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Post in GOLD:  The Color of the Sun
Todd Morgan by John Hough
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Pete Buttigieg
Speaking at a rally on Sunday, Pete Buttigieg announced his campaign for the White House. The 37-year-old is the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, a Democrat and an openly gay Christian married to husband Chasten.
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Post in Men Showing Their Equipment
Got wood? Check out this sexy lumberjack - complete with the red flannel and beard - undress and whip out his monster axe in the forest!
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Unzipped 100 (The Greatest Gay Porn Films Ever) Winter / Spring 2006
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Unzipped magazine presents the 100 greatest gay adult films ever made (in alphabetical order). Dating back to 1971, all the way through the summer of 2005, these 100 films were made by the best directors of gay porn, including Wakefield Poole, Joe Gage, William Higgins, Matt Sterling, Chi Chi LaRue, Steven Scarborough, Jerry Douglas, Gino Colbert, Chris Ward, Michael Lucas, Bruce Cam, John Rutherford, and many more.
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Thwaites, Rob
Male model Rob Thwaites
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Johathan Best
Adonis model Johathan Best
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Friction December 1990
Friction December 1990 Covermodel Matt Ramsey
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Post in Adam Phillips
Adonis model Adam Phillips
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Edge Of Seventeen - Gay Classic

A gay teen finds out who he is and what he wants, who his friends are, and who loves him, in this autobiographical tale set in middle America in the 1980s. Growing up, learning about life, love, sex, friends, and lovers.
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Post in Esprit de Corps
Post in Esprit de Corps
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Stefan James Brydon
DNA Magazine Stefan James Brydon in "Come Play With Stefan" by photographer Christian Scott.  I would sure love to pay with Stefan.
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Jonathan Cannaux
Jonathan Cannaux
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Post in Draped in Towels
Diego Cardozo 
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Post in Smoldering in Shirts
Post in Smoldering in Shirts
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Aaron Moody
Aaron Moody is the goal keep for Swindon Town FC Academy & Reserve, and if you’re thinking that you’d like him to tend your goal, then you’re not alone.

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Post in WHITE: The Color of Purity
Mikey Ajazi

Post in Jockstrap Jock Juice
Post in Jockstrap Jock Juice
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Steven Watson
Steven Watson
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Friday - 12th
my feature of the day is the ever wonderful, ever beautiful Colt Thomas. he's entertaining in some back room in the wild blue yonder, died much too young and sadly missed. oh, well, to comfort me, I have Jake Taylor, and think of him often, especially in connection with Dino di Marco in some dreadful flick called My Sister's Husband.
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Post in From the Side
Pornstar Bryce Evans
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Post in Crossed Swords
Post in Crossed Swords
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Post in Baskets
How big is your basket?
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Post in From the Side
Robin Cole
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Post in Getting an erection while talking to guys
Jointed a new gym three days ago.  The dude who took my order over the phone?  Was there last night when I went in.  Standing there I began to get aroused but he woulda never noticed, he was the acting receptionist last night. All I could think was I want to suck him.  Badly. 
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Post in GREEN: The Color of Renewal
Yadier Alejandro Rodriguez in the color green
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