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    has modelled with different professional names for COLT and playgirl. interesting model - has charm.
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    Next Door Male Actor/Model.
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    larkin' by name, larkin' by nature - this playgirl has the most alluring eyes
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    Justin Clynes for Charlie by Matthew Zink Mariano Scarf
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    Ben Dudman is from the UK. i don`t know too much more about him except that he competes at the physique class level!! i do know he is hot, handsome and with a beautiful physique!! i became smitten with Mr. Dudman after a fellow artist created a wallpaper using one of the many images of him. after that, i knew i had to find more pics of this gorgeous hunk of STUDMUFFIN!!! this album starts off with 281 pics of Ben Dudman!! when i find more pics, i will be adding them to the album as well!! enjoy Mr. Dudman in all his Masculine Glory!! with love from Wes!! hugs!!! p.s. if you notice any pics missing from the numeral...
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