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The Adventures of Rex V: - Distracted Days, Wild Nights (part five)





Now Rex Davenport was excited!

His sculptured size 11 socked feet being rubbed with such vigour by his wonderful butch tomboy of a PA and now this pixie-like 50 something also has camera skills...could this day get any better?

Barb was actually pulling Rex’s meaty moist socked heels right up against her extra-big clitty as she crouched on the carpet and massaged her beloved boss. She loved working for Rex, filled her nights with visions of what this man would look like cycling, swimming...fucking! And now he needed her for a special assignment.

“Tell me, Rex. What ad campaign is it for?” Barb asked professionally.

“ME! I am selling myself, just between us, online and I need some...um, sexy photos done. Discreetly of course.” Rex said trying to work on Marlene’s report and arrange his private life as well.

Barb was high on Rex’s manly foot scent wafting up her nose. It actually turned her on even more!

“Oh, I see. You can trust me. When would you like my help?” She asked, her heart thrumming madly.

Rex looked down and knew he had her allegiance. 

“Well, let me get this report done. And shall we say...maybe tomorrow, after work, my place?” He said smugly with his handsome face beaming down at her soft eyes.

“It’s a date.” Barb barked. And carried on rubbing. Her engorged clitty now grinding fully into one juicy heel! Her mind was sailing along...seeing Rex posing for her!

“Barb, better stop that now...I’ll never finish this.” Rex confessed. And both laughed with joy and anticipation.








Barb left a very busy Rex typing away and mumbling happily to himself.

Closing his inner door, she moved to her desk and put her small hands over her face. The scent of Rex’s thin sexy socks lingered. The scent drove her mind into strange and wild places. Her clit throbbed and ached for attention. Tomorrow night, maybe she and Rex...maybe? She could only hope.







Rex sauntered casually down the road he’d called home for many years now. His suit looking a bit rumpled from Marlene’s lunch time fun, his tie tucked in his pocket and his socked feet ready to relax upon his soft carpeted floors.

He’d combed his hair in the men’s room after sending Barb off to Marlene’s office with the needed report. Hoped Marlene might contact him with a possible “thank you” date time...but nothing yet had shown up on his phone.

So look sharp, his reddish golden hair all slicked into place...he walked to his terraced home and enjoyed knowing eyes were on him. He knew folks watched him and loved it.

The sight of geeky Byron attempting to trim the front hedge across the street from his home caught his eye. He’d meant to say hi to the young rather pathetic man who lived opposite him and had a feeling he watched Rex nightly from his upstairs bedroom window. Rex was not wrong.

Byron had planted himself out front, he was dying to make contact with Rex. After what he had done that night Rex was passed out, he wanted to see and do much more.

Little did Byron know his over 60 something mum, with her chubby form and bleached hair had been spying on her son’s every move. She too wanted to know whom had caught her son’s masturbatory mind. She was such a flirt...and so hungry for cock! She’d have this mystery guy...she assumed her son was into men, so she’d have a go too. And maybe they’d both have some cock! She peeked from behind the living room curtains watch her geeky son play at hedge cutting. He may have been over 20 but he looked so immature and dressed in a damn Star Wars sweatshirt and ripped jeans...she sighed. What a geek!


Rex strode over to the young man, and truly surprised him. Byron had actually been lost in thought. He nearly cut his finger off with the hedge trimmer.

“Hello, I am Rex Davenport. I live just opposite you. I meant to say hello ages ago. I see you live here with your mum? Is that correct?” Rex said now holding out his big hand.

The sweaty hand of Byron trembled in delight while shaking his idol’s. The man he watched nightly and secretly loved.

“Yes, ma is my mum...of course. I am so thick. She was older when she had me, dad scarpered ages ago. Just us. It’s nice to meet you. Rex, I like that name.” The poor young man spluttered. His speckles were steaming up!

Now inside, Zelda Hitchcock smiled with a grin that showed off her false teeth perfectly. The old slut was more than pleased with her son’s new friend. That dishy man from across the street...always suited and booted. A right good fuck, she reckoned. And well-off too! Her mind raced. She toddled up to her bedroom to find a much better, flimsier garment to invite her son’s new buddy into the house for tea in...something revealing. Her very large flabby breasts were her best feature, or so she thought. Her head was full of all she wanted to do that man...that stud!

Byron so wanted to tell Rex he’d actually checked on him that wonderful night. He was so close to it when Rex got a text message. Rex grabbed his phone and looked at the text and smiled.

“Lucky me, I have a date tomorrow for some photography...personal nature, if you catch my drift and then a Saturday night a “thank you” dinner date at my boss Marlene’s flat by the Thames. My life is really looking up!” Rex said coyly with those green eyes now fixed on the sweet geeky fellow before him.

The chubby busty figure of Zelda now appeared atop the steps of the house, she wore a flimsy silky housedress and rather strange high black heels...and net hose covered her lower rotund legs. Her hair all hot white blonde in colour was pulled into a ponytail behind her round head with a big blue soft bow...a big “old” baby doll to all who saw her there.

Rex was speechless. The late golden afternoon light actually made her dress see-thru. He saw...so much! He was not sure but he thought he saw her pubic nest as clear as a bell!

Byron rolled his eyes.

“Ma, why are you out here?” He said in very embarrassed tone. He dropped his head in near shame.

“Bring your new friend up, come in for a cuppa.” Her large made-up eyes leered down and her hand waved them up.

Rex felt bad for this poor young man. He liked him, he wanted to reach out...but he would have to meet the mother. He smiled his winning smile and his big size 11 feet strode up the six front steps and shook the heavily painted nailed hand of Zelda Hitchcock. The two exchanged names and pleasantries.

Byron moved up slowly, his mother wishing him away. Byron knew she was up to her “whore” games. He knew her so well.

Rex’s feet began to sweat inside his leather shoes. This woman with her over-friendly chat overwhelmed him instantly.  

“Now do come in, Rex. Any friend of my little Byron’s is a friend to his old mum’s. Come sit and put your feet up, you hard working man. I do love a man in a suit.” Zelda pulled Rex inside the house, the smell of cigarettes and cheap perfumes hit Rex like a club.

Byron shut the front door. He felt he was losing Rex second by second. His mother was the original “man eater”.

Rex’s arm was pulled as he was led into a dark, musty sitting room with the most hideous decor.  Rex was shocked...and he’d seen much, but this place was...cheap!

“Let’s get you comfy Rex. Byron, don’t you have something to do...ELSEWHERE!” She barked as she rummaged for her ciggies on the coffee table strewn with detritus. Rex just stood, his mouth agape.


He wanted out but could not upset poor Byron. He’d have to play along...just a bit.

Byron loomed and a look of “death” came from his ma’s dark mascara painted eyes and he moved up the stairway but just within earshot. He had to know what his mum had planned for his dear Rex. Sometimes, oh, he just hated her!

“Now, big boy, come and slip off that suit coat and undo a few buttons. No office work tonight. All relaxed and casual. Hell, let’s have a drink. Gin, bourbon? Pick your poison. Get those shoes off honey, I want you all stretched out, feet up! Let Zelda help get all comfy.” And with that she grabbed Rex’s two arms and shoved him onto the couch...and he fell like a rag doll.

Poor Rex!

Zelda, her large breasts hanging practically out of her flimsy housedress, stooped over Rex and began to make him... “comfy”.

Byron’s face flushed with rage.

“Damn her!” He fumed.


Much more to cum!




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