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Friday - 31st



quiet day; looking forward to going to physical therapy in a bit. in the mean time, ordering up a meat lovers pizza and contemplating the smörgåsbord of men being served up for you-all :wow:Patrick O'Brian has to be one of the most amazing models to come along in, ah, well, since forever! there's never been anything quite like him before! also, I've put up the Miscellaneous Male Models O, which has quite a small offering of models who are too cute to be ignored, and who I have been unable to research out more images of. worst case is Paul Oalchem, a buttery blonde who I would like to spread on muffins and eat right up! can any of you help me get these models to a proper album of 10 pix? any assistance would be gratefully appreciated. in the  mean time, welcome to our newest clubmembers and hearty thanx to those who have afforded me Likes & Stiffies. they mean a lot to me!








Hugh01.jpg Hugh03.jpg Hugh05.jpg Hugh07.jpg Patrick Buff 001.jpg Patrick Buff 003.jpg Patrick Buff 005.jpg Patrick Buff 007.jpg Aitor001.jpg Aitor003.jpg Aitor005.jpg Aitor007.jpg Aaron003.jpg Aaron005.jpg Aaron007.jpg Aaron009.jpg Kian03.jpg Kian05.jpg Kian07.jpg Kian09.jpg
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