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  2. ColtMann

    Lombardy, Tony

    this COLT is heavenly - many talents - has modelled under a couple of different names. wow!
  3. ColtMann

    Lombardi, Vincent

    for some unknown reason, I thought he was a football player or coach. whatever. still cute and blonde.
  4. Loran23


    Ashton Summers and Andy Taylor
  5. Loran23

    To Fuck

    Ashton Summers and Andy Taylor
  6. Nokomis

    B&W Nudes

    If you recognize one of these handsome men, please let me know their names ... PLEASE!
  7. Today
  8. Nokomis

    On the Rocks

    A series of pics from PlayGirl. If you know his name and number, please provide them to Colt Man!
  9. Nokomis

    Blonde Doctor

    Who is this beautiful doctor? I want to make an appointment!
  10. You're fine. I don't mind if the total album with many images is 100 MB. But there were some rare instances where individual files were over 100 MB per file.
  11. hey Joel, after reading this i realize that some of my albums far exceed this limit!! i do not mind helping where i can, by creating albums with collections of pics that exceed this limit by adding a few of the pics to the album, and upload the zipped file for each download off site at sendspace, and send out links to those interested in saving the entire collection. the links are only good for 7 days, but i have no problem doing the upload again and again, as it only takes maybe 30 seconds to upload, save the link and share them again and again as well. i can also do this with some of my larger collections that i have previously created albums for at my club MuscleManHeaven!!! at least 2 of them are close to if not over 100MB, and that was after i reduced the sizes of the pics down to around 100kb each. i can add this info to the description for all to read, so they know they can ask for the zipped file, if there is an interest!! with love from Wes!! hugs!!!
  12. kleurbeertjenl

    Leone, Eddie

  13. musclelvr34

    My Journey of Uploading Pictorial Magazines

    The recent January 1989 upload of Honcho is so hot. Would you have any of these additional issues, think these are not yet uploaded. 1988: March April May July August September November 1989: March April June July August September December Thanks, Eric!
  14. majikthis

    Sexy cartoons

  15. Version


  16. Version


  17. majikthis


    "Do not pursue the past. Do not lose yourself in the future. The past no longer is. The future has not yet come. Looking deeply at life as it is in the very here and now, the wise person dwells in stability and freedom." (the Buddha)
  18. tj10017

    The Pitts

  19. tj10017

    The Pitts

  20. tj10017

    The Pitts

  21. tj10017

    The Pitts

  22. tj10017

    Bun, Buns, Bunns

  23. tj10017

    Bun, Buns, Bunns

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