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A World of Men & Gods

Wednesday - 8th
just another day in paradise, surrounded by incredibly talented men. one is spoiled for choice, however a slight edge is given to Mark Harmon, a laddy that has matured into a silver-haired daddy and still retains lots of sex appeal. so I hope you enjoy the lineup. welcome to our newest clubmembers and kind regards to our long-time clubmembers. thank you for remembering to award Likes and Stiffies, the only measure of achievement 🥰

Men with cock (Hunk)
Men with cock (Hunk)
Tuesday - 7th
oh, a quiet day around the ranchero. been working on my picture collection, and now sharing my lineup for today - the feature will be the ever wonderful, ever beautiful Boyd Hansen. in my dreams we are married, and adopt several p0rn stars, including Joshua Sterling, Marc Sterling, Troy Sterling, and the rest I can't remember. these fantasies keep me alive, fwiw. welcome to our new clubmembers - we've blown past 4500 now, and, of course, thanx for the Likes and Stiffies 🥰

Monday - 6th
my feature for today must be Steve Hammond, star of many moovies and also appeared in plague gurl. he is so inordinately handsome and talented, I am going to have to lay down after this. welcome to all new clubmembers, and thank you for all the Likes and Stiffies. I have to attend to a stiffy right here 😛

Paul Boulon
Who has stories to tell?
Robert La Tourneaux aka Curt
Robert La Tourneaux aka Curt
Sunday - 5th
quiet, grey day in central floorda - it hasn't rained, so I watered my planting bed in front. spent an interesting morning harvesting handsome men off the internet. I think I am going to quit when I hit 5000 models. I have more than I can say grace over now, and my memory isn't what it used to be. a number of new clubmembers - welcome! thank you for the Likes and Stiffies, and hope you like my selections. I co-features today, as I cannot choose between blonde Ralston Hale and dark Adam Hammer, whom I would not mind hammering.

Carsten Gauslow
Carsten Gauslow is an inspirational guy and his message is all about positivity. Carsten is 22 years old from Atlantic Beach Florida and has been training since he was 15 years old. His love for health and fitness is infectious and he views the body as art.

“I find it truly amazing how we can alter our bodies to our liking with hard work and consistency. A lot of people in my field do it to compete in shows, but I do it solely for myself, I love the process and crave greatness. I am completely grateful for the ability to do what I do and I will never stop.”

This whole series was photographed by Joseph Lally with art direction and styling by Matthew Ellenberger.
I've Moved, Settled In, and Ready to Share!
Hi everyone,

I hope you are all well and staying safe as I am. I am sure we all need a mental break from all that is going on in the world. I thought I would move forward sharing what I explore in my own fantasy world on a daily basis. I collect digital magazines and movies. Like the magazines and movies from my youth I now also enjoy the ever evolving themed movies satisfying my fantasies on a daily basis. I like the old stuff but can appreciate the improved quality of high definition these days.
Adonis Male Competition
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Dakota Hillis
Male Perfection at its Best!  Wow
Strange places to masturbate.
What is the weirdest place you ever jerked off ?
Friday - 3rd
working on my picture collection, today's lineup is so good-looking, it is really difficult to choose a favourite - I guess Eiður Guðjohnsen would be the blondest. I have never known anybody from Iceland - remains to be seen if I can stop there on my second bucket trip, assuming enough money for the trip. hope you enjoy. fwiw, we blew past 4400 members today, a big shout out, howdy, and welcome to new clubmembers. don't hesitate to scroll through past postings and leave Likes or Stiffies as you pass through. would be appreciated! 🤗

Vasile Raicu
Cartoon game
Come and play.
Thursday - 2nd
lotsa fun today! the news informs us that the entire state is on lockdown, whatever that means. it did not prevent hordes of really low-class people thronging the walmart, and a slightly better class of people thronging Publix. bad person that I am, I only bought what I needed, no TP, no bottled water, no beer, no frozen pizza. back here where it's quiet, I am working on the vacation I hope to have in July and working on my picture collection. today, its led by Cary Grant, star of stage and screen and many wet dreams. I have over 30 animated gifs of whatever redeeming value, but some are too large to put into albums; they are in the zip file. hope you enjoy them all! and before I forget, welcome to all our new clubmembers. keep them Likes and Stiffies coming 🥰

Hot Footballers
Hot Footballers
Undergear/International Male
Undergear/International Male
Wednesday - 1st
no April Fool's jokes, just a nice lineup of tasty gentlemen. I would not be able to choose just one, so I will call it reader's choice. in the mean time, welcome to all new clubmembers, and thank you for the rather small number of Likes and Stiffies. remember, they cost you nothing and can be done six feet apart 😛

Nude Beaches
Does anyone frequent a nude beach?
Post in Coronavirus
Are you ready for disinfection?
Tuesday - 31st
well, I have found a benefit in all the social upheaval - I saved $20 because the haircuttery was shut. I enjoyed visiting Walmart, where they had no bread and no eggs (at least the item I wanted). and I got to see low-class trashy people carrying off mountains of toilet tissue. oh well, Walmart's loss is Publix gain, as I got what I needed and came home to quietly mind my own business. then comes the postings . . . wow - two inordinately cute blondes and three inordinately cute brunettes. thankfully, my only decision comes with what DVD to pop in 😛. my featured fella is Jeremy Gittins, the dishy vicar of britcom fame. he really rings my chimes! welcome to new clubmembers and thank you for keeping up appearances with the Likes and Stiffies.

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