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  2. bakersman94

    Wes`s wallpaper for 2021

    these are my designs i create for 2021. i hope you enjoy my work!! with love from Wes!! Hugs!!!
  3. derblaue52


    I am reminded of something I read about Tom of Finland and his process of drawing his men. He said he would sometimes caress his genitals as he worked on his various drawings. I can think of no better way, other than maybe fucking if possible, to drive and inspire one to create something special.
  4. SheldonRevere


    Do you smoke? Stoner: Smoke what?
  5. SheldonRevere

    Monochrome Men

    Artist: Lars Wallenrod
  6. alanrob07


    Would love to try some of these out. Just to make sure they work. Haha 🙂
  7. Rapture123

    Monochrome Men

  8. Rapture123

    Focus on the Cock

  9. Rapture123

    The Pitts

  10. robertrolwing

    Peck, Gregory

    ''TO KILL A MOCKING BIRD'',1961 !!!!
  11. derblaue52


    I had previously titled this album "CABALLEROS" but have decided to change it to "YELLOWSTONE" in homage to the current tv series starring Kevin Costner. The cowboys are so fucking hot, even the ugly ones. It is an over -the- top machismo trashy, pleasure. Hell, I am by no means attracted to pussy, but I am attracted to the character played by Kelly Reilly. A ginger, she has more balls than some of the men.
  12. derblaue52


    Someone to hold you too close Someone to hurt you too deep Someone to sit in your chair And ruin your sleep Someone to need you too much Someone to know you too well Someone to pull you up short To put you through hell Someone you have to let in Someone whose feelings you spare Someone who, like it or not Will want you to share A little a lot Someone to crowd you with love Someone to force you to care Someone to make you come through Who'll always be there As frightened as you Of being alive Being alive Being alive Being alive Somebody hold me too close Somebody hurt me too deep Somebody sit in my chair
  13. Steve


    Jason by ULTRAVISUAL
  14. Steve

    Pablo Freshcobar

  15. Steve

    Eric Guilmette

  16. alanrob07

    Deshawn Sheppard

    nice built very sexy
  17. NikoKasah

    The Pitts

  18. secretid

    Focus on the Cock

  19. dmfilmfan

    Cody Cummings

    While I'm laughing at this (Lucky Charms, they're magically delicious!), I'm also finding it sexy. Oh, for the chance to lick Cody's ass; doubtful if he'd let me insert even part of a finger to massage his asshole. I'd damn well it give a try, though. Who's the dude with the lucky tongue? Would love to see this video.
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