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    @JoelR I was playing volleyball, badminton and table tennis but mostly volleyball. It was considered too pansy at my school then because all the players of the sport swings our way and not a single straight guy was there even the coaching staff. @Youri, @Tomster, and @Sammy thanks! No words can describe how I appreciate seeing friendly and familiar faces again. Gosh, I was really shocked when I typed in BGP and the only thing that registered to me was a farewell message - I wasn't even reading the entire content then, and I was like not this forum too. When realization hit me — oh we just moved to a different environment. 😄 And so here I am.
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    I actually have two names at the site: My AM name is based on my love of mythology, particularly Egyptian mythology. Here is one of many pages describing his role in ancient Egyptian culture. https://www.ancientegyptonline.co.uk/anubis.html I especially like his role in the weighing of the heart, to determine whether the soul is worthy of passing into eternal bliss, or if not, being fed to the goddess Ammit for a final death. My WPH name is the middle name my father wanted me to have. I had used the name at AM before, many years ago, but it was attached to an email address I rarely used, and was causing all sorts of log-in problems after we moved our MMH group here (because I did not remember that it was associated with that address), so I registered with a different email as anubis. When the option came to pick one of the names, I kept anubis, since the move of the WPH had not been contemplated at the time.
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    From the album: Bears

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    Welcome to Adonismale - glad you made it here!
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    A reminder to securely store your password. Here are some common-sense safety tips for strong passwords: Never give out your password to anyone. Never give it to friends, even if they’re really good friends. A friend can – maybe even accidentally – pass your password along to others or even become an ex-friend and abuse it. Don’t just use one password. It’s possible that someone working at a site where you use that password could pass it on or use it to break into your accounts at other sites. Use a pass phrase. Security experts are now recommending a “pass phrase” rather than simply a password. Such a phrase should be relatively long – perhaps 20 characters or so and consist of seemingly random words strung together along with numbers, symbols and upper and lower case letters. Think of something that you can remember but others couldn’t guess such as YellowChocolate#56CadillacFi$h. that’s relatively long – perhaps 20 characters or so — using seemingly random words strung together along with numbers, symbols and upper and lower case letters. Think of something that you can remember but others couldn’t guess such as YellowChocolate#56CadillacFi$h. Avoid using famous quotations that might be easy to guess. Make the password at least 12 characters long. The longer the better. Longer passwords are harder for thieves to crack. Include numbers, capital letters and symbols. Consider using a $ instead of an S or a 1 instead of an L, or including an & or % – but note that $1ngle is NOT a good password. Password thieves are onto this. But Mf$J1ravng (short for “My friend Sam Jones is really a very nice guy) is an excellent password. Consider using a password manager. Programs or web services like RoboForm (Windows only) or Lastpass (Windows and Mac) let you create a different very strong password for each of your sites. But you only have to remember the one password to access the program or secure site that stores your passwords for you. Consider using multi-factor authentication. Many services offer an option to verify your identity if someone logs on to your account from an unrecognized device. The typical method is to send a text or other type of message to a mobile device registered to you with a code you need to type in to verity it’s really you. In most cases, you will not be required to use this code when logging on from a known device such as your own computer, tablet or phone. Our website supports Google Authenticator. To set-up, go to your Account Settings > Account Security.
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    with the greatest respect to Tom Selleck and other great moustaches, I still plump for Jeff as the premièr moustache of the world.
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    Chase is my idol, the man whose image I aspire to. fail, but hey, what do you expect at my age. handsome, enthusiastic blonde. must have at any pool party!
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    Welcome to AdonisMale, jc. It's great to see you again. XOXO Tommy
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