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  • Welcome to AdonisMale

    Welcome to a world of Gods and Men in a never-ending journey to discover the exquisite beauty of the Male Form and the rugged masculinity of the Male Body. You are invited to explore this world with us, where we find and share the most stunning images of hunks. AdonisMale is a free gay community with discussion boards, galleries, and downloads.


A world of endless fascination of Gods and Men

Elliott Reeder looks stunning in orange. Thank you to @Steve for this fantastic series.
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Amateur of the Day August 22 2017: Fitness model and BMX racer Will Grant showing off his unshaved natural body hair.


Tradie muscle meat "Wilson" is ripped and hunky once he takes off his garments. He manages to rub one out from his juicy manhood.

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Help! This young jock woke up from a nap and found himself home alone and naked. What's a guy to do? Take lots of naked selfies showing off his big cock of course! Check out this hot amateur jock and all of his nude selfies.
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A Boy and his Husky. He's musically talented with a violin, dappled with just a light smattering of chest hair, and looks gorgeous with his husky. Fall in love with this cutie with a huge uncut dong.
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Michael Dean Johnson writes: "I normally Uber around when I travel but in light of recent events I've just been hitchhiking. Thanks to all the kind people giving me rides and if you see me on the side of the road feel free to scoop me up! 👍🏼✌🏼" Who wants to pick up this platinum blonde stud from the side of the road and give him a lift of a lifetime?? Thanks to @JackFTwist for discovering this photo on his Facebook!
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Jamie Dominic is a 29 year old 6' 0" fitness model from Memphis, Tennesse USA with piercing blue eyes, a ripped bod with 8-packs, and two goddess tattoos on his pecs. He's photographed by Tony Veloz. Many thanks to @Steve for these fantastic photos!

Muscle jock Zack Vasquez (aka Zachary Vasquez) strips on the beach fully nude by photographer Frank Joseph.  
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AdonisMale Spotlight on handsome physique model Nathan by Lights On Studio (Tom Nakielski of Lansing, Michigan, USA). Watch him bare it all as he poses with his NPC Physique Competition trophy!
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Amateur of the Day for Saturday August 19 2017.  Do you like scruffy muscle bears with swirls of armpit hair, swagger, and a full beard?  Check out this hunky muscle bear with a full beard!  

Amateur of the Day for Saturday August 19 2017.  Officer Pimentel is an amazing beefy hunk.  Watch him strip out of his uniform for his summer posing pics, wearing nothing but pizza! Drool over his beefy muscles. 

Feel the sizzle with these red-hot Asian men, full bushes, and stiff cocks on a golden-bronzed skin. Check out this crimson seducer and more naked Asian men in "Sizzling Sexy Asian Men." Thank you to @wolfe for his fantastic photos!
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Gorgeous guys and their furry friends. What cuter combination than an adorable puppy and his cutie owner? Check out "Beautiful Men and their Lucky Animals" on AdonisMale.com.

Crawl into bed for sweet slumber with these seductive hunks in the bedroom. Check out all the hunks waiting to cuddle with you in "Sweet Slumber" on AdonisMale.com. Many thanks to @Jeremiah for these fantastic photos.

Fitness model and blond god Greg Carter from Zurich, Switzerland shows off his stunning physique and naked backside in a lush editorial by the inimitable master photographer David Vance. Watch Greg strip off his blue muscle tee and slide out of his jeans for a white-hot nude scene.
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Vroom vroom! Get your engines running and cranked up to the max with cute boys and their cars. Make a decision: the car or the guy? Or do you take the guy into the backseat and shift the joystick into high gear? Find more men and motors at AdonisMale in the topic "The Guy or the Car?" Thank you to @Loran for his awesome post.
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Take it rough, take it deep, take it passionately, and take it to the hilt in "To Fuck," a topic dedicated to men fucking men. Feel the throbbing ecstasy and get stiffied! Thank you to @Jeremiah for his post.
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Zoren McKiernan (aka ex porn star Tate Ryder) and his endless buns.

"They say you only fall in love once, but that can't be true. Every time I look at you, I fall in love all over again." Find the love of your life and let your heart beat true on AdonisMale.com with a sublime collection of men kissing men. Thank you to @Jeremiah for his latest post.
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Actor and male model Joe Slaughter (famous for Step Up 3D, Birds of a Feather, and Music High) takes a piercing gaze at the photographer's lens.

Studmuffin and fitness model Stephen Michaels bares his naked physique. Get seduced by the hint of man at AdonisMale.
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Diego Barrueco from the editorial 'Man from Murcia' in VULKAN magazine shows off his swaggering grin.
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