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    I'd love to wrap my moist quivering HOMOSEXUAL lips around the CORONA of the beautiful, delicious looking, full, plump, flared HEAD of this hot, muscular, Caucasian stud's absolutely breathtakingly fabulous thick tightly CIRCUMCISED COCK, tug on the HEAD with my FAGGOT lips while I circle stroke the shaft up to the CORONA with my dominant hand and stroke my penis with my other hand until that gorgeous COCK exploded in my eagerly awaiting mouth and I simultaneously have the most intense orgasm ever!!
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    He could certainly pass for his brother, even for a fraternal twin.
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    This looks like @Speedotodd from the community. We should ask if he can do a special torso shot for your next wallpaper!
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    So spankable!
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    Damn, what a hot body. His torso and biceps make me weak in the knees. If he’d just learn to smile….
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    Do you think this might have been meant to evoke memories of the Geoffrey Kane shot below? Because it brought it to my mind immediately, even though it's mirror image.
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    Yes I know, words failed me too
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