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Mr Bradford | Twitter and Instaboy
Mr Bradford | Twitter and Instaboy
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One of the most popular albums of AdonisMale: You've Got Male by @loverboy

All about 'MEN' we love, let me count the ways 1-2-3 ...
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Delio, Joe
Joe Delio
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Sunday - 24th
woo hoo! I have several models, of which I have never heard - hard 🙂 to choose between James Denton and Charles Dera! I'll let you all choose, okay! quite a nice lineup of lads, and I remind all that when an albums has >99 images, a zip file follows. happy trails, especially with Dick Dene's dick.

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Saturday - 23rd
after writing a length pæan to Patrick (Mc Dreamy) Dempsey, I feel forced to feature Con Demetriou, an awesome blonde Aussie of many magical muscles. I may have to make a little David cocktail and goliath down! I certainly hope you like my selections for today, and warmly welcome our newest clubmembers. remember, when an album has >99 images, a zip file is provided.

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Friday - 22nd
the message for today? what words of wisdom or wit can I come out with. I am still chuckling about Calvin and his reaction to being told he was a blue light special at Kmart - almost as good as Sears and a lot cheaper. now to the boyz - how to choose? maybe Michael de Fino would be the teddy bear for me. he is so cute and curly - wow - I hope you all like to selections, and I welcome our newest clubmembers 🙂

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Kyle Skopec
Gents, take note. The perfect brief can change your whole mood and give you a boost of confidence in ways you never thought possible. An exclusive fashion feature with Kyle Skopec.
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Thursday - 21st
ahh! another day, another devalued dollar! I actually accomplished somethings, like washing clothes and cleaning the terlet which has needed it for a week! damn!! so I get to check with my laddies, as I complete another file. my feature for today is Sam Dekker, a man who could use another six inches, however, I am not in a position to be picky! he's an old cow hand from the Rio Grande and I take them as they come 🙂 a magical welcome to our newest clubmembers, and note that albums with >99 images also have a zip file.

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Wednesday - 20th
weekly lunch with the rat pack - good attendance today. had a lot of fun and a great Reuben sandwich! also ran by the library to drop/pick up materials to amuse. other than than, loafed and wondered if it was going to rain! the selections for today are and I hope you like. its really difficult to choose. perhaps if all five guys came by the house to a personal interview 🙂 my mind goes toward Don Deckman, just because he's a bit old-fashioned, and emblematic of the men I used to chase. welcome to our newest clubmembers!!

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Tuesday - 19th
oh, the day after yesterday! I slept late and have been scrambling to get anything done! speaking of which, I wouldn't mind giving Jeff de Young the full treatment. he is a doll, with muscles. they ought to model him - he's better than a Ken doll. not much else to impart - welcome to our newest clubmembers!!

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Monday - 18th
I am going to deviate from my usual non-committal remarks to impart some information which might sound political, however, upon careful reading, is not. I received a new voter registration card on Saturday. I took the opportunity to check that I was signed up to get a mail ballot, a method which I find most convenient. I would like to point out something that a lot of people do not understand. if a voter writes "independent" on a voter registration application, they are assigned membership in the Independent Party of Florida, a small party which does not mount a primary and which excludes that voter from participation in a major party's primary, held this year on 23rd August 2022. if you have done this or if your voter registration card shows "INDEPENDENT" under party affiliation, you will only be able to vote for non-partisan races. end of rant.

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Aidan Toth
Aidan Toth by Photographer Blake Yelavich
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Cartoon game
Come and join into the Cartoon game...
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Sunday - 17th
I would call this a Biblical day, loafing and fishing, except there was no fishing. I get to present one of my top MVPs, Sky Dawson. by all measures, he should be too skinny for me, however, his early blonde and appealing pix made me fall so hard, that I am still in love, and rather hate to have had to share him. that being said, there is plenty of meat on the bones of the rest of my selections, so enjoy! as I always mention, albums with >99 images attract a zip file, and I welcome our newest clubmembers!

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Saturday - 16th
oh, what wit can I share? the boys upstairs are bowling again - this is par for the course in floorda - my lineup for today is again, heavy with blondes. my favourite, if mostly with envy is Long Dong Sean Davis. man, that boy can fuck. hope you like the rest of my selections. note that albums with >99 images also have a zip file for your perusal. welcome to our newest clubmembers!

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Xander Poses for Portrait Series by Hadi Mourad
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Matt Bomer & Jonathon Bailey To Play Lovers In Fellow Travelers
Two of the entertainment industry’s hottest gay actors are set to play lovers in Showtime’s Fellow Travelers. Matt Bomer has been a longtime heartthrob since his early days on the series White Collar and the Magic Mike film. Jonathon Bailey has stolen our hearts after playing the Viscount Anthony Bridgerton on Netflix’s Bridgerton. Fans now have the chance to watch these two play actual gay characters on-screen, reports Pride.

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Alex Vianna
Young and hung Alex Vianna
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Friday - 15th
I've just had inspiration for a Broadway show called, The Hag & I. this came to me as the hag and I went out for some serious cholesterol and gossip. now I am back with my collection of cute handsome men and wondering who to pick. I think I will go with Dustin Davids, as I am a sucker for massive eyebrows, and I love a man with a large firm bat. note the presence of a zip file, as his album has >99 images. a warm and hearty welcome to our newest clubmembers!

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Come and add the next item which is blue... blue pasta.
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Thursday - 14th
Allons enfants de la Patrie, le jour de gloire est arrivé! as those who celebrate the storming of the Bastille, so do I celebrate the canning of my ass after fifteen years of dedicated service to Mobil, now referred to as X on Mobil. gad - it is so hard 🙂 to choose a favorite among my selections for today. I guess Sean Patrick Davey is the most exotic, handsome hunk though he be. a warm welcome to all our newest clubmembers.

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Can you suck your own dick?
Anyone here able to help themselves?
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Wednesday - 13th
sorry that I am a bit late; our platform seemed to have indigestion last night, and it encroached on my bedtime, and I gave up! I have a nice lineup of models for you to consider. my feature will be Brant Daughtery, if only because I am amused that Brant means a goose, in other applications. as per usual, there is a zip file following albums of >99 images, and I welcome newcomers to our club. with hope, another posting will follow this evening.
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Johnny Moon
Johnny Moon by Eric Scot
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Tuesday - 12th
highlights for today? I got a haircut - oh, and my Mother got a pre-approved credit card. my poor Mother will have gone to the great brigade in the sky three years ago. where the hell do these people get their lists!?!? okay, I feel better getting a bitch off my whatever. now to a lineup of really handsome young men - Daniel! is the one who stokes my furnace, and if he's still as cute as these pix, my offer to adopt him is still open, as is the warmth of my welcome to our newest clubmembers.

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