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    Sexy six-packs and torsos in black and white. Discover related content in the AdonisMale community: [Forums] Chest & Torso [Forums] Sexy Six-Packs [Gallery] Chest in Black & White
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    Attila Tóth (again). The stylized “A” in “Viva” on his T-skhirt is the logo Tóth uses on his personal line of fitness clothing. He also uses his “A” logo in the “USA” on a similar line of clothing based on a U.S. flag theme, as well as for the “A” on his “Gains” fitness wear. (See his tank-top and shorts in the post above.)
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    Dave Wilkinson
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    #1-3: Mario Hauzenberger; #4-6: Markus Wöss (Wöß, for our German-speaking members). In #6, another resident of the barn seems envious of the amount of attention the horses are getting. All images are by photographer Chris Wiener.
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    Im panting and drooling over these guys!!!
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    Lars Slind. Woof!
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    "Kiss Me You Fool!"
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    Yearn for these men as they tempt you with the masculine form.
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    Matthew Vose, from one of Dylan Rosser’s “Naked Ibiza” photoshoots. I got a chuckle out of Rosser’s OnlyFans.com page: https://onlyfans.com/dylanrosser For only $9.99 per month, on most days you can see several new posts of his erotic photos of nude (or nearly nude) models from his photoshoots. According to the site, some (but not all) of them are explicit, showing full frontal nudity, erections, and even an occasional JO video, supposedly complete with cum shot. (He says it’s up to the individual models whether he’ll post their explicit photos.) But there’s a catch: Some of the posts “expire” after a certain period, and you can still see them only if you “tip” the model using the conveniently provided link. (In scrolling quickly through the first few dozen posts, the “tips” ranged from $7 to $15 — pretty steep just to look at a photo or video.) It’s not clear how long a subscriber has to view those photo or videos before they expire, but for example, one October 14 post has already expired, only 5 days later (or fewer)! So, if you go on vacation and don’t stay on top of Rosser’s posts, it’s your tough luck! There may be other porn sites that operate that way, but I’m not familiar with them. Another unknown: Whether the photos are copy-protected. (If you have software that can bypass the copy protection, that might not be a big problem for you.)
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    Adorable men...facial hair is Awesome!
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    Venezuelan model Luis Domingo Baez, by photographer Daniel Alonso. Báez was Mr. Universe Model for 2015 and runner-up in 2016.
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    Credit What do you do when you kinda sorta accidentally hookup with your mom’s gay best friend? That’s what one young college student on Reddit wants to know. Of course, he was just a closeted teenager at the time, so nothing ever happened. But now that he’s grown, things are different. The young man continues: So they met up at the guy’s apartment. Totally fine, right? Until: One thing led to another and, well, they had sex. It’s his mom’s GBF, after all. “He is a friend of my parents and he’s known me since I was a kid,” he writes. “But then on the other hand he’s a cool guy and the sex was great.” Now, he isn’t sure what to do! Unfortunately, not many of his fellow Redditers have very great solutions. Though they have plenty of commentary. “If he’s a close family friend whom you’ve grown up with, it means he knew you when you were but a babe,” one person writes, “which is kinda weird, but also… kinda hot?” Hot?! Um, no! “The potential for drama here is astounding,” another comments. “Parents discover you’re gay AND sleeping with a much older man with whom they are well acquainted. Like, I cannot imagine the conversation should it get back to them.” Us neither! “My mom has tons of gay friends and if I started sleeping with them she would lose her shit!” a third person adds. “We’re not reading erotica here. It may sound hot to us hearing about it from a safe distance but this is a real person, who needs honest and realistic advice!” Luckily, some people actually had some helpful advice. “You really don’t need to have any ‘weird’ feelings; you’ve met someone you get along with and had sex,” one person says. “Like the people you like, enjoy your time with them, and be welcomed into our world as a completely normal human being.” Another writes: Honestly, don’t feel guilty about this. Your sexual relationship with this acquaintance of your parents is between you and him.” “This person has the potential to be a great confidant as well as a friend with benefits, and not just sexual; he’s a veteran of your chosen field and has experience and connections that could benefit you long term.” And then there’s this: “At least you know your parents approve of him.”
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    A breath-taking view of men near windows and ledges. Discover related content from the AdonisMale community: [Gallery] Windows
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    Hunkily adorable (or adorably hunky?) Ivan Gudkov.
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    Ivan Gudkov. #1 is by photographer Serge Lee; #2-3 are by Tom Saint Clair for his photo book “East Boys”; #4-7 are by Pavel Lepikhin.
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    Matt Young
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    Welcome to the green world where the natural beauty of man and nature blossom forth. Discover related content from the AdonisMale community: [Forums] The Green World [Main Gallery] Outdoors (X)
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    Awesome hunks....Love, Love the first one....Gorgeous. ..
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    "Casanova" (not his real name) is a 25-year old 5' 10" cutie of a guy from Pughkeepsie, New York, USA. He self-describes himself as follows: Age: 25 Height: 5' 10" Weight: 165 lbs Ethnicity: Caucasian Skin Color: White Eye Color: Blue Hair Length: Medium Hair Color: Brown
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    @Jeremiah The only way to sleep
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    Now here is someone I would love to see naked next to me when I wake up