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  1. 2 2003-03 04 by Unzipped Media Pictorial:

    (All Aboard, Scenes From The Love Boat/The Sun-Crisped Studs of Pacific Sun Entertainment's See-Worthy Summer Sexcapades)


    Portfolio by Pacific Sun Entertainment.pdf

    Pacific Sun Entertainment Portfolio.zip



































    Daddy entertains his new worshipers.....Take a look.













    Danny Commander commands his Sargent.
















    Draining the energy and feeding on his pecs decides to get some good wholesome milk...take a look.




    Lovers in scissor position jerk each other off....this is one of my favorite positions.....take a look.




    Andy is one of the best muscle gods on the web.....and every thing he does is authentic.....if you like his video.....go to the site and support him.....and you get some huge French benefits in the process.











    Don't Love some guy who is gorgeous cumming for YOU!!!! I do!!!!



    How About some chocolate milk for tonight........take a look



    Two guy share their milk.....take a look.


  3. A couple days ago, perused around online for various lingerie & end of season sales on bikinis.

    Came across a few that I ended up ordering, like this skimpy bottom.

    Tiny 2Tone Bikini String Thong Transparent Mesh




    Also got me this, both red one along with purple




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    Now this is a hilarious thing to watch! The budget is so cheap that Robin’s costume is one of those one piece Halloween costumes  that tie in the back that you can find at dollar stores and the Penguin’s actor has to wear an obviously fake nose that doesn’t even match his skin tone and you can literally see the string holding it in place!


    Here is a pic of the cast other than the Penguin. Notice how cheap Robin’s outfit looks?



    And here is the Penguin and his obviously fake nose! You will need to zoom in a bit to see the string but trust me when I say you can clearly see it during the movie.



    And this an image where you can see one of the strings that held the Robin costume up. Also the Batman actor was obviously having trouble untying the thing that during the movie you can see him starting to make his way up Robin’s back to untie his costume and then it just suddenly jumps to Robin’s costume being half off.




    You can watch this movie on a few different adult streaming sites. I recommend this movie even if it was cheaply made and some of the acting is bad since the sex scenes were pretty hot.

  4. Kawika
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    First and foremost... I hope everyone had a great summer in spite of mask wearing, social distancing... and coming to terms with the sometimes harsh realities of the current social, global and political situations that have culminated since covid-19 made its way into all of our lives... but enough about that... Needless to say I did not get my book written but I did a complete rewrite on the outline... so I more or less started over... but more about that in a minute...







    Secondly I want to thank everyone who has been reading for the last (gasp) six years... time flies, and thank you readers who joined along the way... I encourage anyone who has not had a chance to go back and read some of the archival pieces to do so... I did this past summer and gained some much needed insight to where I've been and were I'm headed going forward.

    If you have been following me for the last six years or so... you undoubtedly know that summer is my favorite season... I started this writing, remembering and looking forward adventure in September for a reason... It's still summer (more or less) but there is something sweet in the September air like no other time of year that is on one hand completely familiar and on the other completely new and it is light and easy and the perfect time for a new beginning...

    I'm one of the few people who never minded going back to school at the end of summer vacation because it offered the opportunity to start something new... and so here we are again starting again... Someone told me a long, long time ago "Don't be afraid of starting over again... because you are not starting from scratch... you are starting again from experience"... those words have helped get me through some very difficult times and helped to make sometimes seemingly impossible decisions... but that it the beauty of looking back... you can take note of the mistakes and the triumphs and utilize both for your current play book... I want to reiterate what I told a reader who sent me an e-mail last year... "You can't cling to the past... no matter how tightly you want to try to hold on to it... it's already gone!" The best you can do with it is use it to help shape the flow of today into tomorrow... but I do want to add that memories of people and events can be one of the most magical elements of our life so long as you keep it all in perspective and give the past and memories the reverence and respect that they deserve and keep it all in the past and don't try to relive or rewrite it.



