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  1. ColtMann

    Sunday - 6th

    I omitted to say earlier, on 4th September 1950, Beetle Bailey was launched, a long-time fave, and on 4th September 2006, Steve Irwin had a fatal encounter with a stingray. reminds me never to go scuba diving. again, I have cobbled together a double portion of postings to help catch up my absence. I think for feature, I will put forth Robert Redford as my Hollywood choice and Trent Reed as my West Hollywood choice. what a lot of loving you got there. I hope everyone enjoys my lineup. we continue to attract new clubmembers, for which I am grateful and say Welcome. also thanx must go out to those who awarded me Likes & Stiffies! https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/27305-reckell-peter/ https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/27306-redford-robert/ https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/27307-redmond-cody/ https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/27308-reed-denis/ https://www.adonismale.com/files/file/22930-reed-gavin/ https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/27309-reed-robert/ https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/27310-reed-trent/ https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/27311-reeder-elliott/ https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/27312-reese-tribble/ https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/27313-reeve-christopher/ https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/27314-reeves-george/ ++++++++++++++++++++ https://www.adonismale.com/files/file/22932-redford-robert/ Colt
  2. ColtMann


    From the album: Barnes, Davy

  3. ColtMann

    Friday - 13th

    ah, 'tis Friday the 13th again! nothing remarkable has happened around the old homestead; would that I had a cute hunky lad like Josh Banks to liven up the old mausoleum 🙂 I hope everyone likes my selections, and I warmly welcome our newest clubmembers! just waiting with bated breath for Adam-12 to come on. one fantasizes that Adam-12 is a veiled reference to Jim Reed's 12 inch dick 🙂 and which he applies to the strawberry fox's rump, in the showers after watch ends. that's all for this week! the weekend of our [no news] is upon us! https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/49395-balogh-robin/ https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/49396-baltazar-pietro/ https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/49397-bamber-jamie/ https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/49398-banks-josh/ https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/49399-banks-justin/ Colt
  4. ColtMann


    From the album: Barrows, Griffin

  5. ColtMann

    Monday - 16th

    ohhh! the stud of the day is Thom Barron - I wish I had him around to practice my German, other than saying, ist das nicht eine Schnizelbank, etc. not a rousting lot of other news - I finally got all the clothes from 2 or 3 weeks ago folded. now I have a bunch more that I have washed, needing to be folded. it's like a treadmill! otherwise, lopping around the house, wondering if it will rain or not. I hope everybody likes my selections, and a reminder, that when an album has >99 images, a zip file follows 🙂 https://www.adonismale.com/files/file/32631-barrie-peter/ https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/49465-barron-thom/ https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/49468-barrowman-john-mbe/ https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/49469-barrows-griffin/ https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/49471-barry-ryan/ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ https://www.adonismale.com/files/file/32632-barron-thom/ Colt
  6. ColtMann


    From the album: Barrows, Griffin

  7. ColtMann


    From the album: Barrows, Griffin

  8. ColtMann


    From the album: Barrows, Griffin

  9. ColtMann


    From the album: Barrows, Griffin

  10. ColtMann


    From the album: Barrows, Griffin

  11. ColtMann


    From the album: Barry, Ryan

  12. ColtMann

    Barron, Thom


    when I am around Thom, I am in the mood for weißwurst.
  13. ColtMann


    From the album: Barry, Ryan

  14. ColtMann


    From the album: Barry, Ryan

  15. ColtMann


    From the album: Barry, Ryan

  16. ColtMann

    Barrie, Peter


    this lad, no relation to Peter Pan, is cute all over, and I am only so sad that he didn't produce more videos 😞
  17. ColtMann


    From the album: Barry, Ryan

  18. ColtMann


    From the album: Barry, Ryan

  19. ColtMann


    From the album: Barry, Ryan

  20. ColtMann


    From the album: Barry, Ryan

  21. ColtMann


    From the album: Barry, Ryan

  22. ColtMann


    From the album: Barry, Ryan

  23. ColtMann


    From the album: Barry, Ryan

  24. ColtMann


    From the album: Barry, Ryan

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