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Thursday - 30th



unspectacular day - no, I tell a lie; I got an editorial letter published, so there is some sense of accomplishment. on balance, the complaint is, there seems to be a dearth of Maxwell House instant coffee. my baby brother is a coffee snob and is aghast that I drink instant - my excuse is, that I am a bachelor and don't want to have to clean the coffee maker! now if I had a cute litte house-bunny like Todd Nugent to meet all my needs, well, I would be much more flxbl. hope you like the lineup for today ☺ a warm welcome to new clubmembers, and a reminder that I need your help in attracting others to our klavern. many thanx for the Likes & Stiffies - I think we were Nº 1 today, although that was more than 6 hours ago and my memory banks have refreshed 😞







Kasper01.jpg Kasper03.jpg Kasper05.jpg Kasper07.jpg Holden01.jpg Holden03.jpg Holden05.jpg Holden07.jpg Todd01.jpg Todd03.jpg Todd05.jpg Todd07.jpg Patrick001.jpg Patrick003.jpg Patrick005.jpg Patrick007.jpg Raphael003.jpg Raphael005.jpg Raphael007.jpg Raphael009.jpg
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