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The Adventures of Rex V: Distracted Days, Wild Nights (part eight)



(Reader’s note: Our hero Rex is not shy at all! Do not be shocked by his brazen flaunting of his naked toned mature body and flagrant use of his silky ample foreskin clad uncut cock in orifices of any and all sorts! Being a fully sexual being...Rex will fuck or be fucked, suck or be sucked by...ALL! His desire to be worshipped and adored knows no bounds... reader be warned!)


Overweight horny voyeur Byron zoomed in...he saw Rex at the point of full exposure to his whore-like bleached blonde MILF mother.

The 60 something frump sat opened legged in the chair opposite the foot of Rex’s large bed.



Her gaudy housedress opened now...her only garment being those cheap net pantyhose she loved. The crotch, hardly covered...almost see thru and revealing to Rex a furry silvery pink haired slit!

Rex’s eyes widened and he laughed. His hand stroking his massive erection which nearly poked free of his black bikini underwear.

“Pink hair...on your cunt?” he said in almost disbelief.

“Hey, I tried a dye...it made it pink...not blonde! Fuck you, critic! Reveal, mama wants to see your fire-bush!” Zelda hissed, puffing out smoke from her ciggie.

Rex looked at the massive boobs on show and now the pussy...was it wet? Hell, it looked like it was soaking her nylon crotch!

Zelda knew that the 40 something stud sported a massive cock and with his read head of hair...his pubes would be a reddish rust forest!

Byron held the binoculars with one hand and stroked his little dick madly. The window view was perfect and the voyeur loved knowing that after mommy was done...he was invited to play alone with Rex. His love!

Zelda made a throaty horse voice, “Yeah, baby....show mama!”



And Rex, laying back now on his pillow, eased his hips upward and pushing his sweaty thin socked feet flat...worked the waistband free and his uncut tool flung itself free!



The black undies moved over his knees...and over his socked feet! They landed with flourished toss at Zelda’s still shoe-clad toe!

He laid back, his now tousled reddish hair framing his handsome head and smiling face. He let his green eyes watched the bleached aging slut’s face.

Her lips curled back, her ciggie burning in her poised hand. The smile was like that of a hungry vampire!

His long, toned legs now parted, his cock raging and his ball sac tight...his pubes indeed red as fire in the lamp lit room!



Byron was hyperventilating as he watched thru the binoculars and envying his mother so fucking much!

“Well, you like?” Rex said...pulling his ample foreskin back...his pink-purple cock knob all wet with pre-cum.

“Mama, loves...Rex...LOVES!” Zelda purred and the housedress fell away.

She stood in just her heels and net hose. Her ciggie was stubbed out and she walked over alongside the bed.

Her left hand fingers stroking her pussy thru the fabric of the net pantyhose.

The bedside glass was full of water...and that was where she dropped her false teeth!

Rex was aghast!  “What on earth?” he moaned.

And then she showed him why!

The moments that followed, well, moments? Hours? It was a blur for Rex and for Byron.

Only Zelda knew the truth. She was master!

Byron had several near misses of fainting spells!



His beloved sex king, Adonis on earth Rex, was really used!



“I think you like what you see...Rex...and that’s damn good. I am not as young as I used to be but I think I still hold a candle to the others of my fair sex. Would you agree, Rex?” Zelda said with a wild look in her dark eyes while fondling her left nipple gently with her hand.

“Mmm...indeed...Zelda...you are very attractive in that mature, seasoned way....and I love it!” Rex managed to say as he watched her hand exploring her swollen, pert nipple. He wanted to reach out and chew it...but kept stroking his uncut tool...making his hand all covered with copious amounts of pre-cum.

Bryon saw this thru his lenses...the shiny liquid oozed from Rex’s cock like a fountain!

Zelda kicked off her heels, mounted the bed and stood over the bewitched stud!  Her nylon feet planted on either side of his naked body on the mattress now! His eyes were almost level with her pussy!

Rex’s breath caught in his throat as he now ogled Zelda’s multicoloured furry nest tucked delightfully behind the almost transparent layers of fishnet...his cock grew larger and strained in his hand!

Zelda moved more forward and her warm crotch nearly in his face. The sound of Rex’s heavy, uncontrollable panting was the only sound in the large bedroom.




Rex looked closely as a flushed pair of large, moist outer pussy lips now slid into view with the delicate criss-cross of the fishnet as the only barrier in the way. Rex admired the dye job...it was almost kinky! The silver pink hair perfectly framed the large almost elephantine lips of her wanton aged pussy!



Rex gently eased forward and Zelda grabbed his wavy red head with her hand and shoved his face into her fishnet clad crotch; his nose buried between her juicy, slightly parted cunt lips. Zelda held his face hard against her as she gyrated her hips slowly and used Rex’s nose to stimulate and excite her now aching throbbing clit.

