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  1. Circe
    Latest Entry

    Sexy curves, dark skin, strong muscles, and enticing genitals




































































  2. OMG! 😲

    So yesterday I had stepped out for quite a bit to meet up with some old college friends from years ago. Cynthia had just gotten up just before I left & was like half comatose when I met her in the kitchen. I mentioned to her that I was going to be out for a bit & reminded her of what needed to be done around the house. She gave me a not so much of an effort head nod, which I accepted as her sign of acknowledgement.

    A few hours pass as I am enjoying my time getting caught up with them. We eventually went separate ways as I made my way home. After about a 30-35 minute drive I pull into the drive, get out to make my way inside. I noticed Cynthia has taken care of the things I asked her to & looks great. I decide to go find where she is & make my way to look outside to see that she is out poolside laying out on a lounger nude sunbathing. With that I decided I would go join her. 😊

    I then make my way upstairs to the bedroom to go strip out of my clothes. Now just topless (wearing a minimal coverage thong) I grabbed a towel on the way downstairs. Paying no attention as I stepped outside topless to pull down & remove my thong leaving me now totally naked. Afterwards, I suddenly notice that Cynthia wasn't nude sunbathing alone! Was not expecting to see Evian (aka Evan), her (hot ass) boyfriend was laying on a lounger next to her fucking completely naked! 😲 Giving me a clear view of his nude muscular, fit body, & his (though flaccid) rather impressive teen penis 🍆! Both didn't notice me as they just laid there naked with their earpieces in, enjoying their music 🎵.

    I went to the lounger just to the left Cynthia & prepared for use with the towel. Deciding not to interrupt their moment enjoying the sun ☀️, I decided to enjoy the pool & take in some skinny dipping 🏊‍♀️! While enjoying the pool naked for a few minutes, it seems as though while I was underwater, Cynthia had gotten up from her lounger & noticed the lounger that I ready for myself. I surface up from the water to see both Cynthia & Evian still naked standing poolside looking right at me. I slowly make my way out of the pool giving Evian another clear view of my nakedness! Again he tries hard not to steal glances at me naked as I am totally looking soaking in his nakedness. Oh I was def stealing glances of that gorgeous fit body let alone his penis & cute butt! 😉😊 I've had dreams about seeing Evian naked after what happened years ago, but really didn't think it would come to reality.

    Cynthia (in some embarrassment) begins to talk to me about seeing both of them naked. Seems as though she thought I was going to be out much longer & wasn't expecting me home. I tell Cynthia that no harm is done as it's not like Evian hasn't seen me naked 🚫👚, let alone not like I've haven't seen a naked male before! After calming her down, I turned to Evian & tell him to relax & no harm is done between the 3 of us.

    With everyone now relaxed & calm, I ask Cynthia to help oil me down with some 🍉 scented tanning oil. Little did both of us know that Evian was enjoying the show. After helping me get oiled up & slowly making her way to her lounger, Cynthia noticed Evian's penis 🍆 had grown & winked at him. I stole a glance at it & sure was beautiful seeing him with now a semi-erect penis! Now kinda embarrassed, Evian tries to cover it up but she assures him that it's not an issue & that she understands why his penis became half erect. What helped ease the moment & find quite humorous is when Cynthia tells him that she would most likely be getting hard too if she had a penis & seeing one naked female put tanning oil on another. 😊

    As I make my way to the lounger to now soak up the sun ☀️ in my nakedness, Cynthia grabs Evian by his semi hard penis 🍆 & leads him to the pool where both dive in. I will admit it was such a beautiful sight to see Evian totally naked & watch him dive into the pool disappearing to the water. I lay down on the lounger with my music & let my nude body soak in the sun rays! ☀️🚫👙

