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    just an inordinately handsome man; model and wanted to be an actor, but I hear that his first rôle was, playing a male model. how ironic is that?
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    From the album: Dressler, Tony

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    • 500x708
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    I always considered myself a Chevrolet-type, but this model might entice me away . . .
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    From the album: Fisk, Dick

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    • 464x600
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    From the album: Finlay, Todd

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    From the album: Edwards, Mark

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    • 544x878
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    From the album: Dante!

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    • 950x636
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    From the album: da Harsh, Ryan

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    • 261x400
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    Stoner is the keystone in COLT studio's tiara. no other way to put tit. four paws up!
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    Mike Mentzer RIP was probably the handsomest bodybuilder ever on any circuit. he is sorely missed as one of my all time favourites.


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