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    a slightly furry playgirl model - very fetching!
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    this inordinately kissable hunk is new to my collection. most appreciated.
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    From the album: Ingram, Joe

    • 86.17 kB
    • 589x999
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    From the album: Ingram, Joe

    • 189.14 kB
    • 487x600
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    From the album: Homoerotica Wallpapers & Posters

    • 1.89 MB
    • 1887x1065
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    was minding 's own business monday afternoon was doing 's daily housework - actually just finished - and was listening to Randi Rhodes as does every weekday - 3-5 and at 4:33 the electricity goes out while waiting for the electricity to come back slightly over 2 hours later the wind knocked a dead tree down did not think much of it but today discovered the tree knocked a wire down thought it was electrical but it was just the cable wire so a person that 's sibling has a barter system going - web work in exchange for fixing the yard was able to remove the wire from blocking the driveway canceled the call to the utility folks who...
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    overlooking the fact that he is blonde, this man just doesn't stop. I particularly like him aardvarking with Scott Baldwin, but there are many other notable scenes 🤩
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