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  1. image.png.1dea0fb377a132fc8bb8342768879d's throat today was like 99% back to normal

    image.png.1dea0fb377a132fc8bb8342768879d only felt a minor irritation about an hour ago

    so image.png.1dea0fb377a132fc8bb8342768879dgargled with some hot salt water


    salt water is really the bestest thing for a sore throat

    or strep throat

    because it is something anybody can do without any actual cost or prescription

    and most doctors would suggest it anyways


    the issue with why image.png.1dea0fb377a132fc8bb8342768879d is not getting renewals on image.png.1dea0fb377a132fc8bb8342768879d's blood test strips or insulin still puzzels image.png.1dea0fb377a132fc8bb8342768879d

    and - at this point - the only real reason image.png.1dea0fb377a132fc8bb8342768879d would go see the doctor in a couple of weeks

    image.png.1dea0fb377a132fc8bb8342768879d suspects the appointment is likely to be canceled by the doctor as a matter of being precautious

    so image.png.1dea0fb377a132fc8bb8342768879d is going to have to call and seriously press the issue

    and the staff there changes regularly

    and it certainly can't be a pleasant time for them

    and - at regular times - they do not forward calls or respond

    so - at this time no doctor will want their patient not being capable of getting all the prescriptions that patient needs


    the corona virus came closer

    because now image.png.1dea0fb377a132fc8bb8342768879d knows someone who has it

    a couple of days ago she was running a fever

    and all sense of taste seems to have left her


    image.png.1dea0fb377a132fc8bb8342768879d is not certain if her husband is staying in the house

    but she has decided to self-isolate


    she went to try to get a test

    but, thanks to trump, there simply were no tests available to be had


    eventually we will all know someone who has contracted the Trump Virus


    the question remains:

    if even a killer virus does not make trumpanzees realize they have joined a death cult - what will?

  2. Mysterio
    Latest Entry

    I hope everyone is safe and healthy during these difficult times.

    I have now gone +3 weeks without enjoying the company of another man, so this site, the pics, and the discussion have been a real comfort (and welcome 'distraction' in a good way).

    When I masturbate these days I often eat my own cum, because it at least comes close to reminding me of the real thing. Do any of y'all do that?

    Take care, and for all of you out there still enjoying the pleasure of another man's penis, I envy you! 🙃