    About 30 minutes pass & I get up from my lounger. I collect myself as I had nodded off & look towards the pool. At the far end of the pool I see Cynthia halfway in the pool as Evian is sitting on the edge. OMG! I noticed her head bobbing up & down as Cynthia was sucking on his penis! I slowly make my way towards the other end to get a better look. Sure enough, both of them in each of their own lost state of mind as Cynthia had a mouthful of Evian's erect penis 🍆 going in & out of her hungry mouth! After a couple minutes, Cynthia withdrew her mouth from his penis as both opened there eyes to see me. Think at this point both really didn't care what was about to proceed. Cynthia winked 😉 at me as to indicate that she wanted to share this moment with me. 😊 I couldn't pass this situation up as I slowly made my into the pool next to her as Evian looked down & in anticipation of what was about to go down. Cynthia slowly made her way next to me as I made my way in between Evian's legs, being greeted by a beautiful hard teen peen! I glance up at him as I could see in his eyes that he was about to enter a realm that he has never been before. I grab his hard penis to play with it for a lil bit & then stuck him into my now drooling mouth eagerly wanting to suck on him. OMG! His penis 🍆 was so fuckin enjoyable to have in my mouth. Suddenly I feel a hand behind my head which was his as he wants to face fuck me. Evian began to thrust his penis into my mouth as he enjoyed face fucking me. He let up after a bit to let me get some air & then resumed my face fucking. Had his entire penis 🍆 in my cock hungry mouth as I enjoyed sucking him. 😉😊

    A few minutes passed as Evian let up & pulled that lovely teen peen outta my mouth. What he said next surprised the fuck outta me. He asked if I wouldn't mind if he could taste me while he fucked Cynthia. By this time I was so outta of it after my enjoyment with his penis that I really didn't care. Hell I was still horny as fuck after sucking his penis & getting wet for some more action.

    I made my way out of the pool as (in my own lost state of sexual mind) I agreed to let him taste my bare, tanned pussy. The 3 of us make out my to the loungers as Cynthia lead him to them with his penis 🍆 in her hand. We position ourselves where each us would be comfortable. Cynthia positions herself on top as Evian lying down on lounger while I position my pussy close to his face. I get even more wet 💦 as I now can feel his breathing on my pussy in anticipation of him surveying me with his hungry tongue. I am so fuckin turned on as I watch Cynthia mount & guide Evian's hard on into pussy seeing it disappear inside her as she slowly begins to bounce up & down. Suddenly I am brought back to a lil state of reality when I begin to feel Evian's tongue begin to survey my pussy in search of my clit. I lower myself a lil bit more as I reach down to spread my pussy open for better access. Mmmmm, OMG I will admit I really enjoyed him servicing my pussy, especially when he found the treasure & began to taste & tease my clit. I slowly discharged some of my juices 💦 which I knew that's what he wanted to taste. Both of us each in our own states of lust, Cynthia & I let out moans of pleasure as both of us were enjoying her boyfriend.

    While taking a lil break from tasting me, Evian warns us that he is in need of letting go, which was both our sign that he was going to cum! I slowly withdrew my pussy from him as Evian stole some last minute tastes of it, while Cynthia slowly withdrew his penis from her pussy. I made my way next to Cynthia as Evian stood up & began to jerk himself off. Both of us squatted down in front of him as he did with anticipation of our reward. Cynthia licked at his balls in encouragement to get him to unload. Suddenly Evian tensed up & out shot the one of the most gorgeous cum shots 💦 I've seen. OMG! Evian unloaded a huge dose of his yummy semen 💦 all over our faces as some dripped down onto our tanned boobs!

    After Evian rewarded Cynthia & me with his impressive cum shot, they collected the towels & went inside. Both of them headed to her room & I knew they were gonna shower 🚿 together. Still naked & recovering from that awesome experience with both of them, I stayed outside & went over to use the poolside shower 🚿. Just before I turned on the water, I reached up to my boobs & wiped up some of Evian's semen 💦 with a finger & tasted it! Damn, he has some tasty semen! I finished wiping up whatever remains of his semen from my boobs & then turned the shower 🚿 on. I enjoyed the moment of being in the outdoor shower as the water sprayed onto me, I lost myself again as I began to finger myself along with the thoughts of what happened. After a few minutes of pleasuring myself, I fuckin lost it & squirted 💦 all over! Eventually recovering, I made my way indoors.

