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Found 10 results

  1. Our sexy budding omni-sexual hero, Rex, all near six feet of him- toned and muscular was no match for this hungry beast-MILF. Byron stood up on the stairs outside the sitting room and knew poor Rex Davenport was doomed. Ever since his dad left well over 15 years before, his mum had ravaged any male who darkened their doorstep. She was always on the pull, so to speak. Her new false teeth shining bright and a ciggie in those big red lips. She trawled the bars, the stores, the streets...she was a hungry thing! Sure she was old, over 60, and still acting like a young wench. Byron stood ashamed and a tear fell down his acne covered face. Barely in his 20’s and so depressed. Life with Zelda and her hunger for men made him want to run! He wanted men...no, a man...Rex. He loved that Rex, but now his mum had her claws deep. Soon she’d chew Rex into a hundred pieces! Byron heard the two wrestling in the sitting room, she was stripping Rex. Rex’s suit coat was now tossed aside by this full breasted MILF, her bleached hair up in a big bow. She worked at his dress shirt buttons, Rex tried to take over, and she slapped his hands away. “Now you relax, Rex, let Zelda make you all cosy!” She purred like a big blonde cat. Zelda hungrily eyed Rex’s extra large feet clad in sexy socks and expensive shoes. She knew what that meant! She’d suckle those tasty man-toes as a little appetizer. How delicious she mused. Rex was more embarrassed than turned on at this point. His sex with the female of the species was only just taking off after years of being dormant. And his male sexuality desires were on the up and up as well...he wanted it all, but he really was unsure Zelda fit any of his needs. The skilled fingers undid three buttons; his golden furry chest popped into view...his nipples just on the fringes of his shirt edges. Zelda pulled her boobs back and surveyed her handy work. “That’s it, no need to be all cooped up in a dress shirt, sexy man! Love the chest, so manly and those golden hairs, nice!” She breathed seductively. “Oh, look, sexy nipples...and tight too!” She gushed while reaching one set of manicured fingers into the folds of his short and locating one pert man-nipple to massage. Her hand massaged Rex’s chest muscles all around the nipple. “Strong, you swim...I can feel it.” She cooed like a dove. Rex pulled back slightly and felt the back of the couch block his retreat. Her hand stayed on his chest. “I cycle and swim...jog a bit. I try to keep fit.” Rex said modestly as he tried to look charmingly up at her mascara laden eyes. “You are fit, I want to see more. But let’s have a drink.” She pulled her hand free and found a bottle and two glasses. Poured a strong drink in each and lit a ciggie. She puffed from across the dirty, cluttered room and surveyed yet again...her man catch! Byron’s small dick roared to life inside his trousers. He wanted to masturbate. He hated what his mum was up to with his sexy Rex but he just could not help being turned on. The method she used rarely failed. Byron just wanted to get a better view of Rex being devoured by powerful Zelda! Zelda sauntered over to Rex who still lay back against the old worn out couch. His legs splayed wide and arms at his sides. He’d given up resisting. Zelda’s larger than life boobs and chubby rather short body tottered on her heels. Her net hose on her meaty legs were at least a treat for Rex. He’d not seen pantyhose of a daring nature since that visit from Carol and Eric. Zelda was truly giving Carol a run for her money in the tough dame category. Her barely concealed breasts loomed over Rex’s wide eyes as he took the very strong drink, straight up booze...right to the head he guessed. She wanted him to be passive...and boy if he drank that, he would be! Rex sipped slowly. Very strong stuff. He coughed. “Drink up Sunshine, more in the bottle.” Zelda cackled as she puffed her ciggie and sipped her drink. She remained aloft, pacing about as if on display to Rex. She kept striking odd poses, her skimpy housedress giving away many secrets as she did so. Rex was amused at best. His uncut cock did stir...she was trying to impress him. He did not want Byron to pay the price of a grumpy mother; he felt it was his duty to play along. The dreary room filled with smoke and Rex felt he was getting lightheaded. He’d have loved a window open. Zelda turned as she leaned on the former mantelpiece edge. “My Byron, he has a crush on you. He’s gay, I am sure of that. And he has been...oh, beating his meat over you. No need to be delicate. And I think he watches you thru binoculars.” Zelda said with wide eyes and downing her drink. Byron heard this and almost burst into the room but held back...he was bright red with heated anger. Now Rex knew as much- he was sure many folks watched his windows, he’d seen Byron from his side of the road. And loved being watched...so, he decided to give Zelda a little taste of her own medicine. “Well, I love being watched. I am flattered Byron desires me. And you can rest assured, I hope he will be brave enough to come on over and see the goods up close.” And Rex downed his drink! His green eyes flashing with glee. Zelda nearly fell over. “My, oh, my! No flies on you. And before I let my boy, he is over 20, but still my boy...before he comes calling on you, mother needs to vet you. And the vetting starts now.” And Zelda moved over and stubbed out her ciggie in the already overflowing ashtray on the stained coffee table. Rex felt the drink hit his head, bang! Zelda grabbed his glass and topped it up. Rex knew it was going to be a long night! Byron stood, his whole chubby body trembling, wanting Rex so much for himself but also deeply aroused at the thought of what his ravenous, sex crazed mum would do! He’d seen, heard, and re-lived many of her man conquests. Incestuous? Possibly. But his mother did know her way around a man...and Byron loved men! Maybe they could share him? Mother and son...on different days? His mind raced as he heard more struggling from the sitting room. Rex knew he must just seek out Byron once more tonight before...well, before he was naked and strung up like a big Christmas bobble. “Zelda, I need the loo, before we...ah, you know.” Handsome Rex said pulling himself up off the old saggy couch. His knees wobbled as he stood- his shirt wide open nearly to his belly. “Oh, top of the stairs. Need any help, honey? That drink was strong and we can’t you falling down the stairs.” Zelda said offering her beefy arm to the stud. “No, I’ll be fine. Just relax.” Rex said moving out of the room. Zelda threw herself down where Rex’s manly ass had been. “All warm and comfy here!” She crooned as she sipped another drink. Rex moved up the rickety stairway, he heard movement at the top and saw a shadow. Byron! “Byron, I need to see you.” Rex hissed. Byron met the tall gingery furred stud atop the steps and the two moved to the far end of the upper hall. Byron wanted to explore Rex’s manly exposed chest with its forest of ginger furry curves, but he’d have to wait. “Now, Byron, things are...complicated. Your mum is...ah, um...” Rex was lost for words. Byron screwed up every ounce of self-confidence and moved and kissed Rex’s open mouth. The kiss was sudden and sweet. Byron pulled away and smiled shy up at his idol. “Do what you want...need...but, please...let me meet you at your house...later.” Byron asked coyly and his spectacles were all steamy again. Rex pulled the cub close. Those long, strong arms embraced the young man. “Yes, I have a plan. You like to watch me?” Rex asked with his green eyes fixed into Byron’s. Byron nodded in shame. But he agreed...he loved to watch! “This may sound very kinky, but let me take your mum across to my bedroom...for a few hours. You can watch or not. I leave it up to you. I shall leave my curtains open and the bedside lamp on low. When she comes home, you come over alone. A little “just us” time.” Rex whispered and his now raging uncut cock rubbed into the cub’s belly...even thru Rex’s trousers, Byron felt the strength and power of this man! Zelda would really love that inside her, Byron mused. Rex could have had both mother and son in one deliriously sexy night! Byron kissed Rex’s cheek and stammered. “I love you Rex.” The young geeky cub then moved to his bedroom and shut the door. Rex was now ready to let Zelda...enjoy it all! **************** Rex’s big sleek feet moved back to the sitting room. Zelada now had undone her housedress slightly at the neck; her succulent breasts were even more on show...all but the big nipples! “Would you like a drink at my house now, let’s see if my bedroom is even cosier than a couch?” Rex asked picking up his suit coat. Zelda placed her glass down and smiled. “Why Rex, you sexy devil. Byron won’t mind if mummy goes out for a bit.” She said rising to take Rex’s offered arm. “As a matter of fact I have a very important date with my lady boss Saturday night. I want to make an excellent impression. Would you be able to give me a few pointers?” Rex said moving along with Zelda toward the front door. “Pointers? Hell, I have a full course to teach you! We’d better not lose another second. Saturday aint far off!” Zelda said moving her hand to cover one of Rex’s tight arse cheeks. She gave it a really good squeeze. “Love a good hard arse! Any toys to play with?” Zelda said pulling Rex out into the early evening. “Oh, I have little toy box I think you’ll love.” Rex said as his nimble feet almost danced down the front steps. In his mind he wondered if Zelda would go after his sweaty size 11 socks and feet like so many others. He had a feeling she would. He’d test her now. And dear Byron would see every second from his bedroom window above...how truly naughty! Much More To Cum!!!!! DJ
