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Post in A Day At The Beach
Post in A Day At The Beach
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Sunday - 27th
an odd day - picture this, you are making Thanksgiving dinner with turkey and dressing, green bean casserole and gravy - except you realize you didn't get cranberry jelly! so you have to go to a convenience (?) store because all the supermarkets are closed. anyway. see if you see a similarity - I am making pork steaks with rice and mushrooms, except I go to the pantry and cannot find any mushrooms. so I made a quick trip to Winn & Dixie, and got my fixings and a little treat for myself, except, I got charged for a treat I did not get! wow!!

anyway, I have a lovely lineup of luscious males led by Rick Koch, whom I have more or less just discovered, and appreciate greatly. hope you like him, too. welcome to our newest clubmembers!

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Unzipped 1997-10-14 - Unzipped Media
Models: Bryan Kidd, Jake Andrews, Ryan Wagner,
Photographers: All Worlds Video
Movies: Matador
Filmmakers: All Worlds Video
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Post in By the Poolside
Post in By the Poolside
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COLT MEN 34 [Digitally Remastered]
Colt Men 34 Magazine
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Rex Chandler
Blast f\rom the past  But that face His Body and That Cock 

Almost perfection in every way
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Joseph Pallister in German Playgirl 2
PG (German edition) 8/93, Mann des Jahres (Man of the Year) 1993. Also reprinted in Playgirl Special Super Männer Nr 294.
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COLT Men Album 1
Exclusive COLT Icons
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Fabinho Belchior Paiva
Fabinho Belchior Paiva
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Saturday - 26th
a quiet day around the hacienda - I went out to the dollar store to get some Christmas cards and candy. man, they have gone downhill! almost couldn't get through the aisles. however, I got what I wanted and that's all that counts. December is here by PBS starting to beg for money and disrupting their regular schedule. so annoying. I never given them a penny. I have a selection of toothsome males for you to check out. my feature is Kevin Kline, who I just learned is exactly my age, only four days older. I enjoyed him in several movies, especially his dance moves in "In and Out." hope you like the rest of the boys! a warm welcome to our newest clubmembers!

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Friday - 25th
oh, I wonder what to write - I am at the end of a dreary day, and have nothing to comfort me, other than my collection of boys 🙂 probably the most lick-worthy is Mark Kleckner, who has graced the pages of playgirl more than once. he is a cutie! hope you like the rest of my selections, and I extend a warm welcome to our newest clubmembers!

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Thursday - 24th
a few quick lines to enter my posts and wish those of you who are celebrating, a somewhat belated Happy Thanksgiving (US). I was invited over to a friend's house for a delicious meal, although I would have scarcely expected less, as she is a trained cook. a good time was had, getting to know some neighbors better, and, as I said, the food was terrific! sad to say I had to come home to a bunk without the likes of Jon King, a name who needs no introduction. I hope you all like my selections, and welcome our newest clubmembers.

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Post in Celebrate the Holidays
Happy Thanksgiving to all AM Members
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Secret Identity: Thane Wadams Was Naked Orldando from Next Door
Thane Wadams has had a blessed life.  He never had to go through an awkward stage growing up because he was a football stud in high school with a chiseled face, dreamy blue eyes, and muscular athlete's body,  The cheerleaders probably were the first to enjoy riding his meaty pink cock before he even turned 16.  








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Wednesday - 22nd
Wednesday is the day for lunch with the rat pack. our numbers were somewhat reduced as some folks said they were getting ready for Thanksgiving. whatever. I have a lineup of tasty tarts that are so cute and handsome, it's impossible to choose a fave. Jeff King would provide a lot of loving, with all his muscles, however, so would Erik King. I guess I am left with Jack King 🙂
a warm welcome to our newest clubmembers, and TTYL!

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Eye Candy Martin Ivanov Gets His Rod Out at the Beach

Martin Ivanov

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Darin Hawk
Darin Hawk - Colt Studios
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Tuesday - 22nd
just a few quick lines to accompany my daily posts. Jordan Kimball has the ability to take my breath away, and I am highly envious of his hair. wow!! not much else to report; the big event was going to get my tires aired up, thence to the store to forget to get bread - the main reason for going. can't win! anyhow, I hope everyone likes my selections and I welcome all our newest clubmembers!

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Evansmidia aka asorfitness
Handsome hung bodybuilder.
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Monday - 21st
the age-old problem: should I nibble on Daniel Kersten's blonde tits or on John Kessler's massive brunette tits? decisions, decisions. in any event, I have to wrap this up and get a couple of errands run. hope you like my selections! welcome to our newest clubmembers!!

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Post in Sergi Salamanca
Sergi Salamanca by Photographer Joan Crisol
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Sunday - 20th
a very quiet day. spent most of it trying to keep warm, except I went to the store, and got behind a couple who had two shopping carts full of stuff, largely paid for by food stamps, and which didn't go through without a struggle, and then a bankcard at the end. I feel that I offer no challenge by offering my bankcard as soon as the cashier starts her thing, and just having no problems at the end. wow - I am so glad to get out of there and back home! I successfully managed to avoid washing dishes all day, however I think tomorrow may be the day of reckoning! finished with the Kennedy's of whom Rick Kennedy is so preppy and toothsome. hope you all like my selections, and I welcome the newest clubmembers.

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Saturday - 19th
I have to write a pæan to Steve Kelso, to the tune of Jesus Christ, Superstar, as Steve is a superstar if not a stupor star. he packs a reasonable amount of meat, and is worthy of praise! woogh said Eureka!! also worthy of note is Noel Kemp who has modelled under different names. those two will be 2 of 3 major talents on my fantasy ranch. hope you will want to visit! as for visits, today was the day to get surplus food, much of which was immediately forwarded to the homeless shelter, however, I kept 2 lb (1 kg) of pistachios for myself. I don't know when I had a pistachio last, and it is one of my favourite treats. not much else to report - I felt cold and logy, and had an extremely nice nap! welcome to our newest clubmembers!!

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Accommodating host. Come as you are. Buffet available. Unlimited entertainment. RSVP

[Please register for free to view album]
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Post in Speedo Hunks
Cristian Herrero
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