    So that brings us to today and "Hope Floats" it's a title of a movie from  1998 about a woman who has to start over... the actors are Sandra Bullock, Gena Rowlands and Harry Connick Jr... I have not seen this movie since it came out... and if memory serves I saw it during a flight from NY to LA... but what is seared in my memory is the opening where Bullock's character is humiliated live on national television (a fictional Ricki Lake-(esque) type show) by her cheating husband and her best friend about their infidelity that they have been having an affair and are deeply in love... blah, blah, blah she has to take her young daughter and move home with her mother (Gena Rowlands) and pick up the pieces of her shattered life and try to put some of the pieces back together again by confronting the past and learning from it... and/or start from scratch in some areas.... I won't go into the details of the movie in case you want to see it... but I've thought about it since I've been navigating the course to find a new road and finding the courage to start again... in my case thankfully I did not have to do it alone... my partner in crime and I had to face some difficult realities with the world, our life and the people and events that once were the focus... but life like art sometimes get a rewrite for the second act and not always with a reliable road map... 






    here are some of the things that helped...

    When all of this started I said to myself... "If I die because of all of this did I get everything I ever wanted out of life?"... the answer is no... but I got the things that made me happiest and I came to the sudden realization that this was not going to kill me and I still had a lot of happy times and people ahead of me... and now was the time to trust the magic of endings and new beginnings.

    I had to really sit down  and (this is where a notebook and pencil come in really handy) think about and visualize what kind of life I really wanted and learn to say no to or give up things  and sometimes people that were not part of where I was going.

    It does not matter who or what I used to be... all that was important was who and what I was becoming... and I had the choice of choosing happiness, optimism and kindness to start the journey of self-discovery.

    I made a to-do list and everyday I looked at it and asked myself "is what I'm doing today getting me closer to where I need to be?"... if it was not I made adjustments as necessary. 

    So that was the start of the journey... I'm still finding my way... but looking back on some of the things in the past helped because I learned that you really only see and understand what you have inside of you from living and experience... we had to do some real soul searching and make some heart rending decisions a few times... and I remembered something in the me from a long time ago that I only recently found an answer to... "You can not criticize  someone else's choices  unless you fully understand their reasons for making them"... that alone helped me get rid of an avalanche of frustration and resentment... the thing that is most important to remember when dealing with resentment is that it's like swallowing poison expecting the other person to die.



    All of this is what I found from a movie I saw 23 years ago on United Airlines... but I needed the experiences I've had recently to remember them and make some sense of most everything for the last few years. Oh and one more thing... someone told me once... "Don't loose hope... you never know what tomorrow will bring you."



    See you next month... before the new lineup of television starts I encourage you to take a look at the archives... because there is nothing on television right now... Trust me... I checked!




    It can be exhausting living in a world largely inhabited by stupid, insensitive people... take time to yourself to rest and recharge.

  5. 7angelm

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  6. 1786668637_RobertoJ.Portales-InjectionTherapy.thumb.jpg.7de2a392132fe8ffff202d386587192e.jpg



    Dr.P has been so nice...I was really well treated ! 


  7. These are some images that I found that I feel show the contrast between my concept of "man" and "manwife".

    I love how they show the dynamic between the two of them in each pair of photos.

    The manwife is to look beautiful and seductive, be nurturing, treat the man like a King, be totally sexually available and hungry for him, perhaps also keep the home beautiful, and of course love him. If there are kids, the manwife is to also focus on the kids.

    The man is to protect, to provide, and to cherish the manwife. Make the manwife feel like a Queen, Prince, or Princess-whichever feels most right for them.

    Would love to be  the manwife for the man who "gets" this.

    Screenshot (443).png

    Screenshot (444).png

    Screenshot (445).png

  8. mg240980
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    In only one day Italians taught Englismen how to win a championship and how to come second with great dignity.

    Hope they learned the lesson.





    Fair play does not live in London. Not last Sunday, not at Wembley. Chilling behavior of the English fans who stepped on an Italian flag before the match, then whistled the anthem of Mameli and at the end of the match, which they abandoned before the awards ceremony, they also sought a fight with the Italian fans. All while mr Southgate's players vented their anger by taking off the silver medal in second place, with a gesture that is anything but sporty.   

    Read in the web:

    “Once there was a golden rule called FAIR PLAY. Are young English people no longer taught? ”

    “Nothing medals, we are English “

    ” Whistles to the anthem, empty stadium for the award ceremony, English players who take off the silver medal with anger and finally this: years of proverbial (phantom?) English sportsmanship dissolved in a couple of hours? “

    “The English players refuse the medal: the real losers of this European”

    “Someone wanted to go to London and wave in the face of the English that flag that they stepped on shortly before the game” 

    ” If there are pictures of English fans crying send them that they are my serotonin after everything they have done to us “

    They whistled against our anthem, 58,000 people left the stadium before the award ceremony, the players took off the medal with a gesture of contempt … English unsportsmanlike  “


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  9. Male Rear ends

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    here to share  the male rear end

  10. since i`m not sleeping well, i got up in the middle of the night for a little while. when i checked my phone, this article was at the top of the list. i`ll let the link speak for itself!! with love from Wes!! Hugs!!! 

    p.s. i had to hightlight the link, right click on it, and select open in new tab, before it would open for me. clicking on it didn`t open it, at least for me anyway!!


