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    in a previous post, I said, if Stoner is the Elizabeth Taylor of COLT models, John Pruitt must be the Gregory Peck of COLT models. he's handsome, well built, personable, and looks like a really nice guy. some enchanted evening . . . 🤩
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    oh to bee in Hungaree with a cutiee like this one!
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    Bay Area based photographer, Mark Jenkins, specializes in male fitness, travel and black & white fine art photography. His prints have been exhibited at gallery shows and his work has been published in numerous calendars and books, including his solo book “Watermark” published by Bruno Gmunder.
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    paging Anthony Page! he has a smirky little smile that just makes on want to sit on his face 🤩
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    larkin' by name, larkin' by nature - this playgirl has the most alluring eyes
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    wow - this lad may be a fitness model. just my type!!
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    Juan Pablo Di Pace, the 39 year old Fuller House actor has come out at a TedX event where he spoke about the homophobic abuse he grew up with in Argentina. “Acceptance was my fuel, and when that is the case, like an addict, you do whatever it takes to get a fix,” he said. “I figured, if I changed my fucking self, I could be in.” Catholic-raised Di Pace wrestled with his sexuality throughout his teenage years and into adulthood. Ironically, it was his casting as Jesus Christ in the miniseries A.D. The Bible Continues that he began to accept himself. “Many years later and still justifying my being gay with my critic, I get offered the role of...
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    Thanks Suzie 🌹 You're making me blush. 😊 I'm deeply sorry, but I didn't expect you looking for eggplant pictures. This is for you. Thank you, @[email protected] 😘 🥰 Thanks Walty. Thank you Wes. 🤗 It would be a perfect coincidence if it was the same day. 🤔 Wait... ... it was the same day, time and location. May I introduce my husband @malelover to you? I'm sure you've already realized it in our way of interacting with each other. @suzienudie That's why I don't need to quit being modest. 😂 XOXO Tommy 🥰
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    just a cute lad with a lot of talent. how I enjoy fantasizing over his talents 🤩
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