  2. Phil left consuming Rex's delectable toes and moved up and began to shift to some passionate kissing. He explored Rex's open mouth with his probing tongue only to encounter an eager tongue probing back! Phil's hand reached down and was placed atop Rex's throbbing erection. Phil stroked that delightful tool from tight ball sack to pre-cum dripping tip, and all this time he continued kissing and sucking Rex's mouth. Ray moved into the space between Rex's legs and located his furry tight ball-sack. His nimble fingers rolled each ball gently, and squeezed just a bit, making Rex sigh deeply with pleasure. Ray fell forward and feasted orally on Rex's unsheathed wonder and his tight sack. Rex did not stop leaking and soon Phil moved down and joined the oral assault! Both men licked and sucked that raging cock for a good long while and Rex just lay there taking it all in his stride. Phil moved lower, spreading and gently licking Rex's moist pink rosebud and Rex almost pulled away with the intense new sensation. Ray could watch no more and pushed his lover off the bed and plunged head first into Rex's moist hole for further licking. The two hungry gents took turns and gobbled at Rex’s very tasty hole; those sweaty size 11 feet were now lifted high as his furry cycle-toned legs reached far above the bed and splayed wide to allow the two pros full anal admittance! The view from my couch seat was heavenly, I could nearly smell those tender sexy feet as they waved aloft in spasmodic delight! My body shook as I watched my “man” being devoured! The voyeur in me just exploded with glee! The loud cry came deep from within Rex. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH...YESSSSSSS!" The handless orgasm erupted like a huge splash of white cream spewing forth from Rex's throbbing man-flesh. The anal tongue work alone had made Rex cum...and cum...like nothing I had ever seen! Both men gaped in amazement and then swooped down and began to gobble up the tasty semen on offer that decorated Rex's tummy and chest. My own body shuddered in a series of spasms as I came into my waiting hand and that just rocked me from head to toe...delicious!!! ******************************** Ray stepped into the kitchen still fully dressed and smiled broadly. I had left the couch and made a pot of tea in the kitchen while the men collected themselves after such fun. Ray strode over to the table and kissed my cheek and then Phil, who just stepped in, added a big hug and kiss. They sat down and poured tea from the large pot. Rex was still resting in the little room. I felt very hot but jealous...I wanted a little taste of the action! I left the boys alone comparing notes in the kitchen over their cups of tea and got my camera and slipped into the small bedroom. Rex lay awake and smiling peacefully on the bed, totally nude and spread eagle on his back. The velvet chords now put away for another day. The room smelled of Rex's musky scent which seemed a mix of his sweaty feet resting near me and that warm aroma of fresh sex! Rex eagerly lay still while I shot a few close-ups of his moist, freshly "cummed" cock and his hungrily licked hole. Raymond and Phil soon filled the little room to watch my final shots. We sat there just chatting, enjoying Rex's sexy glistening nude body in the now lamp lit room. Raymond and Phil sat on either side of Rex and I remained on the bottom of the bed between his legs. All of us seemed to be gently stroking him in some way. My fingers had moved up and gently caressed his now loosening ball-sack; letting my nails just press slightly inward on each ball...a little taste of pain for dear Rex! All our hands moving about had the desired effect, Rex's uncut cock grew up again like the sheathed wonder it is. We all giggled and admired its beauty. My little punishment to Rex for being left out of the hot afternoon sex, whilst no one was looking, was to move my index finger quickly from his balls and to swiftly insert it deeply into his moist, tongue lubricated hole. I let him feel my wiggly, long finger as it slid in and out just to let him know I was there! Rex looked down at me silently...he knew I was the boss! While Phil and Raymond helped to lovingly clean and dress my Rex, I spent a few quiet moments with that finger of mine near my nose enjoying that hot man ass aroma!! Rex Davenport not only had a pair of god-like feet but a velvety, tight ass...juicy and supple! “Lenny, please, can’t we take Rex’s sock? Just as a souvenir...please?” The old gents begged, each taking turns sniffing the workday-worn sleek long blue OTC sock they’d located. Rex was in the bathroom, and would be needing the sock soon. “Quick, hide it. Play dumb.” I joked. I knew Rex would be flattered that they too desired a memento of the sexy events of that day. Just like me, I’d snatched a sweaty sock to love-sniff-nuzzle while jacking off to his sexy photos...it was becoming a trademark of playtimes with Rex! More to cum!!!!! Love to hear from readers! Thanks!! DJXX
  3. Rex Davenport, the nearly six foot stud that you have all grown so fond of, that middle-aged ginger furry sexually fuelled dynamo...well, it was not always this way for him. He had to grow into the man we all adore. Those sleek sexy aromatic socked feet (size 11 BTW) did not always eagerly enter the boudoir of any and all playmates. These early notes compiled by Lenny Compton, avid male photographer, chronicle Rex Davenport’s sexual budding...a late bloomer- yes but oh so ready to be plucked and enjoyed! Let Lenny tell this tale of Rex and his early lusty encounters with a slightly younger Rex in London. Enjoy! Introduction: It was such a thrill to create a record of my early work with Rex and share my experiences with this amazing man, a true hero and the ultimate late bloomer sexually. I take such pleasure in knowing you want to read over all my many detailed (and truly unbelievably wild at times) personal journals dating back to when I first met Rex Davenport and began to explore his body with my camera and first introduced him to my circle of open-minded horny players. I shall do my best to type up as much of it as I can. To fill you in on some personal history, I was married and then divorced with no children. Always wanted to be a photographer and found the male nude amazing and most intricate. I was a gay older male, closeted and in need of air! The wife never allowed me growth in this area and my career as an art instructor in London gave me some exposure but not as much as I wanted. After my divorce, I retired in 2005 from working in a college art department full-time and concentrated on enjoying my life. It was from 2005 that I began to explore my sexuality and found that I was really more of a voyeur than anything else. Being in my 60's, I was now finding the company of gay and bisexual open-minded men and women most satisfying and highly stimulating in a voyeuristic way. They had no need of sex from me and were totally open and unashamed in front of me. I could enjoy sex through them and satisfy myself privately. Besides voyeurism being a fetish I was discovering so late in my own life, I also had a passion for male feet! Socked and bare feet drove me wild. Who knew? I had always pushed thoughts like that out of my head when married, but now- I wanted to explore! Socks, feet and...ass play! The idea of watching a sexy man, legs high-socked feet waving like flags and a dildo shoved inside a hot hole- well, it made my elderly blood bubble! I shall just take each of the journal entries in order and lay them out for your greater insight. It will take ages but we shall get through them all and please remember how important all this thorough and kinky exploration was to Rex's development sexually! The man you know today is all because of this very open and honest time I spent observing, coaxing and guiding him in all things sexual. Rex Davenport , a mature and perfectly handsome man in his very early 40's back in the those days who had not really spent anytime becoming a sexual being. His career had taken off and he was certainly successful in that work-a-day word but...his now powerful sexual desires and open-minded curiosity was beckoning loudly. Enter me, Lenny...The story of Rex's beginnings as seen through my eyes and recorded in my journals. Am I a dirty old man? You be the judge, I hope so! ********* Curious Rex responded to a small ad I placed in a naturist newspaper back then. It simply stated that I was an eager amateur photographer looking for men who were camera "virgins" and who wanted to explore their sexuality before my probing lens. I insisted that I meet each of them twice, once in a public setting and then in their home for security reasons in case they turned out to be unsavoury in some way. Rex answered first and, as it turned out, very successfully. A very keen yet shy Rex and I met for a coffee in a small café where we could talk. He was shocked to meet a 60 something granddaddy-type who looked well kempt and could be someone's dear old daddy. I comforted him by fully introducing myself and calmly and openly describing my voyeuristic, wonderfully kinky and completely honest intentions. My mission as I expounded in colourful detail to Rex, was to find a bisexual or gay man that was a totally uninhibited exhibitionist and was a virgin to nude photos. I wanted to watch my discovery unfold before my eager eyes and camera! Rex loved the idea of being naked and exposed to others...it was a lifelong