    After both of them were showered & clothed, Evian chatted with Cynthia for a lil bit & then left after he thanked me for letting him taste me. Cynthia & I chatted after she got back in from walking him to the door. She tells me that she thought it was awesome that we shared that moment with him & that she got a lil more semen outta him when she sucked him while in the shower 🚿. I mentioned to her that this will be just between us & that eventually there will be a time to mention this to Damian. She agreed as both of us wanted to reflect & soak in what happened out by the pool. 😊

    As for my thong that I took off just I was outdoors, Evian ended up with it as to I wanted him to have a memento of the day! 😉

  3. G Magazine Arquivo

    GMagazine-155_Pgina_02.thumb.jpg.b1044389d929c45066112dada55e5cd1.jpg    GMagazine-155_Pgina_01.thumb.jpg.49eef7af3bd16f97448da42b587c7656.jpg


    Issue 155 features Thiago Queiroz in the cover shoot. The Desire section features a shoot by Léo Stanley and the Italian lolito Rafael Farneze. Overall, I found the shoots a bit bland and the direction didn't know how to make the most of the models. In the cover shoot, for example, in some photos, Thiago doesn't look at the camera and this takes away from the immersion and everything becomes very disjointed. But they are naked men, right? Why complain? 😆



    File: PDF
    File size: 58.7 MB
    Number of pages: 77
    Full magazine
    Has a variant cover



  4. IMG_20240619_161103.thumb.jpg.77ef1c06da5057a5f4e41552767bc908.jpg

    Today I wanted to share with you my thoughts about nudism. I also wanted to share some photographs from my archive.


    Nudity seems to me to be a perfectly natural state for any person, and I enjoy being naked at any moment of my life. I love being naked when traveling, and I also like to be naked at home when I relax. When I spend time in the company of my friends, I'm very glad that I have friends who support me in this. I also like to be naked when I do ordinary household chores.



    And of course, it is very valuable and important to me that I have friends around me who fully share my values, who see the naked body as something natural☺️




    Do you walk around naked at home?😉

  5. bad_puppy-chase_laroo_5_8968_11.jpeg.c278a7e60fbf6352a373d67c6a848def.jpeg

    This is what Chase Laroo looked like when he first appeared on BadPuppy.

    He grew a straight boy goatee for his solo at Dirty Tony and another four way JO vid.

    I say straight boy because when opens his mouth, there's a whole lotta I don't mind jerking off but nobody touch me.

    That was about it after making rounds at studios as a one time solo performer.

    Some years later, he filled out every where he could put muscle on his body.  Strange thing is that a lot of guys who put on muscle also put on flesh on their face and look more handsome somehow.


    Wish he would have continued with more solos with that body and dick.  and 








    I had not planned to publish this until September... but I'm house bound with nothing to do but eat cookies... so I decided to jot a few things down while it was still fresh in my memory... and before I knew it... voila... it was written. If there is anything exciting or noteworthy to add to this I'll include it in September! Thanks in advance for reading! Me ke aloha!


    I have met so many people in my far-flung world travels and adventures... sadly one of the people I never had a chance to meet is Jerry Orbach, he is without a doubt the quintessential broadway leading man... who reinvented himself in almost every venue in the entertainment industry over the years... I enjoyed his performances on and off broadway and in television and film. ( I honestly feel like I saw him in "Promises, Promises" a few years ago)






    I really started to think about him regularly when I joined the cast of "The Fantasticks" that included Robert Goulet... I need to back up slightly... I did the show several years before and played the part of "The Boys Father" ... I was way, way too young to be playing the part but aging someone on stage is a whole lot easier than making someone more youthful and energetic...one more small side step... I was cast as the father because at that juncture of my life I appeared more worldly and sophisticated than peers my own age... and as fate would have it... about 12 years later I got a call from my agent asking if I was interested in doing part of a national tour for the show...Not a big fan of national tours I was intrigued and I naturally assumed they wanted me to do one of the two father roles again... but to my chagrin it was for the part of "The Boy" (pretty ambitious score to sing if you know the show and that is partly why id took the part... and I had nothing else going on at the time)... Because of Robert Goulet's age and appearance... he stipulated that the younger parts had to be played by older actors... I guess to make him not look like a fossil... anyway it was for the most part a really dreadful experience, partly because it was the dead of winter and the weather was horrendous and cold everyplace we went until we got to the west coast... but Mr. Goulet's  off-stage and back-stage manner left something ( a lot actually) to be desired... I could go on and on with this... but I'll let brevity be the better part of this discourse. ( I actually thought about faking my own death in Detroit).... almost every night on my way to the theatre and on my way back to the hotel... I thought "It must have been so wonderful to do this show with Jerry Orbach playing El Gallo!" I really did not obsess about him too much after that and was sad when he died... when I found out he was an organ donor after death I had a renewed and elevated sense of respect for him.