    Latest Entry

    I was sleeping when he came in...i heard the cell door slam and then felt his hand grab the back of my neck ...he rolled me over ...start sucking my dick right away ...he pulled his pants down and he had about 12 in f****** huge black horse cock he f***** me so good for about an hour and a half and I came twice he told me he likes it a white boys

  12. User esuom_y_nona wants to ask:

    Back in high school, when I was masturbating to gay porn all the time, I somehow still saw myself as straight. (How? It was the 1990's.) Developed a crush on a girl, dated another girl for a few months, enjoyed kissing her, then she dumped me to get back with her ex, and I was heartbroken. Then in college I met another woman, who I repeatedly dated and broke up with over a period of years as I went through a very prolonged process of coming out to myself.

    The college girlfriend is happily married to another man. She and I are on good terms. I even went to her wedding, and every year she sends me a Christmas card with pictures of her husband and kids.

    The relationship itself was not really that bad. I mostly feel regret at the time wasted by repressing my feelings and not being out to myself.

    What about you guys?

  13. JoelR
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    This is an artist's rendition of NASA's Cassini spacecraft before it burned up in the atmosphere of Saturn. 

    There is marvel in the universe.  There are great spaces to cross. There are vast unknowns to explore. There are wonders to both humble and elevate us.    

    Earlier today, rioters violently stormed the US Capitol and interrupted the counting of the Electoral College, a procedural vote with a predetermined outcome.  The rioting only forestalled the count.  How small.  

    How big, magnificent, and uplifting we should be.    

  14. Tomster
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    It was a different summer
    It was a different year
    Upside down, weird, nothing like it was
    It was a different summer.

    These lines are taken from a song by the German band Silbermond. I hear this song often. Almost every day, we stream the morning show of the radio station that was part of our everyday life when we lived in Germany. It's 2 p. m. here when the show begins at 5 a. m. local time. Time announcements and weather reports lead to occasional confusion even after months. It is bizarre to hear black ice warnings while sitting on the terrace in the shade when the temperature is 33 °C/91.4 °F.

    I would like to go into the lines of the song a little. Well, for us, it was not summer, but autumn and winter. But yes, it was a different year. Upside down - I like to joke that it is impossible to live in the southern hemisphere without gravity boots. "Weird, nothing like it was" I only feel this way in a limited way. Is it because we take advantage of new situations reasonably quickly or because we wanted to make specific changes in our lives anyway? I consider both to be valid.

    In 14 days, it will be one year since Pat called us and said that he needed a few more days off because he had to help his family with their evacuation. It doesn't feel like a year. At that time, it was not clear that the houses of Pat's parents and his sister would fall victim to the bushfires. 

    Much has happened since then. In January, you had a little insight into our emotions and thoughts. I wrote about how we didn't know whether to fly to Australia while hosting guests in our house there. Out of a feeling, we left at short notice. Nevertheless, it was difficult for us to shake off the thoughts until our arrival that our presence could be understood as a disturbance or as a wrong signal. By that time, we only knew Patrick closer. We had only had a few phone calls with his relatives before. Looking back, we had been overthinking in advance. Our presence was seen as a positive change and even more as a sign of being welcomed. 

    When the families set off for their new property in February, no one knew that months would pass before seeing each other again. Neither could we anticipate that we would not be spending time in Germany in May as planned. It was our goal to decelerate our own busy life. We had not expected an emergency stop. Frankly, we hadn't realised that Queensland's government had declared a public health emergency on January 29, the day after the first Covid-19 case was confirmed in Queensland. 

    On March 25, Queensland closed its interstate borders at midnight, after an announcement two days earlier when non-essential businesses had to close. These first measures were drastically tightened on March 30. 

    What is the price of freedom?
    Where does it [freedom] end?

    Are two more lines from the song mentioned above. 

