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By the Poolside
By the Poolside
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Bull Bud
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Thursday - 24th
a lotta loving among today's posts. I believe I have to feature Marco Rossi, who has the most fabulous tits other than Dolly Parton (not quite as large, but meatier) hope you enjoy the rest of the lineup! welcome to our newest clubmembers - note that album with <99 images also get a zip file posts. many thanx for the Likes & Stiffies awarded me.

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Thursday Licks
Thursday Licks
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Mark MacKillop
Mark MacKillop
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Rollofsen, Sean
Sean Rollofson
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Wednesday - 23rd
hooray! completely avoided doing any work today - managed to loaf the entire afternoon! thinking about lovely lads and avoiding work entirely! big yawn! hoping you enjoy my lineup of models and that tomorrow will be a more prosperous day. what a lazy life! I decided to feature Peter Romero of the snapping black eyes and wish that you enjoy him as much as I! welcome to our new clubmembers and thanks to all who have awarded me likes and stiffies. such terrific models.

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OMG, he’s naked: Professional bodybuilder Jahaziel Aguayo
OMG, he’s naked: Professional bodybuilder Jahaziel Aguayo

Professional bodybuilder Jahaziel Aguayo isn’t just thick up top! 😉

With that bulge in his posing trunks (above) clearly indicates he is packing a nice penis! 🤤
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Written Out Of The Script
There are a lot of ways a character can be taken out of the story in the entertainment industry... it happens most often in film  when a feature character gets edited out (It's what used to be called winding up on the cutting room floor when film was actually cut for editing...A place I've wound up many times) usually a character is deemed insignificant to the storyline or someone is trying to cut some time off the final film length. It happens more in a television series, so rather it might be easier to say written out of the story... because the flow of script or book moves forward to the ending and many characters leave, die or in some cases simply disappear into thin air.

In the last ten years or so a lot of people have been written out of my story... and me out of theirs but I'll get back to this later ...
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Nick Sandell
Nick Sandell
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Naked in the Kitchen
Naked in the Kitchen
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Muscle gods worship
Okay….Back in the 70's I and other gay men didn't want to classify men of other races by color. So we classified them by flavor…..lol….hahahaha….In bars and on the streets we would refer to white men with blonde hair and white skin as Vanilla men; white men with black or brown hair and white skin as Chocolate Chip men; White men with red hair and white skin as Strawberry(21st century called "ginger") men; Black men with dark skin as Dark Chocolate men; Black men with brown skin as Chocolate(or Milk Chocolate) men; Black men with light brown skin as Carmel skin men; Black men with light skin that resembled white skin as Yellow men; Latino men, we just called them Brown Sugar men; Asian men, we called them "Lemon or Yellow" men. It was all based on flavor. And so we worship them as our means of achieving the ultimate orgasm. It works.

Worshiping muscle is an ancient practice HISTORY OF MUSCLE WORSHIP. The exact origins of muscle worship remain elusive. A review of the historical literature suggests it may have its origins during the time of ancient Greece; sometime around the early 300’s, BCE. Historians refer to this period of time as the Hellenistic ages.  

Gay muscle worship is no different than any other form of muscle worship. The clinical name of this activity is sthenolagnia: a ten-dollar term for getting aroused by a person’s muscles.

Specific to men who are attracted to other men, we define muscle worship as a male who gets turned on by well-built jocks, wolves, daddies, otters and bears!
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Tuesday - 22nd
surgery follow up today - came back rather tired! so here I am with da boyz and what a lineup! Roger was one of the most pre-eminent superstars, and while theoretically not my type (they're all my type) he has a lot to offer, and I do mean a lot hope you enjoy him and have added a zip file for your convenience. a grand welcome to our newest clubmembers and a hearty thanx to those who awarded me Likes & Stiffies - it's what keeps me going on!

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Nick Topel
Nick Topel coming at you
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What is your favourite beverage?
What is your favourite drink?


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James Branson - Big Muscle Knockout
This is one well-endowed young man. If he doesn't knock you out with those massive arms, watch out for his big bat. He's James Branson!
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Teddy Bears
Hunks & their stuffed teddy bears.
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Elliot Finn
Elliot Finn
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Sunday - 20th
the message for today is: oszczędzaj pieniądze, also said as «save your money». again I must apologize for a hiatus in posting. Friday morning, I had an operation on my shoulder, and when I came home, my right arm was completely numb. utility is returning slowly, and at last I can type a sensible message, so here we go again! I hope you will enjoy my lineup of models. to choose a feature, perhaps I would go with Eddie Robinson, probably only because he is blonde and buff 😍 butt I hope you will like all the men involved. welcome to our newest clubmembers, and a note to newbies, whenever a model has >99 images, I also post a zip file for your convenience. many thanx to those who have awarded me Likes & Stiffies - may they ever stiff on!

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Rockland, Hal
Hal Rockland
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Where in the world?
Hi everyone. I was wondering where we are all from... 
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Alex Espenshade
Beautiful redhead Alex Espenshade
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Daddy - would you make your daddy wear this underwear?
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Blond Gods
Hunky blondes have more fun!
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