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A World of Men & Gods

Ryan Burke
Ryan Burke
Reno Gold
Reno Gold was born in 1996. He doesn't really disclose his real name anywhere, but he does talk a lot about his personal life. He was raised in a leisurely household where his parents encouraged him and his two sisters to be individuals. That's why he pursued whatever he saw fit at the time. He used to draw a lot and post art on his personal Instagram account before he got into modelling and adult work. That work can't really be found on his newest Instagram account which he uses for adult themed lewd content.

Since he was blessed with amazing genetics and was pretty regular at the gym, he quickly got his physique to be top-notch. He has an amazing six-pack, bulging pecs, huge arms, and a handsome face with blue eyes. With attributes like that, it's not hard to see why he got picked up by various modeling agencies to do gigs for them. He was satisfied for a while, but then he decided to try out something else since modeling wasn't really earning him enough money. However, whenever a good modelling opportunity arises, as well as modeling opportunities in the field of adult entertainment, he takes them and does them regularly.
Alex Konobeevskikh
Alex Konobeevskikh
Post in Mesh & Sheer
Philipp Brem during his time at Fitcasting.com, before he became one of their success stories and graduated to mainstream modeling.
Monday - 18th
I feel pretty, oh so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and gay! today, I appear to have won my athlete's wings, as I got to see a sports doctor. and he was pretty cute! back here at the ranch, we had quite a bit of rain this morning, and now the sun is out so it is all nice and steamy, like a sauna. I'm here, regarding my picture collection, and vacillating whether to choose Brandon Larcom's smile or Pat Larkin's temptation eyes. guess I know who Elvis would choose. clubmembership is ticking along nicely, and I thank all who have awarded me Likes and Stiffies. onward and upward!

Sunday - 17th
just another day in paradise - I have to share - this won't mean anything unless you are a COLT devotee - this morning I was dreaming that a nude Carl Hardwick was watering my front garden and I was appreciating his buttsome backside, when it occurred to me that I was dreaming and pfffft! that was the end of the dream. I have actually been working Carl's folder preparatory to a future posting, however, in the mean time, you will have to make do with Darin Lannaghan a/k/a Doug Perry, an inordinately talented <------------------> young man. with lotsa muscles. if its not your cuppa, pass on by, that means all the more for me 🤩 the club is doing well in the Likes and Stiffies department, for which I thank everyone, and offer words of welcome to our newest clubmembers. onward and upward!

​ 👙 Favorite posted bikini pic (Round 2) ​👙 ​
Hey yall! 😊 So this is Round 2 to find out which of all of the bikini 👙 pics I've posted are the some of the favorite pic(s).

I have decided to break it up into 2 different poll blogs this time, this one being the 2nd one which has the other 6 pics of me in a bikini. This 2nd poll will overlap the first bikini poll blog for a week or 2, then I may take the top 3 from each poll blog & do another poll! 🤔

Thinking about doing a bonus bikini pic poll (which will be separate from the Top 6, 3 from each poll) sometime just to see how these pics match up with the others I've already polled.

Will be interesting which of these end up in the top 3 to join the other 3 from the first poll! 🤭
Picking Up The Pieces And Moving On...
@kawika shares a glimpse into his thoughts on shoes, storytelling, and staying positive:

I closed last time asking you to think about the kind of world you want to create to help build the new normal in the world... and maybe it was a bit daunting... but consider just starting with rebuilding your own personal world as a blueprint for your new normal... I'll ask you to consider something... I have always bought the type clothing for the life I have... but also a few things for the life I want to have... Believe it or not I've actually bought shoes just in case Brad Pitt and I ran into each other and he wanted to run away with me to some far off exotic land... I actually did run into Brad Pitt once at valet parking at a restaurant in Los Angeles... and no he did not want for us to run away together; but I was happy I had the shoes never the less... but I'll get back to this...
Art in the time of coronavirus  #2
@mg240980 gives us another gallery of fine art in the age of coronavirus with sassy and artistic combinations. Napoleon makes a contactless delivery and mother Madonna wears hospital gloves while praying.
Cody Deal
Cody Deal
Saturday - 16th
man, I have to stop falling asleep whilst working. I'm having a colloquy with hag in Dallas who is having tsurris with her hairburner. I told her to wash that man right out of her hair!! on to more pleasant topics, like handsome hunks. my lineup today is stellar, although it is hard to choose [sorry about the pun] between Joe Landon and his extreme cuteness, Mike Landis with his buddy, Mr Stiffy, or Jeff Lancaster, who is already in bed with champagne. decisions, decisions! I had a very pleasant report this morning, regarding the Likes and Stiffies. thanks to all who awarded them; they really are appreciated. also note, a welcome to our newest clubmembers!

