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  1. Steve

    Alex Espenshade

    Early Days Alex Espenshade was born in Maryland, USA. He started working as a production assistant at a construction company. His mom got him the job because she worked at that company too, but eventually he moved from the position of production assistant to jobs like bookkeeping and IT support. He never really found the joy in all of that, so he decided to move to LA in order to pursue his dreams of becoming an actor. He wanted to become an actor ever since he was a little boy, but life in LA would guide him down a different path. Modeling Career When he came to LA he didn't really know anybody there. He started networking and meeting new people. One of the people he met was Joey Suarez, and he guided him to become a model. This wasn't something that Alex Espenshade even considered before, but not long after that he would be hard at work to create a good modeling portfolio. He was picking up gigs left and right in hopes of getting something good, and eventually he started to really feel like he was having a breakthrough in the industry. He started getting modeling gigs one after the other in rapid succession. He says that it wasn't easy building his career as a model from scratch, but that his persistence and ambition has guided him to keep on going and pushing further. The biggest challenge he says was actually taking the chance and traveling to LA without knowing anyone. It was a big risk, but once he took it he says that nothing but good things started happening to him. There are still things he needs to work on, but all in all he feels his modeling career is headed in a good direction. He mostly shoots editorial content and lifestyle photos, but he's branching out to different genres now. Acting Career Alex Espenshade never really stopped pursuing his acting career, even with the initial success that he has had in modeling. He was cast in the lead role of the series Fallen Love. He says that his unique hair color sets him apart from the rest of the people trying to get their break in the movie industry, so he feels that he has a good shot there as well. Social Media You can find Alex Espenshade on pretty much every piece of social media out there. He's on Instagram @alexespenshade and he has over 24,000 followers there. TikTok is also an app that he spends a lot of time on, and he has over 7300 followers there. On his Twitter and Facebook he has a far smaller following, but it's still considerable at over 800 and 300 respectively. He even has his own website where he posts all of his modeling gigs so that he could get picked up by agents. There's a lot to see of him online, and he is just getting started with all of this amazing modeling content. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alexespenshade TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@alexespenshade Twitter: https://twitter.com/alexespenshade Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alexespenshade Website: https://alexespenshade.com/published (AdonisMale Biography added by the website, not by the original poster)
  2. Dear Readers, These very early days tales of our hero Rex Davenport coming to terms with being a fully “sexual being” and on fire with lust exploding every which way carry on in graphic detail for your reading enjoyment: Rex Davenport, near six foot tall- early 40’s and reddish- golden hair headed with slight touches of early silver grey was finding his mind wandering so much that it actually amused him! Having confessed to his dear older sex mentor, Lenny, all the goings on that he could recall from that rainy day ride and sex session, well, he was just keen to get
  3. Our sexy budding omni-sexual hero, Rex, all near six feet of him- toned and muscular was no match for this hungry beast-MILF. Byron stood up on the stairs outside the sitting room and knew poor Rex Davenport was doomed. Ever since his dad left well over 15 years before, his mum had ravaged any male who darkened their doorstep. She was always on the pull, so to speak. Her new false teeth shining bright and a ciggie in those big red lips. She trawled the bars, the stores, the streets...she was a hungry thing! Sure she was old, over 60, and still acting like a young wench. Byron stood asha
  4. aubreyjay

