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A World of Men & Gods

Wednesday - 5th
somewhat of a long day. I started off by going to the clinic, to learn that I have shingles. couldn't be the stress of caring for my Mother and her HVAC and her termites, as well as my own concerns. on the plus side, the doctor said I have lost 27 lb, though I still feel fat. wish I had a cutie to take my mind off my troubles. Clark Bartram wouldn't be bad - he has a winning smile plus a few muscles. anyway, y'all enjoy. more to come tomorrow!

Post in My Journey of Uploading Pictorial Magazines
1971 Christopher Street Liberation Day March in New York
Tuesday - 4th
well, just another day in paradise. I was able to get virtually nothing done until lunch time, then felt lazy and so I went with that. I have scanning to do, but it will be there tomorrow. in the mean time, I chose some models to post, featuring John Barrowman. I am certain y'all tire of hearing how I am out of the entertainment world - all I know is apparently John Barrowman is a friend of Dorothy and has talent coming out of his ears.
Bromancing the Bone
Images depicting that deep special relationship that only two men can have.
Men in Speedo's.
Body by Luke
Tweeking the hairy animal in all of us
Circumcision: Yes or No?
Here's a chance to submit your thoughts on circumcision, both for and against.
Post in PINK: The Color of Comfort
Gavin Lindemuth by AJ Ford for Coitus Magazine.
Monday - 3rd
spoilt for choice, although I have to say that Butch Barnes is my fave rave amongst the posts. hope you enjoy - I have been scanning my little hoofies to the quick, trying to improve the collection, and trying not to get downcast about the number of freaking magazines I still have to go through. the current one, thankfully, is a compendium of calendar shots, so there are no two-page spreads to bother with. keep them cards and stiffies coming!

Sunday - 2nd
one is well and truly sick of scanning, and can't wait to get to bed, even if alone. I added another vintage mag to adonismale.com - look for Odyssey under downloads. in the mean time, we have several handsome Baldwins, none cuter than Scott, who is my second choice for dream lover after Bo Summers. what a lovely butt. and other attributes. enjoy them!

Pride Symbols
A collection of 63 images and symbols to celebrate Pride 2019.
Saturday - 1st
I wanted to present you with a baker's dozen of Bakers, however, you will have to settle for a quadriga of the cutest men I ever saw! been slaving over a hot scanner this afternoon, and put up Falcon File Nº 13 which you can find by searching. also note, I started a folder for Miscellaneous Male Models B. it appears I am going to have to do this in three parts, so I will remind you after each update. please bear in mind that these boys do not have enough images to make up a folder, and if you have one you particularly like, and would like to share more pix, they would be gratefully appreciated. I am doing some research on the cutest of the cute, however there are only so many hours in the day, and I am working my little hoofies to the quick as it is. enjoy!

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