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Does anyone enjoy cruising the beat?


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  •  alleys

tumblr_n9tw5zgNhF1rxcroso1_1280.jpg.d216bf966bbb8ed06fb4fcf4740942dd.jpg tumblr_o48ioeNj9b1v94dpao1_400.gif.5b0291a4e2f9b37f75cd44b6bb84e935.gif


If you have, come and share your experiences..



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There's a lovely state park not too far from me that I used to cruise before I settled down with my boyfriend.

There were plenty of trails leading into the woods where I had some interesting encounters. Some by accident

and some were arranged on line thru dating sites. It was fun walking back on the trails and finding your hook-up

and enjoying yourself. One drawback about it was you had to keep a lookout for other people walking the trails.

I was almost caught once back in the woods 🙂  

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Love outdoor sex! Had many encounters in the woods near me. There is nothing better than a breeze caressing your balls!

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Fraternal Order


I live in a town where there are two types of guys. We have outdoors types, Levi and flannel topped by Stetsons and Resistol hats and then we have the car guys. My area is a Mecca for classic car restoration guys and they love to cruise in their cars, show them off and share tips and ideas with their fellow car guys. And then there is me, and I don’t fit either group but find myself more than welcome among the crowd. And on occasion a guy will make me for a queer and the conversation shifts from Hurst shifters to another kind of stick shift and I get busy. You may be surprised just how many straight, masculine macho types are more than willing to get some quick relief from a discrete fag. Here is one such example.


Last week I went down to our Old Town section of town to meet a gay friend for lunch. A couple of car clubs were parking along our main drag and were having an impromptu car show so my friend and I cruised the side walk on foot to take in the chrome and perfect paint jobs. As we neared the end of the line of classic cars my buddy bid me farewell and jumped in to his not-so-classic Benz and cruised off. My Subaru was parked at the other end of classic row so I crossed the street and started walking down the other side of the street toward my car. At the end of the next block was a perfect early 1960’s Lincoln Continental, jet black with red leather and it looked like the owner was just getting ready to head out. He sat in the idling car waiting to back out of his diagonal spot when I caught his eye with a nod and mouthed “beautiful car” as I approached the passenger side. His windows were down and I could hear him say “Thank you, wanna lift” as I approached the left side. I made a hard left and planted myself on his door and said “I would be honored.” He told me to hop in and we backed out in to the main drag and slowly cruised down the hill. He told me the story of the car, restoration history and we talked about all of the beautiful cars that day and how cool it was that our town seemed to be an epicenter of classic cars. I motioned toward the side street where my car was parked and he turned right and found a spot a few up from my car. He pulled in and shut down the Lincoln and we turned to talk.


I leaned that his name was Tony and he appeared to be about 70, massive chest, about a 40 inch waist, thick curly hair over his strong arms and curling through the opening in his unbuttoned dress shirt. He had the rugged Southern Italian looks that are so sexy. He had large, strong and course hands, massive legs and although a bit overweight he was well proportioned and had the looks of a guy who could handle himself. I unbuckled my seat belt, turned half toward him and we continued our chat. Dressed in a tight black running suit he could see my wood and I could see his through his fine wool slacks. The cum on was on. He asked me what kind of cars I liked and why. I responded slyly by saying “anything with a bench seat” and he smiled. He asked “why is that” and I responded that I love to give head to masculine men, real men, and cruise the car rallies knowing that a percentage of the guys play both sides. He responded “very cool with me” and started the Lincoln. From the side street we cruised up two more blocks, turned down an alley and in to the back lot of an auto repair place. It was closed so we had the lot to ourselves. Tony popped his seat belt, dropped his fly and exposed a beautiful beer can topped with a throbbing purple helmet. I popped my belt, slid to the middle of the seat and rolled on to my knees on the floor boards. As I first flicked his cock with my tongue he flinched with pleasure and then I felt two strong hands guide my head down on to his shaft. He was rock hard and dripping precum as I gently went down on him. I wanted to make this last in hopes that he would take my number and make this a regular thing.


As I worked he guided my head with his hands and took control of me as he face fucked me. He was going to manage the pace of this operation and I got the impression that he wanted to cum as quickly as possible to get some relief from his throbbing cock. Four more strokes down to my tonsils and he exploded. I sucked down his batter and on each up stroke I pressed my lips around the base of his glans and flicked his pee hole and tip with my tongue. I could tell he was used to quick cum and go action and I surprise him by keeping up the pace and stroke on his cock. His reaction was at first hesitant but he let me continue and got in to the flow of things as I continued the action on his expended but still erect cock. This man had fully nine inches and was thick enough that he gave my jaws a work out with his girth. And he shot a massive load of hot, thick semen down my throat. I was in heaven and tried to keep up the stimulation without driving him up the wall. As I sucked and stroked he shot one more time and then laid back against the seat and said “Baby enough. You are making me crazy.”


