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A World of Men & Gods

Rich Martin
Rich Martin
Short Shorts
Guys in Short Shorts. 
Draped in Towels
Guys draped in towels
Renzo, Eddie
Eddie Renzo
Lance Bryant
Lance Bryant
Saturday - 8th
oh, I shouldn't complain - got a good night's rest, which has been an iffy subject of late. the shoulder is acting better 🤗 the only fly in the ointment is, I forgot to get something for my weekend dinner, so to avoid going out again, I guess it will be chili and rice for din-din. been working on my pictures a little and scanning in the very last of my photos from yore. found a pic of me in front of a bar in New Orleans, and sent it to @JackFTwist, who recognized the site immediately. I think the feature for today will be Max Pallauf, new to my collection, and who I fancy resembles Kevin Costner. hope you like my line-up. I forgot if we had new clubmembers, so I will greet everyone! thanks for the Likes & Stiffies. we have some real barn-burners of models coming up, so watch this space!

Manlove Moments
Can you add to our collection of fun sporting moments?
Friday - 7th
the cyrkle about taped this: It's a turn down day, nothin' on my mind; It's a turn down day and I dig it; There's nothing easier I can do; Than lyin' around doing nothing. and that's about what I have been doing. got oriented to make my posts and cheered up no end by the appearance of Anthony Page's rear end. hope you like my choices. a hearty welcome to new clubmembers; please note some models are posted in zip files for your convenience. thanks for the Likes & Stiffies which keep me going

Azul, Jaime
Jaime Azul at the beach, an album by @PWeb
Wyler, Mason & Schulter, Max
Mason Wyler and Max Schutler in Buckshot's "Splish Splash"
Thursday - 6th
if you knew David like I know David, Owe, Owe, Owe what a lad. unfortunately, I don't know him personally, and just admire from afar. big news today, I went antiquing for the first time in, well, nearly forever. fortunately, the shoppe I visited suffered delusions that their merchandise was worth a lot more than I did. so I left empty-handed, and have one less thing to dust. have a nice lineup of lads for you to view. a hearty welcome to our new clubmembers, and thank you to everyone who left Likes & Stiffies - I believe we were the Nº 1 club again today. tomorrow we segue into the P's which hold treasures galore!


Opalewski, Trevor Michael
Trevor Michael Opalewski ... a blue-eyed cutie! what a handsome model!!

Check out other blue-eyed cuties (and more) in Son of PicJim, one of our biggest clubs at AdonisMale led by @ColtMann
Male Form
Artistic sensuality from @burnie63 in his album "Male Form"
Wednesday - 5th
lunch out today with a couple of my most favoured hags. I found out why I couldn't find Philly Cheesesteak on the menu; they call it Kosta's special - note to anyone in Philadelphia - this was not that good 😞 so now to the boyz - my feature, I guess will be David Ortega, a good-looking man, though in several images, he appears to be suffering intestinal woe. mee too, and its an excuse to fix a brandy and water 🙂 hope you enjoy the lineup for today. a hearty welcome to our newest clubmembers, and thank you all for the Likes & Stiffies - I think we were Nº 1 this morning 😛

Cowboys and Farmhands
Guys in Crop Tops
Guys in Crop Tops
Tuesday - 4th
a thoroughly unexceptional day, other than my getting nothing accomplished. so I turn to my collection, and think on the charms of Jasper Olthoff. he makes me want to be a football - hold me tight 🥰 and so the beat [off] goes on. I see we have new clubmembers, to whom I say welcome, and thank all who have afforded Likes & Stiffies on my posts. I can see some very handsome models on the horizon, so watch this space!

Endino, Luciano
Endino, Luciano
Male Hairy Bushes
Male Hairy Bushes
Are gay porn cameramen straight or gay?
Speedo Hunks with Sexy bodies
This features very sexy hunks with speedo tan lines. A set of gorgeous and erotic hunks.
G0Y Men
G0y, gØy, g-zero-y is a subculture that appeared in 2000s in the United States and is especially widespread in Brazil. The g0y self-identify as men who have sex with men but not as homosexuals or bisexuals.
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