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Friday - 4th
another day in paradise - worked hard, got some stuff done, lots not yet done. bleagh! hope you like my assortment of hotties - my favourite is Sky Dawson 🤩
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Peter Scardino
Playgirl March 2008 (Real Men)
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Post in Celebrate the Holidays
Happy New Year!
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Post in Sunday Undie Day
Post in Sunday Undie Day

Post in Leif Erik AKA Leif Erik Offerdahl
Post in Leif Erik AKA Leif Erik Offerdahl
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Post in Guys & Games — Jocks in Any Sport
Post in Guys & Games — Jocks in Any Sport
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Post in By the Poolside
Post in By the Poolside
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Cournoyer, Yvan
Yvan Cournoyer
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D.T. Models
Charles Bilgrien, Justin Rock, Jason Batra and Devin Truss at DT Model Management photographed by Jerrad Matthew, in exclusive for VICTOR Magazine online
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Post in Men in swimwear and underwear
Post in Men in swimwear and underwear
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Ralph Lauren Polo
Ralph Lauren Polo
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Thursday - 27th
well xmas is over and done with, boxing day in the commonwealth is over and done with, so we are anticipating the January bleaghs. well, not with the pantheon of handsome young men I have for you to enjoy.
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Post in Anatoly Goncharov
Anatoly Goncharov
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Connors, Chad
[cue the music for Big John] - bad Chad, bad ChaaaAd, big bad Chad. well, I am not certain he was a really big boy, but he was tops in the bottom department, and has delighted scores of co-stars as well as fans. 🤩
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Post in Draped in Towels
Post in Draped in Towels

Post in The Dungeon
Get spanked in the Dungeon, our topic dedicated to BDSM.

Wednesday - 26th
not one stinker in the group; from the suave and debonair Sean Connery to the supply and de-bone-in-arse Chad Connors, something to please everyone. hope you enjoyed Boxing Day! note the zip file at the end - BTW, notice my Calendar Zip Files tab above. I am adding a few hither and thither. I wish I had a wonderful complete set of all of these.
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Collack, Alex
Alex Collack, porn model from Hot House
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Post in Faces of Beauty
Post in Faces of Beauty
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Tuesday - 25th
Merry Christmas to all you who celebrated today, and Merry Christmas to those who celebrate on January 7th. Instead of teaser pix, I am sharing my veribest Christmas pix. I especially like the little Saint Nick with the buns 🤩
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Monday - 24th
ho ho ho, all you ho's - this is Auntie Claus coming to you from the depths of darkest central floorda. I wanted to make a point about my collection and my mission. it struck me as I was deleting an album of super-cute Ben Cody from six months ago, that perhaps you might see Ben Cody tonight and go - meh! remember that I am working almost every day to improve my collection. some clubmembers have been very kind to help me remove studs trapped in the dreaded Category files and give them proper names. other clubmembers have pointed out that a few images were mis-named, for which I am very grateful. while 100% perfection is probably not achievable, the OCD accountant in me wants to do it right. so tonight we have five inordinately handsome stud muffins, led by the ever wonderful, ever beautiful Ben Cody 🤩🤩🤩
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Patric John
Model who did a Modus Vivendi Christmas spread, photographed by Tom Cullis.   Other than the series, I only found a couple of small shots of him.
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Zach Dalton
Zach Dalton participated in Playgirl Winter 2010 Real MoY Contest – Round 1
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Sunday - 23rd
a nice selection for the night before Christmas Eve, a/k/a Christmas Adam. particularly enjoyable is Georgeous George Clooney ♥♥♥ enjoy his zip file!
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Post in Sunday Undie Day
Post in Sunday Undie Day
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