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    Do not know if this is the one you are looking for but found this using GI search. Not too long ago, Ricky came out of the closet and let the world know that he is gay. Maybe he misses the attention and wanted to show his stuff.
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    GI search identified him as Hans Brosse
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    Thank you for building the Rick Edwards album!!! I discovered him in my youth and ruined more socks wacking off to him!!
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    LOL, this is Tim Perry, the University of Hawaii student who gained some infamy as "The Speedo Student" around 2010. He posed in speedos in a university classroom and posted the images on a blog. School officials were not pleased. Under the name Corbett Harper, he later did a few porn videos for ActiveDuty.com, which is part of the small Dirty Bird Pictures consortium. His hair was longer in his Speedo Student days, as shown in image #1 below. #2 shows him looking more like the images above. #3 is a still shot from his video with long-time ActiveDuty.com superstar Kayden Saylor, who was also the cover model for Freshmen Magazine's October 2008 issue (#4). #5 is from Perry/Harper's video...
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    blonde and well built, I guess this man's roots are in northern italy where they appear to have blondes 🤩
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