desire, a craving of his. OK! I checked out his lovely feet right away, they looked huge! I was in love! I wanted this man to be my subject and I wanted to love those socked feet, up close and face to toes! Rex revealed he was eager to meet others and hoped that through his work with me he may meet some open-minded playmates. I assured him that I knew some delightful guys and a few crazy wild gals and, in time, would introduce him happily. He explained his lifelong nudist desires, his very open sexual cravings and how much he wanted to be photographed nude by a photographer but wanted the photos kept private due to his highly important job in London. He explained he had experimented a bit with a self- timer but never before with another person behind the lens. He also admitted to being a near virgin to heavy-duty sex with another person except for some extended foreplay with some men and very few women in the past. I could barely contain my excitement, a true virgin for my directing! I knew as we talked he was ripe for my experiment. That handsome face, ginger short hair and sweet green eyes spoke volumes! I quizzed him very carefully about his comfort level. I needed to know if he was totally open to me. I was about 20 years or more his senior and was becoming a bit of a sexual guru in regard to the male from all my time spent with my dear gay and bisexual chums I had met since my divorce. I coaxed Rex into a second meeting at his well appointed home the following week. I knew from my café visit his clothed body was a delight and just perfect for my voyeuristic exploits... but nude, I could only imagine!!! And seeing his socked feet was number one on my list. He was running late the night we met and I waited for him on his doorstep for nearly 20 minutes. I brought the usual tools that would help to relax Rex and ease any inhibitions he may still have felt about me, a bottle of excellent wine and some sexy samples of some experimental photos I had taken of a hot male gay couple years before when I first worked in the art school. Well, he was still in his office expensive dress shirt and tie for the first part of our meeting. We sat in the attractive living area downstairs and sipped my strong, intoxicating wine and I showed him my sexy model portfolio. He was assured that I had the greatest patience when working with those wonderful models years earlier and I intended to just let Rex unfold at his own pace sexually before my camera lens and he could be free to explore whatever he wanted and secretly, in time whatever I wanted as well!!! I must have poured him several glasses of wine before he even undid his tie and unbuttoned two shirt buttons. I kept expounding on how beautiful the male body was and continued using my portfolio to stress my points. Rex was quite tipsy and I am embarrassed to admit to you that I did this on purpose to relax him and gain his trust. The exhibitionist in him emerged, as I knew it would, and to be honest, I had to see the goods in order to know if deep down I wanted him as the subject of my intensive study. He got more comfortable by kicking off his shoes and tossing aside his tie. His large size 11 feet were clad in thin dark blue nylon cotton blended socks, very sleek looking and scented from a day of high-pressured work. I could nearly see-thru the sweaty bottom of each socked foot as he relaxed before me. My own cock was raging. I was cut, damn it...I hoped Rex was uncut. This was all so exciting! I continued to stroke his ego with comments about his fine body, great feet and wasn't it about time he showed it off to me and so on. Rex's red, well-trimmed hair was slightly tussled and his handsome face now flushed pink thanks to the wine...I was drawn to this sexy stud! The next move was for me to become invisible and I urged him to pretend I was not there and just enjoy himself, and to aid this I produced my final weapon, a sexy bottle of foam bath scented with lavender. I suggested to him to take a tub and just be himself...as if I was just a chair in the corner. I told him he needed to take that tub in order to be considered as my model. It felt like an order and from that day on, I was sort of the one who called the shots! He took me very seriously. He did want to be photographed, explored, handled and observed to the fullest. I recall in my highly sexualized way, knowing my voyeuristic lusts were going to begin to be fulfilled, guiding him up the stairs to where I presumed a tub was waiting. His sexy dark socked feet treading up those expensively carpeted steps. I held my leather carryall bag of tricks tightly with my camera fully charged and ready for the first exposures. He wobbled into the large bedroom. Turning on a light, I saw the tub in the small en-suite bathroom just off the bedroom. He went into automatic. I filled the tub, added the bubbles and he playfully started to strip down. His body was 100% all I needed for my lustful photo explorations. He revealed to me a body that would give hours of countless private orgasms to me while reviewing each and every photo I shot of him. He removed his silky shirt to expose his gingery hairy chest and he then slid his trousers off. His white bikini briefs held a bulging secret within that I craved to see. His eyes were dazed and peaceful as he bent to tug off each clinging sweaty long OTC dark blue dress sock. I stopped him. “Wait, Rex. Let me look at you. The look of the male in sexy socks and underwear, so provocative and alluring.” I said gaping at him. “You like socks? You mean, you think I have sexy feet?” he asked raising one foot forward. He was so unsteady from my wine. I may have been grandfatherly in looks, but this old geezer knew what he liked. My knees bent and I knelt before his one raised foot, the socked glory before my eyes and nose. “Yes, Rex, let’s say it’s a fetish of mine...and you have perfect feet.” I said grovelling. “Get closer, it’s OK, I like it. It’s a new thing and I am all about new things.” Tipsy Rex said with a warmth that drew me in. His large socked foot now made contact with my face; Rex braced his hand on the dresser so not fall over as I began to sniff and drink in the best scent ever, Rex Davenport man-scent...his socked foot gave off the aroma of musky leather and hard work. Could I be his photographer, sexual guru and worship his perfect feet...Hell yes! Much more to cum from Lenny’s Journals of Rex!!! Feedback and comments much loved!!! DJXXX
  4. I directed a wide-eyed Rex to lay nude before me on the bed and I turned on a small bedside lamp and twisted the shade to illuminate Rex's fully reclining nudity. I sternly directed Rex to relax and close his eyes. He was just to allow me, the figure now shrouded in the darkness next to the bed, to just ever so gently...Explore my new model from handsome head to tasty pink toes. I took this first opportunity very seriously to explore a perfectly passive, very well-endowed, exquisitely handsome and almost virginal male who was all mine to dominate and manipulate in any way I could get away with!! I put on my better pair of spectacles and began my work! The act of lovemaking, I put that aside...but I knew I’d have Rex someday, I knew it. But first I wanted to watch-direct & photograph hoards of sex craved men and maybe a woman or two devouring him! Rex lay back and I started by using my gentle, but manly fingers and just played "nurse" more or less. He squirmed a bit now and then as my fingers explored every inch of his big cock and foreskin! He grew hard and firm in my hand...it was brilliant! I held the solid, warm shaft and pulled his long foreskin right back exposing his rather purple-red swollen cock-head. The head of his perfect tool was all shiny and moist with pre-cum. I wanted to suck it...I tasted my fingers instead, delicious! I asked him if many of his “basic foreplay-petting” playmates had this view. Rex opened his eyes nervously and said that a very few men had been "down there" and just maybe one woman. I smiled approvingly. His balls felt delightfully free as they floated about in their tight sack. I gently peeled apart his firm, cycle-strengthened ass cheeks (Rex loves to cycle on weekend all over the city) as he obediently rolled over on his tummy so I could see his little puckered virginal hole nestled in rusty gold pubic fur. “But no fucking yet?” I asked exploring this perfect man-hole. Rex sighed, “I want it so bad...toys too! Will you?” I did not answer, but smiled. I placed one of my long fingers over his moist rosebud and asked him about any finger activity here. He confessed that it was yet "untouched" territory even with fingers and he was very open to offers (hint-hint). Based on this first explorative session, months later I would do a series of photos that fully explored his cock, balls and anus in clear close-ups. I could have played all night. I gently took my fingertip and ran it all round the tight rosebud. Rex's legs opened wider and he moaned softly. I could sense a definite need to get Rex to one of my playful male friends ASAP and get his ass properly dealt with! I was rock hard thinking about this! Rex's cock remained rock solid too; it would have been a delight to have deep inside my own hungry ass or mouth, but I did not want upset Rex in any way. Trusting me fully was important. My former lovers' cocks never could have reached as deep as the beauty Rex held between his thighs! Needless to say I put him to bed since he still was so tipsy and moved to go. As I pulled the covers up, his left foot hung off the bed. I knelt and took his smooth big toe into my mouth. A gentle sigh came from Rex’s resting form. I