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Welcome To my blog. Iconic Vibes. The blog that gives you music that triggers some form of sensual vibe of you.....

Smooth and iconic.....Led Zeppelin puts one in the mood to mellow out and let the juices flow.


The latest from The 2Cellos.......Living on a Prayer


One of the goddesses of Rock n' Roll performs one of favorite songs





The smooth soothing playing of the 2Cellos is so beautiful and moving...Take a listen.





The excellence of her voice put you in the right mood.....Take a listen.


For a more ethereal mood Yes is just the music you need to spark the fire.....

This is My Life....This is me.......


And the vibe below captures the vibe of our times.


Excellent jazz to smooth out your day and night.....And groove your soul to one of my favorite contemporary jazz bands...Down To The Bone, "Zodiac."


I heard Shirley Horn growing up as background music to the throwing of bones or the playing bones with loud laughing and bragging displays to several shots of Jim Beam being tossed down desert throats. However, in 1994 on NPR Jazz Saturday program, I really listen to Shirley Horn and fell in love with her.


When Bill Withers sings he put me in the mood. His voice melts  me down into groovy liquid. Hope he melts you!!!


Then Blood Sweat and Tears move into this concerto of jazz rhythm  and R & B tones mixed with classical music...but in reality it's just Jazz.....and Jazz is always Sexy!!!


One of my favorite songwriters/singers.....Loreena McKennitt. This is what angels sound like. Take a listen



"Everyday Life "Live" in Jordan performances by Coldplay and Jordan musicians. You MUST join me. I am in complete heaven with this music and performances!!!! It is soooo real and authentic!!! These guys are real deal!!!


For those of you that don't know where Jazz came from or who created Jazz, this one's for you. This is a story of a new music which would become American music and popular throughout the world.



The Spiritual songs and music.....


 I have no idea "Why" I did not include this song earlier except I just for got about it with so many things on my mind...but now i remembered....Ladies and Gentleness..."Why" by Legendary Annie Lennox. Enjoy!


This section wouldn't be complete without John Lennon.....one of the gods of Rock n' Roll to put you in the mood for whatever. Love me some John....all about World Peace.....and these songs reflect that.......


One of my favorite Rock band and songs..........


Excellent ...Artistic.....and in yo Face!!!!


This album by Yes is just the masterpiece you need and whoever you are with to get your juices flowing .....just listen.....just listen.


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Hey @anthonyblakely041

The first YouTube video in your blog post does not work.  Gives the message: "Null. If the owner of this video has granted you access, please sign in."  You should see if you can find a replacement video.  

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Thanks for the heads up......I have many sounds to replace it.....once again..thanks.

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Great selections... Thanks for sharing them 🙂 

I haven't heard Imagine by John Lennon in a while

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You are entirely welcome. The section is for your pleasure in songs.....I must in with the season of winter and Christmas that the songs and music will change according to this season. So, it will be different. Hope you continue to enjoy this section.

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