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The Adventures of Rex V: - Distracted Days, Wild Nights (part six)





Our sexy budding omni-sexual hero, Rex, all near six feet of him- toned and muscular was no match for this hungry beast-MILF.

Byron stood up on the stairs outside the sitting room and knew poor Rex Davenport was doomed. Ever since his dad left well over 15 years before, his mum had ravaged any male who darkened their doorstep. She was always on the pull, so to speak. Her new false teeth shining bright and a ciggie in those big red lips. She trawled the bars, the stores, the streets...she was a hungry thing! Sure she was old, over 60, and still acting like a young wench. Byron stood ashamed and a tear fell down his acne covered face.  Barely in his 20’s and so depressed. Life with Zelda and her hunger for men made him want to run! He wanted men...no, a man...Rex. He loved that Rex, but now his mum had her claws deep. Soon she’d chew Rex into a hundred pieces!

Byron heard the two wrestling in the sitting room, she was stripping Rex.

Rex’s suit coat was now tossed aside by this full breasted MILF, her bleached hair up in a big bow. She worked at his dress shirt buttons, Rex tried to take over, and she slapped his hands away.

“Now you relax, Rex, let Zelda make you all cosy!” She purred like a big blonde cat. Zelda hungrily eyed Rex’s extra large feet clad in sexy socks and expensive shoes. She knew what that meant! She’d suckle those tasty man-toes as a little appetizer. How delicious she mused.

Rex was more embarrassed than turned on at this point. His sex with the female of the species was only just taking off after years of being dormant. And his male sexuality desires were on the up and up as well...he wanted it all, but he really was unsure Zelda fit any of his needs.


The skilled fingers undid three buttons; his golden furry chest popped into view...his nipples just on the fringes of his shirt edges.

Zelda pulled her boobs back and surveyed her handy work.

“That’s it, no need to be all cooped up in a dress shirt, sexy man! Love the chest, so manly and those golden hairs, nice!” She breathed seductively.

“Oh, look, sexy nipples...and tight too!” She gushed while reaching one set of manicured fingers into the folds of his short and locating one pert man-nipple to massage.  Her hand massaged Rex’s chest muscles all around the nipple.

“Strong, you swim...I can feel it.” She cooed like a dove.

Rex pulled back slightly and felt the back of the couch block his retreat.

Her hand stayed on his chest.

“I cycle and swim...jog a bit. I try to keep fit.” Rex said modestly as he tried to look charmingly up at her mascara laden eyes.

“You are fit, I want to see more. But let’s have a drink.” She pulled her hand free and found a bottle and two glasses. Poured a strong drink in each and lit a ciggie. She puffed from across the dirty, cluttered room and surveyed yet again...her man catch!

Byron’s small dick roared to life inside his trousers. He wanted to masturbate. He hated what his mum was up to with his sexy Rex but he just could not help being turned on. The method she used rarely failed. Byron just wanted to get a better view of Rex being devoured by powerful Zelda!

Zelda sauntered over to Rex who still lay back against the old worn out couch. His legs splayed wide and arms at his sides. He’d given up resisting. Zelda’s larger than life boobs and chubby rather short body tottered on her heels. Her net hose on her meaty legs were at least a treat for Rex. He’d not seen pantyhose of a daring nature since that visit from Carol and Eric. Zelda was truly giving Carol a run for her money in the tough dame category.

Her barely concealed breasts loomed over Rex’s wide eyes as he took the very strong drink, straight up booze...right to the head he guessed. She wanted him to be passive...and boy if he drank that, he would be!

Rex sipped slowly. Very strong stuff. He coughed.


“Drink up Sunshine, more in the bottle.” Zelda cackled as she puffed her ciggie and sipped her drink. She remained aloft, pacing about as if on display to Rex. She kept striking odd poses, her skimpy housedress giving away many secrets as she did so. Rex was amused at best. His uncut cock did stir...she was trying to impress him. He did not want Byron to pay the price of a grumpy mother; he felt it was his duty to play along.

The dreary room filled with smoke and Rex felt he was getting lightheaded. He’d have loved a window open.

Zelda turned as she leaned on the former mantelpiece edge.

“My Byron, he has a crush on you. He’s gay, I am sure of that. And he has been...oh, beating his meat over you. No need to be delicate. And I think he watches you thru binoculars.” Zelda said with wide eyes and downing her drink.

Byron heard this and almost burst into the room but held back...he was bright red with heated anger.

Now Rex knew as much- he was sure many folks watched his windows, he’d seen Byron from his side of the road. And loved being watched...so, he decided to give Zelda a little taste of her own medicine.