  3. Two Weeks On Another Island

    I have to tell you something... I love islands... Hawaii, New York City, Capri you name it and if it's an island I will probably love it there... but one of my absolute favorites is Mallorca; one of the three Balearic Islands-- Ibiza and Menorca the other two off the east coast of Spain. The first time I heard someone talking about Mallorca was in Sardinia an Italian Island get-a-way not too far away.
    Not too long after that Ringo Starr referenced it in 'The No No Song' and then later it was used as the location setting for the Agatha Christie movie 'Evil Under The Sun'... from watching this fun film I was completely captivated by Mallorca so I started looking into the island and doing a little research but not too seriously... but I knew I one day wanted to visit.
    I came pretty close once while vacationing on Ibiza with friends but it was summer and we were told in no uncertain terms the hotels were all likely full and reservations needed to be made months in advance of a summer visit.... so that was that... for  the moment.
    I had a good friend from school who I learned a few years after the Ibiza trip that his mother had retired and lived on Mallorca and she was going to be traveling and asked my friend if he could stay at the house and oversee work that was being done in her absence and I was invited along... This trip will always stand out on my top ten holidays because everything about the whole trip was sublime... and the two weeks I spent there changed me, my friendship and life after leaving... and perhaps most importantly I learned to let go of the past and live again.
    To get there by air you can fly from Madrid or Barcelona and there are air links from Ibiza and Menorca and several other Spanish cities. A ferry service is also available from the Spanish mainland and a high-speed ferry linking Valencia, Ibiza, Menorca and Mallorca.
    Getting from the airport near the town of Palma you should utilize their highly efficient bus service (15 minutes from the airport to Palma), there is a railway that links Palma and Soller, Inca, Sa Pobla and Manacor. My advice is rent a car... but I can't emphasize enough the importance of packing good, comfortable walking shoes for this trip especially for exploring Inca.
     I think one of the things I love most about  Mallorca, particularly Palma is it's like Honolulu in that it had about a half million people  live and work there while the island is largely a tourist destination...(I think the island population is just shy of a million) The whole island is steeped in a wonderful history with traces of ancient Roman and Arab civilizations still visible... and all the cultures that have passed through over several hundred years; artifacts from these periods can be viewed at the Museu de Mallorca. It's the best museum in the Balearic Islands and used to be a residential palace built in 1630.
    The villa we stayed at was on the Northwestern coast near Banyabufar with land that terraced down to the sea... It was breathtaking and what I remember best in addition to the beautiful views of the sea is that it was fragrant with jasmine and rosemary.
    Taking the train from Palma to Port Soller is one of the most beautiful journeys and splendid views of the mountains and coast line of the island... my favorite is Sa Calobra a small town that surrounds a beautiful cove.
    The Monestir de Lluc is the spiritual center of the island and has been for many a religious pilgrimage for over 800 years.
    If you are traveling by train Inca is the last stop on one line and the third largest town on the island and has a lot to offer the shopping enthusiast... but I highly recommend you visit on a Thursday as it's market day... you can buy fresh flowers,  fruits and vegetables, souvenirs, household goods.; the market stalls stretch over several districts of town. Make sure you stop at some point for some traditional Mallorcan cuisine including caracoles (snails) and a glass of wine.
    Mallorca is also known for it's caves, which are carved out of the island's limestone rock... they were once known as providing shelter to the early settlers... the caves also have breathtaking underground lakes and provide excellent acoustics to musicians who perform for visitors sitting in small boats.
    Mallorca has about 80 beaches and the best are around Badia de Palma and my picks are Ses Illetes. Palmanova, Portals Nous, Cala Portals Vells... and if like me you don't want tan lines and want to sun at a nude beach then my favorite is El Mago. Some of the islands best beaches have been incorporated into  the larger resorts, that include access to restaurants, bars and bath and toilet facilities.
    Because of the movies "Evil Under The Sun" and "And Then There Were None"...another island became one of my destinations... The Burgh Hotel on Burgh Island where the hotel exteriors and interiors were shot for both films... you can visit and have lunch or dinner if you are not a hotel guest.... but it's on the South Devon Coast in England.
    The climate in Mallorca is typically Mediterranean with warm dry summers with a rainy fall and a cool-ish (but not cold) winter. There are many hotels on Mallorca; most situated on the coast and the town centers... so make sure to make your reservations well in advance if you are visiting high season from June through September.
    I've travelled all over the world and I've seen other visitors who come to a place and they leave unchanged and are the same people they were when they arrived... I think that's an impossibility to anyone visiting Mallorca...the magic and enchantment I've found are part it's irresistible charms. I always leave thinking about when I can come back again and again.


  4. mg240980
    Latest Entry

    We'll  get through this agony too.

    Soon we'll be free to hug our loved ones again.

    Smiling and singing and running in the sun.




  5. Hey everyone! 🙂

    I know its been awhile since I've dropped a blog post so I figured I would.

    I will not bore you with what's going on with COVID-19 as sure by now most of you already know the severity of it, but I drop a few words about what myself & family are doing about it.

    Myself & family are doing our best with the self quarantine. Kinda surreal in a way but we are managing. 
    Been trying to come up with ideas to keep my lil devil entertained & yet learning things during all of this. My man has gone to limiting his staff & hours but seeing patients on urgent matters only. He is doing his best to compensate them thought its only a receptionist, nurse, & nursing assistant.

    Tiff & Kevin are hanging in there & doing their best with the self quarantine. We've been keeping in touch via FaceTime which my lil devil loves.

