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A World of Men & Gods

Alam Wernik
Wednesday - 13th
Friday the 13th comes on Wednesday this month. I will get my first hot meal, not cooked by myself, nor washed up after, etc, and I am so looking forward to lunch out! on the other scene, all the cute boys, I have entered upon the Miscellaneous Male Models L, which contains models for which I have between 2 & 9 images. I note that some of these are retro rogues and vintage vamps, however I still needmore! if you happen to have a passion for one of these guys and would like to share your collection, it would be vastly appreciated. as to the regular lineup, I am vacillating - I guess Trevor la Paglia is the most loveable young man - indeed some pix show him cuddling another cute young man, so I can enjoy him vicariously. a warm welcome to new clubmembers, and thanx for the Likes and Stiffies afforded. I really appreciate the support!

Were you ever caught?
When you were growing up, what was the most embarrassing story of you being caught masturbating?  
Boys in Yellow
Boys in Yellow
Tuesday - 12th
this is a day for rejoicing! I got a haircut!! no longer do I look like a koala in heat!!! and I am coming to another milestone - to the end of the K's in my named models, which leads me to discuss the ineffable Pete Kuzak. I have it in mind for him as one to head up my stud ranch which I propose to call the Triple K Bar Ranch. it was going to be the KKK ranch, however, that seemed politically incorrect. on said ranch, Steve Kelso, Noel Kemp, and Pete Kuzak will act as general foremen with 18 foremen under them. each of those foremen will have 18 men under them, for a total of just under 1000 ranch hands. Steve Kelso will act as the general manager and ram-rod all the tops, Noel Kemp will supervise all the bottoms, and Pete Kuzak will tend to the versatiles. it could work! so I welcome new clubmembers to my world, and thank a few of you for remembering to award Likes and Stiffies. I don't wish to come off as over-competitive, but it is nice to be Nº1! so, Scarlett, tomorrow is another day!

Tj Wilk
DNA covermodel TJ Wilk
Jake Mast
Jake Mast
Monday - 11th
well, it's officially off - my dreams of riding a Mountie all across Canada, well, at least a train, have been torpedoed. so I am trying to conserve part of my badly needed vacation - fingers crossed. have been working on the collection and got a very nice note from one of the clubmembers, regarding assisting my efforst. I am wading through the Ks on the way to the ever wonderful, ever beautiful Pete Kuzak (tomorrow). today I have a tasty lineup of lads, led by Christian Kruse who really gives me a taste for carrots. I'll have to see what's in my supper salad. on the return to normalcy, it appears our lunch bunch is reconstituting, which is very cheering. my diet doesn't vary very much from day to day, so eating out once a week is looked forward to! welcome to our newest clubmembers, and a reminder that Likes and Stiffies in the albums are much appreciated. one hates to be thought too competitive, however it is cheering to be on top!

"How many licks does it take...?"
"How many licks does it take...?"
Kiss Me
Kiss, kiss me
Say you miss, miss me
Kiss me love, with heavenly affection
Hold, hold me close to you
Hold me, see me through
With all your heart's protection

Thrill, thrill me
With your charms
Take me, in your arms
And make my life perfection
Kiss, kiss me darling
Then, kiss me once again
Make my dreams come true

~ sung by Marilyn Monroe in the 1953 film Niagara
Sunday - 10th
good news and bad news: we are gradually getting back to normal. so I invited my hag to go out to eat and she got all narky about it. whatever. so I stayed in and saved $35! I think I have gone about as fur as I can go with working over the miscellaneous names - later will be seeking assistance with them. in the mean time, I have a lineup of some awfully nice males. some are Dutch and some are Teutonic, so I am torn between saying «hoe gaat het?» to some and «achtung!» to the others. I think Kris Kranz is the pick of the litter today. happy 2c our clubmembership on the rise. somebody recommended Cialis, and one found in research that it's not for the over-65's 😛 many thanx for the Likes and Stiffies - must keep our pecker up!

Gingers and spice and everything nice.
Ginger spice and everything nice.
A state of perfect happiness, typically so as to be oblivious of everything else.
Brett Mycles
The late, great Handsome Muscle Hunk Brett Mycles 
Blond Gods
Hunky blondes have more fun!
George Maharis
Some pics i think have not been uploaded of this movie star and also Playgirl model
Brandy Martignago
Brandy Martignago is an Australian model, influencer, and surfer from Bondi Beach. He is also the owner of a cocktail bar.

Thanks to his great looks, Martignago drew a lot of attention from top photographers, such are Paul Freeman or Michael Stokes. His editorial was published in digital media and print magazines such as DNA, where he was the cover star. Martignago's advantage is that he is not shy in front of the camera is also willing to go fully nude and do frontal shots. That is what made him incredibly popular not only among females but also the gay community. Martignago claims that he loves to be playful, often doing risque photos.

Martignago calls himself cuddle-enthusiasts and introvert. He is diagnosed with social anxiety and depression and sometimes has a hard time dealing with crowds of people. He revealed that in his Instagram post in February 2019, but also added that he would fight it, as he doesn't want to spend most of his life secluded. One of his favorite quotes is that every new day is a new chance to fix something and find a new piece of the puzzle. He is also a big supporter of LGBT and marriage equality in Australia. Martignago is currently in a relationship with Australian model known as Ben Jamin. (AdonisMale Biography)
back to hospital - jiggity jigg
Read Blip's latest adventure with jelly beans and Tent City
Saturday - 9th
I'm unsure if anybody reads my blithering here, or if you all go str8 to the meat, however, I am going to try. I have been working my Miscellaneous Names very hard, and have cut the list from nearly 1300 to around 700. there have been mis-spelled names, reversed names [Jones Tom instead of Tom Jones] and models who do not meet current criteria for collecting. so there will be more for you to enjoy as we labour along. today, we are working through the K's, and I get to regard the ever wonderful, ever beautiful Jeff Kolendo. I sure wish I had more pictures of him, to rhapsodize and wankover. whatever. welcome to all new clubmembers; I am so proud that we have gone over 5000 - and hope for many more. also hoping that the newbies learn the joys of Likes and Stiffies, as I have been losing ground in that area. whatever you can do to help, is gratefully appreciated.

Tim Perry
Tim Perry
Dan Jacob
Dan Jacob
Sam Dekker
Sam Dekker
Muscleboys Wrestling
Muscleboys Wrestling
Leo Lombar - Erotic Solo
Leo Lombar
Age: 25 (as of 2019)
Hometown: Prague, Czech Republic
Height: 179cm / 5'10"
Weight: 90kg / 198lb
Foot Size: EU 43 / US 8.7 / UK 8.2
Penis Size: 16cm / 6.3"
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