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The Adventures of Rex V: - Distracted Days, Wild Nights (part three)




Outside Rex’s private inner office, delightfully butch Barb Stevens rolled her wheeling office desk chair ever closer to her beloved Rex Davenport’s portal.

The outer office did have a door but it was not locked and anyone could burst in and see her, trousers pulled down at the waistband and one hand rammed down twiddling her big swollen clit and ramming a now sodden finger in her hungry slit as fast she could. Her head swam and her whole small body shook. Listening to Bitchy Bossy Marlene, obviously giving sexy mature Rex so oral attention, well, it made Barb all creamy with lust!

The grunting of blissful Rex, the slurping and slopping sounds of Marlene’s big lipped mouth working on her new conquest and Barb’s own very heavy breathing filled the air...sex was all around!



The sudden arrival of young 20 something Todd Cramer from the mail room staff should not have been a surprise but Barb was not prepared and his eager cheerful face bursting in was not what she wanted nor desired. He got an eyeful of good Barb’s nearly displayed fuzzy greying snatch and quickly shut the door of the outer office behind him and moved closer. He was not expecting this!

Meanwhile in Rex’s inner sanctum, a nude shapely Marlene lay stretched out – bubble ass up and in between Rex’s long cycle toned legs and worked his uncut cock like a master. One hand pulling the foreskin up and down like a piston of flesh and the other massaging- if not mauling, his tight ball sack. And her big red lipped mouth was vacuuming his upper cock with speed and precision like a machine. She was fully extracting every drop of tasty pre-cum Rex could produce and Rex, as you know, produces massive amounts.

Rex’s sweaty navy blue socked toes wiggled, flexed and jolted as Marlene assaulted his manhood and milked him like a bull! Those sculptured size 11’s of his were sweating like mad and filling the room with an aromatic musky man-scent that both Rex and his female boss just loved! Hell, it was making them both high as if a drug!


Marlene took a break, holding Rex’s big throbbing cock tight and not letting go.

“Fuck Rex! You make so much juice. I bet you cum in buckets. Lots of man seed here!” She said playfully squeezing Rex’s very full ball bag and rolling each of his nuts around in her long slender fingers.

Rex, still sitting on the carpet, legs wide...almost fainting with delight as he surveyed his hot nude buxom boss ogling his uncut cock before his very eyes and feeling her nimble hands almost owning him in the way she touched him, it was all too much!

“You just keep doing those things you are doing and you’ll soon see how much cum I make!” he stammered. The two green eyed playmates laughed and Marlene resumed her oral control over Rex’s highly swollen cock-knob...her very mouth engulfing it and her tongue slathering it all over- sensations were flooding all over him from head to tingling pink toes. Rex was reaching that point ....and nearly falling off that edge.

Rex’s had so little experience of a woman’s mouth on his uncut cock that each and every subtle movement of Marlene’s was almost like revelations about what a female mouth could achieve, her rather pointing strong tongue and juicy full lips worked a charm on his stiff appendage and that was so arousing!



  “You are amazing!!! SOOOOOO GOOD!!” Rex barked, his breath now coming in quick sharp gasps. He knew that when he blew, it would be huge!

His socked toes flexed and strained, he nearly beat his meaty heels into the office carpet. He felt his leg muscles almost now in spasms! His whole body was going into orgasmic overdrive. The very fact this was his boss...well, it made it so fucking HOT! Rex’s eyes rolled back in his head and he just rode every movement of the mouth that was working his dick like magic. He loved men and women...Rex loved life!

Outside Rex’s office, Todd Cramer moved up to a very surprised Barb who was now trying to remove her hand from her very juiced slit as quickly as she could but Todd being a “horn dog” was not put off.

“Barb, Barb...let me see your sweet old lady pussy. Let Toddy love it real good baby.” He crooned as he knelt before her splayed tailored trouser legs.

Barb let her usually soft eyes get cold. Her hand popped out of her waistband and slapped the golden haired 20 something right across the face.

“Oh, I like ‘em sassy! Give me your cunty baby.” He said slyly as he moved to lower her waistband.

Barb wobbled to her feet, her shoes sensible and flat. Always such a plain Jane.

“You fuck off. Hell! You only just started working here. You don’t know me. And now you talk filth to me?” Barb said whispering so not alarm her dear, somewhat busy Rex inside his office.

Todd, his golden curled hair almost cherub like, looked up at her. He remained kneeling. His full rosy cheeks and baby-soft skin made him like so young to Barb. A thick knob-head but eye candy...no wonder he got the job here Barb mused.

“Miss, sorry, I really thought you were coming on to me. Just like big boss Marlene done.” He said with his baby blue eyes batting away.

“It is “did” not done. You get up off your knees; if anybody saw this...well get up.” Barb said rolling her chair back to her desk.

Todd moved up and stood before the old maid’s desk. Butch Barb sat down and found three letters Rex needed posting.

“This is all...ah-um Tom, thank you.” She said handing him the mail.


“It’s Todd, honey. Marlene really did, you know, have sex with me...just one month ago. I had hardly knowed her.” He burbled as he took the letters Barb held out in her still shaking hand.

“I shall ignore your hideous grammar and speech patterns. You just get lost. Marlene is rather busy...she and Rex...well, they are meeting in his office.” Barb said turning bright red.

“Holy Hell! You mean you were listening to them...Meeting, more like MEATING...if you know what I mean.” He guffawed at his own joke.

“No wonder you were fiddling your clitty, you old horny bitch.” He said trying now to listen at Rex’s door.

The sound of Rex’s choir-like baritone voice trilled through the wooden door.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSS!” Wafted out and made both Todd and Barb felt a rush inside their own sex organs knowing dear handsome Rex Davenport had reached a very important “climax” in his meeting with boss Marlene. It sounded like a very well received conclusion to a fruitful lunchtime head to head!




Much More to CUM!!! Please keep reading and commenting, love it! DJ





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