Quickly she pulled back and stepped away from Rex’s trembling form, “What the fuck are you doing to me? Did you....smell my pussy?  You pervert!”

Then she laid a slap upon his fair skinned cheek!






Byron saw this and jolted. “Hell, mom...are you gonna play the psycho bitch tonight?” he said to himself. He’d seen his mom dominate, beat...insult and thrash men sexually. His mother was a demonic witch in bed...he heard that lovemaking often in their home with guests his mother dragged home from bars all over London.

Rex loved it. The slap was riveting and made his cock sing!

He knew Marlene might like this. She was a bitch at the office, why not the bedroom?

“Teach me, I am pervert...teach me to obey, Queen Zelda!” he begged and pressed into cunty again.

The smell was ripe and rich...rank and intoxicating! How could it be all this?

“Lick...lick...bastard...lick mama!” she hissed while his face lay upon her warm labia.

The net hose were alive with taste and smells...and the flesh below was just barely out of reach.

“Yes, yes....Momma Zelda!” he groaned and his tongue lashed along the slit.

The finger nailed hands pushed his head in and pulled his hair. Her body worked like a pole dancer and Rex was the pole!

Her clit, hard and throbbing played the tip of his nose and found his lips!

Her kissed, sucked and lapped at the now sizable clitty button hiding beneath the pantyhose netting...he worked like a frenzied dog finding bone in a hole!

Her voice made strange warbling whops and grunts. Primal and satisfied!

The she slammed back his head and slapped him again...and then again!

“Bastard....cheeky bastard!  I never should have let you touch me! Now...you’ll pay....sniffing my cunt without my saying so.....DAMN YOU!” Zelda kicked Rex’s ribs with her left toes!



“You liked my cunt? You want it? Tell me!” Zelda said in a commanding tone as she kept his head held close so her pussy was staring back at helpless Rex.

“Yes....yes, please...Momma Zelda...let me...make love to you!” Rex simpered as if on cue.

Zelda moved slowly to the chair facing Rex and sat upon it again...legs splayed wide...and her hand gently strumming across her sex; the feel of the fishnet pantyhose against her engorged pussy lips felt sinfully sexy.

Zelda found pleasure as her hand worked at her swollen clit through the fishnet, her fingers moist with mounting pleasure. Rex was watching and beating his cock in deep strokes.

 “Rex....you may just be ready for your hot date night with your special lady...my instruction is priceless!” Zelda managed to say between deep intakes of air.

Rex waved his hand over his near naked form apart from the sweaty blue socks he still wore, “You like what you see? I think you do...if you rub any harder on your clit...you’ll cum!”

Rex moved downward to slide off the socks but Zelda motioned with her hand, “Stop...don’t take anymore off, Rex! Come here....join me by this chair!”

Her mouth toothless but she remained articulate and in control!

Byron watched as Rex rose up on socked toes and followed Zelda’s beckoning hand signals to stand before her lustful gaze. She moved up to sit before Rex’s tall near nude form and her mouth salivated for what lay just inches away... his erect and throbbing meat. Rex let his hips thrust forward in successive motions that taunted Zelda and made her cravings boil inside her like a cauldron of steaming lava.

Her well manicured fingers reached up and grasped the uncut masterpiece, but with delicate purpose, she exposed what she desired...and longed for!



The uncut manhood sprang up before her wide hungry eyes. She gazed at Rex’s erection with fascination and delight. His cock was thick...but not fat...long...very long to be true but not obscene or grotesque. His foreskin ample and lush was mostly rolled away revealing his bright purplish cock-knob oozing forth clear liquid like a fountain.



Byron was now sweating and stroking and loving his man, Rex...through his whore-like mother’s actions! The binoculars shook in his fingers he was so aroused.

Zelda gasped, “Rex, damn! Your whole fucking body....and for a guy over 40...so fucking HOT! Byron...will love it, too! But I simply adore it!!!”

Zelda’s hands let go of the shaft and her long fingers moved together to cup Rex’s pendulous fuzzy ball sack. Her fingers toyed with his bouncing rocks and his meaty erection bobbed up and down as if begging for attention.

Zelda’s eyes drank in Rex’s classical manhood and she could not help but notice his well-toned furry chest rising upward before her...she was spoiled for choice...all views of Rex were riveting.



Her tongue lashed out from her brightly lipstick painted mouth and swabbed over the uncovered leaking tip of Rex’s uncut bouncing flesh. The taste was pure nectar and she moaned deeply as she enjoyed the distinct flavour of man juice. 



“I leak pre-cum like a kitchen tap with a steady drip...when I am aroused...and Momma Zelda...I am very aroused!” Rex said as he looked down at Zelda still savouring his juicy residues.

