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About this blog

Men in socks featured in cinema, television, celebrities, athletes, etc. Even some barefoot men!


Entries in this blog

Sunday's Socks Musings

I love Sundays lingering leisurely over socks. I once had a long layover at Sky Harbor, I believe in the Goldwater Terminal. It was sunny of course so I was fortunate to be wearing sunglasses most of the time and I was able to check out the handsome businessmen's footwear. Anyway, sitting there hard as a stone, getting more and more aroused, trying to conceal what seemed obvious with my paperback novel, one businessman slowly slips his loafers off. So it was a small chain reaction. Within l

Mad Men

My last entry was about Socks in Advertising (BTW, never post sober LOLOL hahahah) So when "Mad Men" came out about the advertising industry in the 1960s, it was a sock fetishists dream come true. Handsome men required to take their shoes off before entering their shoeless carpetcentric boss' office made my days and nights. I waited anxiously for each episode, hoping to see men in their stockinged feet. The men showed their socks in all sorts of settings, in hotel rooms, on the bed, off the


vallam2222 in Men in Suits and Ties and Socked Feet

Socks in Advertising

Growing up before the internet, other than television and socks on film, magazines, catalogs, and newspapers were a tremendous source for men's socked (stockinged) feet. Probably the best part, because no one knew of my fetish, I was totally isolated, living in a vacuum. No one to judge me, no one to bitch and complain about females in the photos or listening to BS like, "The photo would be better if she weren't in it." "I hate those kind of socks. Why don't you post these kind of socks?" Sadly,

Sock Sightings

"Something Wild" 1986 Starring Melanie Griffith (in the title role LOL) and my crush Jeff Daniels. Daniels gets handcuffed twice in the film, both times in socks. He leaves his black OTC dress socks on when he gets in bed with Griffith. Then he's in white crew socks the second time he's handcuffed. "Arachnaphobia" 1990 Daniels (6 foot 3 ) after an outdoor party, is drinking on a couch, long legs over the edge, light color dress socked feet up. Very difficult to see though if you d


vallam2222 in Actors in Socks

Shoes Off or On?

Why do people in Canada and many other countries throughout the world remove their shoes before entering their respective homes, or the homes of others? In my experience this has been the exception and not the rule here in the states. Of course I detest this. Not just because of all the missed opportunities to see men in their socked (or as I remember hearing growing up, 'stockinged') feet, but it's much more hygienic and civilized I think. I also read an article in GQ  magazine entitl


vallam2222 in Shoe Removal

The Reincarnation of Peter Proud 1975

The trailers advertising this film on television scared the willies out of me, but when it was broadcast as a world premiere televised movie around 1976 or 1977 I finally calmed down! There are two sock sightings courtesy of Michael Sarrazin, starring in the title role. One partial in white athletic socks and a second much better in dark dress socks. The slim 6ft 2 ¼ (188.6 cm) actor was not my favorite (I liked Tony Stephano, although I was too young to have a clue who he was at the time)

Retro/Vintage Socks

I want to focus on "Tube Socks" that were so commonly worn *without shame!" in the 1970s and 1980s. Unfortunately, seemingly from women, men are shamed into not wearing socks period, let alone long socks. Yet, their does seem to be a comeback in the gay community of men wearing tube socks and long socks, as well as men in general wearing compression socks. So whatever style socks are in or out, I love the sexy retro style of men in long socks! Larry Pacifico & Mike Bridges - 1981 D


vallam2222 in Retro/Vintage Socks

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