    I looked into it and decided it was an amazing gift of life to someone after you died and easy-peasy because you don't need your organs, eyes, skin, kidneys etc. anymore but could change the life of someone who did need a life saving transplant. It's super easy to register and it's noted on your drivers license.



    Many, many years passed... and a friend reached out who needed kidney from a living donor... I thought about it for a few minutes and agreed to do the testing required to see if I was a match and could donate... making the decision was easy... but from the start it was like running an obstacle course and jumping through flaming hoops (Maybe I'm being a drama queen... maybe not)... first came covid that shut it down until the initial calamity was under control... then I was mis-diagnosed with a fatal lung condition that luckily I don't have... that stalled moving forward... then my friend suffered some serious medical set backs that further delayed a donation and transplant. The thing is they will not perform the surgery unless the donor and recipient are in excellent health.... so time stretched on for both of us... every time I began to resent the snail pace the whole thing was taking... I thought to myself... " You are not suffering through dialysis 3-4 times a week and dealing with all the  tedious and painful clapback of living with a failed kidney" So just keep quiet and stop complaining and hope your health holds out until all of this is in the rear view mirror... truth be told... this was my friends second transplant... transplanted kidneys only last about 15-20 years.

    In terms of testing and interviewing... (three different hospitals and transplant programs) I really did not like the people involved at two of them... and in retrospect... they probably did not like me either... but I showed up for test after test, was pleasant and professional... and I'll go as far as saying cheerful and ebullient even while being condescend to and patronized by the staff at the second program... but I said to myself... none of this is about me it's about accomplishing the transplant successfully...so from 2021 to March 2024 life had a way of throwing punches  and testing the resilience for both of us... but when the call came for a donor program meeting this past March... the people heading the donor program for the hospital and surgeons... immediately felt right and in that I thought maybe it's lucky we had to wait for this team... from the start we had hoped to fast-track everything  and have the procedure in April... So I started all over again with blood and tissue work and genetic markers for compatibility. I knew all along we were good here from the previous rounds of tests both physical and psychological that included stress-testing, imaging of my kidneys (and about a hundred other things)... and then that dreaded lung issue popped up again... this time I saw a  new pulmonologist who knew what he was doing... and not as I suspected from the first one writing and publishing a study of what I was misdiagnosed with a few years before...and we found out I do have a lung issue... that from looking at the scans from 2021 to 2023 and a new one in late April 2024... it seems to be an infection that heals itself, but re-propagates and heals itself again (from the onset in 2020 they wanted to do a lung biopsy and by the time I went for the procedure with a referral from the original pulmonologist ... the surgeon said "There is absolutely nothing to biopsy" and sent me home)... not the six month to a year life expectancy of the misdiagnosis (I only have some minor issues dealing with air quality in the dead of winter)... but most importantly the new pulmonologist signed off on the transplant.





    To make a long story short, In the course of about a month you get a complete workup of you and your family's health history and a complete rundown of your present health. I had a meeting with my surgeon and a  final meeting with my transplant team with printed instructions pre and post surgery... and a social worker to go over some formalities and other important issues...like my NY Health Proxy etc... etc...

    I'm going to side track for a minute... if you don't know me... during the start the first time and leading up to scheduling the actual surgery in late May 2024... I had to plan hospital outfits, and recuperation ensembles... but most importantly I had to cook and freeze several days meals for when I was released from the hospital (this is key... as my partner in crime has been supportive of the decision we made together... and is one of the most amazing people on the planet... except for cooking and kitchen issues... but he is getting better)... About a week before going into the hospital I was in the elevator going up to my floor and someone commented " I love your shoes" (this is always music to my ears) and I said " Oh thank you... these are the I'm donating a kidney so I treated myself to something rather extravagant shoes"... if I live a long and healthy life... and wear these into old age I'll get my moneys worth out of them. 