    This is how I've been coping with self quarantine with my man! 😂


    Best to everyone, do your part & hope time will come soon enough we are back to the norm.

    Much ❤️

  6. rex1.thumb.jpg.6f4bd96b02bab3d02f9c46e87e356314.jpg


    Our sexy budding omni-sexual hero, Rex, all near six feet of him- toned and muscular was no match for this hungry beast-MILF.

    Byron stood up on the stairs outside the sitting room and knew poor Rex Davenport was doomed. Ever since his dad left well over 15 years before, his mum had ravaged any male who darkened their doorstep. She was always on the pull, so to speak. Her new false teeth shining bright and a ciggie in those big red lips. She trawled the bars, the stores, the streets...she was a hungry thing! Sure she was old, over 60, and still acting like a young wench. Byron stood ashamed and a tear fell down his acne covered face.  Barely in his 20’s and so depressed. Life with Zelda and her hunger for men made him want to run! He wanted men...no, a man...Rex. He loved that Rex, but now his mum had her claws deep. Soon she’d chew Rex into a hundred pieces!

    Byron heard the two wrestling in the sitting room, she was stripping Rex.

    Rex’s suit coat was now tossed aside by this full breasted MILF, her bleached hair up in a big bow. She worked at his dress shirt buttons, Rex tried to take over, and she slapped his hands away.

    “Now you relax, Rex, let Zelda make you all cosy!” She purred like a big blonde cat. Zelda hungrily eyed Rex’s extra large feet clad in sexy socks and expensive shoes. She knew what that meant! She’d suckle those tasty man-toes as a little appetizer. How delicious she mused.

    Rex was more embarrassed than turned on at this point. His sex with the female of the species was only just taking off after years of being dormant. And his male sexuality desires were on the up and up as well...he wanted it all, but he really was unsure Zelda fit any of his needs.


    The skilled fingers undid three buttons; his golden furry chest popped into view...his nipples just on the fringes of his shirt edges.

    Zelda pulled her boobs back and surveyed her handy work.

    “That’s it, no need to be all cooped up in a dress shirt, sexy man! Love the chest, so manly and those golden hairs, nice!” She breathed seductively.

    “Oh, look, sexy nipples...and tight too!” She gushed while reaching one set of manicured fingers into the folds of his short and locating one pert man-nipple to massage.  Her hand massaged Rex’s chest muscles all around the nipple.

    “Strong, you swim...I can feel it.” She cooed like a dove.

    Rex pulled back slightly and felt the back of the couch block his retreat.

    Her hand stayed on his chest.

    “I cycle and swim...jog a bit. I try to keep fit.” Rex said modestly as he tried to look charmingly up at her mascara laden eyes.

    “You are fit, I want to see more. But let’s have a drink.” She pulled her hand free and found a bottle and two glasses. Poured a strong drink in each and lit a ciggie. She puffed from across the dirty, cluttered room and surveyed yet again...her man catch!

    Byron’s small dick roared to life inside his trousers. He wanted to masturbate. He hated what his mum was up to with his sexy Rex but he just could not help being turned on. The method she used rarely failed. Byron just wanted to get a better view of Rex being devoured by powerful Zelda!

    Zelda sauntered over to Rex who still lay back against the old worn out couch. His legs splayed wide and arms at his sides. He’d given up resisting. Zelda’s larger than life boobs and chubby rather short body tottered on her heels. Her net hose on her meaty legs were at least a treat for Rex. He’d not seen pantyhose of a daring nature since that visit from Carol and Eric. Zelda was truly giving Carol a run for her money in the tough dame category.

    Her barely concealed breasts loomed over Rex’s wide eyes as he took the very strong drink, straight up booze...right to the head he guessed. She wanted him to be passive...and boy if he drank that, he would be!

    Rex sipped slowly. Very strong stuff. He coughed.


