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    Todd Morgan by John Hough
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    Congrats to all LGBT Turks in the election results. Baring any upsets in the coming days (you never know) it seems like the opposition will now control both istanbul and Ankara. Let’s hope this will enable us all to again see pride parades and LGBT film festivals previously banned due to “security reasons”.
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    These are great pics! And I have a few too...
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    Oh my, I havent't listened to Erasure in ages! Combine them with another "gay" muscial icon (ABBA) and you get Erasure's fun ABBA-esque, an album I love dearly. And let us not forget about Soft Cell, Marc Almond (solo), and Boy George
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    Thank you as always ColtMann. So consistently awesome. I'm wondering if that dark-haired bodybuilder is Reg Park - who was once Arnold's favorite (and still might be).
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