Pete from Muscle Adonis
Tom Brock
Tom Brock by the pool
Jason Hawke
Jason Hawke and his sexy buns
Robert Collins
Robert Collins
Friday - 15th
v. quiet around the ranchero; I am later in posting due to getting sidetracked with a generous contribution from one of the clubmembers for my Pete Kuzak collection. I could always spend an afternoon on him. getting down to business - I guess my feature will be Lorenzo Lamas, that being said after dissing his long hair. still a stud. at last look, our membership stands at 5111, and I would like to welcome all newbies. note that there is a zip file today, added for your convenience. thanks to all for the Likes and Stiffies - one hates to wheedle, and one grins all over when a good number is posted overnight. thank you for your support!

Nik Aleksandrov
Russian with a thick set of pecs.
Thursday - 14th
an uneventful day. I did my marketing and got gas . . . was astounded to see I hadn't gotten gas in seven weeks! that cannot be good for the economy!! so I came home and felicitated one of my old ladies who has a birthday today. she is in my lunch bunch and so got her card and present yesterday. today, I am back at the computer, looking at lovely models for today - impossible to choose a favourite, so its readers choice. greetings to our newest clubmembers; a reminder that leaving Likes and Stiffies is a tangible way of supporting my work [how's that for a subtle hint?]

Studsketch is a gay Canadian artist who's homoerotic, digitally-illustrated portraits of men are some of the most colorful and most sensual ever seen on the social platform, and everything he draws begs for more. 
Alam Wernik
Wednesday - 13th
Friday the 13th comes on Wednesday this month. I will get my first hot meal, not cooked by myself, nor washed up after, etc, and I am so looking forward to lunch out! on the other scene, all the cute boys, I have entered upon the Miscellaneous Male Models L, which contains models for which I have between 2 & 9 images. I note that some of these are retro rogues and vintage vamps, however I still needmore! if you happen to have a passion for one of these guys and would like to share your collection, it would be vastly appreciated. as to the regular lineup, I am vacillating - I guess Trevor la Paglia is the most loveable young man - indeed some pix show him cuddling another cute young man, so I can enjoy him vicariously. a warm welcome to new clubmembers, and thanx for the Likes and Stiffies afforded. I really appreciate the support!

Were you ever caught?
When you were growing up, what was the most embarrassing story of you being caught masturbating?  
Boys in Yellow
Boys in Yellow
Tuesday - 12th
this is a day for rejoicing! I got a haircut!! no longer do I look like a koala in heat!!! and I am coming to another milestone - to the end of the K's in my named models, which leads me to discuss the ineffable Pete Kuzak. I have it in mind for him as one to head up my stud ranch which I propose to call the Triple K Bar Ranch. it was going to be the KKK ranch, however, that seemed politically incorrect. on said ranch, Steve Kelso, Noel Kemp, and Pete Kuzak will act as general foremen with 18 foremen under them. each of those foremen will have 18 men under them, for a total of just under 1000 ranch hands. Steve Kelso will act as the general manager and ram-rod all the tops, Noel Kemp will supervise all the bottoms, and Pete Kuzak will tend to the versatiles. it could work! so I welcome new clubmembers to my world, and thank a few of you for remembering to award Likes and Stiffies. I don't wish to come off as over-competitive, but it is nice to be Nº1! so, Scarlett, tomorrow is another day!

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