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    From the album: Daddies

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    Black and white beauty for Thursday March 8 2018
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    The Booth I made this mess. And I'm proud to take credit for it. Enrique and I went out for dinner this particular evening. He was looking pretty fucking hot, and I was feeling extremely frisky. So I tipped the maitre d' when we arrived and got us a semi-private booth near the back of the restaurant. It was just the two of us in the rather secluded dining room, and so after dessert I asked the wait staff to pull the table away from the booth, tipping our waiter rather generously as I leaned in to kiss Enrique, unbuckling his belt and loosening his jeans as I did so. It didn't take me long before I had his pants and underwear down around his ankles, my lips wrapped around his hot, stiff penis, as I slurped and sucked on him, driving Enrique completely crazy in the process! I continued stripping him as I worked, kissing him and sucking on his dick, slowly peeling off the last of his clothing, not satisfied until I had Enrique sitting in the booth totally naked! I caught a glimpse of our waiter standing off to one side, smiling politely, pretending that he was waiting to be summoned, but somehow I felt he was really standing there, more interested in the show. I just couldn't get enough of Enrique's gorgeous cock! Using my lips and tongue, I slid down his full length, tracing every vein, every fold of skin with my tongue, taking in every tasty inch! I played with Erique's penis and testicles, slurping and sucking, pumping with my fist, determined to taste his jism until he just couldn't stand it anymore. Moaning and grinding his hips into my lips, the look on his face was obvious that I was about to make him cum! Suddenly taking his penis into his hand and breathing very heavily, he jerked himself to finish what I had started, his penis exploding and shooting his warm sperm all over his chest and abs in an endless fountain of his sweet, white milk! It was such a beautiful sight! Using my tongue, I lapped up every tasty pool of Enrique's warm, salty ejaculate as it ran down his chest and abs, cleaning my naked boyfriend of his messy orgasm!
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    Jimmy had a photo shoot with his bike, and got a bit carried away!
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    Thanks a lot Jack for these pics - hot, hot, smiling, blonde, great ass....


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