fingers pushing his ass cheeks open...her eyes looking at the tender ass pink ass bud!

    Zelda’s dyed blonde hair bobbed before his spread golden ringlet lined ass crack! She tutted and giggled like a little belligerent school girl.

    “Rex’s all important nearly virginal man-pussy! How divine! Hand me a toy, you said you had toys...hand one over...NOW!”

    The voyeurs watched, spellbound as they saw Rex’s feet up, ass open and Zelda pressed between his ass cheeks!

    Rex fumbled and with his left hand...dug a dildo out of the bedside drawer.

    Beggars could not be choosers, so...it was random!

    SHIT...Rex mused as he saw what he handed the zealous MILF!

    The ribbed toy was not small! And had ribs...to stimulate you? They could feel more like torture if not used right.

    “Have you ever used...” he said but his words were cut short.

    “Fuck off!” the crude dominatrix said...she did NOT need direction.

    She shoved the tool into her painted lipped mouth...suckled the tip...covered it with spit!

    And then...as if to be kind, spit a wad into Rex’s ass folds.

    She followed this up with a pre-emptive oral strike at his tender, highly sensitive ass!



    Her serpentine tongue lashed the folds of his anus...lapping it.

    She lapped and licked...pressing into the tight sphincter.

    “Ohhhh, yes.....Yes!” Rex moaned. She was good! Damn good.

    His toes wiggled in the air as she licked and lapped the man-cunt!

    “Fuck, you taste good...everywhere!” she replied.

    And Rex’s uncut cock thrummed as it lay on his tummy.

    Her free hand reached up and stroked the tight packed balls and silky rock-hard shaft...just enough to keep Rex thrashing about on the edge of orgasmic bliss!


    The bewitched voyeurs saw a sudden jerking; a thrashing about of Rex’s legs...his toes in fitful spasm!

    The tongue gave way to a sudden ramming of the dildo into the wet ass-bud!

    Her painted fingernails now digging into his man-stick...squeezing it as her other hand worked the ribbed fuck-toy in...3 inches, 4 inches...up to the knob that held the battery in!

    “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SHIT SHIT!” Rex wailed and his feet back and forth and around in the air as if taking off like a plane!

    She rammed it in and out...in and out. Thrusting, pummelling...damn! She knew his weakness! He hated it and LOVED it! His ass creamed as it juiced up.

    The dildo ridges were covered with ass cream...and smelled warm and funky to the MILF.

    She laughed and thrust harder.

    Her thumb pressed the button on the end...and the toy whizzed to life!


    It sank in and stimulated thru its tip...hitting Rex on his prostate...hard. Over and over!


    His cock was about to shoot...he moaned.

    “I’m cumming....” but she pulled the dildo out.

    It made a sucking wet sound as it was freed from the ass muscles.

    Her hand stopped touching his cock...she sat up and smiled down at him.

    His red hair all tangled and sweat beads rolled from his forehead.

    “Did I find a sweet spot up in your innards?” she asked coyly.

    “Oh, Hell...you did...you did. My secret spot is not secret to you anymore!” he said, breathing hard, a smile on his lips.

    The next act in the sex play was long overdue...as far as Rex was concerned.

    Zelda’s pussy was now fully moist and ready...the foreplay had been amazing!

    She took control...the voyeurs watched; they too breathing quickly...feeling every moment they were seeing.

    Rex lay ready, his body hers and willing. Her wide strong legs straddled his midsection and her skilled fingers eased his full length up and in...deep and firm!



    “Damn....SHIT...Fuck....You are so big, baby!” she groaned as her chubby form sank to meet his flesh and she rode him!

    She bounced and held her big tits as they flopped...THWUNK THWUNK.

    Up and down...like a piston.

    Her hips working, her cunty squeezing her prey...like a tigress in heat!

    At over 60...birth control was not an issue.

    Both knew it and enjoyed the freedom and total lust-fest this provided.

    She rode for what seemed like 20 or 30 minutes...non-stop. Rex’s orgasm coming and then waning...raging again...and ebbing back. She watched his eyes for clues and adapted her speed to suit his needs.

