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A World of Men & Gods

Tuesday - 25th
I must do violence to my blonde fetish here, and name Darren Criss as the man of the hour. I came [aagh!] across him accidentally in a glee clip of Uptown Girl. I immediately fell in lust, and haven't surfaced yet. he is too cute for words!
Monday - 24th
went to the travel agent to work on my bucket list trip. have been scanning like mad, and came [aagh!!] across pix of adult actors I have known and admired. got them into the fold. now to today's posts - my feature is Christopher Cox, an exceedingly cute non-blonde man whom I want for my teddy bear. the job is open, what more can I tell you? membership seems to have reached a plateau - if you can help, great. thank you for the likes and stiffies!!

Sunday - 23rd
a pleasant afternoon - two schoolmates and their husbands took me out to eat, and we had a good time talking about all absent friends and family. got back and almost forgot to do my postings!! today, I will offer salt-and-pepper: the blonde is Nicholas Cornford and the brunette is Leonardo Corredor. both delicious males! oh, I almost forgot - remind our clubmembers that membership is at a plateau, so recommend us to all your buddy lists. and keep those likes and stiffies a-coming!

Big Gay Talk: When do I say enough is enough?
How would you help user MG6993, who asks:

I’ve (m23) been seeing this guy (m29) for the past few months. When we started talking, he had just gotten out of a long relationship. I found him trying to rush our relationship, so I tried to slow it down. I told him that I think he was rushing it because he was use to being in a relationship and he knew he loved me. He told me to break down my walls and to let him in. Eventually I stopped trying to slow us down and I fell for him, and even telling him I loved him. After I told him that, he started to distance himself and then came to conclusion that he did rush it. He said he wanted to be single for a upcoming trip (which he is currently on). As a result he wanted to slow us down: meaning that he wants to opportunity to talk to other people, yet still talk and go on dates with me. As much as it hurt I agreed, because I understood.
The Adventures of Rex V: -   Distracted Days, Wild Nights (part two)
“You are a bit older than I like in a lover; I go for young dumb guys-great sex and rotten conversation. I also avoid bisexual guys BUT maybe today...in view of all the pressing issues at hand...I need to review my tastes. You are hot! Fucking hot! I bet you pack a big...mmmm...weapon, too!” She smiled devilishly and moved up to tower over Rex’s big desk ...
Simon Mathis
Simon Mathis
We all took peeks in the locker room.
Saturday - 22nd
a miserably cold day here in CFL - I walked up to get the no mail without a jacket, and it was all right, but not the temperature in which you could run back and forth through the lawn sprinkler. my feature for today is the ever wonderful, ever beautiful Anderson Cooper. I know this will get up the nose of some clubmembers, however I think he has the right combination of cuteness and money to make him very attractive to mee!

Jake's Creations
Jake's Hunky Creations
Sexy men of the office!
Gay Rights Documentary 'Visible: Out on Television' Deserves to be Seen
By Neal Justin Minneapolis Star Tribune.   A new documentary tracking television's treatment of sexual orientation should have its creators beaming with pride

Decades before Anderson Cooper became a CNN fixture, openly gay men had to be creative about getting time behind the anchor desk. Sometimes it meant breaking the law ...

Undie Hunks & Jockstrap Studs
This Gallery is for The Hottest Hunks in Undies/Jockstraps Etc.
Nice Men in Action
Very nice men in sexy action
Friday - 21st
not necessarily dark and stormy, it is nonetheless cold in floorda and one is hunkered down at the computer, regarding a planned trip to northern Canada in the mean time, a nice lineup of models to consider - I suppose Chad Connors has the most to offer in terms of bottom talent, even though Bart Connor is blonde and cute. you decide.

The Beautiful of Men's Body
the beautiful men in underwear
juha007 Hot Studs
juha007 Hot Studs
Oliver Jackson-Cohen
British actor sporting a sexy hairy torso.
Peter Baranyai
The beauty and stunning body of this handsome model from Budapest, Hungary, Peter Baranyai, in the brilliant editorial "The Time is Now! Let's Pump It" by the photographers Sandro & Maykon (Sandro Montavani and Maykon Busato) for the second issue of their online magazine.  Seduction and male beauty with the spectacular 27-year old Peter Baranyai.  
Marland McKinney
Marland McKinney is an American male physique model from California, USA.
Thursday - 20th
stayed close to the fort - worked on my pic collection, and almost, just almost got tired of looking at Tony Ganz. never could happen. so now we are posting, and trying to decide whom to favour as my feature. mmm I guess Jeff Conger is the cutest of the bunch, though I fear being labelled as a chicken hawk. he is awfully cute! hope you enjoy Sean Connery and the animated gifs I added

Post in Sit Back and Relax!
Jorge Darek
Tighty Whities
There's nothing sexier than a hunk in a pair of fresh undies.  Enjoy these amazing photos of men wearing only their tighty whities.

ES Swimwear Collection - 2020
Ben Dudman, Eduardo Calleja, Alessandro Michele Di Ninno and Joaquín Clemente

PHOTOGRAPHER: Tarek del Moreno 
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