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A World of Men & Gods

Dayley, Tyson
h'm - problem with thinking of Tyne Dayley - whatever - this one is much handsomer and hunkier!
Alpha Hairy Top Men by @BhillyBitch
Tuesday - 3rd
what a mixed bag today! started off with a bang - I had posted a WTF is this? file and @bakersman94, @titbug, and @Kawika came through like champions. I was able to clear quite a number of images into their correct folders. I thank you ever so much; it appears I have more models than I can say grace over! same with today's posts. blondes are in evidence, lotsa muscle and hunkiness 😛 anyway, my feature is Sky Dawson, long a cherished fave rave, and I hope you all enjoy. I might comment that when the named models are through and we go back to categories, I hope for help in the game of Name That Stud. thank you for all the likes and stiffies, and I am so grateful that the dam seems to have burst and we are back on a membership growth pattern. L8R!

ADDICTED & BelAmi 2019 by Tarek del Moreno
ADDICTED & BelAmi 2019 by Tarek del Moreno
Post in Wyatt Engeman
Post in Wyatt Engeman
Monday - 2nd
unspectacular day - started out cold, then I went to the bank to visit my money. otherwise puttering around the house and thinking about all the handsome hunx in my collection. we have a nice selection, and I would like to feature John Davidson, an OBG who is cuter than the law allows. a/k/a Wayne Arlen. hope you likey! almost forgot to say - apparently the dam has burst and we have a spate of new clubmembers to welcome! 🤩

Luke Taylor
Luke Taylor from MenMagazine October 2001
Gay Doggy Style
The most fantastic and hot scenes pf men in this sexual position. 
Sunday - 1st
to paraphrase a line from the Boys in the Band, what do I have to drink to get a fuck around here?? an extraordinary lineup of handsome hunx - wow - I am going to feature D J Davids, only because of his enchanting smile and teddy bear good looks. what a cutie! btw, thanx for all the likes and stiffies. now howzabout getting us some new clubmembers? tks in adv.

Jay West
Jay West
Are gay porn cameramen straight or gay?
Lights On/Off
When you are in the throws of intimacy, do you prefer the lights on or off ?

Bromancing the Bone
Images depicting that deep special relationship that only two men can have.
Jocks (Sports)
Guess what the losing team has to do? Check about this hot album of Jocks by @BleuParrot
Post in Short Shorts
Alex Hansen photographed by Rick Day
Darko, Jay
damn! where are all these cuties when I need a face sat on!? really!!
Saturday - 29th
lemme explain the joys of being retired or other - a client came by with a cheque this morning, and I called my bank manager to see if she would be out to lunch or what. she commented, well we close at 12 noon! I must have said something dumb, as she patiently explained that it was Çaturday. who'da thunk? so I rushed right down to visit my money and get some advice. other than that, have been moving stuff around my office, getting into my new furniture - having problems finding some things . . . Roseanna Roseanna Danna was right - it's always something. like the impossibility of choosing which model to feature - they all have lots to recommend them. I guess I will leave it as reader's choice. thank you for the likes and stiffies coming my way - am still puzzled why our membership growth is at a standstill - eh!

James Alejandro
Model hailing from Europe. 

Speaks Madarin.
Tod Parker
Tod Parker
Friday - 28th
just a few quick lines to bring the club up to speed. have a great assortment of models, as per usual. since the one I would most like to love on would be George Dana, he is my featured fella. hope you enjoy, and thanks for the likes and stiffies - I am a little mystified why it is so hard to get our membership over 3800 - I guess I got used to tremendous growth. well, invite anyone whom you think would enjoy our club!

Thursday - 27th
a lot to process today - I have started the Miscellaneous Male Models "D" which means between 2 & 9 images. if you would like to see more, howzabout helping me out? lot of blonde talent there; I guess the feature will be Ryan da Harsh, who is a bit slim for my tastes, however I wouldn't mind tasting him. added some zip files for your cornvenience 😛 Almost forgot to thank you for the Likes and Stiffies!!

Richard Funk (AKA Richie Eff)
Wednesday - 26th
another day goes by, I have to ignore all the blonde bunnies in the world to mount adoration of the blessed Tómas à Cruz, slated to be the patron saint of gay men everywhere. he's too cute for words!

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