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Nostalgia Lane

Guest GlenCoco

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Guest GlenCoco

Here's a venue for you to discuss your favorite songs, TV shows, movies, cartoons, commercials, games, stories, family, friends, traditions from your childhood memories. Share your cherished experiences while growing up and let's revisit wonderful memories we hold dear.

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Guest GlenCoco

This was my favorite song as a kid, the melodies and the harmonies sound so happy, wholesome and memorable. Never really payed attention to the lyrics, I just love the sound of the music. Only found out what the song really meant when I got older. Still my favorite song from my childhood. I miss the 70's and 80's.

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It seems sometimes to me that I've spent most of my life up in the air for one reason or another... it all started for me at the Honolulu airport  early in life and then later when I was based at HNL with Pan Am... but all the time in between on the ground I have some terrific memories.... I'll post here as I find something interesting to add... but I'll start with I felt like I won the lottery being based in Hawaii when I was a flight attendant because everything and everyone who was important to me was there...



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Growing up for me was probably quite different than for many others... unless you lived in Hawaii or Southern California at the time... but the things that I found in common were some things that I've read on line about the era... in that we drank water directly form the garden hose... and stayed outside and played until it got dark... and were driven around in cars without wearing seat belts... and riding in the back of a pickup truck with the surfboards on the way to the beach... we played hide and seek and dodge ball and broke bones... we rode our bikes to get shave ice... everything was very ordinary to me at the time and I've only come to realize how special it actually was as an adult... life seemed to change as we started to grow up and mature... but we navigated the course...I've came to learn as an adult that the people who really had trouble and issues navigating had serious problems at home that were completely unheard of in our house... we had issues but noting like I learned that some of my peers were dealing with. From about the time my brother and I were 13 we also started dividing our time between our lives in the US and visiting our father in London twice a year (summer and winter break) I drove people crazy ( I still do sometimes) after I came home and referred to the elevator as a lift and an apartment as a flat... and the bathroom as a loo etc...

These three different cultural and social experiences contributed to who I was and what I became and I will try to think of some interesting topics or experiences to share here...


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On 12/28/2021 at 8:56 PM, CaptMartinEchivarre said:


Fotomat was a big game changer for us... you could get your photos back in 24 hours!


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Guest GlenCoco

I distinctly remember the time I realized that I like boys more than I like girls is when I first saw Alain Delon on the screen. His smile was captivating. I said to myself that he is the most gorgeous man I have ever laid my eyes on.

I grew up in a wonderful home with a lovely family and cool friends. I consider all my friends in the neighborhood as my brothers, we all played together, we fought, we talked about girls a lot. I had crushes on some of the girls in our neighborhood and in school. I was actually girl crazy when I was young. But everything changed when I saw Alain on the screen. Something awakened inside me that made me scared and unsettled. I didn't understand what I was feeling but I knew something has changed. I grew up not knowing that gays even existed, I didn't know the concept of being gay because I never met one, heard one or even saw one on TV. It was all confusing to me, I was just hoping that all these new feelings would stop one day and everything will be back to normal. But It didn't, it took me some time to fully embrace my identity but I eventually did. And it all began with Alain's smile.

Alain Delon 001.jpg

Alain Delon 007.jpg

Alain Delon 008.jpg




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I've always found Alain Delon sexy but Jean-Paul Belmondo always got my motor running since the first time I saw him in "That Man From Rio" (seen here with Francoise Dorleac) I think I've seen every one of his films... sadly he died this past year.




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In a nod to New Year's Eve... I spent most of them in the 80's and into the 90's at Bobby McGee's on Kalakaua Avenue in Honolulu!


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Guest GlenCoco

I had a haircut and a light perm in the late 80's and everybody thought that I was copying David Hasselhoff in Knight Rider since I was a fan of the show, but they didn't know that it was actually an Alexis Carrington. I miss my hair.






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10 hours ago, CaptMartinEchivarre said:


I doubt it exists anymore but when my brother and I were growing up you could add another telephone line to your house and it was listed in the telephone book as "Teen Line"  another phone number was below the listing of the account holders name and number... my brother and I had a Jack&Jill bathroom between our bedrooms and we shared the phone with an extremely long phone line... I had forgotten all about it until I saw your post.

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I carried these to and from school (they were covered with doodles and whatnot by the end of each term) until I went to UCLA and moved on to folders and binders with more room... I loved Pee-Chees... Mead still makes them but they are about $1.25 each + shipping. (I'm thinking about it)




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6 minutes ago, CaptMartinEchivarre said:


I'm one of those kids because they did not exist in Hawaii or Southern California... they look scary.

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