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Where are we all from ?

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Looks like there are people from all over here. Cool! =)

Well, it's my turn to tell where I'm from now.


I'm from South America, more specifically the Southwest (Rio de Janeiro) of Brazil. I'm sure everyone (why not?) has ever heard of my hometown. Everybody loves it! We receive many tourists here, specially during Carnival and Christmas. =)

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Hi folks,


sorry i cant add a new country iam from hamburg in germany the second biggest city in germany.


Hamburg is the citywith the most bridges (2.563) in the world and have 1.8 Mio individuance.


Famoust places: Reeperbahn (st. Pauli); the port, the Alster (two big lakes in the city).


Hamburg is near tthe north and baltic sea

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I am from a small town in ohio nothing really exciting but as soon as i finish school i am moving i havent decided where though

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I am from Canada

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I am from Toronto Canada, and Born and raised in Perth Australia

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I live smack in the center of Manhattan in New York. But I was borna nd raised in the Philippines.

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Hi everyone.


I am originally from Zimbabwe but I now live in Johannesburg, South Africa!

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Isn't that up in the North somewhere???


I think you are the 4th Viking in BGP, Welcome!!!


Why don't you tell us a little about your country? Do you live in the capital (Stockholm)? whistleok1.gif

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It really is amazing all of the different places around the globe we come from.








Who else is out there...









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Guest DerekYB

I am from Montreal, but my job forces me to live in Ottawa and Montreal so I commute frequently between the two cities.

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Guest Jason

I am from Maryland. I actually live right on the border. I could be in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey within a hour. It's pretty awesome. :good:

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Guest chino_flynn

Maine here, and it is part of the U.S. its not a part of candana. you wouldn't believe how many people think us Mainers are candians lol

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Guest dman2000

I'm from Colorado. 60 Miles outside Denver.


I've haven't been back in a while. I miss it. :)

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from Hollywood, FL... not Hollywood, CA. hah! except right now, not in Hollywood, FL, though I do recommend a visit to Hollywood Blvd sometime :)

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I am from Los Angeles! Haha I've never heard of China, just kidding I know where its at

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I'm from Portugal!


I've born in beautiful Lisbon (the capital)




but now i live in a smaller city in the north of Portugal call Braga



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Hi From OZ here - as in Australia


Any other Aussies around?

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Guest criarr

I'm from Dublin, Ireland. I think I'm one of the few people left who hasn't emigrated. :rolleyes:

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Guest kinkspink

hi, im from Newcastle in the north of uk sortha neer scotland ish

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