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    also known as Carl Hardwick Playgirl Magazine: PG October 1988 ‒ Real Man of the Month PG June 1989 ‒ Real Men PG September 1991 ‒ Pictorial: “Just One Look...” (Photography by Maxine Elliott Marten) PG September 1993 ‒ Pictorial: Desert Flower (Photography by Maxine Elliott Marten) PG September / October 2008 ‒ Colt: “Hairy Chested Men” PG South African Edition (August 1995) PG Special Edition (Summer / Fall 1992): How to Meet Men: “Treasured Chests” Other Publications: Colt: Hairy Chested Men), Spurs # 25, Colt Studio Presents #20 Muscles In Leather, Colt Studio Presents #19 Fantasy Men (C), Colt Studio Presents #18 Might Men Of Steel, 1996 Colt Calendar Photos on CD ROM, 1996 Hairy Chested Calendar. He turned...
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    Playgirl Magazine: PG October 1979 ‒ Man of the Month (Photography by Shoshana) PG December 1979 ‒ Men of 1979 PG Special Edition (October 1982): PG’s Sexy Men PG Extras Profile: Then: 1979 Man of the Month. Now: still a working actor in Hollywood and still looking damn good, with over 60 movies to his credit.
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    Playgirl Magazine: PG February 1993 ‒ Man of the Month "Handy Man" (Photography by Maxine Elliott Marten) PG October 1993 ‒ Vote for Man of the Year 1994
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    Playgirl Magazine: PG October 1989 – “A University of Men” (Photography by Douglas Cloutier) Other Publications: Advocate-Men (11/91), Advocate-Men (06/95), Colt Men # 31 (1995, c) Videos: Buckshot Minute Man # 9, Buckshot Minute Man # 11
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    Playgirl Magazine: PG August 1993 – Discovery “Slap Shot” (Photography by Jean Gabrielle) PG Extras Profile: Between the mid-1980s to the early 1990s, Gary Hartwell was an erotic dancer who called himself Hunter and worked the Chicago area gay dance club circuit. I believe he called his group of men Hunter and the Headliners. Even though he looks conservative in his Playgirl photos, his shows were absolutely wild. One of my favorite memories was him allowing my boyfriend and I to stroke his dick while he had it hanging out of his g-string.” (atomicscott). Today (2011) a realtor in Houston TX. http://www.garyhartwell.com/
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