    “Drink up Sunshine, more in the bottle.” Zelda cackled as she puffed her ciggie and sipped her drink. She remained aloft, pacing about as if on display to Rex. She kept striking odd poses, her skimpy housedress giving away many secrets as she did so. Rex was amused at best. His uncut cock did stir...she was trying to impress him. He did not want Byron to pay the price of a grumpy mother; he felt it was his duty to play along.

    The dreary room filled with smoke and Rex felt he was getting lightheaded. He’d have loved a window open.

    Zelda turned as she leaned on the former mantelpiece edge.

    “My Byron, he has a crush on you. He’s gay, I am sure of that. And he has been...oh, beating his meat over you. No need to be delicate. And I think he watches you thru binoculars.” Zelda said with wide eyes and downing her drink.

    Byron heard this and almost burst into the room but held back...he was bright red with heated anger.

    Now Rex knew as much- he was sure many folks watched his windows, he’d seen Byron from his side of the road. And loved being watched...so, he decided to give Zelda a little taste of her own medicine.

    “Well, I love being watched. I am flattered Byron desires me. And you can rest assured, I hope he will be brave enough to come on over and see the goods up close.” And Rex downed his drink! His green eyes flashing with glee.

    Zelda nearly fell over.

    “My, oh, my! No flies on you. And before I let my boy, he is over 20, but still my boy...before he comes calling on you, mother needs to vet you. And the vetting starts now.” And Zelda moved over and stubbed out her ciggie in the already overflowing ashtray on the stained coffee table.

    Rex felt the drink hit his head, bang! Zelda grabbed his glass and topped it up.

    Rex knew it was going to be a long night!

    Byron stood, his whole chubby body trembling, wanting Rex so much for himself but also deeply aroused at the thought of what his ravenous, sex crazed mum would do! He’d seen, heard, and re-lived many of her man conquests. Incestuous? Possibly. But his mother did know her way around a man...and Byron loved men!

    Maybe they could share him? Mother and son...on different days? His mind raced as he heard more struggling from the sitting room.

    Rex knew he must just seek out Byron once more tonight before...well, before he was naked and strung up like a big Christmas bobble.

    “Zelda, I need the loo, before we...ah, you know.” Handsome Rex said pulling himself up off the old saggy couch. His knees wobbled as he stood- his shirt wide open nearly to his belly.

    “Oh, top of the stairs. Need any help, honey? That drink was strong and we can’t you falling down the stairs.” Zelda said offering her beefy arm to the stud.


    “No, I’ll be fine. Just relax.” Rex said moving out of the room.

    Zelda threw herself down where Rex’s manly ass had been.

    “All warm and comfy here!” She crooned as she sipped another drink.

    Rex moved up the rickety stairway, he heard movement at the top and saw a shadow. Byron!

    “Byron, I need to see you.” Rex hissed.

    Byron met the tall gingery furred stud atop the steps and the two moved to the far end of the upper hall. Byron wanted to explore Rex’s manly exposed chest with its forest of ginger furry curves, but he’d have to wait.

    “Now, Byron, things are...complicated. Your mum is...ah, um...” Rex was lost for words.

    Byron screwed up every ounce of self-confidence and moved and kissed Rex’s open mouth. The kiss was sudden and sweet.

    Byron pulled away and smiled shy up at his idol.

    “Do what you want...need...but, please...let me meet you at your house...later.” Byron asked coyly and his spectacles were all steamy again.

    Rex pulled the cub close.

    Those long, strong arms embraced the young man.

    “Yes, I have a plan. You like to watch me?” Rex asked with his green eyes fixed into Byron’s.

    Byron nodded in shame. But he agreed...he loved to watch!

    “This may sound very kinky, but let me take your mum across to my bedroom...for a few hours. You can watch or not. I leave it up to you. I shall leave my curtains open and the bedside lamp on low. When she comes home, you come over alone. A little “just us” time.” Rex whispered and his now raging uncut cock rubbed into the cub’s belly...even thru Rex’s trousers, Byron felt the strength and power of this man! Zelda would really love that inside her, Byron mused.  Rex could have had both mother and son in one deliriously sexy night!