    St. Patty's Day

    Tuesday will be St. Patrick's Day. Remember to wear your green. Jay
  5. Now Rex Davenport was excited! His sculptured size 11 socked feet being rubbed with such vigour by his wonderful butch tomboy of a PA and now this pixie-like 50 something also has camera skills...could this day get any better? Barb was actually pulling Rex’s meaty moist socked heels right up against her extra-big clitty as she crouched on the carpet and massaged her beloved boss. She loved working for Rex, filled her nights with visions of what this man would look like cycling, swimming...fucking! And now he needed her for a special assignment. “Tell me, Rex. What ad campaign
  6. Rex Davenport’s orgasmic explosion not only jolted Todd and Barb who listened in rapturous delight outside the inner office door, but Marlene who had rammed Rex’s uncut tool deep in her gullet...well, she had no way of knowing she’d near choke on all his warm jizz. His seed was copious and flowing steadily in at least four good sprays of creamy gushes. Her throat filled, she gagged, and she swallowed and swallowed...would it ever stop? Rex now had fallen on his back onto the carpet, his sweaty socked toes flexing in mad bursts as each orgasmic rush pumped his spunk from his shapely mature
  7. Outside Rex’s private inner office, delightfully butch Barb Stevens rolled her wheeling office desk chair ever closer to her beloved Rex Davenport’s portal. The outer office did have a door but it was not locked and anyone could burst in and see her, trousers pulled down at the waistband and one hand rammed down twiddling her big swollen clit and ramming a now sodden finger in her hungry slit as fast she could. Her head swam and her whole small body shook. Listening to Bitchy Bossy Marlene, obviously giving sexy mature Rex so oral attention, well, it made Barb all creamy with lust!
  8. “You are a bit older than I like in a lover; I go for young dumb guys-great sex and rotten conversation. I also avoid bisexual guys BUT maybe today...in view of all the pressing issues at hand...I need to review my tastes. You are hot! Fucking hot! I bet you pack a big...mmmm...weapon, too!” She smiled devilishly and moved up to tower over Rex’s big desk. Marlene let her fingers undo two buttons on her blouse and allowed the fabric to fall away so that Rex could enjoy her tits contained in just her skimpy bra. “I am starving, Rex!” She moaned playfully. Rex moved up and
  9. Tom manhandled Rex's uncut cock now and slapped it to and fro. Rex's engorged knob pushing so hard against the foreskin clamp begging for release. The metal rod was now prodding Rex's moist rosebud, peeling back the tender lips without regard for the amount of pressure being used. Rex heard the clank of metal as the rod was put away and he saw a large dildo emerge, extra thick and long. Peter liberally greased it up and peeled open Rex's furry ass and shoved the dildo in as far as he could. Rex's mind swam and he felt the dildo pushing up and jabbing at
  10. Rex's sleek red sheer socked feet wriggled as he stroked himself vigorously and his ball sack tightened into a neat pouch that bounced gently with each push and pull. Juice dribbled all over Rex's hand and made each of his fingers shine in the dim firelight in the living room. "Finger your ass, ginger daddy!" Tom said in a horse whisper. Rex moved to the nice inviting reclining chair and eased himself into for his audience. Rex now obliged and lifted one muscular leg upwards and used his other hand to play with his furry ass for them. He inser
  11. Rex finished off his second scotch and could feel the two men eyeing him. His head was now swimming from the booze. This was nice and he moved his legs apart so that his balls and foreskin covered cock could just be seen peeping out from the robe folds. The two fully suited men both smiled. "You need to get more comfortable. That robe is in your way. Open it up and really enjoy the nice warm fire," cherubic Peter insisted as he stood to assist Rex in undoing the insubstantial covering. Rex allowed Peter's firm hands to undo the robe and imm
  12. If you have been reading these adventures of Rex Davenport as seen by Lenny, then you will no doubt feel that Rex at this stage of his early 40’s was blossoming sexually in all ways possible. There is so much to tell about Rex, the list is endless. So we shall focus on the events just after Lenny gave Rex the all-clear to explore on his sexually without his guru. And Rex knew he’d report all to Lenny in as much graphic detail as possible since Lenny is such a total voyeur. The days after the Carol and Eric “event” were daydream-like for Rex. This omni-sexual being wanted to taste all that
  13. I pulled my not too small body up onto the base of the bed and found my nose nuzzled against her smelly fishnet clad toes. Just as I was about to reach up to stroke her big fat ass, she moved up from Rex's ass with a triumphant cry. "Do him, honey!! Do him good and hard with that old French fuck wand!" Carol moved around Rex's lifted leg and pulled her chubby body alongside his pulsating form as Eric finally unhooked himself from Rex's bursting ripe manhood. Carol lying playfully on Rex's well shaped fuzzy chest grabbed Rex's copiously dripping uncut glory an
  14. "Stop for minute!" Carol ordered, "I want to snap a few close-ups of Rexy pooh's moist ass bud after your superlative rim job!" Eric ceased tonguing Rex's toned ass and moved his head sideways so that Rex's furred man crack was wide-open to the lens. Rex raised one long leg up from his resting pose against Eric's bony shoulder so that his rosebud bloomed for us in moist, supple hues of reddish pink with his manly rusty red ringlets encircling it like a crown. "Fucking hot....No, I mean SUPER HOT man! Your daddy ass is th
  15. My hand dropped to my crotch automatically searching for my now burning- and pleasingly hard cock through my trousers. My hand stroked gently though the material but I stopped before I got carried away. Rex saw me enjoying myself in the corner and smiled with a knowing look that told me all was well and worth having these two strange guests. Eric rolled over and pulled the leather bag up onto the bed. Both men sat crossed legged as the toys were dropped all over the duvet between them. There were lots of dildos and some very old style,
  16. Carol promptly left the bedroom to phone Eric from her phone which was still in her bag downstairs in the living room. I looked at naked six-foot Rex as he lay on his back with his eyes closed pumping his uncut tool gently with his strong hand. His erection stood like a sword and dribbled pre-cum all over the back of his busy hand. I looked at his perfectly shaped, elegant dark socked feet as his toes wiggled with excitement. I wished Carol and Eric were not part of our fun but I did not want to spoil Rex's
  17. derekjames57

    Rex Davenport: Santa, socks and sex!

