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A World of Men & Gods

Misc Hotties 2
A collection of miscellaneous hotties by @elvis1969
Nick Boisseau
Nick Boisseau
Hansen, Eric
Man with a certain puckish charm. Very energetic actor!
Frankie Cammarata (aka Franky Cammarata)
Model Frankie Cammarata flexes his muscles and show his sculpted silhouette in the newly released look book of Canadian retailer Simons.
Harris, Saul
This teddy bear is something of a newcomer to me. Not wildly good looking, but very acceptable husband material!
[Game] Alphabet Train
Jump on the 50+ pages of BGP's Alphabet Train, a choo-choo-tastic game where anybody can join. It's pretty simple.  Post a word starting with the last letter of the previous word.
Gay Erotic Media for Monday August 12 2019
Relive the Memories (or) Create New Memories of these Newsstand Publications and Movie Theater Showings. Erotic Magazines: Colt Men No36 | Colt Men No38 | Colt Men No41 | Colt Men No42 | Movie Magazine: Buckshot Lotus | XXX Movie: Centurians of Rome (1981). My favorite Model is Wade Neff
Monday - 12th
so its Monday - I went to the bank to visit my money, and that was the high point of the day. my telephone is still hors de combat. but the cute men keep on coming [don't I wish]. hard to decide today between the extreme cuteness of Mark Harmon and the extreme hunkiness of Carl Hardwick. seeing that I have some sort of relationship with Carl, it stands to reason I got hope. oh, and in the zips, there are about 8 more animated gifs for Mark which would not upload to an album. I think the first one is priceless! also FWIW, any images which are overly lurid, are the product of fauxtoshop and a fevered brain.

Pride Marches On In Poland
Over the weekend 2,500 people celebrated Pride in a parade through the Polish city, Plock. The parade was the first of its kind in the city and was relatively peaceful albeit with participants surrounded by police in riot gear.

Politicians, including Robert Biedron, one of Poland’s first openly gay politicians attended the parade. Speaking ahead of the event Biedron said, “For many years in Poland not much was done to handle such violence. It’s time for these hateful crimes to be punished.” In reference to the increasing homophobia sweeping the country.


Sunday - 11th
another quiet day; more scanning. I understand that "leftovers" is no longer politically correct; I had recycled food for dinner, and now considering these handsome gentlemen, led by the ineffable Boyd Hansen. boy o boyd, how I would like to express my love and admiration to him 🤩 also got zip files for your convenience.

First time
Any good tips on becoming a good bottom?
Gay love
Young gay love
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