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A World of Men & Gods

Where in the world?
Hi everyone. I was wondering where we are all from... 
Esculpta - Labyrinth Harness in Cycladic White
Inside the labyrinth enclosure lived the terrible beast called the Minotaur, a half bull half man, son of the mighty king Minos and bloodthirsty for lust and carnage. The Esculpta Labyrinth Harness in the Cycladic White Edition is a notorious minotaur harness extravagganza in a dazzling and refreshing white that brings a little Greek mythology to your most intimate moments! Inspired by myth and archetypal symbolism and unsurfaced passions of the male psyche, this un-shy, provocative and edgy ensemble suggests that glamour-kink has a place in private or public (?). Labyrinth is easy to adjust all lengths and elements to a couture tailored fit with a user-friendly illustrated instruction manual. The reverse of the harness features the Esculpta griffon seal.

Would you wear it? Check out the latest post by Ethan Morales in his club for Male Underwera
‘Black Magic’ Star Steven Beck Naked
So perusing around the net, I came across this beautiful specimen, Steven Beck! Seems as though he was part of Vivica Fox's show "Black Magic". 😍

I will say he does have an impressive black penis & yeah I would love to get fucked by him! Seems as though he got naked & showed off his gorgeous black dong in Playgirl!



I would so love to be able to have fun with his penis! To able to hold, caress, fondle, & stroke it. Eventually in my mouth to taste & suck it!  Suck on it til he unloads a really nice load of semen! Yum! 🤤

Damn he has a really nice, huge, & beautiful black dong! 😍🤤

Cute butt! 🤤

I would be joining him & jumping in naked after him! 🙂

Would love to join him naked & sure we would break that bed while he is fuckin me! 😉

And yes I will be pleasuring myself with my black dildo fantasizing he having his way with me! 😉
MAN SCAPES-'The Ultimate Site For Viewing Man Bushes'
Man Scapes - The ultimate forum topic for viewing man bushes
Wednesday - 12th
huh! hard getting going with the messages du jour: several delectable models for your review, and it's difficult to choose between Michael Parks' dick and Jerrod Parks' butt. I'll leave it up to you. I know we have at least one new clubmember, however the number went up, then down - does that mean another green bottle fell off the wall?? damn phone is ringing every five minutes! when will they get the notion that I am screening!? ah me. back to the boyz. welcome to our newest clubmember, and note my custom of providing a zip file when an album exceeds 99 images. thanks to all who afforded me Likes & Stiffies

Lucas Kubitschek
Lucas Kubitschek
Rob Rock
Rob Rock in Hot Male Review May 1987
Tuesday - 11th
the highlight of retired life in a mobile home park is the day the rubbish collectors come and we eagerly await bringing in the barrells. isn't that sad? nothing like playing baccarat in Monte Carlo with a martini in hand  🤩 today, for variety, I am memorializing my old friend Peter (Nosey) Parker with all the Parker models. quite a variety, although Jameson and Tod are the blondest 😛 it doesn't look like we've acquired any new clubmembers since yesterday, so I must abjure you all to beat the bushes and get all your buddy lists to join up. many thanx for all the Likes & Stiffies!

Tuesday 2fer
Tuesday temptations with men together in twos!
Muscular hunk Gareth by Pierre Monnerville (photo-monnerville.com) 
Can't Stand It
When life looks better upside down on a handstand  
Seeing Double
Two for the price of one! Check out the topic "Seeing Double," an image thread dedicated to mirrors, reflections, and body doubles.
Monday - 10th
hustling around to get ready for physical therapy - I have started Miscellaneous Male Models P, and want to comment about how sad I am that I do not have better albums for these guys. Marty Palmer is a handsome blonde whom I adore, and Dan Petersen has temptation eyes I have reason to believe he was in playgirl, and how they let him and his harry chess get away without dozens, nay, hundreds, more snaps, one cannot imagine. must be tough to be so cute! no other news; my neighbor buddy has returned like the bad penny or the swallows to capistrano, and we have agreed we need a tree surgeon to work on our problem. that's about as much excitement as we get. I am trying to decide how to get a old negative printed (the subject is me). will try at walgreen's, then at a photographer's studio where I had some work done at a stout price. back to the ad-rem - I think we have gained at least one new clubmember, and I am so grateful to @JoelR for mentioning us on his homepage. welcome to the club, and thank you for the Likes & Stiffies - they mean a lot!

Competition #4
Competition #4. All Adonis Male members welcome.
Sunday - 9th
I woke up to a very pleasant mash note from @techman, whose avatar is Pat Larkin, a fave rave, and it set me up for a rather pleasant day. I still have a boatload of memorabilia to scan, and I promise to get on it, tomorrow. in the mean time, I would like to offer up Rock Pamplin as my feature du jour. every image of him exudes sexiness and a ready to please attitude. oddly, I would never pick him out of a book of boyfriends, however, if I get a chance to show him how much I admire and adore him, well, keep the fire extinguishers handy. I see we have a couple of new clubmembers, to whom I say welcome, and thank everyone who afforded me Likes & Stiffies!

Trent - Urban Cowboy - Honcho
Trent in Urban Cowboy from Honcho Magazine

Rich Martin
Rich Martin
Short Shorts
Guys in Short Shorts. 
Draped in Towels
Guys draped in towels
Renzo, Eddie
Eddie Renzo
Lance Bryant
Lance Bryant
Saturday - 8th
oh, I shouldn't complain - got a good night's rest, which has been an iffy subject of late. the shoulder is acting better 🤗 the only fly in the ointment is, I forgot to get something for my weekend dinner, so to avoid going out again, I guess it will be chili and rice for din-din. been working on my pictures a little and scanning in the very last of my photos from yore. found a pic of me in front of a bar in New Orleans, and sent it to @JackFTwist, who recognized the site immediately. I think the feature for today will be Max Pallauf, new to my collection, and who I fancy resembles Kevin Costner. hope you like my line-up. I forgot if we had new clubmembers, so I will greet everyone! thanks for the Likes & Stiffies. we have some real barn-burners of models coming up, so watch this space!

Manlove Moments
Can you add to our collection of fun sporting moments?
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