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George Smith
George Smith by Benjamin Veronis
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Wednesday - 10th
Daily Message by ColtMann: well, I guess we are back to normal, or as normal as it gets around here. I have been drowning in memorabilia, and never dreamt that life could so revolve around images of magnificent men. today's feature is, of course, my puta-tive husband, Bo Summers.
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Playguy Magazine
Playguy Magazine February 2009 with cover twink Milan Rosa
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Sharon Ben Sade
Sharon Ben Sade is an Israeli fitness model and health counselor. Check out his photoshoots by zilumehad for Adon Magazine.
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Post in What made you laugh today?
Get your daily dose of giggles in What made you laugh today? Kudos to @kawika for some extra funny moments!
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Stryker, Jim
This blonde bunny was a pioneer model way back when
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Julian Gabriel (AKA Julian Gabriel Hernandez)
Julian Gabriel (AKA Julian Gabriel Hernandez) is a professional model and Instagram star who is a solo practitioner for his own law firm. He's appeared on the cover of DNA Magazine and was scouted by Elite Management.
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MRKreation Wallpaper  [Ricky]
Burst into spring with new wallpaper creations by Ricky / MRKreations. Join the Wallpaper-Hunkz club to comment on his wallpapers.
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Men, Hard and Soft
Hard, soft, hung, or hidden - how do you like your men? Check out this new album by AdonisMale champion @Warrior69 with all different sorts of men.
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More Miscellaneous Men
1000 Miscellaneous hunks and bodybuilders by AdonisMale champion @Warrior69. Feast on an all-you-can-eat beef buffet
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C-IN2 is one the most trusted brands of male underwear and developed in New York, NY. Check out the newest photos of models in the C-IN2 album by AdonisMale champion @Steve
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Post in A Day At The Beach
An undiscovered photo of Scott Simon, Playgirl centerfold in October 1984, on the beach. Many thanks to @kawika for finding the photo.
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Sunday, Monday, Tuesday
Don't miss a day of ColtMann's famous daily messages. He has plenty of sausage to share with everyone: Step away from the computer. Order a meat-lovers pizza, and let's go with his S models like Casey Stevens and more.
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The Gay Music Guide
Music seems to hold a special place in the lives of gay men. With that in mind, I thought it might be fun to come up with a definitive list of albums that every gay man should have in his collection. Genre doesn't matter -- rock, pop, jazz, disco, standards, show tunes, country -- whatever motivates you to shake your groove thing or grab a hairbrush as a microphone and sing out, Louise!
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Marco Di Giorgio
Brand new face Marco Di Giorgio
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Redneck type of guys
Hairy, hunky, masculine and completely in their element in the country. Check out this amazing album of 300 redneck hunks by @gallric, one of our most popular new albums in the gallery.
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[Game] Alphabet Train
Jump on the 50+ pages of BGP's Alphabet Train, a choo-choo-tastic game where anybody can join. It's pretty simple.  Post a word starting with the last letter of the previous word.
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Gunther, Matt
a superstar in many lights; I used to have a clubmember in New York who was absolutely potty over Matt Mann. sadly gone to that great meat rack in the sky.
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Playgirl Jan 2002
Todd Hunt for Playgirl Jan 2002
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Post in Black Lives are Beautiful
Felipe Ferreira
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Dusty Lachowicz
New York based model known for his work with major brands like Ralph Lauren. He has been represented by Ford Models.  He graduated college as a firefighter and EMT basic in Wisconsin. He later went on to study with the National Academy of Sports Medicine to become a personal trainer.
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Tyson Dayley
Tyson Dayley
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Godfre, Benjamin
best thing to come out of Minnesota, land of 10,000 lakes and 10,000,000,000 mosquitoes. wow, what a lad!
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Grant, Jeff
handsome blonde model
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Post in Chest & Torso
Robert Torres
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