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A World of Men & Gods

Josh Harting
Josh Harting was one of my first loves... still one of my all time faves. He made a half dozen videos for Falcon before dropping out of the business.
Quentin Gainz
Quentin Gainz
Brian Huseby
PG October 2002
Hot Young Hunks
Photography: Dean Keefer
Thursday - 28th
another day, another devalued dollar! the gods are bowling in Valhalla, however the sun is full out and no rain seems imminent. whatever. I'm here surrounded by beautiful boys, lovely lads, and macho males, which suits me down to the ground. I have finished Miscellaneous Male Models L, and again give thanx to the clubmembers who submitted images for the first couple of passes. one hates to be thought a size queen, however I really enjoy lots of pix of my models. LOTS. the feature for today is a young man called Vicent Llorach, and I have to say, I find him a treasure. wish I found him under my pillow tonight 🤩 please remember my appeal to keep our club on the rise 😀 and thanks to all of you for the Likes and Stiffies which I've enjoyed.

Dayden Pierce
Dayden Pierce
Anthony Vacca
Smile in bed with hunk Anthony Vacca, Playgirl Man of the Month for May 1980.

See his entire Playgirl Magazine photospread and others in DC Playgirl Gallery, the world's largest Playgirl fan site.
Andrés Becker
Andres Becker (also known as Andreas Becker, Alain Gerard, Albert Wyss)

Mixed photos from Playgirl Magazine

Brett Winters
So, moving my collection of Brett Winters pics from yahoo to this site.

I hope you enjoy this hunk

Jake Genesis
Jake Genesis
Karl Letovski
Hot, Muscular and Handsome Stud who took it in THE ANCHOR HOTEL, and took it very well indeed! 
Wednesday - 27th
lunch with the park pack and back regarding the boyz. a little lagniappe today, as I want to clear out a folder. I got a little news from On High - @JoelR otherwise known as the Great Adonis, has announced a change in the way our members arrive - from now on out, it is necessary to ask to be in our club, so, as a favour, I want to ask you to recommend Sonof PicJim to everyone on your buddy lists, so we can keep up momentum. all members who have been added are most warmly welcomed, and thanks must go to those who award Likes and Stiffies - they are so much appreciated. oh, the feature - Matthew James Lister is a consummate teddy bear, and I commend him to all, after I have grown tired of him. check back in 2047.

B&W Beauties
B&W Beauties
Alphabet Train
It's pretty simple.  Post a word starting with the last letter of the previous word.

Lovers of male titties
Chest & Torso
Chest & Torso
Bun, Buns, Bunns
100+ pages of Bun, Buns, Bunns!
Corbin Fisher or Sean Cody
Okie dokie guys.. here is a simple question for you.

Do you prefer Corbin Fisher or Sean Cody ?
Blip reviewed Blip's reviews and not certain that has ever made mention of Ryan Higa. Mr Higa has one of the most followed Youtube channels on Youtube

How? Why?

After years and years - Ryan Higa is still damn funny. Too churn out comedy is no easy feat, (try dancing funny! that is no easy feet either! no! come back! c'mon! puns are one of the greatest joys ever! you leaving just for THAT? Then eff you too and everyone who looks like you....and thank you george carlin for that very last line)
What's your favorite bikini on SuzieNudie??

Here are the preliminary results from Round 1 has ended with a tie breaker in progress to determine 3rd place. 😂

Thank you for those who participated & please comment below as I would like to hear what made you vote for the photo(s) you did. 🤔☺️
Patrick Leblanc
Patrick Leblanc (born August 16, 1999) is a Canadian bodybuilder, model, and an Instagram star.

Leblanc started working out when he was only 14 and had no support from his classmates in high school. In his first six months, he gained 30 pounds and went from 125 to 225 on the bench press. His inspiration to do bodybuilding came from Arnold Schwarzenegger, and he still calls him his idol. He quickly became an internet sensation thanks to his size, which was unusual for a teenager, which later gave him a sponsorship deal with Jed North apparel. Modeling for the company, he appeared in their campaigns and was featured in various media outlets.

Patrick Leblanc opened his Instagram account in August 2014 and currently has over 330k followers. He usually posts once a week, focusing mostly on selfies, with occasional professional shots. His shirtless photos gain more than 20k likes on average and are often posted on blogs and media outlets dedicated to bodybuilding or gay culture.
Tuesday - 26th
just another day in paradise! I have a project, trying to get all the playgirl models into a database. keeps me out of the pool halls. major upset in trying to choose a model to feature - they all are lovely. guess I will go with Brian Lewis. it sounds wretched to say, however I found out that a man I have been chasing for years, has been laid off from his job. I said I sure could make room here for him. this man is a walking, talking teddy bear. and literate, too - we can watch Jeopardy together while I nibble his tits. oh! devil!! why do I have thoughts like that? just a note of business, welcome to all new clubmembers, and thank you for the Likes and Stiffies which come my way 🥰

My boyfriend is going to propose to me, and I don't know what I'm going to do.
User timroy wants to ask:

My boyfriend (25) and I (25) have been together for six years. My boyfriend's best friend who's also my good friend told me that my boyfriend is going to propose to me this weekend. He said they bought the ring together and he's planning on surprising me. Everything's great except he's out only to my parents and three of his friends. We've talked about him coming out to his family and close friends, and he says he doesn't think his sexuality is any of their business and wants me to never bring that topic up ever again. I'd happily accept his marriage proposal, but what if he doesn't come out? I'm seriously going to lose my mind now. I don't know what I should and shouldn't do.
Strange places to masturbate.
What is the weirdest place you ever jerked off ?
James MacArthur
I was a young boy when I went to see "Swiss Family Robinson." Too young to understand what was happening in my crotch every time James MacArthur appeared on screen, mostly shirtless.

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