sucked the toe, tasted the salty tang and inwardly wanted all of him! I stopped and pulled the covers over his body properly. I stooped and scooped up the pair of discarded OTC socks that lay abandoned. The scent still riveting as I held the pair aloft to my nose. I could give them back later...maybe. I pocketed them. The door to Rex’s lovely home locked itself with a click behind him. I had my bag and camera. I was ready to enjoy myself as I downloaded my night’s work! When I returned home I sat and began to download our first set of pictures onto my computer. Looking at his body on my screen made my fingers move to my cock. Rex's body, his soulful greenish eyes, red wavy hair with that slight touch of grey, his sculptured feet...it was all too much! The orgasms I reached that night seemed to count over 3! I had his moist socks to my nose over and over! I knew many eager men and few possible women to whom Rex must be introduced to and totally "enjoyed" by! No, Rex did not cum that first night! That would take further sessions and the introduction of some my male chums. It appears as I look at the pictures and accompanying notes here on my computer that session two began a week later in my own back garden. Rex stripped slowly while sitting in a chair near my garden shed. My neighbours were away and I coaxed Rex to just get all the clothes off and get hard! To encourage some added fun to our next photos, Rex suggested a cock-ring with silver studs that he had purchased online but never had a chance to use until now. What a nice touch, this first prop of many to come in future shoots!! He provided lots of hot shots for me to take and he manipulated his ass and foreskin with great skill in the privacy of my back garden. I put the camera away, picked up his discarded articles of clothing and instructed him to follow me completely nude into my house. I led him into my living area downstairs and told him to sit on the sofa nude and hard while I just admired, studied and enjoyed the view from my comfy chair and stayed completely dressed- love cmnm! I instructed him to take various poses and show-off his assets in many hot ways! He was gaining confidence as a nude show-off and I was pleased with the ease in which in lay back on the carpet before my fully clothed self, exposing his tender ass crack and rock hard manhood for my eyes to ogle and enjoy!! Seeing Rex frolic naked in my living room was sheer bliss! He relaxed into that playful rogue I came to adore with his suave good looks and fit mature body making my heart race. I chatted with him while he played- posed all over my living room furniture. I asked him if he was ready for "others" to be brought into our fun explorative sessions. He smiled with his youthful grin from ear to ear and yelped “YES” about four times. I knew we were moving ahead! Our third session was in his business office in the heart of London at closing time and behind his locked office door. I grabbed my digital camera and ordered "action". He stripped slowly from his dark blue suit revealing his body slowly in the late afternoon light that poured in from the two large windows. As he pulled off his white dress shirt and lowered his trousers, I could see a magnificent bulge inside his red bikini style briefs. He moved up onto his wooden desk and found enough space amidst the day's work to sit and raise his legs, shove off his black loafers and shed the trousers completely. His long OTC blue business socks looked tight against his large size 11, sculptured feet. The sweat of a long work day made the thin socks appear see-thru in places as the light from afternoon sun passed over them. As I moved closer to the desk for a few good shots, my nose picked up the warm musky scent of man-sweat from Rex's now raised socked feet...providing me with great ass view. Rex Davenport’s socked feet always got me going! The shots were amazing and Rex's uncut tool dripped plentiful amounts of pre-cum onto the desk top as he posed in various provocative ways!!!! Since we were in the heart of London proper, I had planned that we drop round to a dear older gay couples' flat for tea and "goodies"!! Phil and Raymond were dear chums of mine from my art school days and both well into their 60's (like me) now BUT still horny as hell and very robust!! I knew they would enjoy a taste of my stud, the near-virginal Rex and his delightful bits. Rex, all “suited and booted” handsomely and still quite horny from all the photos we had snapped after hours at work, was very excited as we entered the lavish second floor flat near the Cathedral Church of St. Paul. Things really were heating up now....and how!!!!! Rex seemed to be glowing SEX with each step of those lovely big feet! More soon!! Please keep the feedback and comments coming! Love it!! DJXX
  5. “Lenny, I am feeling very relaxed, if you want, start the picture taking. This sock loving is very nice, too, you are so good at it.” Rex said looking down at me with awe as I snuffled along his sleek sculptured socked arch; it was so smooth and aromatic! “Right, let’s start with you up on the dresser, legs dangling off in socks and underwear...ok?” I suggested pulling away from his beautiful dark socked foot. I hated to leave it but I’d be at it later. Rex was so eager to model, moved carefully to the dresser top and perched his sexy man-ass on the edge and let those long cycle-toned legs in OTC socks hang over in a way that said, sexy man! I grabbed my camera and began to digitally record the early 40 something year-old ginger Adonis I had posing before me. The posing moved along, Rex let me guide him. I had never worked with so “open” a man before. I would say hungry, hungry for any new sexual experiences and events. I had Rex try a variety of shots; each highlighted that hot ass, full pouch and those size 11 wonders in dark OTC style! “Ok, Rex...make my day...reveal all!” I guided and Rex stood and moved toward the bathroom. As if with provocative pleasure, he glided his hands beneath the waistband of his underwear, freeing his manhood for me to admire. Admire...adore! It was perfect!!!! I had hoped for a man with a classical Greek sculptured, uncut penis and I had found one for my explorative photography. The underwear dropped away and he slid off the delicious moist socks and revealed the pink long toed feet I craved. I made up my mind that I’d be taking those man-scented socks home with me! He smiled as he plunged into the tub and I grabbed a nearby chair and sat nearly on the rim of the tub as he bathed. I watched but was dismayed at how the bubbly bath concealed what I craved to admire. I gently adjusted the taps to flow with new warm water and began to slowly drain away the bubbly water so I could enjoy his bath more fully. I quizzed him on various foreskin matters as I watched his, slightly now erect penis begin to emerge in the new clear water. He asked if I would shoot a few new pictures of him in the bath...YES!!!!!!!!!!!! He began to pose for me innocently. He tried to hide his gorgeous sheathed cock from view by keeping his legs artfully together. I commanded him to lie back in the tub and just let his legs rest on either side of the tub. As he did this, I could see great change in the length of his manhood. I continually snapped away for dear life and prayed all the pictures would come out. He shot one sexy pink bare foot up in the air and pealed back his delicate foreskin for my hungry eyes and lens. I would personally investigate his foreskin later when he was out of the tub and the initial pictures were done. He certainly was eager for direction and I coaxed him to place his feet on the edge of the tub and lift his ass out of the water a bit. His ass crack was a feature I grew fond of showing and exploring. It was for me, the delicate part of a male in a delicate sort of way. Ass spreads, so manly yet so private. I knew many a happy eager male lover who would love to lick at Rex's delicate, perfectly unexplored (so far as I knew) red-ringlet crowned crevice. I decided I wanted Rex to become more gay than fully bisexual...he was a real man for men. Maybe a woman sometimes...but he was a classical man for whom men would stand in line for! I handed him a towel and he began to rise out of the water drying himself and I shot many photos of his antics with the towel, playing on and around the bathtub edge...he was fun to shoot! His cock stayed firm and long. I shot various pictures of him on the floor. I put the camera down and grasped him by the hand; he was still as nude as a babe as I pulled him into the dimly lit bedroom. “Are you going to make love to me?” he asked so sweetly. His slightly wobbly body movements from the wine was so inviting and invigorating to my aging ego. My eyes met his soft green ones in the dim lighting and I melted. I could fall in love with this Rex, this sensitive and ginger furred maturing delight. Oh, I wanted to say yes, push him down and suck his toes and... and do so much! Our age difference actually excited me more than I care to admit. “Come, don’t talk. Just let me guide you...over here, to your big bed- lie down.” I said. Me fully clothed and he nude as could be. Seeing him move and crawl over the bed covers, his furry ass crack faced me and those big bare feet...those high fleshy arches. I wanted him! BUT I also wanted to watch him and photograph him and orchestrate his blossoming male sexual evolution. Rex Davenport was about to become a true sex king, I knew it! Much More soon!!! Love the feedback, thanks!! It is great and please keep it coming! DJXXX