    Rex watched as Zelda reached a climax...and then another. He loved it...she was hardly able to breathe! Her coughing almost throwing her from the bed...smokers!

    “You should give up smoking!” Rex said mid- fuck. Wanting to lecture her on healthy living during sex! He thrust upward- her cunt was like a warm sleeve of fleshy jelly and she met him measure for measure with her moves. A look came over her...his words were NOT sexy!

    “Fuck me...don’t talk!” she gasped...and reached a third climax!

    Her red-hot clit hitting Rex’s moving flesh-wand just perfectly!

    And then Rex was allowed to cum! He shot deep into womb!

    “Ahhhhhggggrrrrr!” came a chesty loud cry from his open mouth.

    His cock thrust in...hard...harder...and shook with tremors as it spilled seed into the hungry cavern.

    She fell upon his chest, he was still inside her...and he held her!


    Rex pressed his face alongside her ample breasts.

    “You know, I have not had much experience inside a woman’s vagina. Did it show?”


    Rex, a man in his early 40’s, blushed as he confessed this to Zelda.

    Her throaty laugh filled the room.

    “Well, let’s just say a woman like me knows where to stick it, ride it and cum again and again from it! So...no, I would not say you were inexperienced. I think your hot boss date will go...fucking great. Just let the bitch have her way...you’ll have a great time. Trust me!”

    This made Rex kiss her breast, suck the nipple and nearly chew it!

    “Mmmm, that’s nice after sex...make a woman feel like a queen!” she giggled.

    Byron had cum too, pool lay at his socked toes, but he still watched.

    So did Nina next-door.

    Rex’s cock was just visible from the rear as it stuck into the bent form of Zelda...still tucked into her cunty!

    “You stay hard...I bet you could do another round?” she asked, her eyes now twinkling.

    “I need to save a little of me for your son...he is more than ready to have some quality time with me!” he offered between licks at her titty nipple.

    “You are such a gentleman! Damn! But...after you fuck your boss lady; drop by as soon as you can. I want a report and it’s time you tried out my vibrating bed!” she said nibbling his ear.

    “Only you would have a vibrating bed!” he laughed.

    He promised he’d drop by. She rose up, her knees creaking. Rex’s uncut, cum drenched cock flopped out of her moist innards. Her loosened pussy lips shown in the lamplight as she moved off the bed. They aroused Rex...the mysterious folds all wet with her juices and his now dribbling seed.


    He’d eat that snatch...again! But not now!

    She dug the false teeth from the bedside glass with her fingers; a few quick shakes of her hand removed the excess water and she popped them back into place. She grinned at Rex like a naughty girl.

    The flowing housedress fell over the chubby body...she bent to retrieve her net hose.

    Rex’s reached and grasped the foot of one leg.

    “I want these, I want to remember tonight!” he said pulling them off the edge of the bed where they lay...and pressing them to his face.

    “I smell you...all of you!” he said, his eyes closed.

    “Hell, no man ever asked me for used panties or nylons...be my fucking guest. You want my autograph too?” she laughed.

    She slid into her heels and winked...and left.

    Rex lay wearing only one sweaty blue sock...sniffing the feet of the hose.

    His other sweaty blue nylon dress sock was...SURPRISE, not on the carpet where it had been dropped!  It was tucked inside the pocket of Zelda’s housedress.

    Nina and Byron watched Zelda work her way across the dark street...and return to her own front door.

    The voyeurs watched Rex laying on his bed...his uncut cock splayed on his tummy festooned in wet, golden red pubes.

    “He’s all yours!” Zelda shouted at Byron’s door.

    Byron zipped up and placed the binoculars down.

    He opened his bedroom door...and Zelda smiled.

    “He filled mommy...his spunk is dripping out of me. I bet you’d love it. But my baby is not that kinky!” she laughed...and went into the rear larger bedroom.

    Byron...considering what she offered. The idea might have repulsed some...but it was Rex’s cum...it would be delicious, even if served in his mommy’s cunt!

    Byron walked down and let himself out.

    Just before he left...he heard the faint sound of buzzing!

    “Damn, my mother is using her battery dildo...relieving the last few hours...what a whore!” he smiled to himself.

