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    Credit to WeLoveNudes.Net The handsome Levi Poulter who dazzles us in simple yet utterly sublime set by John Falocco back in June 2009. While it's an older set, Levi has always been a fan favorite with his model-looks and open attitude towards nudity. Without further ado, we present the breath-taking Levi Poulter ...
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    in a previous post, I said, if Stoner is the Elizabeth Taylor of COLT models, John Pruitt must be the Gregory Peck of COLT models. he's handsome, well built, personable, and looks like a really nice guy. some enchanted evening . . . 🤩
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    From the album: Hairy guys at most

    • 32.18 kB
    • 456x810
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    oh to bee in Hungaree with a cutiee like this one!
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    Bay Area based photographer, Mark Jenkins, specializes in male fitness, travel and black & white fine art photography. His prints have been exhibited at gallery shows and his work has been published in numerous calendars and books, including his solo book “Watermark” published by Bruno Gmunder.
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    larkin' by name, larkin' by nature - this playgirl has the most alluring eyes
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    blip waves at AdonisMale Joel and Cool_a know all about blip blip is NOT a sock puppet and might or might not be from Earth. (they will not tell blip because last time they told blip and they moved - blip was able to find blip's way back home) blip might be in the US on the east coast one of the new england states that is directly next to new york but who really knows. it really is hard to tell do not be frightened of blip blip does not bite despite what the court order says
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    Black and white beauty for Thursday March 8 2018
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