    So... fast forward to 29 May 2024... getting ready for surgery the next day is slightly less dramatic than prepping for a colonoscopy... but suffice to say... I get irritable when I don't eat.... so I paid any bills that might  come due during my hospitalization and for a few days to recover... and spoke to a couple of people on the telephone... I did not highly publicize the issue until we had a surgery date as we had so many obstacles to overcome and hoops to jump through I really only told a handful of people I was sure were not going to be repeating it... mostly out of a small fear of jinxing it... Someone said "Are you afraid?"...Frankly  no I was not because it had taken such a long, long time to get to this point... I had years of reading, doing research (mostly on line) and making notes... that I was not afraid... and I said... I've done a lot of things with my time over the years... but I think this is probably the most significant... "I'm helping save a life... so someone does not have to spend the rest of theirs on dialysis." ... I also found some YouTube videos of my surgeon talking about the program and the procedure... I found them to be reassuring and extremely helpful.

    The next morning (stomach rumbling from hunger) I dressed  in a jaunty little navy blue and white ensemble perfect with my new shoes... and went off whistling a happy tune on my way to the hospital and checked in at the scheduled 9:00 am and traded my crisp nautical attire for a hospital gown...





    for what was supposed to be a 11:00 am scheduled procedure... more lab work was done, and vitals etc... and more waiting and finally a 1:00 pm surgery... it was supposed to take two hours... but If you read back to my work as a stunt double click to read...  Landing Jelly Side Up  It turns out that  the fall I took and sustained a pretty strong blow to one of my kidneys at the Beverly Center may have been the  cause for my spleen to adhere to my left kidney ( the one being removed) and the surgeon had to work a little harder to remove it... otherwise everything up to this point has gone great... 




    The pain in the recovery room was almost identical to my appendectomy... except it was much worse... while I was in recovery my left eye was burning and itching (I thought I had pink eye)... turns out they tape your eyes closed during surgery and the cornea on my left eye was scratched slightly... drops and ointment over the next several days took care of the problem....so hooked up to and IV drip and a urethral catheter... all I had to do for the first 18 hours or so was have my vitals taken  every two hours and take pain meds every six.






    The next morning I was on a clear diet (my least favorite next to starving) and not unlike we may have been lead to believe in  porn... I had sexy hot  nurses attending to my post operation recovery... nothing happened because well it's real life and frankly... I have never felt less sexy in my entire life... but my mind reeled at the possibilities as I'd never seen them in the wild before.




    I have to say right now, the male and female nurses and the rest of the hospital staff that paraded in and out of my room, and most especially my transplant team... were wonderful, pleasant, professional and a credit to their profession... the only real drama is they want you to get up and walk and drag the IV and catheter around as part of the healing process... and to help eleviate the gas pain from being blown up like a party balloon with carbon dioxide to aid in the surgery process)... most conversation consisted on passing gas, pain issues, urine quality... and bowel movement ( I did not have one until four days after I was released from the hospital)... by dinner I was moved to a regular diet... and had crab cakes that considering I was in the hospital were actually quite good... and as much as I was ravenous coming to the hospital could not finish them... my regular appetite did not fully return until I had been home from the hospital a few days.

    The surgeon stopped by to let me know everything went well for my surgery and the recipient which was my final worry with the whole process and felt a sense of relief...I was slated to be released the following day... but due to the complications with the spleen I may have to stay an extra day... although my keen sense of smell was not at it's usual peak level... I was sure I had old man hospital stench and could not wait to go home and take a proper shower. (I took a couple bird baths in the sink during my urination runs after the catheter was taken out (that was a mini-drama)... and trying for the much anticipated bowel movement that I was questioned about  several time a day.

    The good news is that I was released on 1 June as planned... I had to make a serious wardrobe revision as I was still a bit bloated and opted for easy on, easy off sweats for comfort and ease... So with a car service ordered I made my way home and truthfully I was happy to be home but very uncomfortable and irritable is an understatement... but over the next few days, my usual charming personality returned. The transformative effects of a fresh shave a nice warm shower and clean hair are amazing and should never be discounted... not to mention sleeping in your own bed....From day I was able to get in and out of bed, and eventually take an unsupervised shower and do small things around the house (baby steps) Finally on 7 June my first assisted field trip in public to the supermarket.... dizzy and weak upon return I felt I had made great strides in a week... still sore and urinating more regularly (from all the fluid pumped into me during and after surgery) than I have in my entire life... but I'm not taking the pain medication and I feel like life is starting to return to an even keel... finally my friend was released from the hospital (the surgery and recovery are both much more intense than mine that includes frequent and regular follow up and a quarantine period)... much to both of our relief the transplanted kidney is functioning.