    Our thoughts were less about our freedom than about the well-being of our families and friends. The transparent communication of our government has also had a decisive influence on this. It was clearly stated from the beginning that we have to expect restrictions to our hitherto normal lifestyle (in terms of physical distance and other precautions) of at least six months, but probably more likely 12 months.

    We could not continue the work of our non-profit organisation to the same extent as before. Suddenly each of us had more free time. Although our house did not shrink, we moved closer together. These few weeks have brought us closer together emotionally. Benjamin and Patrick have shown us, as we showed them, that we care for each other. What unites us today is a deep-running friendship. At no point did we get bored. We were only limited in our mobility. However, we islanders were allowed to go on a trip to nearby uninhabited islands. Jogging or a walk was even recommended as physical exercise. The peace and quiet on the island were fascinating. No wonder, considering the lack of 1,000 international tourists. 

    Towards the end of April, accomplishments showed that Queensland was on track to smash the curve. The first easings were announced for May 2. Family picnics and trips of up to 50 kilometres were possible again. Fine, almost everything within a radius of 50 kilometres is water. But this was a good sign too. Further easing followed on Mother's Day, May 10. From May 16, pubs and restaurants were allowed to open again with a limited number of 10 patrons at a time. 

    Call it the Australian laid-back lifestyle or prudence. The further easings followed step by step in intervals of 28 days. The condition was always that the policies implemented were effective. There were also backlashes. State borders were opened, only to be closed again shortly afterward when new hotspots emerged in New South Wales and Victoria. 

    We returned cautiously and calmly to a kind of normality. We were once again able to continue our work on a larger scale. And we jointly created other ideas and plans. 

    Today we are closer to normality than most other countries. I often hear the statement, "Australia is an island." I like to avoid the remark that most of the earth's surface consists of oceans and that all continents are consequently islands or peninsulas. More often than not, I hear that we have allowed ourselves to be deprived of our liberty. That is not entirely untrue. But the temporary restriction of our freedom served a purpose. Queenslanders - Australians - teamed up to protect the community. Life and health always came first. 

    It was and is not a picture book story. There was a vocal minority who opposed the measures. The emphasis is on the minority. Unfortunately, the lockdown also led to 130,000 Queenslanders being out of work. Targeted assistance, for example, through extended JobKeeper and JobSeeker programs, prevented more disastrous effects.
    Meanwhile, 500 more Queenslanders are in employment than before the pandemic. The economy bounced back and even exceeded the September prognosis. These are good signs. But the recovery will require billions of dollars in investments, which will increase public debt. Tax increases were never on the table. Reasonable for 2020/2021.

    I mentioned that we returned to a kind of normality. Today is day 84 since we have not had a new case due to community transmission. All shops, bars, restaurants, venues, stadiums (with CovidSafe plan) are open at 100% capacity in Queensland. We can have private gatherings with 50 persons, weddings with 200. When I look at Germany, Europe, or the USA, I feel worried. It feels surreal, although I know very well that it is real. We chat daily with our folks in Germany, often with acquaintances and friends. It calms us that they avoid any unnecessary risk. When we asked my parents-in-law several weeks ago if they would like to spend their winter with us, they refused. That's a pity, but also comprehensible. The very long flight and our climate can be a burden. Another reason is that they do not understand English, let alone speak it. Even if they were safer here, they would only feel comfortable for a limited time. 

    I asked myself, can I take something positive from a time that brings so much grief and suffering? No, I must not, I must. 

    The past months of 2020 have caused us to pause, to reflect. These times have shown us even more clearly the reality in which we live. They have made us reconsider our desires and plans and to correct our course. In recent months, we have redefined our priorities. We have been able to experience the Australian spirit that unites the community. We got to know friendly people, online and offline, we made new friendships, we became part of another family. We are grateful for this.

    We will celebrate Christmas with guests (unless there are any unforeseen). The parents and sister, with her spouse and kid, of Benjamin and Patrick, will come. We are excited about it. 

    We will celebrate Christmas virtually with our families in Germany. In doing so, we will even combine old and new traditions. In Germany, handing out the presents is on the evening of Christmas Eve, while in Australia it is on the morning of Christmas Day. We will be getting up a little earlier, but we can connect both traditions thanks to the 9 hour time difference. 

    I wish you a Happy Channuka, a Merry Christmas, or just Happy Holidays!

    Please keep healthy!