  6. Completely in his own sexual mist, Rex felt his cock straining and bulging beneath his closed fingers as he playfully stroked his uncut tool in the dying sunlight of the lamp-lit room, in full view of any watching eyes from windows opposite his own. The quiet tap on the door was so faint but determined. Rex sat upright, and clutching his red hot foreskin clad manhood and fingers moist with pre-orgasmic juices. He pulled himself up and shoved his toy back into his boxers and raised his trousers with speed. The zipper barely could slide up over his large bulge, a bulge that seemed all too pronounced to Rex as he readied himself to answer the ongoing knocks. Rex made his way across the dim living room on his sculptured socked, tired feet and walked to the door that stood slightly ajar. Pulling the door inward, he revealed a provocative looking Bernie standing in the frame. He was dressed in a pleasing shirt and tie and looked very much like the attractive, mature assistant from the doctor's office that he had been craving for the last few days. "Dear, Rex! Did I disturb you? I just noticed the door open and hoped all was well inside, did not dare to come in...I believe in privacy...yes, indeed!" he stated with a shake of his round grey head. Bernie drank in the cute way Rex stood there in his blue stocking clad feet, shirt open, rusty chest hairs spilling out and a shapely bulge adorning the front of his trousers...His eyes widened in a very pleased way that Rex could not help but notice and only stammered, "No...no...you did not disturb me. All alone and just ....ummm...sitting and drinking my scotch." "Poor, man!! You all alone and me...wandering the streets...bored stiff...kind of thirsty, too!" Bernie added with a naughty smile that relaxed Rex at once. Rex, feeling wonderfully aroused and still surprised by Bernie's sudden arrival, motioned for him to enter the hallway. Bernie pushed in and shut the door behind him with a locking click. Rex walked casually back into the dim lamp-lit living room and poured a glass of scotch for his guest who by now had seated himself regally upon the large couch along the wall. Rex took in the sight of the smartly dressed Bernie in his dark trousers, brown loafers and tidy yellow shirt minus the all essential tie. Feeling a bit daring, Rex poured another generous drink for himself as well and joined Bernie on the other end of the couch. He purposefully left a small gap between them, no need to rush things along too quickly he thought quietly to himself. Rex prayed the voyeurs were watching all this. He loved being seen by all! The two sat in the softly lamp-lit room sipping their drinks until Bernie broke the ice. "You are probably wondering about me. A guy of 60 something years of age who likes to play sex games with the doctor I work for and some of our select male patients. Well, I'm married to a very difficult lady, am totally in the damn closet and whatever thrills I can find from sexy guys...I just take them!" Rex smiled and swallowed back a large gulp of scotch. "I get you. I only just began to live, sexually that is. Always liked guys but never did anything about it until only recently. I lived like a monk only focussing on my career and making money. Now I am just letting myself free...here I am at 50 and acting like a fucking 20 year-old! I am not ready to commit to anyone or anything, too much exploring to do. Tonight, whatever happens between us, is a one off thing...no strings. OK?" Bernie smiled broadly and drank more scotch. "OK with me, too!" The drinks were refreshed and Bernie ventured further. "Time to just relax. Long day at work for us both and now here I am bothering you! And you, sitting there as gorgeous as you were at the exam the other night! You will never know how much you turned me on that evening and how much those sweaty, sexy socks you pulled off and gave to me have meant. My mind has been full of seeing you again...alone...just us!" Rex laid back against the couch cushions and propped his navy, thin socked feet up on the glass coffee table in front of him, sipping his scotch and wondering privately what fun might lay ahead? The flowing scotch was having a pleasant effect on both parties now and Rex felt relaxation pouring down upon him like a soothing shower. Bernie looked over at the calm, sexy Rex and said carefully, "You may not recognize the effect you have on other guys. You are like a drug; the way your bold manner, playful green eyes and incredible virility just crash upon us like a tidal wave. We stand no chance of resisting." Rex looked over at Bernie who sat perched in the corner of the couch looking intense and in need of some serious fun. Rex moved to get up and Bernie slid over, filled the gap and grabbed his arm, pulling him back to the couch seat next to him. Rex knew Bernie was very horny and thanked his lucky stars that he finally decided to drop by. "Rex, let me help you relax. You deserve my full attention tonight! No Doctor Martin looking over my shoulder, no wife at home telling me what to do....it's just us!" Bernie said in a confident tone as he clutched Rex's strong arm. Rex was very aware of his own growing erection and the strong desire to let himself go with this hot, humble guest who just dropped by. The horny, warm flush feeling Rex felt surging upon him was just his normal sexual drive kicking into high gear and Bernie's firm grasp plus his searching eyes just happened to be pushing all the right buttons for complete activation. His cock lengthened uncomfortably inside its trouser and boxer shorts prison as he sensed Bernie's warm body press in closer next to his on the couch. Bernie breathed, "Rex...Just sit still...let me help you... Just let me!" Rex fell back deeper into the couch as Bernie pushed up against his side and moved his hand up and into his open shirt. Bernie's long fingers searched through the furry forest of chest hairs, exploring his muscular pecs and finding his aroused nipples waiting. Resting his head against Rex's shoulder, he gently pinched each nipple with his fingers and used his nails as well to add a bit of pleasing pain to his relaxation techniques. Rex moaned, "MMMMMM...Bernie....BUT....MMMMM....AHHhhhhh!" His eyes fought to stay open but the scotch had made Rex very relaxed and open to....whatever! Bernie began to slide his hand down and carefully undid the three remaining shirt buttons, allowing Rex's hairy chest to be fully exposed now...his hand resumed its scouting activities in earnest. Rex felt himself being seduced by dear, sweet, determined Bernie and he was helpless to stop it! He had no desire to! He knew Bernie had skilled hands by his recent experience at the doctor's office, but this was even more tantalizing. "You have such a gorgeous chest! So firm, so fuzzy...it tickles my fingers. Nice nipples...YESSSSSSSS....MMMMMM....I like to make you squirm as I pinch and play with them....Haaaaaaaa!" Bernie taunted like a playful lover as he watched Rex squirm and moan at his finger tip skills. The room was illuminated by just the one lamp and the busy sexy pair on the couch could be seen clearly by secret eyes from the windows opposite. "Oooooo...Your fingers are so...OOOOHHH....Yesssss....AHHHHHH....Squeeze my nipple again.....ahhhh....YESS!" Rex moaned helplessly as he lay experiencing just how sensitive his nipples and pecs could be. His nipples were like little sharp peaks and Bernie twisted and rolled each beneath his finger tips. Bernie next used his strong nails to grip and frame Rex's fabulous, firm pectoral muscles. "Rex, you have wonderful chest muscles. I never dreamt you were in such good shape up here! The medical exam was far too limiting! I just love to play with your nipples and run my fingernails all over your manly chest!" Bernie whispered intently. Bernie handed Rex his scotch and he quickly downed the rest in one big gulp. "Relax....yes....Let me....help....yesss.....let me help....ALL of you....head to toes....relax!" Bernie incanted as if it was some strange spell he was casting on Rex. Rex's bulge was massive and the fabric of his trousers rose up in heap beneath his naked tummy. Bernie found his fingers travelling down Rex's furry chest, down to his abdomen and playfully dipping in and out of and circling all round his navel. His stomach muscles flexed and tightened at the new, ticklish finger play and Bernie announced, "Oooohhh.....What a great tummy!! So tight.....strong....NICE!!!!!" Rex smiled in the warm glowing room at this new area of praise and let his muscles flex again to be admired more fully. The lamp lit Rex's auburn gold chest hairs perfectly and Bernie let his fingers now move down and cover the large, long swelling in the crotch area of Rex's suit trousers. "Ohhhh...MY! What....what a hard bump I feel here, sweet man!" Bernie playfully cooed. Bernie's fingers caressed the length of Rex's covered man-tool and he gasped, "It's so BIG....I know I saw it the other night but...now I have you all to myself!" Bernie moved his hand up and down Rex's thigh, caressing tenderly and back up again to his throbbing crotch making Rex blurt out, "DAMN.....OOOOHHHHH....You are So Good....GRRRRR! I think maybe a little break is in order?" He pushed himself up off the couch only to be pulled back down by Bernie's forceful grasp. Rex's mind swam and he knew the sex was going to be incredible!" Bernie's closeted life and strong sexual desires fed the raging fire...he knew this....but this was so...crazy...life for Rex was becoming a sexual extravaganza! "Don't resist me...I want YOU!!!" A hungry Bernie croaked. "Resist...hell, no! I just did not know how fast you wanted to ignite me!" Rex kidded. "When my cell phone rings, it will be my wife asking me where I am and when I'll be home...and then our perfect playtime here is over. So...that's why I move so fast!" Bernie giggled. "Let me touch you.....Relax....Let me LOVE YOU....just for tonight!!" Bernie said in bittersweet tones that rang with both profound sadness and a deep longing for passion. Bernie grabbed Rex's cock now through the layers of fabric and pressed tight....the squeeze sent electric pulses up and down his body. His lips moved over his open mouth and he kissed Rex deeply, letting his tongue loll about inside his tasty mouth. Rising up from the couch, Bernie took hold of Rex's hand and pulled him up onto his weak, sweating feet. His aromatic moist sock clad feet followed him into the front hall; turning he said, "Let's go upstairs, Sweet Rex! We have may have an hour or so! Come, follow me!" He gingerly stepped up the stairs into the darkness above and pulled Rex along as if he were in a trance, tip- toeing behind him...step by step up to the large bedroom above. Rex’s man-scented socked feet were on the list to be enjoyed, oh, yes! Bernie had big plans for those! Much more to follow! Please comment or write!! I love it!! Thanks DJXXX
