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A World of Men & Gods

Clem Ragel in Summer Brothers
Clem Ragel in Summer Brothers
Friday - 5th
a day of new beginnings! my summer vacation is well and truly dead, so I will continue to entertain the club, as best I can. gym day and I re-connected with my gym-hag, so that was cheering. unfortunately, back here at home, I have nothing to entertain me except the computer. ok - will forge ahead. I have started an album for Miscellaneous Male Models M with just a few images featuring a fuzzy blonde butt belonging to someone called Mac. how I wish I could get more pix of this young man! a procedural note here: in going through the previous album before I deleted, I found a tearful message asking for more pix of a certain model. lissen, Cinderella, if its in Misc, there are only between 2 and 9 pix; I require 10 to make an album. having been forcibly kept home, I have done some research, and a very careful analysis will show more albums coming through. however, the ones I list as miscellaneous today are just that, and at this juncture in time, they are resistive to further research. therefore, if you have pix hidden under your mattress, howzabout sharing them? the lineup for today is led by Simon Mac Corkindale, whom I find quite yummy. you have to assess the rest for yourselves. a hearty welcome to new clubmembers, and my thanx to you for the Likes and Stiffies afforded. keep up the good work!

Manlove Moments
Do you have any fun sporting manlove moments to share?
Thursday - 4th
living in floorda is such fun - one minute it's raining, the next, the hot sun is steaming up everything - good job I don't have enough hair to frizz up. have a soupçon of studs for you to regards, in a variety of styles. my feature is Steve Lundquist, a swimmer of note. would you believe I did not know he was at SMU when I could have molested him 😛 membership is plateau-ing, so your assistance in recommending us to your buddy lists would be appreciated. also, many thanks for the Likes and Stiffies afforded. I really enjoy them. now you enjoy my boyz!

Adonis Male Competition
Come and check out the prizes. Competition open to all Adonis Male Members.
Joe Dallesandro
also known as Joe D'Allesandro

This is a collection of various images i've collected 
Wednesday - 3rd
today would be a great day for something to happen! as an exceptionally good boy, I went to the gym this morning, and it has left me headachy and sore in various places. I have a lineup of lads to share with you, led by Lucas Loyola, who is quite enchanting. a big shout out to our newest members. please remember to tell your buddy lists about SonOfPicJim and thank you for the Likes and Stiffies you have awarded.

Tuesday - 2nd
well, some interest today - went to the library and the gym, so things are beginning to normalize. tomorrow, back to the gym, and I must prepare my workout bag. nothing in it other than a knee bandage, taken as a blind. if I have it, I will not need it, however if I don't take it . . . back here at home, today's lineup is entirely new models for me, and so hard to decide which I like best. you choose. in the mean time, welcome to new clubmembers, and thank you for the Likes and Stiffies awarded. onward through the fog!

Rigardo Merlo
Rigardo Merlo - Vintage images from Advocate Men July 1987
Ripp Baker
Ripp Baker
Monday - 1st
just got news that our library has re-opened with some limitations, so I will be visiting tomorrow. other than that, no looting nor burning. I would have liked to loot the Cheesecake Factory, but it went out of business, so I guess I will still be on my diet. new newyear's resolution, I am going to exercise sheltering at home, starting quite soon, just trying to get a little muscle tone I realize I will never look like the boyz/menn I share with you; I would like to at least appear dignified. an awful indecision for my feature - should it be Sonny Lord with his inordinately cute blonde boyishness or Byron Lorentz with his his butch blonde butt waving at me?
You cannot choose just one
Can you choose just one Underwear?
Sunday - 31st
another day around the ranch with the boys [sigh] my imagination runs rampant with all this male muscularity and magnficence! the featured fella for today is Kris Lord, who, oddly enough would never get ordered by me out of the boyfriend book based on text alone. however he has given a great deal of fun to a great number of fundaments, and I have video proof. smatter of fact, I think I will go hunting him and Danny Summers relaxing by the pool 🤩 a reminder that I need assistance in locating more clubmembers if we are to continue our growth, and thanks be to those who have awarded Likes and Stiffies!

Whitsunday, a Bushwalk, JoelR and a Cake
Today is Whitsunday. For me it was never anything special, except that Whitmonday is a holiday in Germany. 

Now it has got another meaning for me. There is a very simple reason for this. We live on one of the 74 Whitsunday Islands. Whitsunday Island itself is the largest island and the centre of the Whitsunday Island Group. Since this island is very close, it is only a few minutes with our flybridge cruiser to get there. I love to have a walk on one of the Island's trails. My favourite is the Whitsunday Peak walk. The trail is 2.2 km one-way. Now, if you think this is a piece of cake, you are sorely mistaken. (I'll talk about a cake later.) 

As Whitsunday is not only the name of the island, but a special Sunday, baking is the order of the day. When Joel was amazed that @malelover got a cake named after him, I thought, what cake could be named after @JoelR .
Sunday Undie Day
Top off an amazing week with an all-day fun-day escapade by admiring guys in their skivvies and undies in the Sunday Undie Day!    Find your best and single photo of a hot guy in the sexiest underwear for Sunday Undie Day.
Another late Nineties favourite, the very Beautiful Chance with His very big Cock 
Friday - 29th
the attack of the Loftins: Aaron the cute, Jack the naughty, and Mike the boy next door! I should not have favourites, however, Aaron is far and away able to blow me far and away. what a cute boy! hoping you all are well and in-the-pink, I thank everyone who has awarded Likes and Stiffies, the feedback I cherish most. also am pleased that we are starting to have little notes and quips, and I must recognize @JackFTwist for helping so much in getting names str8tened out (Jack Mc Farlane would say gayed out, but that doesn't work here).

A View From Both Sides
A View From Both Sides
Vintage Boys 14
Hundreds of new vintage photos uploaded into the Vintage category - flip back to the boys of yesteryear
Josh Harting
Josh Harting was one of my first loves... still one of my all time faves. He made a half dozen videos for Falcon before dropping out of the business.
Quentin Gainz
Quentin Gainz
Brian Huseby
PG October 2002
Hot Young Hunks
Photography: Dean Keefer
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