Zelda now used both hands and shoved the lovely long meat into her toothless mouth!

Her mouth, all silky and wet...vacuumed his cock length in and out like a machine!

Now Rex knew why she removed those false teeth!



“Damn...DAMN...that feels...amazing, Momma Zelda...oh fuck! Do I deserve it?” Rex said as he tried to remain standing. His feet moist and sweaty slid in the bedroom carpet. He was about to fall!



His body shook and his cock pumped juices into the hungry mouth that used him!

“You taste...like a juice from some fucking tropical island! Do you deserve it? I’ll let you know!” she said with her gums on show like a toothless hag. But...sexy too! Her bleached hair in baby-doll fashion atop her chubby faced head completed an almost Baby Jane style scene from the old 1960’s movie.

Her gum-work resumed and her hands grabbed his ass cheeks and whacked his man-tool deep into her gullet! Her skilled gums working his foreskin and her snake-like tongue tormenting his piss slit!

Those painted nails dug into his muscular ass flesh with each thrust...and she hoped to draw blood! That was her way of showing Rex that once you fuck with Zelda, she marks you like cattle!



This so reminded him of bossy bitchy Carol...but Zelda was almost more in charge. Could this be true? His mind imagined them working together on him!



This made his cock cream more pre-cum!



Byron stood at the window, his knees shook. The view across the road was all he saw. Rex was all he wanted! He knew Rex liked sex. Man or woman or any flavour in between! Byron pumped his small cock...and watched.

The way his dominant mother gummed the truly sexy reddish haired stud’s uncut stick...in and out of her dripping mouth. Her claw-like hands gripping his naked ass cheeks...pummelling her face with his crotch.

Rex’s eyes rolling back in his head! He was swaying. Zelda held him so tight, he would not fall!

Byron tried not to cum...edging to Rex was his main hobby now...NO, his true passion!



Now Zelda made a shift in action. Byron adjusted the lenses.

She was lapping his round purply cock-tip. Her tongue licking like his knob was flowing with nectar and for all Byron knew...it did!

Her hand held the skin back from the end...she licked all around the big juicy knob. The lamplight caught the glint of shimmering pre-cum and before it had a chance to drip...Zelda’s hungry tongue lashed it away. Her throat swallowing and consuming...devouring Rex’s pre-seed gift!

Byron saw Rex, his body jerking, his furry golden chest heaving with spasms!

He was shouting. Byron’s eyes watched his lips.

“Shit...SHIT...I’ll cum...I’ll cum!” he mouthed.

Byron saw his mother look up. Zelda obviously threatened to bite his cock-knob off he did cum before she ordained it.

She let go of his throbbing pulsating organ, stood and pressed him down to sit on the bed’s foot.

Byron watched his mother lower her net pantyhose just a bit. Her bizarrely dyed nest of curled pubes and floppy cunty lips were displayed inches from Rex’s face.

Zelda seemed to be laughing, her painted nailed fingers pulling the labia wide...taunting her lover! Byron knew his mother was so cruel...and so in charge of men!

There seemed to be a lesson in progress. Zelda was busy explaining her pussy to the red headed stud student. His green eyes intently watching her spread cunt...like it was a specimen in science class.

Byron saw Rex wanting to lick her clitty...which Byron now saw...pink and inflamed at the top of her snatch.

His head kept bobbing inward...his tongue out.

She shouted him away.

What a tease she was...Byron loved seeing his mother beat his beloved Rex into a totally submissive lover.

The lesson was over, practical application time had begun! The net pantyhose snapped back up over the yawning lady-cave.

Now back in the room itself; Rex was pushed down into his end of the comfortable bed at the top while Zelda moved into position on her end at the foot...each now faced the other with legs entwined in the middle.



Zelda moved gently and lifted each of her breasts in full glory with their round dark nipples looking pert and exotic. Rex watched and drooled!

Rex reached down and grabbed her stocking clad feet that lay on either side of upper body; taking one in either of his large hands. Now he lovingly massaged with firmness and aptitude each moist netted foot. Zelda lay back and closed her eyes, loving the attention....attention she had missed from so many of her one-night lovers!

Rex’s thin nylon blue socked toes on his right foot slid up and nestled along Zelda’s warm crotch; gently probing through the fishnet material and discovering her throbbing clitoris pulsing with intense near orgasmic pleasures.

Obviously the student had listened to all Momma Zelda had instructed!

Zelda reached out and grasped Rex’s large left foot and moved it up to cover her chubby over-made face, breathing in the strong manly scents emanating from the sweaty nylon sock material and enjoying the pleasing curve of his sculptured arch.

Byron nearly shot his load and dropped the binoculars...his mother was worshipping Rex’s sculptured size 11 socked feet.

This was too HOT!



Much Much More to Cum!!

Comments always welcome!!  DJXXX










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