  7. Sexy mature Rex laid with his legs spread open and moving in rhythm, engulfing Bernie's two probing fingers deep inside his anal canal. Bernie's index finger tip just managed to hit the right spot to make Rex moan all the more with pleasure. Doctor Martin continued to milk Rex's stiff cock for all the pre-cum he could produce but carefully stopped for breaks if it seemed that Rex would come too close to a climax. Bernie, intoxicated by Rex's hot socked foot aroma, gently withdrew his fingers and replaced them with the anal probe. Rex felt the change within him and waited for yet more new sensations to begin. "You may feel some pulses and gyrations while I use this device. Let me know when I hit the right place to ensure maximum effect," Bernie explained, as he pushed the anal probe deeper into Rex's ass and switched on the small motor on inside the handle. "Yes, that's good. A bit more. Yes!" Rex moaned. The probe buzzed and Bernie pushed further causing a second and louder moan of pleasure. "Ah, you have it. Right there! More. Press harder!" Rex instructed in a raspy tone. As he noted a perfect pre-cum stream now issuing forth from Rex's cock, Doctor Martin continued his stroking and ball sack massaging. He could not help but notice how bright Rex's cock knob was growing, almost a purple color and swollen as it peeped out from the foreskin between Martin's purposeful strokes. Bernie admired the gorgeous nest of red pubes surrounding the base of Rex's cock and how the hair worked its way right up Rex's chest. Bernie lovingly stroked Rex's legs and inner thighs, enjoying the furry man's treasures. Then he removed the buzzing probe and fingered Rex's very wet ass deeply until he reached a very swollen prostate, hard as a walnut. "It's extremely moist inside his ass! He's going to go any second, Doctor," Bernie concluded, letting his finger rest against this most sensitive zone while pushing the fingers of his other hand through the fuzzy forest of fur offered by Rex's chest. Bernie reached one of Rex's nipples and noted it was hard and firm. He decided to squeeze it and Rex smiled and winked up at him. "Ha! Another zone of pleasure to explore," Bernie thought to himself with a sly grin. Rex edged ever closer to an explosive orgasm. His cock throbbed and pulsed all the while creaming Doctor Martin's expert fingers with delightful clear juice. "For the sake of science, I must taste this pre-cum," Doctor Martin announced with conviction. Quickly he placed his fingers to his lips and licked away the shiny cock juice. He greedily consumed more from his other hand and pronounced, "Bernie, this is the sweetest, purest pre-cum I have ever sampled. You must take a sample and see!" Using his free hand, Bernie scooped up some of the juice puddle that had formed in Rex's belly button and tasted it carefully. "So true, Doctor! Perfectly sweet and delightfully pure!" he exclaimed with glee. "I am going to cum!" Rex burst out. "Wait! Hold back!" the doctor directed and he stopped stroking for a few seconds. "We are nearly done but Bernie was about to explore your nipples. This might be yet another key to your excess pre-cum situation," the doctor added. Rex breathed deeply and held back the ever building explosion. He tried in vain to divert his mind's focus from the sensations he was feeling. It proved impossible as Bernie's finger probed deep inside his ass, to rest deliciously upon that secret spot; the doctor's warm hands working his cock and balls skillfully all the while. Rex believed he could hold off just a bit longer. Bernie moved his free hand now over to Rex's left nipple and squeezed it firmly. Rex moaned softly and Bernie pinched tighter. Next Bernie moved over to the right nipple and pinched and rubbed it with purpose. Rex felt four distinct zones of pleasure now and it was fantastic! The doctor carried on with some gentle milking and yet more pre-cum continued to flow. Rex rubbed Bernie's face with his socked foot which remained propped against the older man's cheek. Bernie's own cock was bursting inside his trousers and this sock massage was driving him insane. Rex slid his socked foot down to rest it against the throbbing mass located at Bernie's crotch. Rex loved the fact that both men were fully clothed in contrast to his own nakedness. Naked that was apart from the gold-toe socks which Bernie seemed to love! Rex moved his foot along the stiff member tenting Bernie's pants, fully aware of the pleasure he was giving the doctor's assistant. "You are a very healthy man! The amounts of pre-cum you make are fantastic! Very healthy, nothing at all to be worried about," the doctor exclaimed, his delight unashamedly obvious in both his voice and lustful smile of satisfaction. It was at this point that Bernie had inserted another device into Rex's yawning asshole. The new object was a thick, black battery operated vibrator with a control at the base. Bernie switched it to high pulse and moved out from between Rex's legs. Rex wriggled about on his back now to absorb totally the great vibes pulsing from this delightful toy. Bernie sat in a chair near the head of the table and removed his black leather lace-up shoes. His sheer black socks were very warm and moist. Bernie loved to wear sexy socks to work and prayed for events like this to unveil them. Carefully he lifted his sheer socked feet up and placed them on Rex's cheek. Rex noticed the aroma of Bernie's sheer clad feet and moved his face sideways to enjoy the full effect. Rex felt himself being taken beyond that point of no return. The pulsing in his ass, the stroking of his rigid cock, the fingertip massage of each of his balls and now Bernie's magnificently aromatic socks engulfed him in a rush of energy. He pushed down on the vibrator which sent pulses up into his innermost being. Meanwhile, Doctor Martin added a pressured stroke to his cock massage that was truly astounding. Cum gushed up and lathered the doctor's still moving fingers. Cum spewed forth in a perfect set of explosions landing on Rex's tummy and chest. "Perfect response from a fifty year old male! Outstanding performance all around!" the doctor congratulated. Rex took a parting whiff of Bernie's great size ten socked feet and smiled weakly up at the doctor. "Thanks so much! I feel amazing!" Rex stated in all honesty. Bernie stood up and replaced his shoes and tied his laces. "Always a pleasure to assist you, doctor!" Bernie added as he gently removed the buzzing vibrator from Rex's butt. "A quick visit to our blood lab next week and your health exam is finished for this year," Doctor Martin told Rex as he began to rise from the table. Bernie offered a wet paper towel and assisted Rex in mopping the copious cum from his torso. Some was caught in Rex's fur but that was to be expected in such a situation. Doctor Martin left the room and sat at his desk in the outer room to record his findings on his computer. Bernie shut the door. Rex stood completely naked apart from the gold-toed black socks in front of an appreciative Bernie who smiled with please as he watched the slow demise of Rex's erection. Bernie's enjoyment of the gorgeous body before him was tinged with regret that his own aging body now lacked such appeal due to the inevitability of the aging process. "It was a treat to examine you today with the doctor! I want to ask you if I may call round your home sometime just for a visit, if that's ok with you?" Bernie coaxed gently. "By all means, yes! Any night this week I am free, just drop by. My home address is on the medical form. I would really enjoy a little visit with you again!" Rex assured him, gathering up his clothing while Bernie just stood watching. Rex was about to put his loafers back on, when an idea struck him. He grasped his black socks and pulled them from his feet. "Here, another little token from me to you for making today so special," he said as he offered the socks up to Bernie's eagerly waiting hand. Bernie smiled broadly and moved the socks to his pocket for safe keeping. Rex Davenport went home that day minus his socks but very much in the pink! The End...for the moment! Stay tuned for much more! P.S. This is only the first in many "Rex" stories I have written and saved over the last near 20 years. I am pleased to have begun to put my collection here and will be adding more of our handsome mature stud's adventures for you to enjoy. Please write me...I love to hear from readers! [email protected] or here at Adonismale!!!
