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Becoming a real cowgirl

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About this blog

I'm a mid-40s trans-women on her way to realizing her lifegoal of becoming a woman! I admire hot nude men like everyone else here! 😋 

Entries in this blog

6 more months!

Happy belated New Year! I hope everyone is doing well. I am writing to announce some excellent news! I have been cleared to have my final gender affirmation surgery in early August! Hurrah! 🥳🥳👩👸


PAcowgirl in Girl stuff

Ode to Playgirl

Lately I have been enjoying the view of some of the Playgirl archives here. This may sound slightly corny, but I owe a lot to Playgirl. I was 19 when I bought my first edition (you have to remember that the internet didn't have awesome things like AM back in the mid-90s). It was the first time I ever saw porn that focused on men. It was also the first time I ever pleasure myself to images of men. It has literally taken me +20 years to have sexual experiences with men, but I wouldn't have li


PAcowgirl in Playgirl


Two weeks ago I traveled with two female friends of mine to Baltimore. Our objective: to go to a full Monty male strip club. These are the only two people who know me in real life that I mentioned to that I find men attractive. (Before this trip they had no clue about any activity I had had with other men.) They therefore said if I was serious about this, to prove myself we should go to Baltimore. To make a long (and hard) story short, we had some private fun with a hot stripper and I got t


PAcowgirl in Baltimore

Round 2

Weather permitting, I have been invited to "lunch" at my friend's house on Tuesday. I imagine "lunch" will involve my lips on his sausage (yeah!). Tips and encouragement are welcome!


PAcowgirl in Round 2

Next steps

....so I finally told two of my close female friends about my "fun with men". They were both surprised - because I have never really shared anything like this with them before - but they were incredibly supportive. They asked all sorts of questions,  and honestly, I don't have answers to all of these questions at this point. I do know that doing this made me feel very alive and has affected how I looked porn moving forward. It's one thing to admire nude men, but looking at pics and videos of men


PAcowgirl in Progress

Big step!

So, up to this point I've done not much more than chat with other men, but this afternoon I've been invited over to someone's place and, if all goes well, I'm going to attempt to go down on him. I've daydreamed about this moment for a looooooong time, but I'm also super nervous! Tips and well wishes appreciated! 


PAcowgirl in New adventures

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