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A World of Men & Gods

Drenched to the Bone(r)
Watered down guys in their see-through garments.  Transparency is always best!
Spectacles and Testicles
Those sexy guys who sport glasses and nothing else!
Competition Time
Prize Time. Check it out.
Over 40 and Hot
Over 40 guys showing age is just a number. 
Sunday - 10th
'twas the night before Armistice Day (or Veterans Day, if you prefer) and all through the house - patriotic hats and shirts are being prepared for a big hoo-hah tomorrow. will report. in the mean time, I have a variety of salt-and-pepper models for you to enjoy - Günter Schlierkamp is my favourite. thunder thighs for days!!

Stas Vokman Photography
Stas Vokman Photography
Robb, Bryan
has had a storied career and has modelled under various names. I like the blonde pix the best, thinking him better than caviar on toast!
Champion boys
Champion Studio vintage photography
Tim Rawlins
Tim Rawlins
Studio Jenkins - David Kimmerle
Bay Area based photographer, Mark Jenkins, specializes in male fitness, travel and black & white fine art photography.  His prints have been exhibited at gallery shows and his work has been published in numerous calendars and books, including his solo book “Watermark” published by Bruno Gmunder.
Friday Licks
Friday Licks
Sanchez, Ronaldo
a really handsome lad who has blossomed into a really handsome young man!
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