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  1. I must have missed yesterday, having more downloads that uploads. yipes! the clock sez it's time for Jeopardy. that's my life! my feature is Glenn Mc Allister, as I would love to be him. woof! anyway - man - I so wish I were equipped like a p0rn star instead of a pawn star! where was I? oh, I seem to have spent the entire afternoon on the road. here in Lakeland, we had an institution called Watson Clinic, and they are having a new telephone system installed, and it doesn't twerk. they can't even call from one desk to another! I had to go up to radiology and talk with one woman who told me to go away and take the elevator upstairs to another d
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  2. mmm what a day! I had to hustle to get ready for my housekeeper to come, then get the fuck out of Dodge to let her work. so I had a leisurely visit to the library, then wondered where on earth I could go for lunch. settled upon IHOP. came home to a clean house and worked on my collection some. all these models seem to be Irish or Scottish, and I got mixed up, thinking that Doug Mc Clure was someone else. how that could happen!? anyway, he was a blonde cutie, who seemed younger than Dick Clark 🙂 welcome to our newest clubmembers! https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/59485-mc-aulay-kevin/ https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/5
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  3. wow, I wonder WTF the day has gone! I did get all my dirty clothes washed, so that's an achievement. went over to see my hag and give her a little thank you present for all she did at the party on Wednesday. so I have a clean house and clean clothes, and I got my prescriptions partly straightened out, so I guess that's a good thing. there's a little lagniappe in today's models, and I am unable to choose one to feature, so I guess it's readers choice. welcome to all our newest clubmembers, and see you tomorrow! https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/59589-mc-crary-grant/ https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/59590-mc-crea-joel/
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  4. John Allen (Jake) Mc Dorman is an actor. on television, he headlined numerous sitcoms
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  5. fabulous athletic and fashion model - I just love a man with a nice big bat
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  6. baby made a boo-boo - the previous model was soap stud only - this one is the rope stud. Douglas Osborne Mc Clure was a blond leading man long making a career of apparent agelessness. He played one young sidekick after another through numerous movies and one television series after another, playing 20ish roles into his late 40s. like 500 credits! would you believe it?
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  7. Bill McAnally, in the eighties erected one of the most memorable boners amongst playgirl readers. what a cutie!
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  8. Looks like this lean, handsome and sexy guy only modeled a few times (for Calafran and AMG) and appeared in a few films each for AMG and Zenith Pictures. Would love to find more!
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