    As far as the wardrobe planned for the home recuperative period... it mostly had to be abandoned for the comfort of loose fitting t-shirts and gym shorts... the exception being a stylish silk kimono... for lounging around.

    For everything and everyone involved... I think two of the most important qualities  necessary to get through the process is a sense of humor and flexibility...the sense of humor part is pretty self explanatory... but because when we started the program in March hoping to fast track for an April surgery... I had to make professional allowances (luckily I'm self-employed)... but my partner in crime Nicholas had to arrange vacation time to deal with being the  pre and post surgery care giver and advocate... well as is would happen all his vacation time was used  by the end of April (don't get me wrong we had a nice time for three weeks) but I was concerned about whenever  the time came for post surgery mostly... it was a last minute shuffle of scheduling and days off (people tend to be nicer about schedule changes when it involves dealing with someone donating a kidney)... but still... the image below best illustrates the journey up to this point...





    So post surgery I only had Nicholas' undivided attention for three days... but was assured by the concierge and a few people in my building that they had my back if I needed it... luckily I did not and considering my irritability I'm sure Nicholas was so happy to be going back to work and leaving at least during business hours what felt like a convalescent home from hell...



    So now I have to follow up with the surgeon when the dressing and sutures dissolve... I'm pretty sure the scaring is going to be minimal and will not draw any unwanted attention at clothing optional beach or pool venues in the future... The only really noticeable  difference for me is the strength and quality of my voice (in case you don't know I make a living singing and doing various types of vocal work)... As soon as I can I'll resume voice classes and exercises and I'm sure I'll be back on my A-Game in no time.




    ... So the keys to a successful  recovery will be maintaining a healthy diet and life style (I've spent almost a lifetime on this so it's nothing new) but with more limited sodium intake and no protein supplements... no lifting over ten pounds for a couple months... I can't be submersed in water during the healing process thus leaving swimming off the board for now (my main source of summer fitness ) and using my core, eliminating tennis (my second source of year round fitness)... the follow up appointments with my transplant team are to be scheduled at six, twelve and twenty four months... as a footnote to all this is if I ever need a kidney I'm at the top of the list on the National Registry Transplant Waiting List (keeping my fingers crossed I'll never need the service)... meanwhile making some key changes in my future choices... I'm giving up Black Diamond ski slopes (I've been weaning off for a few years already) and will focus my alpine adventures to more intermediate areas wearing kidney protection and of course apres ski situations in front of a cozy fire. I'm retiring entirely from sky diving (it's actually been a few years so it's not a big compromise) and even before all this I've been thinking about giving up skin diving in favor of snorkeling... and finally Black Friday Sales events (that I've never done anyway)... so I'll take each situation as it comes up and make the best choices possible.


    I want to close with the fact that I was never pressured into this... I made the decision on my own and never felt any coercion or sense of forced obligation (if however you do during the process you need to speak to the advocate on your transplant team)... The decision to be a living donor is yours and yours alone. But please consider it... if it's not right for you there is no shame in that that... but if it is in fact something you would consider to help someones life... remember the life you are saving could be your own someday... It was a long road from agreeing to recovery and I think one of the biggest fears of my recipient was that I would change my mind and go back to Hawaii to my little grass shack...Something I had to sometimes reassure my friend was that "I'll be there for you when the time comes not matter what"... if you do make this decision... don't make it lightly and make sure you are doing it for all the right reasons and stick to your commitment. Everybody's experiences with this are going to be relatively different and unique to you and your recipient... the one thing I can tell you with all my heart is that it's absolutely nothing like it is depicted on television and  in film.



    Maybe I should have started with this... but you only need one and can live a perfectly  wonderful life with a single kidney that just needs to work a little harder and stronger... just like your heart.


    Thanks for reading... Please join me agin in September!

  7. Hello, everyone!

    Who among us are cum drinkers? (I certainly am - and I am actually a big fan!)


