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A World of Men & Gods

Upper Body Muscles of Men
Jean Castaing is definitely a turn on. His muscles and veins speak volumes. He doesn't have to say anything. You are looking at him pose and flex out his muscles and pop out his veins and suddenly  you realize that you are so hard and pre-cumming. Just that simple. He's worth every second. Enjoy!!!


Jean Castaing is flexing his muscles for you and popping his veins out for you to worship and get hard on. Enjoy!!!


This is the same guy with the towel between his legs.....here veins pop out his neck, traps, triceps, biceps, feet, thighs, and chest. 

You are going love this. If you are into hairy veiny muscular men...this guy got it all. It is like having Hercules seduce you. Enjoy!


Many people in the world love their chocolate, so here is a  delicious Chocolate man that you can lick your chops to. I know I did. Just starting out as  one of leading muscle god of today. Enjoy!







I absolutely love this guy. He calls himself, "The Dominator." His name is Alex. I call him "Apollo," after the Greek god because of his physique and Charm. Great veins and muscles especially on his neck.




This is my muscles god. Absolutely Favorite!!! He is a muscular veiny delicious brown sugar man with a thick sugar cane. You will not see the sugar cane here but maybe I can get him to show me and than I will show you. Meanwhile, enjoy. In 2 minutes you will get hard and possibly explode!!!!



Now  this dude is got muscles and veins popping out for days. I watched him for a few minutes and i became so hard, I had to bust a nut. He's one of those muscle gods that don't talk..... he let's his body do the talking for him. Enjoy!!!









Jerdani Kraja
Fitness competitor, model and IFBB pro.
Who has stories to tell?
Wednesday - 1st
Bonne Fête du Canada/Happy Canada Day to all who celebrate. this does not include me, as the government has said they don't want any tourists carrying all kinds of nasty money up there, so my friends in New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, and points west will have to do without me. I was rather hoping to mount a Mountie, such are the stuff of fantasies. note Colby Keller kitted up as same in my Canada Day album. in the mean time, wee see that Pete Meluso is getting ready for Independence Day in the US. he does have charm 🤩 I have the honour to welcome some new clubmembers and direct their attention to a zip file at the end of the daily ration, for an album of >99 images. hope you enjoy it all, and many grateful thanx for all the Likes and Stiffies you all have afforded me. gives me something to which I can look forward to, as I sit here with aching shoulders.


Tuesday - 30th
thirty days hath September, and the rest, I can't remember. the high point today was starting physical therapy on my shoulders with a nice young lady with whom I have worked before. high hopes for great things! in the mean time, we have Michael Meaney to lead a cast of, well, not thousands, five for today. actually, all the models are quite fetching, however I am a sucker for a man in uniform. especially if I can work him out of it 😛 I see we have achieved 5-1/3 thousand clubmembers, which seems worthy of note. a warm welcome to our newbies. please note my convention of adding a zip folder for models which have >99 images, like Michael. thanks to all for the Likes & Stiffies. we were tops in that department, overnight. keep them cards, letters, Likes, and Stiffies a-coming!

Fabio 1
The one and only long-haired ladies man Fabio, from the German edition of Playgirl Magazine January 1992
Monday - 29th
just another day in paradise. the high point so far has been a visit from a tax client, who had questions I could not answer. made me feel great [not] one likes to appear omniscient! so I turn to the picture collection and think of ewe. I see we have new clubmembers, a warm welcome! and many thanks for the Likes and Stiffies y'all have afforded. they are gratefully appreciated. more Scots wha' hae today, and it is so hard to choose just one. well, Ryan Mc Partlin appears to be blonde 🥰 although each has something to commend him.