    Nina watched overweight Byron lumber along...and saw him open the unlocked front door of Rex Davenport’s house.

    Nina dare not keep watching...she returned to her bedroom...with the wall that met Zelda’s next-door.

    Therein lay the MILF naked...legs open, dildo ramming her juicy cunty loaded with Rex spunk...his scented blue sock over her face!

    The wall could not contain the moaning and buzzing...Nina knew what Zelda was doing. The thought thrilled her...and she lay on her own bed...fingering her tight blonde haired pussy.

    Byron walked up the inner stairway and opened Rex’s half closed bedroom door.

    He lay...one socked...sleeping. The naked Adonis man...his man! His mother’s worn aromatic net hose on his pillow.

    Byron kicked off his shoes, placed his gold rimmed specs on the night table...and lay down...and pressed his face into Rex’s gently heaving chest. The ringlets of rusty golden fur tickled his cheek.

    Byron admired the tip of Rex’s uncut cock...the knobby half out of the long skin. All moist...cummy! Byron smelled sex. His mother’s perfume...her intimate toilet smell...when she peed and her cunt yawned. He smelled Rex’s feet...his warm breath.

    The room was sensually alive!


    Byron did not hesitate in sampling Rex’s uncut cock...his mouth opened and he placed the now semi-erect man-tool onto his tongue. The ample silky foreskin moved back...the juicy knob bloomed! The taste of his own mother’s cunt did NOT make him gag. HELL...was Byron depraved? He had no idea as he began to fellate this delicious man’s meat...and the remains of his recent orgasmic explosion still oozed free from the slit. Byron swallowed and drank!


    He prayed Rex would piss in his sleep, OH how he wanted to drink his piss! Byron, a chubby geek with only internet porn as a guide, was using his Rex- his God-like man muse as a sex instruction tool.

    Rex in dreamland only felt delicious sensations and he believed it was memories of Zelda. NO...the tongue now buried in his raised legs was young protégé Byron and Rex’s juicy ass was flowing with sweaty manly sexual essence created by all that dildo action! Byron knew it and dove even deeper into the anal cavity. He never knew his tongue could work so deep...passing the tight sphincter muscle over and over. Rex’s ass was open wide now and he was feasting.

    Rex’s feet waved in the air over Byron’s chubby splayed form...the soles of the sculptured size 11 feet dropped; resting on Byron’s wide back.

    The one socked foot slid and met the side of Byron’s wide ass...this sweaty socked foot massaging his ass only further drove Byron deeper into Rex’s cavity.

    The sound of licking and slurping filled the bedroom...and darling ginger haired mature Rex slept on and dreamed he was King of the World and all sexual pleasures were his private domain!


    Much More To Cum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Thank you for all the feedback, please keep sharing! I love it!





    Our "I Wanna Be Rex" model here is PJ's Hubby...a long admired stud from the retro net!


  12. Samudrika Shastra

    It is AMAZING to me how people get a hold of information. When I think that they are not interested in Readings or paying any attention to information I am giving about Samudrika Shastra. Then they start showing interest with a comment or sending photos that meets the requirements to the reading in Samudrika Shastra! AMAZING!

         I have been for the last 10 years putting on the web that I do reading on people according to the guidelines of Samudrika Shastra, especially men folk. No one responds, usually, however, last year someone name "Scottie" responded and sent me pictures of the vein structure located on his tops and sides of his feet. So, I  emailed him,  stating that I would analyze the vein structure and email the analysis back to him. When he got back the information, he was so happy and he said that the information gave him direction to his vocation. 

         In 2021, it was a guy named, "Morfeo" that sent in pics of his feet. I emailed the information to him and he was thrilled on how accurate it was.

        This year there was another guy that sent or posted online pics of his hand and forearm. His pictures are below: 



    And this is the forearm I will be analyzing using Samudrika Shastra....So, I will do a reading for him according to the pics he sent and then return the information to him. I have isolated and cropped the pic to the veins showing on his forearm which is presented below:



    Although the veins on his left forearm resemble roots of a tree, they really resemble a squid which means this guy is a squid person or a Mermen 🧜‍♂️. In Samudrika Shastra, a squid shape is the ancient symbol, ○ with 3 lines extended from it, lll . Like in the squid symbols below:


    The symbol represents water and Astrologically is Scorpio sign.