  8. 548a.jpg.f7fd26dac26b39a7a62390957b2ce8bc.jpg














    Callum Z. Blabber has had some time off this week, from the daily grind of updating former and current guests of Loveless Motel, or luring new ones. Far from getting away as originally planned, he's found himself stuck in his Aluminum City quarters, going through old boxes of shit he should have tossed years ago, cleaning cat boxes in "the cat room", and otherwise busying himself while his money sits unspent in his surprisingly healthy trust fund. His guilty pleasure, pursuit of a latent career in cabaret as a one man band has been on hold but he's even carved out a few hours of time to practice, despite the complaints of his nearby neighbors who complain that the thin tin can walls of a trailer seem to amplify the sound.  He's shrugged off the complaints and invited a few of the biggest complainers in for drinks and mini-concerts, and things have calmed down. His medley of Piaf tunes is particularly popular - he brings some of his pals to tears with his version of Non, je ne regrette rien, but they liven back up when he transitions to L'Accordeoniste.  Some of the guys are Certified Hustlers - it's like being in home territory. Since he can't sing and play the harmonica simultaneously, he hands out lyric sheets.  It's a fucking party!

    The Accordionist

    The prostitute is beautiful (lit. Girl of pleasure)
    Over there on the corner
    She has a client
    Who fills her stockings up (pays)
    When her job is done
    She goes on her way
    Looking for a bit of dreams
    At a dance hall in the suburbs
    Her man is an artist
    He's a strange, little guy
    An accordionist
    Who knows how to play the java (a dance)

    She hears the java
    But she doesn't dance
    She doesn't even look at the dance floor
    And her loving eyes
    Follow the vigorous playing
    And the wiry, long fingers of the artist
    It gets under her skin
    From the bottom, from the top
    She has the urge to sing, it's physical
    All of her being is tensed
    Her breath is held
    it's a work of art shaped by the music
    The prostitute is sad
    Over there on the corner
    Her accordionist
    Left to be a soldier
    When he comes back from war
    They will have a house
    She will be the cashier
    And he will be the boss
    How beautiful life will be
    They'll be true big-shots
    And every night for her
    He'll play the java

    She hears the java
    That she hums softly
    She looks again at her accordionist
    And her loving eyes
    Follow the vigorous playing
    And the wiry, long fingers of the artist
    It gets under her skin
    From the bottom, from the top
    She has the urge to cry, it's physical
    All of her being is tensed
    Her breath is held
    It's a work of art shaped by the music

    The prostitute is alone
    Over there on the corner
    The girls who are sulking
    The men don't want
    And too bad if she dies
    Her man is never coming back
    Farewell to all of those beautiful dreams
    Her life is fucked
    Nevertheless her tired legs
    Take her to the dive (dance hall)
    Where there's another artist
    Who plays all night long....

    She hears the java
    She listens to the java...
    She closes her eyes...
    Those wiry, vigorous fingers
    It gets under her skin
    From the bottom, from the top
    She has the urge to yell out, it's physical
    And so to forget
    She begins to dance, to turn
    To the sound of the music...

    Stop the music...

  9. nomad1957

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    How to find out who the first 2 porn guys in this video are???  POV HUGE COCKS BJ AND CUM - 2 HOURS By GrzegorzUni1988

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  10. SocksOnFilm

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    He's primarily known as a daytime soap opera star yet there are surprisingly few photos of him, shirtless. Shocking.

    6'2" Hogestyn was a minor league baseball player in the mid 1970s until an injury prevented him from pursuing his dream of becoming a major league player.

