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Sunday - 18th
the Sound of Music, parodied in Mad Magazine as the Sound of Money was on this evening, though I did not watch, just surfing through while I watched Perry Mason, my hero. as to models, wow, we have a plethora of good looking men here. I guess I will feature Casey Levens, not because my cousin lives on Lord Levens Lane (still don't know who he is); it's just because he is blonde and cute. hoping that you all like the rest of my selections, and I welcome our newest clubmembers. also, Happy Hanukkah to those who celebrate!

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Saturday - 17th
this has been an interesting day. I went to the food pantry this morning and got a whale of a lot of food. I kept the pistachios - I hadn't had a pistachio in an age, and I called the lady across the street to come get what she wanted, and to take the rest to a homeless shelter. oddly, when I got home, I found a very small pair of socks on my door sill, which I presume came from the man who picks up my newspapers every morning. that being said and done, I took a nap. then I worked on my picture collection. it's a small thrill when I find a model's picture that I have never seen. and I am sharing my selections with you all. my feature is Rory Leidelmeyer who was 10% more than a stud-and-a-half in his salad days. we blew past 27,000 clubmembers this morning, and I am so pleased to welcome our newest clubmembers!

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Friday - 16th
nothing exciting today - had physical therapy and went by the wall mart to get a few groceries. back at home, I looked at the boys 🙂 and chose a few to share. hope you like. I think my feature will be Marvin Left. I don't have very many images, however he exudes sex in a way that I appreciate 🙂 a warm welcome to our newest clubmembers as we hedge upon 27,000!!!

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David by Agus M
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Phallic shapes
Phallic shapes are all around us..
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Wishlist of hot guys
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Alternative guys

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Post in Bulge Packages With Promise
Post in Bulge Packages With Promise
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Post in What made you laugh today?
Post in What made you laugh today?
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Badpuppy 2003-04 - Color Ink
Badpuppy April 2003

Models: Caleb, Christophe Blanc & Michael Lucas, Fernando, Fillipo, Jarec, Joe Landon, Nikola

Amateurs: Dog House

Stories: Pay For Porn

Photographers: Active Duty, Delta Video, Lucas Entertainment, Lucas Kazan, Pacific Sun Entertainment, William Higgins

Movies: Active Duty, Back Flip, Ranch Hand Muscle

Filmmakers: Falcon International Collection, Regiment Productions
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Bite (Pardon my French) means cock or dick in French. It’s certainly a vulgar way to say penis but few of us use it except in some case like il est venu avec sa bite et son couteau wich litterally means he came with is cock and his knife i.e. he came with no means.

Young people would rather talk about teub (bite in verlan slang, which places the first letter at the end of the word) and old people still think that the word bite comes from this accessory for mooring boats:
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Peyton Holt - Model
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Model Peyton Holt from Legend Men
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Honcho 1979-08
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Honcho Magazine August 1979 Men Together
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Langsdale, David
David Langdsale
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Sunday - 11th
a quiet day around the ranchero - there is not a thing on TV - the most exciting event was a nice lady bringing a plate of Christmas cookies to an old fella who doesn't get out much (I guess). anyway, I dove in and ate a couple for my tea, and must keep the rest at arm's length! in preparing my posts, I planned to feature Jack Larsen, the cute (IMHO) sidekick to Clark Kent. I am working up a lurid story about them - have you noticed that you have never seen Mr Kent undressed? I have a fantasy that stripped, he would look a lot like Pete Kuzak, only with a Super Schlong. and poor Jimmy Olsen loses his apartment, and Mr Kent suggests they move in together. that's all I am going to give you tonight. I hope you like to rest of my selections, and give a warm welcome to our newest clubmembers!

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Men Cyberclub-Zoe
Zoe. Photoset from Men Magazine's website.

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Post in Seeing Double
Post in Seeing Double
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Post in Gay Love
Post in Gay Love
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Ivan Kardakov
Ivan Kardakov
Photographer Damir Zhukenov 
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Saturday - 10th
today is my deargrandmother's birthday, and if she was with us, she would be 124! as a gesture of atonement for missing yesterday, I have some lagniappe for all of you. remember the allegation that bodybuilders have teeny wienies? that doesn't seem to apply to Darin Lannaghan. I only wish I had the chance to explore his charms. I think I could show him a good time. so, I hope you will accept my selections and forgive my stumbles. FWIW, I am working on seducing my physical therapist. if I only had 007's gadgets, including eyeglasses which could take pictures 🙂 in the mean time, a warm welcome to our newest clubmembers, and I hope to see you tomorrow!

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Thursday - 8th
a different kind of day - I had to go and have blood drawn, anticipating seeing my cute preppy physician next week, but not at 6 am! apparently a bunch of old folks have figured out my trick, and when I got there, I was about 18th in line (!) anyway, I rewarded myself by going to the Awful House - I mean Waffle House, and having an omelette. got home in time to see Perry Mason, and promptly fell asleep, waking up a couple of hours later, wondering what day it was, where I was, and who I am. came out to work on my collection for a bit, then back in the front room to enjoy Adam-12, although the second episode was sad, with a security guard shooting an unarmed old man who had stuck up the bank, the old man only wanting to get into Federal prison for his old age. me, I am stuck here, and man, are the boyz terrific. I am unable to choose between Jeff Lancaster and Gabriel Landeskog, two beautiful blondes, although I thin Gabriel has better thighs, as he is a professional hockey player. wowzer! hope you all like my selections, and I welcome all our newest clubmembers, not forgetting to tip my hat to our long-standing supporters. as Eve Arden says, if you can't be an athlete, be an athletic supporter 🙂

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Men Cyberclub-Chance Caldwell
Chance Caldwell

Photoset from Men Magazine's website.
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Post in Bed and Bath Time
Post in Bed and Bath Time
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