“Well, I love being watched. I am flattered Byron desires me. And you can rest assured, I hope he will be brave enough to come on over and see the goods up close.” And Rex downed his drink! His green eyes flashing with glee.

Zelda nearly fell over.

“My, oh, my! No flies on you. And before I let my boy, he is over 20, but still my boy...before he comes calling on you, mother needs to vet you. And the vetting starts now.” And Zelda moved over and stubbed out her ciggie in the already overflowing ashtray on the stained coffee table.

Rex felt the drink hit his head, bang! Zelda grabbed his glass and topped it up.

Rex knew it was going to be a long night!

Byron stood, his whole chubby body trembling, wanting Rex so much for himself but also deeply aroused at the thought of what his ravenous, sex crazed mum would do! He’d seen, heard, and re-lived many of her man conquests. Incestuous? Possibly. But his mother did know her way around a man...and Byron loved men!

Maybe they could share him? Mother and son...on different days? His mind raced as he heard more struggling from the sitting room.

Rex knew he must just seek out Byron once more tonight before...well, before he was naked and strung up like a big Christmas bobble.

“Zelda, I need the loo, before we...ah, you know.” Handsome Rex said pulling himself up off the old saggy couch. His knees wobbled as he stood- his shirt wide open nearly to his belly.

“Oh, top of the stairs. Need any help, honey? That drink was strong and we can’t you falling down the stairs.” Zelda said offering her beefy arm to the stud.


“No, I’ll be fine. Just relax.” Rex said moving out of the room.

Zelda threw herself down where Rex’s manly ass had been.

“All warm and comfy here!” She crooned as she sipped another drink.

Rex moved up the rickety stairway, he heard movement at the top and saw a shadow. Byron!

“Byron, I need to see you.” Rex hissed.

Byron met the tall gingery furred stud atop the steps and the two moved to the far end of the upper hall. Byron wanted to explore Rex’s manly exposed chest with its forest of ginger furry curves, but he’d have to wait.

“Now, Byron, things are...complicated. Your mum is...ah, um...” Rex was lost for words.

Byron screwed up every ounce of self-confidence and moved and kissed Rex’s open mouth. The kiss was sudden and sweet.

Byron pulled away and smiled shy up at his idol.

“Do what you want...need...but, please...let me meet you at your house...later.” Byron asked coyly and his spectacles were all steamy again.

Rex pulled the cub close.

Those long, strong arms embraced the young man.

“Yes, I have a plan. You like to watch me?” Rex asked with his green eyes fixed into Byron’s.

Byron nodded in shame. But he agreed...he loved to watch!

“This may sound very kinky, but let me take your mum across to my bedroom...for a few hours. You can watch or not. I leave it up to you. I shall leave my curtains open and the bedside lamp on low. When she comes home, you come over alone. A little “just us” time.” Rex whispered and his now raging uncut cock rubbed into the cub’s belly...even thru Rex’s trousers, Byron felt the strength and power of this man! Zelda would really love that inside her, Byron mused.  Rex could have had both mother and son in one deliriously sexy night!

Byron kissed Rex’s cheek and stammered. “I love you Rex.”  The young geeky cub then moved to his bedroom and shut the door. Rex was now ready to let Zelda...enjoy it all!









Rex’s big sleek feet moved back to the sitting room.

Zelada now had undone her housedress slightly at the neck; her succulent breasts were even more on show...all but the big nipples!

“Would you like a drink at my house now, let’s see if my bedroom is even cosier than a couch?” Rex asked picking up his suit coat.

Zelda placed her glass down and smiled.

“Why Rex, you sexy devil. Byron won’t mind if mummy goes out for a bit.” She said rising to take Rex’s offered arm.

“As a matter of fact I have a very important date with my lady boss Saturday night. I want to make an excellent impression. Would you be able to give me a few pointers?” Rex said moving along with Zelda toward the front door.

“Pointers? Hell, I have a full course to teach you! We’d better not lose another second. Saturday aint far off!” Zelda said moving her hand to cover one of Rex’s tight arse cheeks. She gave it a really good squeeze.

“Love a good hard arse! Any toys to play with?” Zelda said pulling Rex out into the early evening.

“Oh, I have little toy box I think you’ll love.” Rex said as his nimble feet almost danced down the front steps.

In his mind he wondered if Zelda would go after his sweaty size 11 socks and feet like so many others. He had a feeling she would. He’d test her now. And dear Byron would see every second from his bedroom window above...how truly naughty!



Much More To Cum!!!!! DJ




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