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A World of Men & Gods

Men Showing Their Equipment
Men showing their family jewels

Thursday - 16th
it's something of a bore to sit around and wait for something to happen, and that's about all I have! got a couple of nice notes from clubmembers, helping me to correct the collection - today, I think I will feature William R Moses, a veteran character actor and blonde, who was Perry Mason's sidekick, amanuensis (other than Della Street) and doofus who got in a number of pickles. none were as lurid as in the book I just finished wherein the two bad boys were meeting with two gangsters, their two bodyguards, and four all purpose goons. our hero peeked through a window and shot one of the gangsters, and then everybody else proceeded to shoot everybody else. I can see satisfaction in that scene! can you imagine the cops coming upon 10 dead bodies? I'd prefer live ones, such as today's lineup, each who has that something special that makes you just want to . . . use your imagination. welcome to our newest clubmembers, and thanks be to all who afforded me Likes & Stiffies, the life blood of this endeavour.

Mortensen, Olaf
oh why do I have such a taste for Twinkies? is it me or did we used to have standard and banana ones. anyway, this gentleman qualifies as a twink, and heavens bless him for it.
Morin, David
a handsome hunk, he appears to be very good husband material!
Wednesday - 15th
not the most successful day of my life - I am uncertain if I got any sleep at all, with my shoulder paining. had a lovely lunch with friends and neighbors, a quick trip to the library, and off to physical therapy. that was not an undiluted joy, as my right arm hurt so bad I succumbed to temptation and took a few pain pills. there was a bit of cheer, a phone call from my dear old friend in PDX - we always find something of interest - talked for 1½ hours! somewhere in getting ready to post, I came to the crashing realization that my interests could be classed as classical, retro, or vintage. I was hurt to have one of my fave raves, a cute and cuddly teddy bear, described as «an older man»! I guess that makes me antidiluvian! enuf with the pissing and moaning. my feature for today is Mike Morris, a model who gave "mature" men like me, some hope of being objects of desire. hope you like! a warm welcome to our newest clubmembers, and thanks go out to all who afforded me Likes & Stiffies.

Does anyone have any stories to tell about cruising the beat?
Tuesday - 14th
Allons enfants de la Patrie, Le jour de gloire est arrivé! gee - only 28 years ago, I retired, however unwillingly, and embarked on a journey that took me all over Africa and Europe. now home in rainy/sunny floorda, I look back on my adventures and wonder WTF all these cute guys were. I do remember an encounter in South Africa and the lesbyterians who were my hosts were frantic that I not get any . . . amusement. now I'm home, never more to roam, and thinking about my picture collection which I share with you. today offerings are led by Steve Moriarty, great-grandson of Professor Moriarty and obvious fitness fanatic. just viewing him makes my tongue tired 🤩 we have new clubmembers to welcome, and thanks to offer to those who afforded me Likes & Stiffies to date.

Tim Parise
Tim Parise by Photographer Calvin Brockington
Jesse Tyler and Zack Spears
Stills from Falcon Studios 'The Abduction 3: Redemption'. I always loved Jesse Tyler's perfect WASPy Connecticut look. Like he'd just finished playing racquetball and was just waiting for someone to defile him. Enter Mr Spears.
Adult Male Models
Adult Male Models -- a mega album of male porn stars and models by @etienneguyXXX
Monday - 13th
I guess Friday the 13th comes on Monday this month! I did not have what might be described as a successful night, and I'm a little groggy, even now. I worked on the collection, which is always uplifting, and got a lineup of models for your delectation. although not blonde, John Morano is a dreamboat, especially with all the express deliverymen coming through the park. wish he were mine. I have visions of relieving his package of quite a lot of loving - mmm - I'm getting excited just thinking about him! welcome to our newest clubmembers, and many, heartfelt thanks for the Likes & Stiffies which made us number 1 this morning. always a note of cheer.

Tommy Cruise
Hot and Handsome pornstar Tommy Cruise 
Don Brako
Paul Gordon
Paul Gordon
Lars Wallenrod
Erotic photograph by by Lars Wallenrod from Paris, France
Sunday - 12th
another day in paradise! I'm going out to eat and to pick up neighbors at the airport, so I will get air, whilst leaving the boys to you all. I think my fave is Sir Roger Moore, although we have never seen any nude photos. he is alleged to have said, he didn't think the Queen would appreciate seeing his posterior. one never knows! I see we have a couple of new clubmembers, and I say, Welcome. also, thank you for the Likes & Stiffies - we were lagging behind there for a while. enjoy the rest of the day!

Speedos album by new member @hidanhyuga!
Jared Stevens
Couldn't find this cutie when I did a search so here he is.
Hey guys.

How about a thread where we post pictures of two where you post something nice like ... Or something nasty. It's s up to you.  :lol:

Who would like to step up and post the next two.  🙂
Singlets (X)
Wrestling singlets 
Colt Does Sword and Sandal
Colt - Jim French - does sword and sandal movies the way they should have been, the way they were in our imaginations, with Rick Wolfmeir, Angelo Korda, and Dave Lash (sorry those images aren't better)
Steven Reinhardt
PG June 1993
Man of the Month
"Hunk Hunt Winner"
Photography: Joan Mandel
Saturday - 11th
to give you an idea of how my life goes, I was napping on the sofa when waked up by a clap of thunder. okay, I get up and purpose to make a cup of instant coffee. come out here to see if the computer missed me. after a season, I decide to check on the teakettle, and find I forgot to snap the burner on. seems like a lot of life is like that these days. thankfully, I have my club and my collection to keep me warm. got a great tip from @JackFTwist for a couple new models, and I always appreciate his wisdom. I guess my feature today will be Cody Montgomery, as much for his muscles as for the name; my last official girlfriend was from Montgomery County NY. welcome goes out to newest clubmembers, and as always, thanks for the Likes & Stiffies.

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