Falco Twins (Jim & Nick)
Falco brothers from Playgirl June 1999 "Two of a Kind"
Retro Oral 2
Retro Oral 2
Sunday - 28th
interesting day - I got to wash the car and take my neighbors to the airport. I feel out of sync because I had Sunday dinner at the Village Inn and am still full. I hear the sofa calling me to nap. all alone, darn it. how much more fun it would be to roll around on the floor with Dick Mc Day and his amazing wiener! so I leave it to you - welcome to our newest clubmembers. notice that I added a zip file for albums >99 pix. thank you for all the Likes & Stiffies 😛

Robert Oliveira
Robert Oliveira
Fun(ny) Gay stuff
Fun(ny) Gay stuff
Chasing Waterfalls
Chasing Waterfalls
What’s Changed—and What Hasn’t—in 50 Years of Pride Parades
What’s Changed—and What Hasn’t—in 50 Years of Pride Parades

Recalling the first years of Pride celebrations in the early 1970s, photographer Stanley Stellar remembers how all the energy was concentrated in a small area of Christopher Street in New York City’s West Village. At the time, it was the rare neighborhood where gay people could go and meet in public, and Pride parades operated at a neighborhood-level size too — a far cry from the estimated five million people who attended last July’s World Pride event in New York City, the largest LGBTQ celebration in history. 

Jordan Loewenstein
The vibrant, exciting male temptation of Jordan Loewenstein. A perfect and muscled 25-year old male adonis with perfect anatomy. Sensual, beautiful, manly, exciting! Jordan Loewenstein is shot by various photographers: Rick Day, Danny Lang and Mark Jenkins. A seductive desire with sublime appeal of this handsome fitness model. The masculine form of Jordan Loewenstein.
Post in This Weekend Global Pride 2020 Is Coming To You
And today is the 5th anniversary of the Supreme Court's decision recognizing the right of same-sex couples to marry!  

Furry friends
Furry friends
Friday - 26th
umm - strange experiences today with the platform. seems to have problems digesting zip files. I am sitting here, looking at pretty boys and unable to share with you like I would like. I have discovered the world of animated gifs and they offer a number of often humourous items. well, it should str8ten out someday! trying to figure whether to feature Eric Mc Cormack or Guy Mc Coy. both good husband candidates. I see that we have acquired new clubmembers, and say Hi, Howdy, and Welcome. two things come to mind - I forgot to say fauxtoshop alert on Eric Mc Cormack, also, if anybody wants me to email the entire files, send me a private email as coldt DOT mann AT gmail DOT com. many thanx for the Likes and Stiffies; they are appreciated.
This Weekend Global Pride 2020 Is Coming To You
COVID-19 might have caused cancellations, but that’s not stopping the world’s LGBTIQ community coming together for a virtual party this weekend with the Global Pride 24-hour online broadcast.

For the first time over 500 organisations across 91 countries will come together to stream events and performances to an expected audience of 70 million.

This truly unifying worldwide event will shine a spotlight on LGBTIQ community members from every continent. Almost all countries in Asia are included, as well as more than 40 contributions from Africa and a number of countries where LGBTIQ people face severe social and legal restrictions including Iraq, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Syria, Sudan, Iran, Palestine, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco and Jamaica. More than 20 Prides in India will feature, alongside Trans Pride Pakistan and Nemat Sadat from Afghanistan. The show will also feature a surprising contribution from Antarctica.

Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras will be curating two-and-a-half hours of footage from across Australia and the Pacific region beginning from 4:15PM (AEST) on Saturday. Expect a variety of performances, speeches and highlights from Pride festivals from across the region with featured performances from Courtney Act, Betty Who, G Flip, Olivia Newton-John and many more.

Rob Winter
Handsome collegiate centerfold Rob Winter in Playgirl Magazine October 1989 "A University of Men"
Inches 2008-11
Inches Magazine Nov 2008 Special Collector's Edition Jet Set's Men.

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Muscle Jocks
Muscle Jocks
Roar like a lion and prowl the plains in this unique Savannah-themed album
Beautiful Butts and Glorious Glutes Volume 2
The second volume of Beautiful Butts and Glorious Glutes from Vistafan69
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