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    a blonde bombshell who has modelled under a couple of different names. hot stuff!!
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    another freaking handsome model - where do they get them all??
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    playgirl model of great charm. sadly, died young in some sort of wreck. will be sadly missed.
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    Chris Wide`s real name is Silvio Kersten. he went into bodybuilding, placed 2nd in the Super Heavyweight class, and won the novice class as well as the novice overall for the 2009 Los Angeles!! this album is for Chris Wide. i have a second album in the no nudes section of Silvio`s competition pics!! i hope you enjoy, with love from Wes!! hugs!!!
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    There may be a few duplicates. I uploaded two sets of him, which you can tell from the naming conventions; shortly after, Wes sent me his folder, and I added in the ones that were not duplicates, so you will notice some broken numbers in the most recently added shots. I could have deleted and renamed all the shots, but I try if possible to keep the original titles of the scanners. I could have eliminated the duplicates, but there would have been numerical gaps in the second set. Besides, he is not hard on the eyes and seeing more skin hopefully will not bother anyone.


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