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Mc Guirk, Zack
Zack McGuirk
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Vladimir Averyanov
Vladimir Averyanov
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Wednesday - 20th
lunch with the rat pack - expanded by one 🙂 and I had a chili cheeseburger, which I have not had in 100 years [erp] back to look at my boys - have to say Bruce Mc Master is my pick for rumpy pumpy tonight. not much wrong with him, except he needs a haircut. welcome to our newest clubmembers, hoping you enjoy my lineup!

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Guy McCoy
Guy McCoy
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Halloween Stuff
Halloween Stuff
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Jed North
Jed North
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Gianluigi Volti
Gianluigi Volti - Valentine! 💝 🇮🇹🏋‍♀️🧸🏆
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Daniel Gonzalez
Breaking the Waves Daniel Gonzalez Pics by Adrián C. Martín
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Tuesday - 19th
whee! I am so pleased to announce that we have achieved 11,000 clubmembers, and each and every newbie is warmly welcomed. as to feature, I am forced by the miracle of modern technology to admit that Dick Mc Kay is one of the most fabulous young men I have ever come across [aaagh!] note to all: when an album has >99 images, a zip file is also include for you to enjoy!

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Naked in Bed
Naked in Bed - join the image board!
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Oct 19, 2021
Men's Sock Heaven
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Wrestle that Buldge!
Real world wrestlers in their work attire, with their equipment tightly packed...
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Post in Tuesday 2fer
Post in Tuesday 2fer
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Model Pierre by Pavel Lepikhin – Marcuse Active and Urban underwear
We are happy to show you today some fantastic conceptual images from the collections Urban and Active by Marcuse we have in our shop. The campaign was photographed by charismatic Pavel Lepikhin with handsome model and DJ Pierre Zamyatin posing in the briefs and trunks of these two collections. This campaign was photographed more than a year ago and you may have already seen some of these photos in our social media. This time though we present the campaign in full! The Urban collection is an easy to wear collection of briefs and trunks in white, black and grey. The Active Collection is a more athletic take on everyday underwear, briefs and trunks in burgundy red, charcoal grey and black. If you like what Pierre is wearing in the photos you can visit the Marcuse section in our shop to get yourself a pair or two!
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Curtis (Sean Cody)
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Post in Reno Gold
Reno Gold On His New Studio & What He Thought Of That OnlyFans Porn Ban by Cameron Geer

If you’re a hardcore stan of Reno Gold and his Only Fans page, then you might want to listen up. As of this week, the modern-day gay porn icon has officially launched his very own porn studio! RenoGold.com is set to feature exclusive scenes with Gold, who has long been known as one of the biggest success stories on OnlyFans, and a large collection of solo videos directed by Gold himself that center around a variety of new, fresh-faced models.

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Monday - 18th
a couple of interesting points - I went to a stupid health plan seminar to earn $10 - retired folks do that a lot here in floorda, and I was maugering on the couch, trying to formulate an excuse for not doing my daily posts, when I got a text message from my cell fone provider, saying that I had better hurry up and buy more minutes or risk losing my phone number. sad fact, I renewed it two days ago. I wonder if these people have been taken over by the gummint - I mean, one hand doesn't know what the other is doing! so here I am with a luscious lineup of lads to share with you. Bob Mc Heath would be my favourite, and that has nothing to do with him being blonde with big tits. we continue to welcome new clubmembers, and tomorrow is another day!

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Sunday - 17th
quiet day - I had to go out for marketing; had a nice young man called Andrew, who didn't know anything about sacking groceries - gave me one bag which weighed 12 lb (5½ kg), the other with a dozen eggs. okay - he was too skinny for my taste anyway. here at home, I do not have any problem selecting men with whom I wish to roll around - Guy Mc Coy is one of the real Mc Coys, however Ellis Mc Creadie is blonde and toothsome. you will have to choose your fave. welcome to our newest clubmembers!

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Saturday - 16th
another day, another devalued dollar, and another freaking lineup of delicious men. I suppose the most fetching is Matthew Mc Conaughey, and I would double doggie hate to have to choose him for a romp and tell the others to wait. hate, hate, hate it. they all are top drawer. BTW, I have a shout out and thanks to @titbug, who provided a lot of help in clearing unnamed models from my collection, giving them names and homes. we have achieved 10,900 clubmembers, whom I warmly welcome, and remind all that when albums have >99 images, a zip file will follow. bad news, though, I was baulked from sharing animate gif files, which I will send to anyone who requests them. note, all you have to do is g00gle [model name gif], and you should get the results I did. sorry.


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Celebrating 20 Years Of The Sexiest Men Alive In DNA
Celebrating 20 Years Of The Sexiest Men Alive In DNA. Every year, one of the most popular issues is DNA’s Sexiest Men Alive. The most recent, DNA #260, has Malik Delgaty on the cover and 23 other hotties inside. They aren’t all strippers! The Sexiest Men Alive includes actors, musicians, social media stars, politicians, athletes, and models.

So put your hiking boots on because we’re going for a stroll down memory lane to check out the covers of all of DNA's Sexiest Men Alive issues.
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Friday - 15th
we are cutting this close; the computer was acting funny and I hadta reboot. back in the saddle again, though. today's lineup features the ever wonderful, ever beautiful Paul Mc Cartney, although I was stunned to find out he's older than myself. wow - his cute genes really kicked in, back in the day. welcome to our newest clubmembers!

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Dylan Cary
Dylan Cary by James Rated X
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Post in Kyle Hynick
Kyle Hynick
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Thursday - 14th
a little humourous aside: two guys are playing golf next to some brush. one happens to be the fire chief of this small town, and he comments that the fire department has been getting a lot of calls about rattlesnakes. his buddy says, they call the fire department? what do you tell them?? well, the first thing we ask, is the snake on fire? 🤣😂

okay, down to business - second verse, same as the first - if these guys magically appeared at the door, I would faint! I guess my fave would be Glenn Mc Allister, who, though he has a big dick, has a flat ass. who cares?? speaking of witch, I see we have new clubmembers, whom I welcome with glee. hope you like my selections!

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