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A World of Men & Gods

New Virgin Gets Nude
Check out sexy newcomer @nordicblue. Just want to say hello and glad to be part of the Adonis family. Love the pics of hot looking guys! Check out a few of mine!!
Wednesday - 19th
I won't bore you with a lot of vacillation over my favourite - paws down, it is Ben Cody, who is so doggone loveable that it just makes me want to irk. enjoy!

2020 Wallpapers
Jay - 2020 designs
Here are my first designs for 2020.

Assorted Finds
Assorted Finds from Men's Sock Heaven
Tuesday - 18th
the sun shines bright on my old florida home - and shines on a great lineup of models for your delectation. so hard to choose - Nathan Cloutier is such a dad and Eric Coak is such a lad. how about if they mud wrestle to decide which one I get for a prize? yeah, I wish.

Casey Green
Monday - 17th
the message for today is: keep your powder dry. before I forget, I shall again remind one and all that images which seem too good to be true, are the products of fevered imaginations. at least one holly woodstar has commented that fauxtoshop afficionados are much more generous than the creator was, if you follow my meaning. I prefer to just fantasize in my little crib, imagining, well, I will feature Michael Churchill, largely because he is blonde. all the models have a lot to recommend them, and I might add that this may be a first that each model rates a zip file! enjoy them!!

Bryce Durfee
Bryce Durfee, an American model.


Sunday - 16th
an interesting day - I spent a lot of time downloading images of Trevor Adams until I had to go change my underwear. look for a new album in about six months - that's how long our honeymoon will last. in the mean time, I have such an embarrassment of riches to share, and can't decided which one to do first - er, I mean to feature. let's call it reader's choice. meanwhile, am waiting for the phone to ring and off to the train station!

Joe Delio
Joe Delio, an American model.


Sensational Saturday Muscle
Sensational Saturday Muscle
Happy Valentine's Day
Just wishing all our members a Happy Valentine's Day.


Ulrich Oehmen
Photography by Ulrich Oehmen
Jeff York
Jeff Mandate - Mandate 1981
Saturday - 15th
my head is spinning from regarding so much male beauty. I suppose that, weakly, I would have to choose Rex Chandler to feature. one hears rumours that Rex was gay-for-pay. too bad I didn't know that back when I had a good job and he was in his primacy. eh - speaking of primary, I have already voted by mail for Pete Buttigieg. anybody in Florida who is not registered as a Democrat, you have until Tuesday to make the change. you can do it on line - google Polk County Florida Supervisor of Elections!

wow. Cash. I was thinking of the song Big Spender, and fantasizing about spending some cash on Cash and perhaps nibbling on his lovely tits. he cuts quit a figure in a golf shirt!
Weird Details that Makes a Guy Attractive to You
What's the weirdest small physical detail about a guy that turns you on/charms on and you have no idea why?

I will start with one that I noticed makes me weak in the knees: an Asymmetrical "crooked" smile. Not teeth-wise. I mean, as in the guy whose smile ia uneven, like the lip lifting more on one side than the other or the mouth opening wider on one side of the other or askew in one direction.
It is such a weirdly specific detail but it definitely makes a guy 100% more attractive to me and I have no idea why I fixate on it
John Hamill
Handsome British Beefcake Hunk John Hamill, Bodybuilder who posed for Muscle photos, nude Erotic photos and even a couple of "Loops" in the late Sixties. Went on to become an actor and appeared in the excellent British Post Apocalyptic Epic NO BLADE OF GRASS (Directed by Cornel Wilde) and the British proto Slasher Film TOWER OF EVIL. Amongst others. 
Friday - 14th
kind of a weird day - I woke up at 3 am and not felt quite like anything all day. bleagh! so I turn to my font of solace, my picture collection, and share today's pickings. it sure is tough to choose between the teddiness of Adam Champ and the sportiness of Chris Champion. you can decide. I also included a few valentine messages in an album. and I have finished up the Miscellaneous Male Models C - if you have anything you would like to contribute to the cause, please do so. for some unknown reason, we have hit a plateau in membership, and I sure hope you talk up SonOfPicJim to your buddy list. thanx for keeping pace with the likes and stiffies. also: if you live in Florida, Tuesday is the very last day, if you need to re-register as a Democrat to support our boy, Pete Butttigieg. please consider it.

PINK's Valentine
PINK's Valentine
Happy Valentines
Happy Valentines
here's to you, woo hoo!!
A vintage Valentine's Day celebration!
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