    Drake Hogestyn 33.jpg



    Days of our Lives 2.jpeg

    Days of our Lives 3.jpeg

    Days of our Lives 4.jpeg

    Days of our Lives 5.jpeg

    Days of our Lives 6.jpeg

    Days of our Lives 7.jpeg

    Drake Hogestyn 4.jpeg

    Drake Hogestyn 6.jpeg

    Drake Hogestyn 11.jpeg

    Drake Hogestyn 12.jpeg

    Drake Hogestyn 13.jpg

    Drake Hogestyn 14.jpg

    Drake Hogestyn 15.jpeg

    Drake Hogestyn 18.jpeg

    Drake Hogestyn 19.jpeg

    Drake Hogestyn 20.jpeg

    Drake Hogestyn 21.jpg

    Drake Hogestyn 22.jpeg

    Drake Hogestyn 24.jpeg

    Drake Hogestyn 25.jpeg

    Drake Hogestyn 26.jpeg

    Drake Hogestyn 27.jpeg

    Drake Hogestyn 28.jpeg

    Drake Hogestyn 29.jpeg

    Drake Hogestyn 30.jpeg

    Drake Hogestyn 31.jpeg


    DRAKE HOGESTYN and Timothy Busfield 1.jpeg



    Drake Hogestyn 31.jpeg

    Drake Hogestyn 34.jpeg

    Drake Hogestyn 36.jpeg

    Drake Hogestyn 37.jpeg

    Drake Hogestyn 38.jpeg

    Drake Hogestyn 39.jpeg

    Drake Hogestyn 39.png

    Drake Hogestyn 35.jpg

    Drake Hogestyn 40.jpeg

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    Mexico's Roberto Esquivel Cabrera . . .  The World's longest dick @19.5"

    Does anyone believe it's real ?




    R (15) (8)(1).jpeg



    303_1000 (1)(2).jpg

  11. David

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    Mature man +50-80 on my BED...I wish it!




  12. MarcoArkoudakis

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    I discovered the joy of nudism in my 20's and it has been great for my self esteem. I also love sharing nudes of myself but I try to maintain a level of quality and artistry in my photos. The human body is a work of art and I think the best porn is erotic art, but the best art could be either erotic or not. The best nudes use nature or architecture in their theming. To that end I'm always looking for new places to take pictures. I'd love to hear some suggestions for locations that are nudist friendly or at least  legal and safe to use. Nudism after all is also something that is best enjoyed in tranquil settings where you can be one with yourself and the world around you. If you know of any good places in northeast Ohio or western Pennsylvania let me know.  I'd also like to know about nude travel destination or events where nude photography is welcome, for privacy reasons many nudist venues frown on photography and I want to be respectful of such rules as well.


  13. Jack's Corner

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    Note:  This blog entry won't have much to say about AI-assisted or AI-enhanced images like the enhancements that the latest generation of iPhone cameras can produce for any photo you take.  That's a brave new world, and not much is known about it yet.

  14. Just Jump in the water is fine and the mermen & fishes are Horny & playful. Just as you jump in the mermen will surround you to prepare you to dive deeper ,No worries about air because the aqua men will give you air by kissing you as he starts to play with your cock.

    As you go deeper he realizes you are getting hard so he stopped to have fun with you first he kisses you then as he slowly moves down your body he gives you the best blowjob ever and the moves to your back side to rim your butt. As you were playing you didn't realize you sunk to the floor & he pull you into a cave to breed you. As you realize it you  wanted to get bred by the mermen. Then after a week of constant sex you wake up to find himself a merman and lived in the sea for Eterny.












  15. HOla

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    A 测试 qutes

  16. Emogeek19's blog

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    Here is a complete list of the photos from the scenes Trevor Knight was in from Suite 703 (Now Richard.XXX from 2007-2013).


    1. https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/60693-trevor-knight-guy-parker/

    2. https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/61941-trevor-knight-kurt-wild/

    3. https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/62003-tristan-tucker-antonio-milan-trevor-knight/

    4. https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/61995-trevor-knight-mason-wyler/

    5. https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/61953-trevor-knight-emilio-sands/

    6. https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/62688-trevor-knight-nikko-alexander/

    7. https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/62392-trevor-knight-brandon-wilde/

    8. https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/61998-trevor-knight-gianni-luca/

    9. https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/61997-trevor-knight-ari-sylvio-tucker-scott/

    10. https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/62418-trevor-knight-cameron-adams/

    11. https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/62243-trevor-knight-rod-daily/

    12. https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/62690-trevor-knight-david-west/

    13. https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/62689-trevor-knight-nikko-alexander-2/

    14. https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/62691-trevor-knight-gavin-waters/

    15. https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/62717-trevor-knight-braxton-bond/

    16. https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/62692-trevor-knight-jayden-grey/

    17. https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/25290-brad-benton-trevor-knight/

    18. https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/62718-trevor-knight-shane-frost/

    19. https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/62716-trevor-knight-michael-rogue/

    20. https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/62001-trevor-knight-tristan-mathews/

    21. https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/62719-trevor-knight-kirk-cummings/

    22. https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/62723-trevor-knight-tristan-mathews-2/





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