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Nostalgia Lane

Guest GlenCoco

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On 12/31/2021 at 10:54 AM, Kawika said:

I've always found Alain Delon sexy but Jean-Paul Belmondo always got my motor running since the first time I saw him in "That Man From Rio" (seen here with Francoise Dorleac) I think I've seen every one of his films... sadly he died this past year.




He's wonderful in the Claude LeLouch adaptation of Les Miserables as a kind of everyman version of Jean Valjean named Henri Fortin. Its a great movie, very surprising. He was even sexy in Les Miz!


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Who remembers when supermarket check out lanes looked like this? You had to have a check cashing card (that you got at the customer service desk) to write a check... and you could write your check and get cash back (I think there was a $25.00 limit) Look at all the different sized bags.... if you only had a few things the nice checkout lady put it in a bag for you...and there was a nice young man who bagged your groceries if you had a lot and helped you take them out to your car!

Oh... and  a carton of cigarettes was about $5.00


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Guest GlenCoco
6 minutes ago, alanrob07 said:

heard of all but 2nd one. Loved Dynasty.

Dynasty Forever!!!


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26 minutes ago, CaptMartinEchivarre said:

Dynasty Forever!!!


Loved all the cat fights. I remember buying the perfume for family. They played the roles so good. It was better than Dallas.

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I was reminded of something with the tributes to Sidney Poitier's death today... he and Natalie Wood are the only two people I went to see their imprint ceremony at Grauman's Chinese Theatre...



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Another one of my fun jobs while at UCLA was being a tour guide at Universal Studios... besides the tips being pretty great on most days... it offered a chance to be in a small or bit part but usually an extra in a movie or television program. It was vastly different than now... The house  and motel from Psycho was a big favorite... as was the "The Munsters" house on Colonial Street most of you would know it as Wisteria Lane from "Desperate Housewives". This was where I started my real education about the entertainment industry. 

Youtube Universal Studio Tour




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I've been an avid alpine skier since.. (well a long time... skis were made of wood and the boots laced up and ski pants were skin tight and had stirrups) The eighties were not my favorite decade overall... but I loved the ski clothes!


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Guest GlenCoco
10 hours ago, Kawika said:

I've been an avid alpine skier since.. (well a long time... skis were made of wood and the boots laced up and ski pants were skin tight and had stirrups) The eighties were not my favorite decade overall... but I loved the ski clothes!




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I remember when the Ala Moana Center opened... it's really grown by leaps and bounds over the years... I really miss Sears because it was the best place to have your car serviced... and I miss Shirokiya (mostly for the food court) and Liberty House... well just because you could find anything you needed there... it's just not the same at Macy's or Bloomingdale's! The one thing that has not changed is it's still difficult to find a place to park during the holidays!




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