    Byron kissed Rex’s cheek and stammered. “I love you Rex.”  The young geeky cub then moved to his bedroom and shut the door. Rex was now ready to let Zelda...enjoy it all!









    Rex’s big sleek feet moved back to the sitting room.

    Zelada now had undone her housedress slightly at the neck; her succulent breasts were even more on show...all but the big nipples!

    “Would you like a drink at my house now, let’s see if my bedroom is even cosier than a couch?” Rex asked picking up his suit coat.

    Zelda placed her glass down and smiled.

    “Why Rex, you sexy devil. Byron won’t mind if mummy goes out for a bit.” She said rising to take Rex’s offered arm.

    “As a matter of fact I have a very important date with my lady boss Saturday night. I want to make an excellent impression. Would you be able to give me a few pointers?” Rex said moving along with Zelda toward the front door.

    “Pointers? Hell, I have a full course to teach you! We’d better not lose another second. Saturday aint far off!” Zelda said moving her hand to cover one of Rex’s tight arse cheeks. She gave it a really good squeeze.

    “Love a good hard arse! Any toys to play with?” Zelda said pulling Rex out into the early evening.

    “Oh, I have little toy box I think you’ll love.” Rex said as his nimble feet almost danced down the front steps.

    In his mind he wondered if Zelda would go after his sweaty size 11 socks and feet like so many others. He had a feeling she would. He’d test her now. And dear Byron would see every second from his bedroom window above...how truly naughty!



    Much More To Cum!!!!! DJ




  7. naked tony exposed

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    naked male tonyslave displayed

  8. How would you help user MG6993, who asks:

    I’ve (m23) been seeing this guy (m29) for the past few months. When we started talking, he had just gotten out of a long relationship. I found him trying to rush our relationship, so I tried to slow it down. I told him that I think he was rushing it because he was use to being in a relationship and he knew he loved me. He told me to break down my walls and to let him in. Eventually I stopped trying to slow us down and I fell for him, and even telling him I loved him. After I told him that, he started to distance himself and then came to conclusion that he did rush it. He said he wanted to be single for a upcoming trip (which he is currently on). As a result he wanted to slow us down: meaning that he wants to opportunity to talk to other people, yet still talk and go on dates with me. As much as it hurt I agreed, because I understood.

    Fast forward a few weeks after he told me he wanted to slow things down, he also told me he was talking to another guy (m19). I obviously was upset over this, but I didn’t tell him. Since I was so hurt, I ended up hooking up with someone else that same week. When I told him what I did and why, he told me that he hasn’t talked to the 19 year old and blocked him on everything. Today I was scrolling through Instagram, someone popped up in the “suggested” list. It was that 19 year old he was talking to. I clicked on it and it said he was still following him. It also showed that he liked a picture from 5 days ago. He told me he blocked him 7 days ago. Now paranoid me started looking through his Instagram likes and I saw he and his ex have recently been liking things from each other. He told me he blocked his ex months ago. Why did he lie about blocking these two individuals?

    I know we aren’t together, but how much is too much? I love him, but I can’t keep getting hurt. I feel like whenever we make any sort of progress, something happens and I feel bad if I can’t handle it.

  9. Diablos6s
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    There’re not bad photos with Ryan; even the blurred ones are useful. He always gives something different, he’s a natural poser. The best are his expressions,  better when he’s gooning. 

  10. Tomster
    Latest Entry

    I think almost everyone of you has heard or read about the devastating bush fires in Australia. 

    Some of you know that my husband and I own a house in Queensland, Australia. For both of us, Australia is the country where we see our future. Although the centre of our lives is still in Germany, we are also so called permanent residents of Australia since a few years now. 

    We love that country. 

    The news that have been reaching us for some time now are simply terrible. 

