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By the Poolside
By the Poolside
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Blond Gods
Hunky blondes have more fun!
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Come and say hi ...
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Thursday - 17th
well, I've received my date with destiny - tomorrow morning I shall be under the knife, so those who wish, may light a candle. the outcome will be told in tomorrow's posting [or not]. in the mean time, I will be dreaming of aardvarking with Brian Robb in front of a roaring fire with hot cocoa, croissants, nutella, and lube. IMHO he really is a dreamboat! hope you enjoy the rest of my line up. welcome to our newest clubmembers, and note that when a model has >99 images, I also post a zip file for your convenience. many thanx for the Likes & Stiffies you have awarded me!

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Kurt Von Luis
Kurt Von Luis by Erick Monterrosa
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Wednesday - 16th
for a bit of humour, the orthopædist's office called this morning to enquire if I had called to cancel my operation on Friday! yeah, like I would! I want to get it over with!! so I went out to lunch as usual, my damn arm paining like crazy. came back and spent the afternoon hauling Lee Ryder's ashes around my computer, and finishing up the R's. so I have posted a few more Miscellaneous Male Model R's, and dearly wish I could get enough images to make an album for each guy therein. any assistance will be gratefully appreciated!

my featured fella for today will be Kevin Ritchie, not, apparently of the Ritchie Family of disco fame, but a very toothsome man with far too few pix!!! anyway. a warm welcome to our newest clubmembers, and shout-out and thanks to all who have awarded me Likes & Stiffies. makes me a little stiff, too 😛

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Nick Sandell
Nick Sandell
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Post in Art of Photography
Jean Susini & Ezequiel Bianchini by Jacobo Ríos
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Tuesday - 15th
well, as they say, things might get worse before they get better. I apologize for the hiatus during the upgrade of our platform, and hope we are back to normal 😛 I have a nice lineup of models for you, and I guess the feature will be Lukas Ridgeston. amazing lad. hope you like, and I give a big shout-out of welcome to our newest clubmembers! additionally, thanks must go to all who have awarded me Likes & Stiffies, and one hopes the trend will increase!

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Treston Francis
Treston Francis by Physique Buffalo
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Tuesday 2fer
Tuesday temptations with men together in twos!
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Treasure Chest
Treasure Chest
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Sex Confession – Manly Work Out
Sex Confession – Manly Work Out

John and I had gym class together every day during eighth period. I noticed him several times in class he is very handsome. I fantasized about him, as I watched him shower. He had nice abs, and a tight ass that was almost hairless. It was hard for me to keep from getting a hard on as I watched him slide the soap over his gorgeous body. I wasn’t yet ready to let anyone know I was gay so I kept my feelings to myself.

Yesterday John and I both, forgot our gym shorts and were excused from class. We were told to go to the weight room and lift, while the others played soccer. I spotted for John as he bench-pressed. I was getting so horny watching his muscles tighten with each lift. Droplets of sweat appeared on his chest as he struggled with the weights. We were so close the aroma of his body tickled my nose and teased me as if to say (here I am come and get me. I’m right here just reach out.) I prayed for patience as I struggled to control my urges.
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Why did I become a banana bender?
Some time ago our plans were to live alternately in Europe and Australia.Since I don't remember if I mentioned it before: My hubby and I have changed this idea. Our centre of life will be in Australia. It is for the most part already the case.

There are always a few incidents that make me smile. If you are married to a computer freak who has been practising and recommending digital detox for years, it should be clear that you have certain technical resources available. For example, we are connected to our house in Germany via the Internet. Apart from the fact that we can stream European satellite television from there, the telephone systems are also connected. Do I dial a German telephone number, the call is delegated to the system in Germany. I also kept my German mobile plan, because WiFi calls are covered by the plan. When I call someone in the old country, there is often some confusion because the German number is displayed. They are particularly confused if it is the landline number.

"You are back from Australia. How was it?" is something I heard often. The confusion continues when I tell that we are still there. By the way, this does not prevent being asked about the weather.
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Chase Ketron
Muscle hunk Chase Ketron
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Men's fetish gear and accessories from Maskulo
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Post in Can you suck your own dick?
The closest I got to self-sucking was at age 21 when I was thinner and more flexible and got the head to touch my lips for a split second. It was wonderful. Lately I've had dreams about it, where I manage it easily. Then recently my wife (I'm married and closeted) told me in bed one night that self-sucking must be my ultimate dream. (She doesn't like to give head.) Not sure if that was a weird thing for her to say or not.

Brandy Martignago
Brandy Martignago
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Jeff Aquilon
Among the first of the popular male models of the time, Jeff Aquilon not only turned heads, but was one of the most sought after male models, gracing numerous magazines and landing lucrative contracts. 
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Pornstar Slade by Jake Cruise, ChaosMen, and more
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Beautiful Butts and Glorious Glutes Volume 2
The second volume of Beautiful Butts and Glorious Glutes from Vistafan69
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4 sexy str8 guys posing naked, arm in arm, in the weight room...
These guys each have a different look and body type, but they are all sexy in their own way. It would be hard for me to choose which one I wanted first, but it would probably be the one with the cross necklace on. Next would be the one to his right. What do you guys think? Have a great weekend!
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Alberto Blanco
Alberto Blanco, a sexy straight porn actor from Spain
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Can you suck your own dick?
Anyone here able to help themselves?
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