    We interrupt the flow of “Lenny’s Erotic Rex Journals” to share a little-known Rex Davenport sexy Christmas experience from around the same time...Lenny had no idea Rex actually did this. But we know, and so does Santa! Early 40’s delight Rex Davenport, the sexy nearly six-foot advertising executive from London with wavy reddish-golden hair and handsome face had just stumbled out of his very posh office Xmas party in the heart of London. The late night streets were full of theatre goers and last minute shoppers bustling about. Rex, suited in one of his many grey stylish suits, atte
  18. Bitch-lady Carol gave Rex her crude thoughts openly. "Your big cock is uncut just as I like...want...expect! You look like a fucking Greek statue...perfect...my Eric...will devour your BIG manhood like the starving dog he is!" All of Carol's attention to my sweet Rex's nude manhood made my cock even more moist and I ached to slide my fingers into my fly to further enjoy all this visual stimulation. Rex stood there and rolled his silky extra long foreskin back and forth slightly, making his sensitive knob all wet with juices in the sunlight. To my further delight an
  19. The next part of our sexual journey becomes edgy and very bizarre. Rex, unknown to me, posted some of my photos of him on the internet. A site for nudists and exhibitionists with email addresses. Rex called me over one Saturday afternoon and I arrived quickly since he sounded so mysterious on the phone. My six-foot handsome ginger-nut opened his front door and led me into the living room. He was dressed casually in blue jeans, a tight T-shirt and alluring dark patterned socks. I sat on the couch and he sat opposite me in an ar
  20. Phil left consuming Rex's delectable toes and moved up and began to shift to some passionate kissing. He explored Rex's open mouth with his probing tongue only to encounter an eager tongue probing back! Phil's hand reached down and was placed atop Rex's throbbing erection. Phil stroked that delightful tool from tight ball sack to pre-cum dripping tip, and all this time he continued kissing and sucking Rex's mouth. Ray moved into the space between Rex's legs and located his furry tight ball-sack. His nimble fingers rolled each ball gently, and squeezed just a bit,
  21. I directed a wide-eyed Rex to lay nude before me on the bed and I turned on a small bedside lamp and twisted the shade to illuminate Rex's fully reclining nudity. I sternly directed Rex to relax and close his eyes. He was just to allow me, the figure now shrouded in the darkness next to the bed, to just ever so gently...Explore my new model from handsome head to tasty pink toes. I took this first opportunity very seriously to explore a perfectly passive, very well-endowed, exquisitely handsome and almost virginal male who was all mine to dominat
  22. Greggers

    Fox Pan

    Fox Pan, also sometimes known as Mr. Fox.
  23. I lay back along the comfy couch and gazed at Ray and Phil hovering over their naked prey. Muffled voices, distinctly that of Ray and Phil, seemed to be coaxing or explaining something to Rex. Talk seemed to go on endlessly and I could not truly make out much of it. I grew so aroused watching my naked six-foot Rex Davenport lay there on the bed while these two clothed men admired and coaxed him along as he stroked his rock hard uncut man-meat in the afternoon sunlight. Rex was displaying and showing off, I
  24. A long, detailed phone call from me ahead of time had wet their appetites for Rex Davenport and I assured them he was open to any fun the two had in mind for our little after work visit. The old gents' main objective straight away was to get Rex nude and relaxed as quickly as possible so we all could enjoy his sexy body draped about the comfy, antique strewn sitting room. I recall all of us sitting down to sherry and polite chat about odds and ends and then Raymond artfully brought up Rex's new found photo modelling interest. I sugge
  25. Percy led handsome ginger haired Rex Davenport into a splendid bedroom with a large king size four-poster bed with a red satin sheet covering it all over. "Hop on, Sexy!" Mort said from behind their guest, who crawled up on the cool satin and lay back on the fluffy pillows to face the daddies as they each pulled up chairs alongside the bed. Rex pushed back his reddish, just slightly grey hair as he sat feeling regal while his naked ass was massaged by the sexy caress of satin beneath him. He spread his legs wide and each daddy grabbed a tube sock clad
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