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    Knock knock ... ha, I'm already in. My nickname is Tomster, but friends usually call me Tom or Tommy. I was born in 1984. The year George Orwell wrote about in his novel. My native languages are Bavarian and German since I am a native of Munich. Yes, I grew up bilingual. English is the third language I speak. Please be aware that my English is perfectly inspired by German grammar. 😊 Physical fitness is important to me, especially since I work in an office. That means I spend about 1-2 hours per day at the gym. Fortunately we have our own company gym in the office building as well as in our houses. Cooking and Baking is another passion...
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    oh to bee in Hungaree with a cutiee like this one!
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    Hi everyone, I wanted to kick off Virgin Week by sharing a little bit about myself. I'm a 20-something gay guy who started running this website after some of his most favorite gay sites shut down, and I wanted to continue to offer a free and space area with others. Also, I had a nice collection of hunks saved up by then. I had a very difficult time coming out. In fact, for a long time I was incredibly scared to tell my parents since I come from a very conservative family. I knew my parents wouldn't approved - and boy, was I right. I always felt like my mother had an inkling (and there were some awkward moments when...
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    I have a condition called apodyopis! I have had it most of my life!
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    From the album: Police (X)

    • 118.57 kB
    • 600x800
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    From the album: Daddies

    • 328.96 kB
    • 552x699
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    Black and white beauty for Thursday March 8 2018
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    Jimmy had a photo shoot with his bike, and got a bit carried away!

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