    Since Christmas we accommodate in our Australian house the family of our employee, who lives in and takes care of the house all year round. He called us just before Christmas because he needed more days off since he had to help his family. He told us that his parents and his sister's family had to leave their homes as the bush fires were coming closer. Not sure if it was his worries or our English, but it took some effort to explain to him that he should bring his family to our house. 

    To this day they do not know whether their houses are still intact or not, nor do they know if and when they can return. I am unable to imagine the situation they are in. At least they had enough time to take mementos and other valuables with them. 

    A few days ago we talked on the phone with an acquaintance who moved to Australia ten years ago. She and her husband lost anything. Their house burnt down completely. They just had enough time to grab some important documents before they were evacuated. 

    When she said: "There's nothing left, no plant, no bird, but dead koalas everywhere..." I was overwhelmed by sadness. We knew the area where she lived. 

    We have at least started to take some actions to be able to help some families to rebuild their homes. Well, it will be a drop in the bucket.

    Right now we are torn whether we fly to Australia or not. 

    The house is safe and has room enough even with the two of us. But should we disturb the family who lives in a stranger's house? Should we get to know them personally or is it better to leave them their privacy for now? 

    Would we be able to support them emotionally if we were there? 

    What else can we do there at the moment? 

    So many questions but no answer. 

    What would you do? 


  11. JoelR
    Latest Entry

    Popularity is a function of both intensity and time.  What was popular last year is different than what is popular than this year.  

    One of the challenges of our community software is that it measures popularity since the time of the items' creation.  An item that was created 5 years and collects 1000 votes is considered more popular than item that was created only 1 month ago and collect 800 votes.   But which one is actually more popular, at this time?  How would you display it, and in what order?  

  12. Will I received my 1st Chem on the Dec. 19 and guess what? I had A reaction to one of the Meds and Broke out into A rash all over my Body I was itching so bad I wanted to end everything . Finally got A hold of my Cancer MD after the New Year and was place on steroids pills it started working after  first  Dose boy was I Thankful  I had A Awful Christmas and New Years. I have Chemo every 3 weeks will on the 1-9-2020 I go for my 2th Chemo the Doctor cut the Med she was thinking that cause the Reaction so if you don't here from me she pulled the wrong ones. I'll update as soon as I can.....Ricky

  13. 239865281_2019-12-2517_07_18.thumb.jpg.da926d03db4884c0da4655809249beb1.jpg

    @Daverraver @biguy7341 and everyone else who has Liked, Stiffied, Commented on but most of all enjoyed my posts this year!

    I have not been able to post since October because I had to focus on getting my house ready for a possible move. My husband has secured a new job and we will be relocating to Missouri from Florida in late January 2020. From the picture above you can see that we still have a long way to go and the majority of our collectibles and the entire house organization / decision making (Keep, Donate, Toss) fell on me while he flew to several states to interview and is finishing up his current job in Florida next month. So that is why I have not been able to post.

    Thank you to the gentlemen I mentioned above for their well wishes for the Holidays and everyone else too since I still monitored members feedback on my posts, just could not take time to respond individually at that/this time. Once settled I plan to pickup feeding you all One a Day Vitamins with my posts.

    Now you all know what happened since my last post.


    Love Eric

  14. I  wanted a broad cross section of opinions....  Earlier this week.  I was challenged with "well, you gays, all sleep about anyway. No one is ever monogamous. It's all open relationships" 

    Ithetr are many viewpoints. 

    I don't agree.  I've never cheated on anyone in my life... 

    I have always been n monogamous.  When a partner suggested an open relationship, we parted ways as I didn't want to do it nor hold him back. 

    I don't think people  are necessarily nore promiscious in terms of mindset but I do think it had become easier to pursue that choice through the digital age. 

    Sorry for rambling. But monadry (I thought monogamy was correct) is not for everyone and its the same in.

    across all sexualitiez... And not necessary less likely cos of being gay

    Not that I'm making a judgement of what anyone believes. 

