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A World of Men & Gods

Wednesday - 26th
I was going to start off, "this is a day for rejoicing," however in the last few minutes, I've experienced a setback. I have gotten my vcr to pc machine operational and done five or six videos with good success. the last one sucked, or to be more accurate, the machine ate the tape. a bit disappointing. it has been interesting to note that videotape is not quite what we are used to in the age of high def. well, too bad. it is what it is. and today, I am stuck with co-features again, salt and pepper or blonde and dark. Rex Chandler is a video idol of mine, and Nick Chase is too cute for words! so enjoy.

Post in Celebrate Millions of Moments of Pride
Paris names four squares and streets for LGBTQ icons

Paris has renamed three squares and one street to mark the 50th anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall riots, dedicating them to LGBTQ icons.

One square was named Stonewall Riots Square, in recognition of the uprising by New York's LGBTQ community in response to a police raid at Greenwich Village's Stonewall Inn.

A second square was dedicated to poet and Communist activist Ovida Delect, a French transgender woman who was deported to a German concentration camp during World War II for her work with the French Resistance.

Another was named after San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk, California's first openly gay elected official, who was assassinated while in office.

Post in Naked in Bed
Post in Naked in Bed - Kirk Olson
Hollywood Men - Then & Now
Hollywood Men - Then & Now
endless scripts
Three Stooges over the Marx Brothers? Read about @runitsblip difficulties in writing skits for his talent show.
Tuesday - 25th
now this may be confusing; I am co-featuring Adam Champ and Chris Champion, but, unable to choose one over the other, the picture of the day is Al Cavuoto. back to the Champ(ion) situation. better eat yer Wheaties before you take on this pair. what a brace of lads!!! I think a marriage made in heaven. anyway - enjoy the posts - I've added zip files for your convenience. L8R!

Image Comment in Tony0080.jpg
Read how badly COCKConnoisseur wants to fulfill his destiny as a cock sucker: I undress in front of a hot muscular stud, like Tony Ganz, who has a beautiful, full, plump, flared HEAD on his gorgeous thick tightly Circumcised COCK, have a raging hard on just from seeingTony’s COCK, thereby exposing myself as a HOMOSEXUAL ...

Winner of hottest comment of the day!
Double the pleasure with twins
PDF Downloads / Gallery Uploads for Monday June 24, 2019
Relive the memories or create new ones of these 1977 Newsstand Editions of Drummer Magazine & Special Edition The Best of and the Worst of Drummer.

Cover / Centerfold / Feature Screenshots include: Target Studios, The Pit, A. Jay, Bill Ward, Mike Morris of "El Paso Wrecking Corp.", Gordon Grant, Mark Brandon, Go Mishima, Dune Body, Tom of Finland, Hangin' Tree Ranch, Nude In Saddle, Bill King, Gary Brandenberg, Bud, Ron Henry, Tom Hinde, Chuck Samson, Giving Head.
Monday - 24th
just another day in paradise! my feature for today will be Rock Cassidy, he of the snapping dark eyes. a lot to recommend him. hope you are all keeping cool and dry!

Post in The Hangman
Get hung on Hangman where @mg240980 stumped the crowds with his latest word. Help us out and see if you can guess the word! 
Nic Thompson
Chosen model Nic Thompson by Greg Vaughan
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