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A World of Men & Gods

Jeremy Penn
Hot and Handsome Hunk who worked for Falcon Studios. I first encountered Him in a copy of Blueboy magazine in the late Nineties, wearing a Skin-Tight Wrestling Singlet... And stripping out of it! 

 I still have those pictures, although they have been greatly enjoyed and are now a bit well worn! 
Friday - 8th
I'm not going to bore you with a recitation of my cabin fever and quite lousy day - I have worked on my pictures at length and have a triumph to announce: I finished up the Miscellaneous Male Models K, and announce with pride that the folder has been downsized from 140 images to 93, so you can tell I have been researching. if any of you have images for these variegated dudes, please share them 🥰 also, I choose for my feature John Krasinski who is in that miscellaneous folder. he has the most enchanting buns imaginable! great news - we have achieved 5000 clubmembers, and I wish a warm welcome to all newcomers and thanx to long-time clubmembers. thank you also for remembering to award Likes and Stiffies as you go gathering knots in May.

Landon Conrad
Landon Conrad
Country Boys
Down home flavor with country boys, one of the many popular albums by Champion @bleuparrot
G0Y Men
G0y, gØy, g-zero-y is a subculture that appeared in 2000s in the United States and is especially widespread in Brazil. The g0y self-identify as men who have sex with men but not as homosexuals or bisexuals.
Musclehunk Brick for Men Magazine
Beautiful Butts and Glorious Glutes
A stunning album of beautiful butts and glorious glutes by @Vistafan69
John Hamill
Handsome British Beefcake Hunk John Hamill, Bodybuilder who posed for Muscle photos, nude Erotic photos and even a couple of "Loops" in the late Sixties. Went on to become an actor and appeared in the excellent British Post Apocalyptic Epic NO BLADE OF GRASS (Directed by Cornel Wilde) and the British proto Slasher Film TOWER OF EVIL amongst others. 
Thursday - 7th
this message is provided by @Nokomis:

There was a young fellow named Lancelot,
Whom the neighbors did look on askance a lot,
For whenever he'd pass, a studly man's ass,
The front of his pants would advance a lot.

I've been regarding Joe Manganiello's charms for the past few minutes, so I am much in the same attitude. bad news: I received an email from Via Rail Canada that part of my journey is cancelled. no information about giving my money back 😞 in the mean time, I have a lineup of charming young males for your delectation. welcome to all our newest clubmembers, and a shout-out to long-time members who cheer my day with little epigrams, as well as Likes and Stiffies, which I remind all, don't cost anything, and cheer me up no end!

DYO Magazine
Brazilian DYO Magazine has the mission of being a reference in content about the male universe, and discover the pleasure of being a man.
More Miscellaneous Men
Mega-album of alpha hunks by @Warrior69
Drenched to the Bone(r)
Watered down guys in their see-through garments.  Transparency is always best!
Alessandro Calza (photographer)
Photography by Alessandro Calza
Tom Of Finland Turns 100 And He Still Looks Amazing!
On 8th May, Touko Laaksonen better known as Tom Of Finland, would have turned 100. While he’s no longer around to celebrate, his artwork continues to have an impact on the LGBTIQ community the world over.

Known for its depiction of hyper-masculine men enjoying each other sexually without inhibitions confronted the stigmas and stereotypes that long burdened gay men.

Laaksonen, who passed away in November 1991, is also recognised as one of the 20th Century’s great visual innovators. His influence on the culture at large is immeasurable. Tom’s drawings are in the collections of institutions like The Museum Of Modern Art, New York and regularly appear in museum shows throughout the world, but also occupies a place in every corner of the popular imagination.
Post in Monochrome Men
Megapost by @Loran23 in Monochrome Men
Post in Thursday Flashback
Join us for Thursday Flashback with Viva magazine 1975.

Thanks to @kawika for the post
Killian Belliard
Killian Belliard
Rugby player tugging his mate's uncut dick on the bus
The guy being grabbed is pretty fucking sexy. He has a really cute face. Nice balls too, but I wish we could see more of that nice uncut dick that is in his mate's hand ;P Let me know what you think guys. Take care and stay safe!

May is National Masturbation Month
Celebrate National Masturbation Month with a wank of your own at Adonismale!
Chad Austin
PG May 1988 Man of the Month Chad Austin
Greg Anderson
"Man of the Month" Greg Anderson from Playgirl Magazine August 1976
On Relaxation
There's a lot of negativity right now in the world, from market crashes and joblessness to heartbreaking stories of personal tragedy.  

It's important to distance yourself between what's truly impacting your day to day life, and what's happening to the world at large.  One way to do that is to step away from the non-stop negativity by simply relaxing.  This can be 3 minutes of deep breathing at work or 30 minutes of peaceful meditation at home. 
​ 🛀 The Wonders & Joys of the Bathtub 🛀  ​
🛀 I understand that bathing has always been a part of & is just part of the human way of maintaining ourselves.

There are times where a nice, warm, relaxing bath can just do wonders! Nice is enjoy a nice, long, bubbly bath & just unwind from the days happenings. Even better when I can just enjoy taking one & let my thoughts go anywhere I want to! Especially when them dirty thoughts arrive & make bath time even more enjoyable! 🤭

Read more of SuzieNudie's times in the bathtub in her blog ...  

Wednesday - 6th
different kind of day today! I went to the orthopædist for a follow up, and was met by a most attractive nurse 🤩 I couldn't just stare like I would like to 😞 and there wasn't a lot to see with scrubs, surgeon's cap, and mask - he seemed to have an odd colour of gold hair. still did not have time to analyze if it came out of a bottle. anyway, my thrill for the day. did I ever tell you that the dirtiest, most foul, vile, four-letter word in the language is WAIT!? I have about a week to wait to see if we shall go forward with my vacation plans or so sideways. man! in the mean time, men!! I hope you like my lineup for today. they represent a head-spinning variety of handsome hunks who, sadly, are not within reach. my featured fella is Mark Kleckner, late of playgirl fame. I read somewhere that sex is like bridge - if you don't have a good partner, it helps to have a good hand 😛  a warm welcome to our newest clubmembers, and thanks for the Likes and Stiffies awarded to me - they really light up my mornings [broad hint][also, they don't cost you anything]

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