    This "squid 🦑 " symbol is representation of water which means dreams, emotions, inspiration, and psyches. It means this guy is inspired or moved to action by inspiration, visions, dreams, and emotions. 


    So, I am open to do Samudrika Shastra readings if anyone is interested. You can email the pictures to me or use the comment area below. 


    Let's start with displaying the Samudrika Shastra Symbol Chart. 


    V- Portal. Opening. Horns. Ram. Goat. Bull. 

    X- Wisdom. Sage. Intuitive wisdom. 

    H- Bridge. In between worlds. Duality. Unity. Mediator. Priest  

    h- Power. Charisma. 

    K- Fire. Inspiration. Passion. 

    O- Sexual. Transformation. Resurrection.  

    t - Tree 🎄 Growth. Fertility. Learner. Teacher. Roots. Connections.

    A - Bull of Heaven. Protector. Warrior. 

    I - Ego. Singleness. One. Independence 

    ll - Parallel. Duality. Opposites. 

    S - No direction. Flexibility. Indecisive. 















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    Just like to view handsome nude men

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    Cover art, BTW, is a work I commissioned from @BakkuNSFW on Twitter. 

  15. michael

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    this is driving me crazy i have no unearthly idea who this guy is. was he in torso magazine? was he in playgirl? someone please for the love of god tell me who he is


  16. Interesting

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    telegram channels taking up space

























































































































































































































  17. Steffen Günzel hat auf Google diese FAG Map eingerichtet. Ich bin stolz, dass er mich dort aufgenommen hat. Ich finde, jeder Faggot sollte dort gelistet sein.

    So kannst Du Deine Aufnahme beantragen:

    Hier findest du eine Liste von zeigegeilen und Fag´s aus Deutschland und Europa. Liste wird ständig bearbeitet und neue Fags hinzugefügt. Mitglieder im Detail: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1BE2GSHtLlPxGl2wsHU1zChoKlMwFKOAH?usp=share_link Wenn auch Du auch dabei sein willst, schreibe mir eine Mail an: [email protected] oder Telegram https://t.me/crusader0701

    Hier geht es zur Google FAG Map


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    Check out my videos on the photography of Tamotsu Yato.  His lovely Japanese men are wonderfully photographed. 


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    So this is where it all started, my sort of obsession with this game. And these were the first contestants. (P.S. not all of them have their real names, as for some I had only the pictures).

    The game is structured in 5 rounds or challenges. The first three rounds are judged in 2 categories a bracket (one vs. one style) and a general table of points in different aspects of the challenges. The challenges are following: 

    1. Challenge - Abs/Muscles
    2. Face
    3. Bulge
    4. Semi-Finals (with those that are left)
    5. And then the remaining contestants fight for 1st place by seeing who has accumulated the most points through out. 

    And the first contestants were:

    Arthur.thumb.jpg.e87c049a8df8a4999fe138a2938be687.jpg Billy.thumb.jpg.249130fbf02d767561652403f1c06161.jpgBrad.thumb.jpg.4c78b1ff982aacdfd0f9539313dedc88.jpgJake.thumb.jpg.f34f8b1207f82ce2d86b793856f77694.jpg

                             ARTHUR                                               BILLY                                         BRAD                                     JAKE


                     MAX                                      ROBERT                                            VIGGO                                           VINCENT


    And then during the contest up until the finals 4 contestants are eliminated.

    1st elimination in the Abs Challenge - No one was eliminated due to the same amount of points.

    2nd elimination in the Face Challenge - BILLY

    3rd elimination in the Bulge Challenge - ROBERT

    4th elimination in the Semi-Finals - MAX and ARTHUR



    4th PLACE with 87 points JAKE (Michael Walker)

    3rd PLACE with 91 points VINCENT (Tyler Sweet)

    2nd PLACE with 97 points VIGGO (Viggo Sorensen)

    1st PLACE with 99 points BRAD (Michael Yerger)


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