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Where are we all from ?


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I´m from Wonderland :blush:


Wonderland is there where the cute guys are that do not mind to have an elderly and slightly overweight Lady next to them.



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I'm from the enchanted island, Puerto Rico.


If it is too cold in your country, you may want to pay me a visit. I promise to keep you warm, I mean the average temperature in my country is 80ºC (about 25ºC). ;)

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I mean the average temperature in my country is 80ºC


wow you must have quite some hot men there when it´s that much heat



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QUOTE(Wonderwoman @ Mar 18 2007, 06:42 AM)
wow you must have quite some hot men there when it´s that much heat


Oops! It shoud read 80ºF, but anyway the men are responsible for all that heat... ;)
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I'm from the UK. Only ever seems to be English people who identify themselves as being from the United Kingdom, the Welsh and the Scots seem to maintain token patriotism. Can't we all just join hands, unify, and bask in the warming glow of English rule?


I would like to see more of Scotland actually, i've been to Edinburgh for the festival a couple of times, and stayed with a friend in Glasgow, but i've never seen anymore of it. It's a bit of a mission from where i live though right down in the south (read best end) of the country. Apparantly there is a marathon around Loch Ness though, so i might enter that next year.

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I'm from Canada too eh?

Specifically from Vancouver, British Columbia eh?

and ofcourse when speaking I finish each sentance with 'eh?' eh?

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and I thought tea is either grown in India or Ceylon or China...


but never heard of British tea... -_-



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slovakia is my beautiful native country! if you want to imagine what it`s like to live here, just think of bel ami guys:) most of them are from slovakia or czech republic:)

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G'day cobber! Strewth, did you see that? My pet kangaroo just jumped OVER the pond. The koala up there in the gumtree doesn't seem so happy about it.


Anyway, prawns to chuck on the barbie, and lots of piss to sink before my sheila gets home.




Does that make it clear enough???




PS - Translation:


Hello friend! My goodness, did you see that? My pet hairy marsupial just jumped OVER the medium sized body of water. The hairy animal up the tree consisting of gum leaves doesn't seem too happy about it.


Anyway, shell fish to place on the hot tray heated by coals, gas or electricity, and lots of beer to drink before my wife returns home.



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I was born in Southern California (L.A. more specifically) but I just relocated to Chicago. I'm mixed white & middle eastern and I speak French, Spanish, and a little Arabic. Oh, and English, of course!

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  • 2 weeks later...

I'm another one from the UK ! Have moved about a bit but am currently living in Norfolk! and before ? well i've lived in London, Swansea, leicester and Shakespeare County ! Where next you may ask ........... IBIZA ! yay ! I'm moving there on 24th September ...... but sadly for 1 week only LOL ! and then I must return hehehehe :D


ps if anyone has been to Ibiza before can u recommend any places to go ? I'll be staying at Play D'en Bossa LOL !

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I'm from Lebanon =), though I have also been to France and Australia. I loved in both countries for around 3 years (1 year in France, while two in Australia).

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yo guys what's up? I'm from Los Angeles, and they lie the weather isn't always great once in a while it um rains..and gets really hot for like a week. Other than that it's a kik ass city.. u all should join us here.

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Hi, I'm from Bratislava, Slovakia...


and I'm interessted how does gays live in New Zeland looks like, is there a lot of clubs and bars ?

Maybe I should visit this two strange island...

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QUOTE(cupboardy @ Sep 15 2007, 09:29 PM) 114620" target="_blank[/snapback]
Hey bud

Is your avatar Cruella DeVille?[/b]

lmao...no lol i dont have a clue wat it is tbh, i know its from sum anime series tho....U jelous of it ay? ;)
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QUOTE(Kendrick @ Sep 24 2007, 07:58 PM) 116563" target="_blank[/snapback]
:lol: I think they all fled the country :whistle:[/b]

you mean they all came to Wonderland ?

yes that is actually true

only the good lovers from Ireland stayed where they are, because we do not allow sheep in Wonderland :D

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  • 2 weeks later...

Damn, I read the whole thread hoping I would find someone who is from the Dark Side. I was hoping to find out what President Cheney is cooking up.


I'm from North America, but it wasn't north enough. North enough would have been Canada.

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  • 2 months later...

Im from Finland and I live in near the capital city Helsinki.

Finland is in northern Europe next to Sweden and Russia. Santa Claus is from Korvatunturi which is in Finland and we do NOT have polar bears in here!


Horny Northern Tribe~

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