I pulled myself back up on to the seat and asked if I had pleased him. He responded by saying hell yes, let’s talk. He then told me that he knew what I meant when I told him that a few of the car guys went both ways but did so very discretely and not with each other. He pointed to the back of the auto shop where we were parked and explained that this shop was owned by his friends Luis and Tomas who did mostly classic body restorations. I knew of both men, both were well known in the community and were probably the last two guys you would ever suspect got regular sex from queens. Tony went on to explain that the shop had a back office, a big screen, two sofas and a couple of lounge chairs. In a large storage room they also had a twin bed frame with mattress and sheets. To all outward appearances it was a break room. After hours it became a play room. The only problem was their queen, Luis’ nephew, had moved back down to Phoenix and they did not have anyone to fill in. I looked Tony square in the eyes and said “sign me up.”


So for the past four months I have scheduled myself to be downtown on a Tuesday afternoon. The shop closes at 5, the back opens for a couple of hours and Tony, Luis, Tomas and a few other insiders have a fraternity meeting. I provide the entertainment. They watch porn and I give them head for the most part. On occasion one of them will be a bit more frisky and we will retire to the storage room where I assume the prison position and let one or more of them have my ass. Most of these guys are in their ‘60’s or older but are in great shape, stay that way by doing hard work and have testosterone levels that would move mountains. I get a good work out and usually walk out of the place looking like I just gave birth but I crave the work outs and the attention. Out front, as the guys watch porn I go from one to the next. They are normally horned up after a week with no sex at home and an hour or so of porn so often I can make quick work of them the first round. They also get a live porn show watching me suck off their friends. If there is time one or two will stay for seconds and that is when I get down to serious semen extraction. They appreciate my arts as well as my attitude as I am willing to give it to them they way they want it and as I learn each one of them I learn what works, the secret nerve endings and flicks of the tongue that hit their pleasure spots. We have our house rules: anal with rubbers only, never any drugs, we can drink but not to excess, no cameras or phones, total discretion and we slide in and out of the shop discretely. Any new member is voted on by the guys and they will introduce him to me after telling me who he is and a bit about him. Of the seven guys in the group I would go down for any one of them should I have met them independently. As for me, my uniform in the play room is a satin jock strap or g-string, I swallow to show proper respect to each guy and I fuck on demand. So far it has all worked out beautifully. I also provide them with my semi-annual screenings so they know I am a safe cum dump. Any play outside of the shop is up to he individuals and on occasion the guys will come to my house to unload.


The group now consists of seven guys and me. On occasion Luis’ nephew is back in town and he fills in as an extra queen but he does not take anal. The guys are now comfortable with the crew and are not actively seeking to add any more tops but should they encounter someone I am sure they can make a spot. The youngest is 43, the oldest 83. They range from Italian to three Latins, the other three being NASCAR kind of guys. They have gotten over their shyness in a group and now enjoy and appreciate watching me work on their friends. They will even cheer when one of their buddies gets a particularly spectacular orgasm. They have kind of a high school shower room attitude toward nudity. Normally they stay wrapped in a towel or in sweats until it is their turn in the milking que. I love being watched knowing that my talents are not only pleasing the one who is in my mouth but the rest of the group as well. On four occasions we have had all seven at a gathering and that was a work out for me and the guys knew it. They appreciated my endurance in taking 11 hard loads in my mouth and three up my ass. And they thought it funny that I thanked them for such a great evening! They have not yet gotten over shyness when taking me in the back room so when I take one out back to fuck we close the door. That may change over time but either way it is a turn on knowing that the guys know exactly what their buddy is getting as the mattress springs squeak.


As I said before play outside of the shop is up to the individuals. Both Luis and Tomas have had me give welcoming to manhood sessions to young relatives. When one of their nephews or sons turn 18 they will bring him to Tomas’ garage behind his house where I give the lad a proper faggot blow job. Both men think it is important that their young guys know how to get what they need from a queer while at the same time managing the arrangement so as not to interfere with proper woman chasing. Young men need relief on a regular basis so as to avoid the early fatherhood trap. Once the guys are introduced to me it us up to them to call me or not when they need draining. They learn how to manage the relationship and maintain control and discretion. I am a perfect mentor for this action because the lure of their cocks keeps my attitude and their discretion in check. This stays outside of the fraternity relationship at the shop and takes place at my home or in a car. I don’t look for young cock as a rule. The attitude and other problems associated with young guys is just not worth it. But being introduced is different and the guys have the choice of using me or not. And there is something about sucking a wild young Latin or Redneck dude that is a huge thrill. Knowing that these guys are putty in my hands once their cocks are in my mouth does wonders to my old queen ego.


So life goes on in our small town. To drive through here most would never guess at what erotic joys happen in an old auto repair shop or on the front seat of a clean ‘57 Chevy. In our own way we have fun and that is all that counts. With a bit of effort we maintain our fraternal order with all of the players playing their proper role. Mine is on my knees and I would not have it any other way.





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As a teenager I realised that there were some restrooms, where other men came for cruising. I enjoyed very much  to go there to see other men jacking off, making oral or anal sex.

As an adult man I realised that there were some parks area, where other men came for cruising. Several times I met  strangers, with whom I jacked off or made sex.

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Guest scottyman2020

As a young man use to cruise the adult bookstores for cock. And always found plenty.  One had a cruising area behind.  Lots of hot cock to be had. Most cruising spots shut down around here. 

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