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A World of Men & Gods

all about 'MEN' we love, let me count the ways 1-2-3.......
Aaden Stark
Aaden Stark
Tuesday - 28th
I heard from @Nokomis who lives like 95 miles south of here, and he was mentioning the ever-present summer thunderstorms. the media people are losing steam on the health scare, so are now trying to frighten us about the possibility of hurricanes. to which I say, whatever. I have a nice lineup of models for you to consider. I believe the feature will be Lars Norgård, even though he is only qualified as a husband trainee. nice buns. hope you are keeping well and interested in the collections. a hearty welcome to our new members, and for the Likes & Stiffies afforded me.

Post in Eric Guilmette
Eric Guilmette
Patrik Jelen
Unbelievably Handsome and Beautiful Czech Stud who put His Manhood to good use mounting His Co-Stars for several Production Companies including William Higgins, Kristen Bjorn and Menatplay, where He starred in the Classic THE BARBER alongside Christian Alexander. 

Also known as Miro and Filip Carbol. If Men like Him did not exist, then We would have to invent them! 
Christian Wilde & Ethan Storm
Christian Wilde & Ethan Storm - Real Stable
blip connects with a porn star
FIRST - get yer minds outta the gutter! Blip remains pure and untouched by human hands. If y'all bothered to follow Blip on the twitters, maybe ya might have seen respond to Trent Atkins, trent tweeted something about folks feeling entitled - that they deserve a medal JUST BECAUSE - like in the special olympics. Blip having had experience working with the disabled - responded - in part about how the kids in the special olympics actually do know who run the race - which team had the higher score and that they do not appreciate being treated like they do not know because it demeans the win and patronizes those who did not come in first as though their effort really did not matter because EVERYONE is going to get the same medal . Mr. Atkins then sent a lengthy direct message and Blip and Mr Atkins had a very nice conversation ...
Sunday Licks
Sunday Licks by @eastbaybehr
Tops and Bottoms
Tops and Bottoms, a flip fucking good album by AdonisMale Champion @BleuParrot
Robert Berg
Fitness model Robert Berg photographed by John Andresen
The Graphic Man I
THE GRAPHIC MAN I. by Playgirl Press. Publisher: Santa Monica, CA: Playgirl Inc., (1979).

I've long wanted to know whether this book had images I hadn't seen. I"m happy to report that there are quite a few I've never seen before at all. (And believe me, I've looked!)  I'll start scanning and uploading them. Quite a few are the work of Norbert Jobst, who made Playgirl what it was in the 1970s.
Old fashioned gang bang -- the more, the merrier! Check out "ORGY!," one of the many throwback vintage albums by @TWOGUYS
Monday - 27th
where did this month go? I think today is the last physical therapy unless it is extended. I have to wait till 21st August 2020 to have my other shoulder injected, and will discuss operating on my right. I can't even say I should have taken better care of myself, as I do not know of any defence against bone spurs. well, that's my sad story. my happy story is a lineup of fine lads for your delight. I think Justin Nikola would get the brass ring if choosing someone with which to roll around. man, these men are good-looking!! newbies note, there is a zip file at the end for your convenience! welcome to SonOfPicJim, and invite all your buddies to join up, too! for all the likes and stiffies!

Lights off /on
When you are in the throws of intimacy, do you prefer the lights off or on ?

Sunday - 26th
I have bad news to impart: this day is dragging like nobody's business. I was shocked to see it's only noon - I've had lunch, and no prospects for entertainment this afternoon. no, I tell a lie, there is supposed to be some stuff on PBS, so long as its not presented by that drippy Lucy Worsley. what a hag, and I mean that in the worst possible sense. thankfully, we have some really nice looking men to perv over. I am going to mention Mike Nichols, not the cutest stud to come along, but certainly an important fixture at any pool party. with lots of lube. we've eked out a couple of new clubmembers; I hope you all are doing your bit to advertise SonofPicJim to your buddy lists (unless that's no longer a workable word). I thank everybody who afforded me Likes & Stiffies. ought to be a bunch with Mike Nichols. I have relations called Nichols and nada one is as interesting

Scott Hastings
Scott Hastings
Killian Belliard
Killian Belliard
Muscular Lover From Houston Texas
I am a big handsome man that would love to experience a muscular man. I have always felt that his muscles against my chubby physique would be so erotic. I hope to find him here or somewhere.
One thing that I absolutely love about my workplace is that it's filled with such positive people who are always encouraging and motivating.  We even have one person who sends out daily little quotes and reminders to stay positive.  And I wanted to bring that over to AdonisMale, so that we may always be a happy little corner on the web for everyone .

So post your little prayer, blessing, thoughts, banner, or quote.  Who knows what life you may change with this simple little act.  
Barcode Berlin - Pride Briefs black
The Pride Briefs of Barcode Berlin are an invitation to celebrate Pride all year round. These black briefs are low rise, made from an athletic mesh that will keep you cool for longer. The body of the underwear is elevated with a Pride themed waistband bearing the Barcode logo in the centre framed with a rainbow pattern. The pouch is contoured to add space where you need it. The fabric is quite stretchy so you get a nice support but without restrictions. This style is designed in Berlin and produced in Portugal. Would you wear it?

Saturday - 25th
this has been a good day, after all the complaints I've lodged. had a pretty good night's sleep and woke up to a mash note from @techman whic cheered me no end! I had a data project to occupy me, so not much on the photo collection. gad - what an array of male loveliness - how to pick one. I know, first come, first cum! I think I will feature Paul Newman, with his blue eyes and blonde butt. hope you like. we have been acquiring a few new clubmembers, to whom I say Welcome, and, of course, thanks for the Likes & Stiffies. L8R!

Friday - 24th
another week down the gurgler! high hopes for a good night/weekend, as I got my shoulder shot up today. wish me luck. same with el cute-o real, which applies to each model I've posted. funnily enough, my feature is Trevor Neubauer who is so good-looking, it just makes me want to irk. I was going to say I hadn't seen any worthwhile males, however, there was a new cashier at Publix who has possibilities. for now, welcomes to our new clubmembers. I was just that chuffed that @JoelR gave our little club a plug on the adonismale.com main page. every little bit helps. same with the Likes & Stiffies. every Stiffy awarded reminds me of David Ashfield 😛

Ryan from All Australian Boys
Nelson, Dave
Dave Nelson -- an album by Club Leader @ColtMann. Join his club Son of Picjim to comment and participate in hsi club.

Cannot think of anything negative about this cute blonde man. Delicioso!
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