  8. The Adventures of Rex II: - Bernie Drops By (Part One) Three days passed since the medical exam experience and Rex Davenport kept his fingers crossed that Bernie might get up the nerve to come by and visit him some night after the doctor's office closed. Rex was not ashamed of the playful events of that delightful evening with Bernie and the doctor, not at all! Rex had spent nearly most of adult life working his ass off in the city at a large advertising agency to get where he was now at 50 and his sex life had taken a real backseat to all else. The last year or so had been a turning point for Rex and discovering what his budding mature sexuality had to offer was all he could think about. His intense lust, abiding curiosity and completely open mind seemed to be an aura that followed him around and he now found himself in wild and sexy situations more often than not! Gay or adventurously bisexual best described his very liberal sexual attitude now. A life of avid cycling on weekends and health eating had paid off royally as he looked as tight and agile as he did at 25. Rex, deliciously ginger haired with a touch of white frosting, looked a dashing figure in all types of wardrobe. His ample body hair sprinkled about in perfect golden ringlets decorated his nearly six foot frame from head to toe. He was stunning and all who saw Rex admired all he had to offer! The underground trains had been packed and Rex was glad to be home before 6 pm and not stuck in the centre of London until later. He loved the feel of stepping into his plush home from the busy streets and finding peace and quiet. He loved it! His home was the house that all on his street envied. Simple garden out front and a private sanctum out back. The terraced Victorian home’s interior offered large rooms spread over three floors and was furnished with a mix of modern functionality and a dash of antiquity. The door closed behind him, not quite latching- Rex was just too tired to notice. He bent down and unlaced his black leather Italian shoes, pulling each off with a flourish. The new carpet recently installed felt delightful under his warm nylon socked feet as he strode into the living room and poured himself a healthy scotch from the small table decanter in the corner. The day was ebbing away and the light fading. Normally most people would pull curtains shut...not Rex. He actually had his favourite chair right by the handsome bay windows of his front room. He knew a few houses across the street watched him. Tonight he stood by the chair, lit the floor lamp and saw the upper bedroom window across the street go dark. He knew he was being watched, maybe even recorded. He loved it! Rex was very much becoming an exhibitionist. The very fact he knew the occupant across the street was now focussed on him...his ample uncut tool just swelled inside his trousers with that knowledge. He plopped himself down on the comfy chair and put his feet up in that "I am home...Thank God!" pose. The antique footstool was a throne for his size 11’s and the socked glories were on full display. He hoped the watcher got a good view of them, he twiddled his long socked toes as if waving a greeting. He carefully undid his blue stripped tie from his white button-down collar shirt and pulled it free from his aching neck. Tossing the navy suit coat over in the corner quickly, he then resumed his cocktail sipping at a leisure pace. Rex's head sank into one of the soft chair back and he mused playfully about his newly discovered erotic life so far. His semi-hard uncut tool held in his white boxer shorts began to show further signs of life, uncurling and flexing it moved through the fly slit until it encountered resistance from his tight suit trousers. Rex's skilled hands moved downward and released his trouser waist button and undid the zipper, allowing his now hard cock to pop free. Taking a large gulp to finish off the scotch, he placed the glass on the low table by the chair and began to explore his man rod. Using his right hand, he nimbly stroked the silky foreskin back and forth. Soon pre-cum began to ooze from the top of his pink knob and dribbled down his warm shaft toward his ginger haired pubic nest. Luxuriously he rubbed his soft, thin blue OTC dress socks back and forth on the brocade footstool. It felt so good to relax, think about sex and play with his favourite toy! His dick felt good in his hand and he watched as the ample foreskin travelled back and forth, leaving a wet coating of pre-cum all over his cock top. He juiced so copiously and many a playmate nearly drowned in his flow! His eyes wanted to close, he felt so relaxed and aware of his whole body...head to flexing socked toes. The air filled with the scent of his musky workday feet...he loved that smell! The warm afternoon fading sunlight dappled the chair and his body felt golden and so warm as he lay, playing...thinking...and craving. His eyes closed and he began to hover in and out of that place just on the edge of sleep. His hand kept stroking and his cock remained stiff and alert. ************ The lovely evening had brought Bernie out tonight. No longer could his thoughts of sturdy mature Rex be ignored. Sure, Bernie was married and very much in the closet. His wife would be horrified at the things he and the doctor got up to sometimes, but they both loved men and Bernie wanted to explore Rex alone now without the doctor hovering over him. He could still picture a very naked Rex on the exam table and see his huge, uncut cock gushing cum. He cherished those aromatic socks that Rex had pulled off and presented to him that hot night after the medical exam had finished and he deeply inhaled their manly scent often in a few private moments over the last few days. Those socks of Rex’s were a treasure! Bernie now paused by the front of Rex`s quiet house and felt....a certain urge...a lustful craving...to mount the steps and approach the door. The bearish 60 year-old with greying hair made his way up the few front steps and waited. His breath was short with excitement and anxiety. He nearly turned away but his legs did not want to obey. Angry with himself for being so shy, he held his ground by the large front door and noticed that it was not quite shut. This was strange he thought to himself and knew that if Rex was at home he surely would have shut and locked it; this was still London after all! Fearing that the house had been robbed while both Rex was at work, Bernie quietly pushed the wooden door inward. It swung open and revealed the tidy front hall with a pair of black expensive leather shoes tossed near the base of the staircase. Bernie crept in on his toes, wondering what was going on. Why the open door? The living room door was wide open and he moved to gaze inside. The comfy chair Rex loved was rather centre stage and the timid medical assistant did a double-take as he noticed a very aroused Rex laying in full side view before him. A quick intake of breath prevented him from gasping aloud at this delicious image or possibly passing out from over excitement. Rex, still dozing ...gently stroking his turgid meat stick through the open front of his boxers was a sight Bernie had not expected to see in a million years. Bernie felt he should quietly leave. This was not proper he thought to himself. I must get out he kept thinking...but his body was not his tonight. He could not force himself to leave, try though he might. He felt as if he was watching an erotic play or a perfect porn flick unfold before his very eyes...but he was in the play, too! Lucky him! Bernie took in the beautiful sight of Rex pleasing himself. He admired, with great awe, his incredibly stiff cock. Such an erection for a 50 year old, so solid and virile he noted with ever growing interest. Rex was as fit as he had been that night in the doctor's office just a few days prior. The way his manly hand stroked his tool, the look of his tussled ginger hair atop his sculptured, handsome face; Rex was someone he wanted to be close to at least one more time. He never dreamed of seeing Rex like this...ever! Rex all stretched and his large sculptured moist socked feet undulating-as if pulsing and elegantly crossed at the ankles on the handsome brocaded footstool. Rex could have been posing for a centrefold in Bernie’s private world! He looked so alive and SEXY! Bernie felt a great gush of lust well up within, he thought Rex was a darling man...but now he was...His PASSION! Bernie dropped his hand down and stroked his growing cock inside his trousers. The sight of Rex alone could make him cum if his was not careful. Bernie hatched a plan of action and quickly went to work. Much more to come!!! Remember the motto: The Adventures of Rex stories are a celebration of one man's journey into middle-age with a raging hard-on, a passionate nature, perfectly sculptured socked feet and his handsome head held high! Make comments or write me...I love to hear from my readers! [email protected] or here at Adonismale!!
