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    @JoelR I was playing volleyball, badminton and table tennis but mostly volleyball. It was considered too pansy at my school then because all the players of the sport swings our way and not a single straight guy was there even the coaching staff. @Youri, @Tomster, and @Sammy thanks! No words can describe how I appreciate seeing friendly and familiar faces again. Gosh, I was really shocked when I typed in BGP and the only thing that registered to me was a farewell message - I wasn't even reading the entire content then, and I was like not this forum too. When realization hit me — oh we just moved to a different environment. 😄 And so here I am.
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    From the album: Bears

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    Update to Policy Alert 2019-07 Menu is changed back to two layers based on user feedback.
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    Welcome to Adonismale - glad you made it here!
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    Generally, I believe in balance. I know it is unhealthy for me to engage 24/7 with the stress of politics and current events, but I also know I need to feel I am doing what I can to impact the fate of my city, state, country and planet. So I have to learn to navigate between the two attitudes. I can't speak for everyone's course of action, but I do know that it frightens me to think I am hostage to the inaction of others, so all the more reason to do what I can and then periodically say, "Okay, that's enough for now."
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    I wonder what "manually approved" means ... Speaking of which:
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    Welcome to AdonisMale @zrw2011! Please tell us more about your fetishes ... ... unless it's something like needles in your penis. 😉


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