    What I will say is its important to be with someone (as) with the same core beliefs


    I have also seen a article recently on it 


    Am I allowed to post a link.? If not will delete

  15. hey gang, for about 2 weeks now, our internet turned into a snail. i tried watching a youtube video, but the net is so slow now, the video played for maybe 20 seconds and the picture would freeze for a good 45 seconds, then the video would play for another 15 to 20 seconds and freeze again. it's impossible to watch a video now.

    i have the same problem admiring new members of my clubs here at AdonisMale. what used to take 2 to 5 seconds now takes the better part of a minute. i apologize to everyone for my lack of participation, but my internet is just too damn slow. on November 11th, i get my cable and internet installed. after that i`ll be able to do whatever i want and with a decent internet speed at my command!! please bear with me in my time of a slow internet. i`ll seen be back up and running at full speed and there`ll be no stopping me!! MUHAHAHAHA!!! thank you for your time!!

  16. Sergai

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    I have a very small penis and I was wondering if anyone on here would have any interest in  me posting personal photos? Depending on the response I would be happy to do this.

    Compare.jpg IMG_3098.jpg IMG_3138-2.jpg IMG_3867.jpg IMG_3868.jpg
  17. PART III: The Towels.


    At the end of the video, while we were sitting there buzzing over what we just learnt, a mid twenties guy with a really toned body came in wearing only an orange towel.  He introduced himself as Old Nick. Apparently everyone refers to him as Nick in hell. He can change shape and body, generally designing himself to be whatever fantasy man turns you on. He explained how there were pitchforks, flames and Demons in Hell. "We have pitchfolks with dildos on the end for your enjoyment. There are certainly flames here in Hell. They are used to heat the saunas and steamrooms. I'll leave you to work out why the Demons need booking for the night, if you so desire". As Old Nick explained, Hell had a reputation to live up to and he felt some guys would be disappointed to find no Demons.

    Apparently, there is a towel code in Hell. Similar to the hankie code they tried unsuccessfully to implement back on Earth. There are three colours with these towels. Green, Orange & Red. Upon checking into Hell, you are handed a towel and three drinks vouchers at Reception. Green means you are currently straight oriented. You do nothing you don't want to do. It is explained there are no woman here and that they are, indeed in Hell. Green towels must be left alone. An Orange towel means they have chosen between 1 to 5 sexual encounters with another guy upon arriving in Hell in a green towel. Red towels are for the gay aware guys, giving access to the backrooms here. So, as Old Nick advised, when we get changed in the room next door, we are all being given Orange towels, as they are the most popular towels amongst the guys. Fresh meat. 

    "Although one of you guys will be issued a red towel. Let's be honest, you'd earnt a red towel by the time you were fifteen."

    So, with that, a new door suddenly appeared which he guided us through, and left us to get changed.

    Who would have thought. When we had changed into the towels, there it was. The red towel. @JoelR. I guess the signs were there. Why else would he own and run Adonis Male after all.

    Apparently a Demon had already been pre-booked for him.


    Part II: The Induction   

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      quiet day in paradise, sheltering in place. never figured if the mail came and didn't leave me anything or wat. have a nice lineup of models to share. I pick Joe Gere as my feature, as he has many attributes to recommend himself. I have finished the Miscellaneous Male Models G, and appreciate the contributions which have come in to flesh out my collection. I wanted to mark today as the day we hit 4328 members, as it is a lucky number for me, however, for some unknown reason we have fallen back to 4325. I hope its nothing I said . . . welcome to other new clubmembers, and thank you for the Likes and Stiffies added to the albums. L8R!

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    • Post in Coronavirus
      Post in Coronavirus
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    • what about PrEP?
      What experiences do we have as a community about PrEP?
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    • The Erotic Male Art of Carl Corley
      Carl Corley, was an artist and author from Mississippi and Louisiana.  In the 1950s, Corley broke into the burgeoning field of male erotica by producing drawings and paintings and of beefcake for the physique magazines

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    • Paul Walker
      Paul Walker
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