  9. Bernie handed Doctor Martin the latex gloves who slid each of them on with skill and speed. "Glad you are open to our help. This is the type of work in which Bernie and I relish," the doctor said with gusto. Rex agreed with his eyes and keen smile. The pre-cum pool at the tip of Rex's cock glistened in the office light and the clear liquid seemed to be filling his belly button. Doctor Martin leaned in and placed his bifocals on the tip of his nose so as to have a better look at the situation. The doctor then took hold of Rex's cock and moved his foreskin back and forth exposing the knob which was very moist with pre-cum. "Doctor, I think you may begin to see my problem. Carry on, please," coaxed Rex in a breathy voice. Bernie watched as the doctor gently manipulated Rex's rigid pole managing to get a fairly steady stream of pre-cum oozing forth. It trickled down the foreskin covered shaft to make the doctor's latex gloves wet. Rex could feel sweat beading on his chest and forehead as he began to become fully aroused. His mind swam and he moved his hips along with the gentle pulses of the doctor's steady hand strokes. "Bernie, we must see how much pre-cum he can make before full ejaculation occurs. Any ideas on making him even wetter?" asked the doctor. "Prostate stimulation often aides in this type of situation and I have several devices on the instrument table we might use to get a better result," Bernie offered. Doctor Martin continued stroking with his right hand while using his left hand to explore Rex's tight ball sack. "Hmm... very tight and his balls go so far up inside him the more he becomes aroused," the doctor noted. "Amazing! So tight and compact," gushed Bernie as he carried over a long slender anal probe with a battery operated stimulator tip. "I shall remove these latex gloves now. I need more direct contact at this point," the doctor announced. Bernie took away the gloves, holding them to his nose and inhaling the manly scent of Rex's juice prior to their disposal. However, Bernie decided they were worth holding on to as a souvenir of Rex's exam session and placed them where they could be recovered later. Doctor Martin carried on stimulating Rex's cock and balls using his warm, firm bare hands. Rex continued to respond to this therapy as his juices kept flowing from his cock head. Meanwhile Bernie lubricated the anal probe and gently tilted the foot of the exam table downward. "Bend your knees and place your feet at either side of the table here," Bernie directed Rex. Rex, clad now in only his black, thin gold-toe socks, did as asked and placed his feet and knees in position. Bernie eyed Rex's magnificently furry hole as it appeared under his tight ball sack still being fondled with tender care by the doctor. Rex closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensations his body was experiencing. Bernie moved the exam stool into position at the foot of the table and sat facing Rex's perfect and enticing hole. Next he placed a lubricated finger gently upon the tender rosebud before he pressed it inward, causing Rex to utter a moan of pleasure. "Very good Bernie! I see an increase in pre-cum already... Amazing!" the doctor extolled. "Keep at it and probe deeply," he added for good measure. Bernie pushed his index finger all the way into Rex's moist tunnel and found his secret spot. Rex yelped an unrecognizable word or two and opened his legs wider. Bernie pressed by adding another finger inside simulating the rhythm of the doctor's cock strokes. Rex was feeling total stimulation and desperately wanted to climax. Bravely, he held back in the name of science. "We shall see soon how much stimulation he can take. He is producing great amounts of pre-cum now," Doctor Martin announced. Bernie was busy using his right hand within Rex while letting his left hand roam over to Rex's right leg. Feeling the muscular calf, he knew Rex must be a keen cyclist or runner. Bernie grabbed hold of Rex's foot and moved it up towards his face so that the socked foot lay against his cheek. Bernie could smell that manly leather scent he loved coming from Rex's gorgeous foot. A day at work had produced a warm, moist pair of socks for Bernie to enjoy as he skillfully fingered Rex's ass, slowly he reached for the anal probe now... To be Continued ... Comments are always welcome!!!! [email protected] or here at Adonismale!!
  10. Readers: This is where it all began almost 20 years ago. Rex Davenport , a successful London business man is off to the doctor’s office.This medical based tale is a great way to get to know Rex. If you have read my work before, thank you! If not, please enjoy! The amount of Rex tales is vast and covers much ground. Feel from to contact me. DJXXX The Adventures of Rex: The Work Medical Exam (Part One) Rex Davenport left the company office early today in his favourite suit. Rex looked very stunning in his dark blue suit and brown loafers as he strode down the busy London streets to catch the local bus to ride a few blocks south. The dashing mature 50 year-old darted nimbly through the crowded sidewalks as if he were still a mere youth. He was due at the medical building at 5:30 for his insurance medical exam. His company has just been put on a yet another new health plan and it was his turn to visit the doctor for his physical exam in order to get the right coverage. Rex got in to the medical building and ran up the stairs to the proper waiting room. An attractive older man was waiting there at the desk. The older male receptionist was about 60 and had just that frosting of grey hair that looks so attractive. Rex was greeted warmly and asked to fill in a question sheet about his health so far. The older man watched him and found him highly pleasing to the eye. Rex knew he was being watched and loved it! "When Doctor Martin is ready, he will come and bring you in for your exam. You are his last tonight," said the older gentleman receptionist. "Fine!" said Rex. "The doctor and I have worked together for many years now and I often assist in his exams," said the handsome older fellow with a wink. Rex was pleased. He enjoyed being seen and loved to show off. Doctor Martin strode into the room and Rex stood up. The doctor was a balding, heavy set man also in his 60's and very distinguished looking. "Come with me," he said in a deep, sexy voice. Rex followed and the receptionist came behind him. The doctor sat Rex down in the inner rooms, closed the door and introduced himself and the receptionist. Bernie and Doctor Martin made a perfectly sexy couple and Rex was thrilled to be examined by this manly team. "This will be a full exam and very personal. Hope that's ok?" said Doctor Martin. "Fine. Shall I undress?" asked Rex. "Yes," exclaimed both men at once. Rex slipped off his loafers first. His moist dress socks clung to his feet. Rex was eager to be nude before these two hungry onlookers. Bernie prepared the exam table and instruments while Rex slowly stripped off his suit coat and slid it onto a nearby chair. Next he stood and undid his tie and placed it with the now growing pile of clothing in the chair. Bernie laughed and moved forward and folded the coat and tie neatly for Rex. "That's my Bernie! Always a fuss pot!" the doctor shared with a grin. Bernie next assisted Rex in the undoing two final buttons of his blue dress shirt, folded it and put it away followed by Rex's suit trousers which Bernie nearly grabbed in excitement. Rex stood before the two gents in his tight black bikini underwear and his gold-toe black socks. "You seem to be in excellent health and you look very fit for your 50 years," the doctor said as he began with his stethoscope upon Rex's chest and back. Rex breathed deeply and the doctor moved the stethoscope about and smiled. "Fine! Just as I thought. You are very fit. Now lie up on the table and let me examine your body more carefully," Doctor Martin purred in his deep voice. Rex complied quickly and lay back on the comfortable exam table whilst Doctor Martin began to feel his vital organs in and around his furry, slender mid-section. Bernie stood taking notes for the doctor at the base of the table by Rex's socked feet. Bernie being a very good assistant was very in tune with his role and between notes managed to gently reach down and caress Rex's silky socked foot, gently moving up his hairy calf with his warm finger tips. Rex felt a rise in his bikini pouch as the doctor pronounced him as sound as a bell. "Now let's see. You seem healthy in every way so far. Is everything in working order in the bedroom area of your life?" the doctor asked in a warm tone. Rex smiled and said, "I seem to make far too much pre-cum when I am aroused. It streams out and gets rather messy." Bernie exclaimed, " Oh, dear! The Doctor and I had a man in here recently who complained he did not make enough pre-cum. How much is too much?" "Good point, Bernie! All men need a healthy amount but I would need to see what you mean by too much," the doctor explained with a warm smile. Rex, eager to show them both, gently slid his bikini briefs down his furry legs where Bernie then gently slid them over his toes and onto the clothing pile in the chair. Rex's uncut cock lay rigid against his furry tummy and a pool of pre-cum oozed out of the nearly visible slit partly concealed by his ample foreskin. "This needs a much closer look, Bernie. Get my examination gloves so that I may begin to explore the extent of the problem here in this region," the doctor said as he waved his hand over Rex's manly tool. Rex looked up at both men and smiled saying, "I really am VERY open to any therapy you have to offer." To be Continued... Comments always welcome!!! [email protected] or here at adonismale!!!
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