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Friday - 27th
wow, I wonder WTF the day has gone! I did get all my dirty clothes washed, so that's an achievement. went over to see my hag and give her a little thank you present for all she did at the party on Wednesday. so I have a clean house and clean clothes, and I got my prescriptions partly straightened out, so I guess that's a good thing. there's a little lagniappe in today's models, and I am unable to choose one to feature, so I guess it's readers choice. welcome to all our newest clubmembers, and see you tomorrow!

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Post in Jacob Dooley
Jacob Dooley - Unlayered by Chris Fucile
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Post in Jason Morgan
Jason Morgan by Branislav Simoncik
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Tuesday - 24th
mmm what a day! I had to hustle to get ready for my housekeeper to come, then get the fuck out of Dodge to let her work. so I had a leisurely visit to the library, then wondered where on earth I could go for lunch. settled upon IHOP. came home to a clean house and worked on my collection some. all these models seem to be Irish or Scottish, and I got mixed up, thinking that Doug Mc Clure was someone else. how that could happen!? anyway, he was a blonde cutie, who seemed younger than Dick Clark 🙂 welcome to our newest clubmembers!

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Monday - 23rd
I must have missed yesterday, having more downloads that uploads. yipes! the clock sez it's time for Jeopardy. that's my life! my feature is Glenn Mc Allister, as I would love to be him. woof! anyway - man - I so wish I were equipped like a p0rn star instead of a pawn star! where was I? oh, I seem to have spent the entire afternoon on the road. here in Lakeland, we had an institution called Watson Clinic, and they are having a new telephone system installed, and it doesn't twerk. they can't even call from one desk to another! I had to go up to radiology and talk with one woman who told me to go away and take the elevator upstairs to another desk, and that woman said, no, and she took me back downstairs, and I think we got it gayed out. then I had to go to neurology and pitch another fight about my physical therapy - long story short, that woman suggested I carry the message to the physical therapy clinic which is all the way across town. in the mean time I hadta go to Walmart way up north because our Walmart didn't stock the coffee I wanted. is it any wonder why I am so fucking crabby!?!? well, I would not be cross at all, if I had my selection of studs to keep me warm. several of them are extra well equipped, several are teddy bears of the first water, and several have movie star good looks. however, they are not here with me! a warm (like it ain't here) welcome to our newest clubmembers!

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Newspaper funnies & fails..
Time for some more newspaper reporting.. 
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Out Gay Former Australian Bobsledder and Rugby Player Simon Dunn Has Passed Away at the Age of 35.
Out gay former Australian bobsledder and rugby player Simon Dunn has passed away at the age of 35. Dunn’s body was found in his Sydney apartment on Saturday morning.  Ruby Rose Management, Dunn’s agents, confirmed his passing.

Thirty-five-year-old Dunn was the first out gay male player to represent a country in the bobsled sport. After he retired from the sport in 2016, Dunn moved to London, where he once again picked up rugby. He was part of gay rugby teams including Kings Cross Steelers in London and the Sydney Convicts, after he returned home back to Sydney. Last year, Dunn was part of the Sydney Convicts team that participated in the Bingham Cup 2022.

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Saturday - 21st
it's finally started to warm up a little. I had to go to the food bank, to get supplies for a soup kitchen I try to help. when I came home, I was startled by heavy machinery all over the neighborhood, and I came to realize that my neighbor next door was cutting down all their trees (!) they are from Michigan, so they are apparently unaware that people in the old deep South love trees, which provide shade and cut down on air conditioning bills. whatever. I have my usual lineup of boyz and have a hard 🙂 time choosing the one I like best. guess I will leave it up to you. in the mean time, a warm welcome to our newest clubmembers!

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Andrei Ivin
Andrei Ivin

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Pictorials from Machismo 1994-2-1
Machismo 1994-2-1 - Global Media
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William Ricardo
William Ricardo
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Jay 2023 Designs
Jay 2023 Designs
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Friday - 20th
quiet day - worked on my collection a little and got in several naps. wow - now if Scott Matthews was as big and hunky as Gus Mattox, he would be a dream come true. as it is, he is just a dream coming 🙂 hope you all like my selections, and welcome to all our new clubmembers!

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Zane Phillips | American Actor
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Zane Phillips, American Actor
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Photo Sets from Websites 2006-2007
Aaron & Shawn 2006-09-09 by 8teen Boy
Bareback Master 2007-02-26 by Bareback Masters / Eddie Fox & Will West 2007-02-26
Bralin & Dylan 2006-10-08 by Chaos Men
Dakota 2007-01-02 by Randy Blue
Johnny Irons 2006-06-14 by Straight Guys For Gay Eyes
Kyler & Nicholas 2006-05-17 by Allboy Magazine
Marek & Peter 2007-01-29 by Sex Gaymes
Riding Hard 2007-03-21 by Falcon Studios
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Jim French
Jim French, born James Thomas French (July 14, 1932 – June 16, 2017), was an American artist, illustrator, photographer, filmmaker, and publisher. He is best known for his association with Colt Studio which he, using the pseudonym Rip Colt, created in late 1967.
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Post in Double Trouble
Post in Double Trouble
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Post in Bulge Packages With Promise
Nate Winters
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Nick Bosa
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Nick Bosa, San Francisco 49ers NFL player
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Thursday - 19th
as Jed Clampett used to say, wee doggies! we attained 29,000 members today, and I am so proud! I felt groggy and logy all morning, and slept on the couch until about 10:40. got up and posted my boys. hard 🙂 to choose one to feature - guess it would be Dick Masters' Dick. he proves that any boy from a small town in Texas can grow up to be a p0rn star and fuck nearly anybody he wants 🙂 I hope you all like my selections, and I welcome our newest clubmembers 🙂

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Pictures at an Exhibition - gay art and drawings


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Muscle Guys
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Muscle Guys
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Pictorials from Male Insider 1986-12
Etienne Illustrations
Hard Men 1: No Strings Attached by Catalina Video
Rick Donovan by HIS Video
Special by Old Reliable
Stick Shift by HIS Video
The British Are Coming by HIS Video
The Top 10 Biggest Stars by Unidentified
They Drop Their Drawers For My Camera by Unidentified
Toby Matson by Falcon Studios

Male Insider 1986-12 - Macho Publications.zip
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A Hood Ornament
A Hood Ornament, a new album in the club Hot Guys with Small Cocks
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