  15. RunItsBlip
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    character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47let others know that the portion of a revised/new website for an organization that pays character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47 a wild and wooly $100 a month

    character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47 can not do because the incompetent in charge created such an incoherent navigation that NONE of the linkage character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47 was supposed to fix can be fixed because the meni is completely wrong

    the incompetent created new programs THAT DO NOT EXIST!

    the incompetent has - in the menu - that certain programs are unique to this organization


    so untrue that the statement exposes the organization to lawsuits


    so the ceo has "agreed" to allow the revised/new site to be "finished" in december as opposed to this week


    so the incompetent CLAIMS "character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47 won't get any blame here. the incompetent will accept all fault on all delays"


    character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47 strongly suspects that this is actually an attempt to ultimately take full credit for setting things correctly

    because others have stepped in to say "ummm....the navigation is incoherent. it is flat out wrong! who did this? the incompetent? why not allow character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47 to fix this?"


    character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47 still gets ENRAGED everything character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47 looks at the site

    a site - the incompetent continues to change things - taking things out then finding out they need to be back and putting them back in the wrong place


    character0109.gif.8ebba2afdaf1f47a4e8b47 standing back and just letting the incompetent fall all by itself

  16. Jared

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    Ever since I stumbled across an image of a heavyset bald man (in his 50’s ) complete with a beard and glasses, that had his face buried between the ass cheeks of a slender young blonde boy(legal age of course) with a perfect body, I knew that I had discovered the role I was meant to play. I Only date women, but I am always interested in fulfilling the fantasies of a man twice my age. I’m 33 and have had several long term arrangements over the years since I’ve been 18. I would love to share my experiences as well as hear from anyone else with similar tastes, and also any older men who specialize in having their way with sexy young men that catch their eye

    here are some pictures of what I find unbelievably sexy, plus a couple selfies that I hope you guys like.











  17. Mein Leben als Sklave

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    Hallo an alle Master da mein Master die Zeit nicht mehr hat und er auch nicht weiß ob er noch mal weiter macht hat er mir gestated ein neuen Master zu suchen. 

    Ich suche ein Master für online oder Real wer interesse hat kann sich melden und denn klären wir alles weitere zu zeit bestimme ich die trage Dauer von mein peniskäfig über teamlocked. 

    DSC_0024.JPG DSC_0029.JPG DSC_0033.JPG DSC_0032.JPG DSC_0034.JPG
  18. R1.thumb.jpg.407e9f633ef31b5169803987635d1406.jpg


    Byron’s hand trembled as he held his binoculars in the dark window overlooking the quiet outer London neighbourhood and focused them on his chubby mother in her nearly see-thru flouncy house-dress and tall, handsome dapper Rex Davenport making their way over to his very swank terraced house.

    Byron’s breath increased and his heart rate doubled at the thought of his sex crazed whorish mum having her wicked way with his dreamy Rex. It was so kinky, watching your own mum have sex, but that’s Byron...he loved to watch men. He only hoped he’d have a chance with Rex once his mum finished with him tonight!

    Byron stroked his small but very hard cock through his trousers...the odd couple entered Rex’s home and the lower floor lit up. The front door slid closed and Byron watched his seductively whorish mother guide tall Rex into the front room. The windows were curtained but the fabric was only partly drawn and Byron could see his mother now embracing Rex fully...their mouths locked in a kiss. Rex looked over toward the window, his eyes met Byron’s lens and he winked. Rex knew the horny young man was tuned in and watching every delicious move the couple made!



    He watched his mother as she moved to the sideboard and began to make a drink for each...Rex stood in the middle of the room and began to slowly unbutton his shirt and gently slip it off. His rusty golden haired chest now on display and his toned musculature was dazzling in the lamp lit space.

    Rex stood, now facing the hungry and over-zealous Zelada, clad still from his slender waist down but deliciously nude above. Byron watched his mother move like a tigress to him. Drinks in their hands now, they moved along to the stairway leading above.

    Zelda grabbed a crystal ornamental dish from the coffee table with her manicured fingers as she sailed along. No doubt she had her ciggies in house-dress pocket. A trait of hers Byron knew all too well.


    Byron watched the couple step nimbly out of sight and then the upper bedroom lamp was lit by Rex who stood by the big handsomely made bed.

    Both stood watching each other and laughing, each on one side of the bed and Byron knew that chasm of fabric would soon be breached and both would be rolling nude together. His small cut cock bobbed and wiggled in anticipation. The idea that this was his mother, it just did not matter. It was all about Rex! His love!


    Byron watched and watched and saw ALL!





