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    saving the best for last, David has been a passonate love of mine for a very long time. don't know if its the blonde hair, attractively styled, the voluptuous buns, or the posing strap with hints of delights to come [aaagh] whatever. he's cute. oh, and I like his balls.
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    I had planned to have my picture collection to comfort me as I grew older, and I must say, coming [aagh] across Clyde Dayton Wallace is more than a pleasure. he is so doggone cute, its sinful!
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    how glad I am that pix and vids never age. Jon was really attractive when in his salad days. I believe he made some unfortunate choices, which may have led to his demise. when I hear the phrase, "so many men, so little time," I really wish he had not checked out so soon. RIP, Jon!
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    somewhere, there's a graphic comparing his personal equipment to a beer can . . . guess which lost
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    one of the most interesting COLTs, Pat is not super hunky, or super much of anything, but is magnetic and sexy!!
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    must be Bo Summers' country cousin. red-headed, sometimes compared to Opie Taylor. well Danny has aged better than Opie!
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