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A World of Men & Gods

Freshmen 1993 12
Freshmen Magazine December 1993. Models; Derek Cruise (cover), Johnny Rey, Christopher Matt, Jesse

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cut or uncut?
which one would u say is better
Sunday - 15th
I think I am experiencing hunk apnea - I just cannot get my breath after today's lineup of majestic models. they might not see themselves in such a light, however one is in awe - they are awesome!! my feature has to be James Ellis, a cutie of the first water. I want to give you Distant Early Warning: Wednesday will be the last day of regular posts for a week. my dear Mamá would have been 100 on Saturday, and against all reason, I am driving back to New York for a memorial service. please try to keep the incredible hunks to a minimum

The Perfect Bods
Hot Muscle Hunks and 5 Star Bod Studs That Makes This List....
Saturday - 14th
Happy π Day, one and all. to relate my day, I did marketing as per usual. I didn't have any trouble finding a parking space, and the first intimation of trouble was walking into the supermarket - there were scarcely any grocery carts (buggies to Brits)! before I could process this, I entered the main part of the store - the front end was awash with people! wow!! I made my way back to produce and got my two small salads for dinner tonight and tomorrow, and went to check out - what a mess! the person (I would not characterize as a lady) two ahead of me had an enormous cart full of goods - $400 worth. the person ahead of me was relatively cheap at $225. she had 4 boxes of cheerios, two tubs of oatmeal, two tubes of toothpaste (!) and two each of every single fruit and vegetable in the store, which can't be quickly scanned. I felt like such a piker, spending only $5.50! one certainly hopes that our clubmembers have better focus and can concentrate of the beauty parade which I offer. must give a shout-out to @anubis, who most graciously submitted images which I can take to my bosom, and we have blown past 4000 members!!! my featured model is Mark Edwards, he of the most delectable buns in this or any other world!

Manlove Moments
Do you have any fun sporting manlove moments to share?
Friday - 13th
oh me - Friday the 13th - actually not too bad a day. I was notified that I was going to get some life insurance money after being told no/yes/no/yes/no - finally they broke the barrier. so wee shall see. I did the Miscellaneous Male Models E, and I noticed there were 33 images, down from 43 the last time. that means that some models got more exposure and got their own album. if you see anybody you know or like, you can help out with my collection 😛 today's feature fella is Aaron Eckhart who radiates masculine charm - mmm - you know what they say, big feet, big sox 🤩 oh, and I want to say a big shout-out to @bakersman94 who posted a fabulous album for the extra-cute Ripp Baker. reminder, when you visit him or me, Likes and Stiffies are molto apreciado. also, welcome to our newest clubmembers!

Can you suck your own dick?
Hello everyone, I used to be able to lick my own glans. But I lost my flexibility... ;-)
Can or could you do something like that as well?
Wednesday - 11th
Wednesday means lunch with the lunch bunch, and the place where we often go has the most amazing onion rings. I am still full and suppertime is here. wish I had a blonde bunny to snack on, however, today's teddy bear is a brunette called Tony Dressler. what a lad! thanks for the Likes and Stiffies, we are still on top, and our clubmembership continues to grow. 🤩

Tuesday - 10th
yet more of the bloody scanning - only ameliorated by finding pix of my favourite uncle, who was so cute in his salad days. long before I came out, so you understand this is ancient history. I have a nice lineup of models to share with you led by one Trevor Donovan, a blonde cutie of the first rank. I get a knot in the pit of my tongue when I think of him. if wishes were horses . . .

Monday - 9th
an odd day - I am so well and truly sick of scanning memorabilia that it's enough to gag a maggot so I turn to the lads - what a lineup! I must feature Terry Dixon, who is so cute that I have to pause, run into the front room and cuddle my teddy bear until I stop hyperventilating. hope you like them. thanks for the Likes and Stiffies - you know they don't cost you anything, and welcome to our new clubmembers. I am pleased to see we are back on a growth curve!

Join The Circle
Join The Circle
Sunday - 8th
well I finally got all the clocks re-set, now to work on the cocks in my collection. let's see - three dads and two lads - ach, decisions, decisions - guess I have to feature Devlin as the premiere blonde of this or any other century. I gaze on his lovely buns each time I visit the bathroom. I imagine them slathered in devonshire clotted cream and strawberry jam, preparatory to some other jamming 😛 it must be terrible to be so good looking. well, I can say that about any of my posts. these are top-drawer gentlemen! thanks to clubmembers who have remembered to leave Likes and Stiffies - they don't cost you anything, and I revel in them. also, welcome to our new clubmembers!

Saturday - 7th
rolling around in my office chair, I have run over my tongue three times whilst thinking of featured man, Zach Derr. he is creme de la creme of the cute de la cute! I hope you enjoy the rest of the lineup, too. I finished off the Miscellaneous Male Models D - if you see anything there that you like, please do not hesitate to add your collection. nice bunch! thanks to clubmembers for the likes and stiffies, and welcome to new clubmembers. enjoy!

Friday - 6th
this day in paradise has gone by fast! I got mail from tourism of Prince Edward Island, so am making feverish plans. wish I was taking one of today's models with me. so hard to pick - each is in their own right. guess I will feature Steven Dehler, as he is the only blonde and go from there! thanks for the likes and stiffies and welcome to new clubmembers. hope you like my selection!

Draped in Towels
Guys draped in towels
Thursday - 5th
just another day in paradise - getting ready for my mini-vacation in a couple of weeks - look for an announcement when it's time; I was really gratified by the likes and stiffies and got a nice note from a new clubmember, so life is full. it would be fuller if I had these buttsome beauties nearer at hand - I guess my feature will be Jeff de Young. he has the most amazing tits I have ever seen. makes my tongue tired just thinking about him 🤩

Post in Celebrate the Holidays
Post in Celebrate the Holidays
Post in What made you laugh today?
Post in What made you laugh today?
Wednesday - 4th
a nice day; the sun is shining and it is over 60º F, which is much appreciated. had lunch with the lunch bunch from my park, and now regarding a panoply of male muscle and immoderation. so glad they are not beating down the door, asking me to choose just one [so I lied]. anyway, my feature is Terry de Long, whom I bet you can guess his most outstandng attribute . . . I must thank clubmembers for likes and stiffies, and a few lurid comments to brighten my day. more tomorrow!

Muscle Mayhem
Muscle here, muscle there, muscle everywhere.
Competition #2
Come and check out the prizes. Competition open to all Adonis Male Members.

The Adventures of Rex V: -   Distracted Days, Wild Nights (part four)
Rex Davenport’s orgasmic explosion not only jolted Todd and Barb who listened in rapturous delight outside the inner office door, but Marlene who had rammed Rex’s uncut tool deep in her gullet...well, she had no way of knowing she’d near choke on all his warm jizz. His seed was copious and flowing steadily in at least four good sprays of creamy gushes. Her throat filled, she gagged, and she swallowed and swallowed...would it ever stop?
Large, small, hairy or smooth. And the men who love them.
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