    Rex surveyed his female playmate as he sipped his drink. She stood across from him on the other side of the bed and although she was frowzy and chubby. Her bleached hair pulled back in a baby-doll style and that over-made up face looked almost scary, but sexy! Rex was intrigued that this 60 plus lady, a true cock slut- would do anything he asked was actually in his room and her horny son was watching thru the window. The whole scene made Rex’s uncut cock roar with life. He could not wait to strip!


    The flimsy house-dress, see-thru even in the dim bedside lamp’s light, could barely contain those voluminous breasts and Rex could not wait to sink his teeth- gently- into each and chew her huge nipples!



    “See something you fancy, big boy?” Zelda asked rubbing her breasts thru her dress with one hand while drinking her strong drink with the other.

    “Mmm, lots! I think food may have to wait.” Rex said recalling he’s yet to have any meal tonight.


    “Oh, we’ll eat. But a more carnal meal!” Zelda chirped.

    “May I smoke?” She asked and pulled out her ciggies from her pocket. She had no intention of not smoking.

    Rex did not say anything and let her light up. She was using his best candy dish from the living room as an ashtray.  She was so NOT classy Rex mused to himself but she had much to teach him if he were to please boss Marlene this Saturday night.

    Zelda puffed and sipped and watched Rex.

    Both knew that Byron was watching and both were aroused at this notion.

    “You have a fucking lovely body, Rex. No wonder my son loves you! Show me more honey...make me wet baby!” Zelda crooned as she blew smoke his way.

    Rex raked a hand thru his tousled reddish golden haired head and smiled.


    “Sit there, in the antique chair at the bottom of my bed. I’ll give you and Byron a little strip show...you like? He asked slugging down the last of his drink and putting the glass on the bedside table near the little lamp.


    “I like, baby, I like.” And Zelda tottered on her heels over to the chair and sat down. Her chubby net hose covered legs crossed before her. She looked hungry.


    “Show mummy, show mummy all your goods!” Zelda purred and Rex inwardly groaned at the “mummy” reference but played along. She was his teacher tonight and he needed to moisten her appetite so to speak! And so he began!


    Rex, all near six feet of him, knelt on the edge of his big duvet covered bed, his good trousers would get creased...but he could have them pressed. He worked his feet out of his shoes and they thudded to the carpeted bedroom floor. He moved now into the central zone of the bed...Zelda a few feet away purred and puffed her ciggy.


    Rex seductively rubbed his hands over his golden furred chest and felt his own tight pectoral muscles and flexed his arms. His nipples perked up and he got touch of goose pimples. He loved showing off...even to this old, rather used-up, MILF!

    Zelda clicked her bright white false teeth together.

    “Oh, you sexy fucker. What I’m gonna do to you tonight. Byron will get one great sex show from his mummy.” Zelda said as she pulled open the upper section of flimsy house-dress and exposed her large fleshy boobs...with nipples like small saucers and hued in darker, almost mocha tones of colour. Rex’s cock went steel rod-like and Zelda noted it.


    “Somebody is one horny bunny. Wait until I suck you, baby!” She said beginning to massage her left breast and pluck at her now hardening nipple.


    Rex’s began to pull of his leather belt and tossed it aside. His green eyes danced with excitement as he began to undo his fly zipper and button.


    Across the street, Byron was drooling with each move he made.


    Rex swivelled and as he knelt, his upper body gyrated and pulsed to music only he heard. The show was moving along and sweeping both mother and son deep into its folds. Rex was all they wanted, they were smitten!

    The way his body shown in the shadowy light of the room sent chills all thru Zelda. Her hands moved over nipples, plucking and pulling as Rex massaged himself before her.

    Rex moved down off his knees and sat, legs apart, pulling down his trousers...over his socked feet-tossing them aside.

    The sight of Rex in just his sleek underwear and OTC blue socks made Zelda moan.


    “Oh, Rex! Look at you in those sexy undies and socks, what hot stud!”



    Rex sat with those toned legs parted, his knees bent facing Zelda head on, his sweaty socked toes wiggling and his meaty heels planted firmly on the duvet.


    Zelda looked at his bulging crotch as the view was perfect to admire this manly mound...what lay inside, she could not wait to explore!

    And then Rex moved his hand down, down...and inside the waistband of the underwear. It was time to be naked for his playmate and for the voyeur, her very excited son Byron.



    Much More To Cum!!!!! DJ




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