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Flexing Veiny Men Part 1

These guys are the most shredded vein popping  bodybuilders EVER!!! I have been privileged to come into contact with many men like these you will be seeing  and worshiping these muscle veiny god men!!! And I am very eager to see what you guys think about them and how you guys respond to these gods. There will videos and pics in this blog that carries and expresses this theme. Enjoy!!!


The Muscle god spills his milk you three times......take a look!!!


Let me be honest here. I have seen a lot of guys in my lifetime and many triggered me to cum and many didn't. But the ones that did triggered me to cum more than once had the physical, mental attitude, and sensuality of this young Brazilian man. From head to toe, Joelpecado excites me and ignites me. The veins that pop on his body, just makes me cum over and over. I don't get tired.  Take a look. Just press the link below:



This muscle god is stacked!!! And poses for you. 





Muscle god flexes his huge muscles and pops out veins for you.....take a look!!!




An Indonesian Muscle Bodybuilder popping out his veins for all to see and worship.


Hooray!!! Muscle god Pacific Joe is BACK FLEXING AND POPPING OUT HIS VEINS FOR US!!! And I am Thrilled!!!!!


These two really tangle.... take a look!!!


Muscle god Dexter flexing his muscles and popping out his veins for you......Check him out!!!!


This Muscle god want to cum for you......check him out!!!!



This Muscle god wants you to worship his muscles


This Muscle god gets worshipped.....take a look


This Muscle god wants you to worship him........



This is one of my favorite Muscle gods.....he makes me cum every time I see him flexing in a video.....take a look.......


Dexter one of my favorite Muscle gods wants you to worship him



Two Muscle gods meet and Folic



🥛 milked 3 times ⏲ 




Very very seductive 



This is one of my favorite Muscle god on the web. Very Vanilla and stacked with muscles and veins popping out from the top of his head to the tips of his veiny toes. He got every physical attribute that makes me cum. Love this guy. Check him out. 

Natural Way of Muscle Worship






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More to cum guys....this is a new section and it's taking me on a wild search to give you guys the best!!!


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You really like him? I will see if he has any other photos. 87028618_497498647822653_5854869615129133056_n.jpg.9d96b217a4ab71983075cca7ae3f4d4d.jpg.07b8ebcb2b18434c7266886e3402e236.jpg

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Dear Yuyuyu,

Still looking.......it is difficult....to find videos that are more realistic.......and pertains to the common average day......but yeah more is coming!blackdick5.thumb.jpg.e86e4838a58e32756966b5d3a91bf35f.jpg

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Thank for that!!! I appreciate the Love........my Blog will be changing......new material......Hope it keeps you coming back for more!



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