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The Adventures of Rex V: - Distracted Days, Wild Nights (part four)





Rex Davenport’s orgasmic explosion not only jolted Todd and Barb who listened in rapturous delight outside the inner office door, but Marlene who had rammed Rex’s uncut tool deep in her gullet...well, she had no way of knowing she’d near choke on all his warm jizz. His seed was copious and flowing steadily in at least four good sprays of creamy gushes. Her throat filled, she gagged, and she swallowed and swallowed...would it ever stop?

Rex now had fallen on his back onto the carpet, his sweaty socked toes flexing in mad bursts as each orgasmic rush pumped his spunk from his shapely mature loins. He lay still then, Marlene contentedly suckled his purple-pink exposed cock-knob as the last of juices ebbed forth from the slit...her face looked a mix of surprise, sex flushed red and yet rather more than a hint of sheer pleasure. Her long fingers on one hand worked to pump his cock and the other to squeeze his balls...every drop was to be extracted!

“Dear Rex, that was enlightening and a true mouthful! I hope this provided the needed relief so that you can finish your report for me!” Marlene said licking her big slightly smudged red lips. Rex tasted so very good to her. She still held his cock; it felt so powerful in her grip- thrumming away with each of his accelerated heartbeats.

Rex, his reddish golden hair all mussed and unruly now from thrashing about in bliss on the carpet, sat up on his elbows and faced his boss.

“Rest assured I shall complete it today. This lunch has truly nourished me in so very many ways.” Rex said smiling and his green eyes twinkling back at her.

Rex’s large hand move to cup Marlene’s nearby breast but she pulled away.

“Save that for another time. I have work to do and so do you. I shall call on you again. And possibly a session at my place is called for, a celebration if this report meets all the needed requirements. Just get back to work, NOW!” She said standing up; her trimmed pussy bush looking slightly damp to Rex’s appraising glances as she moved to dress. Could her make out her cunty lips? YES! Pink and pouty. He wanted in!

“I will please you, like you did me. I assure you. Just you wait.” Rex said watching Marlene pull on her undies and then those sexy nylon pantyhose back up along her smooth legs. Rex’s uncut cock still sat almost at full attention before his boss who was dressing by his socked feet.




Rex’s hand strummed his foreskin back and forth seductively.  He could have more fun...but knew it was a bad idea.

“You have an amazing cock. The extra long silky foreskin, the perfect length and girth...and those balls! Plus that gingery furry hair all over...so much to enjoy! And you stay so hard; I like a hard man...the harder the better. I will enjoy exploring our working relationship in greater depth, very deep probing, if you know what I mean.”

Marlene said wiping her mouth with a delicate hanky from her pocket. She stood all dressed staring down at the nearly naked Rex...apart from his sweaty thin socks. She loved his big sculptured feet, she’d enjoy those soon...at her place. Her cunt convulsed with pleasure...a good toe fucking maybe. He had great big toes!

“Now, get going. Send that creepy Barb to my office with your report ASAP.” And with that she walked over, unlocked the door and vanished. Her sexy ass just a memory to Rex.

The door was ajar and Rex slowly moved up and began to look for his work apparel. He’d tossed it about during the sexy lunch; Marlene had done her share of ripping off his clothes...what a lunch! Rex’s mind kept replaying that blow job! He could not wait for more Marlene...in all sorts of positions.

Todd had left just before the door had been unlocked and taken away the mail.

Barb, feeling very aroused and very jealous sat at her desk and watched that asshole Marlene saunter by on her heels. Barb hated her. She never was nice to Barb, never and now she was bewitching Rex...the guy she had been so wet for.

Not many men did that for Barb, and Rex was so special. How dare that bitch! Barb was furious. But horny! Damn...what a combination.

Barb’s extra large clit reverberated in her panties...she wanted to play more but Rex was done with his “meeting” and may buzz her at any point. She dare not tempt fate.

She could hear rustling inside Rex’s inner office, obviously dressing again after his sexual liaison moments before. Her mind raced. She wanted to go in, see his body...she’d seen him clothed for years. But naked, only in her dreams!

The door was open a crack, she stood on her small legs. Her trousers concealing her wobbling knees as she moved to the little open crack allowing her a view into Rex’s private office. She really loved the idea of spying on him.

Nobody was around; Todd had come for the mail. She should be uninterrupted.



She looked in, breathing heavy, her clit throbbing with intensity of feeling for this man she lusted after.

Rex wearing his shirt was now standing by his desk. He was pulling up his suit trousers slowly as he looked lost in thought. His sizable crotch gems were packed full and tightly concealed in very sexy form-fitting underwear. He spun nimbly on his socked toes as he dressed; his bubble round tight ass cheeks filled the nylon underwear like they were made for him. The trousers came up and were belted, his tie replaced and suit coat donned. The professional Rex was back...apart from his polished leather shoes which lay by his desk at odd angles.

Barb drank him in and sighed. She wanted him! She knew he cycled on weekends and swam...and hell, it showed. Fit as fuck!

Her clit bounced and tickled in her panties. Having a bigger than average clit was a plus...she thought anyway. Women had loved it....why not Rex? He did everyone she imagined...why not her? She’d lie at those big socked feet and love every inch of him! She had so little “hands on “time with men...she wanted to lick Rex all over!

Little did our butch Barb know, but Rex had actually put an advert for himself in the online forum, “Big Clit Gals” in the “looking to explore section”. He had placed about 20 so far all over the net, all sorts of sexual situations for both men and women. Rex wanted to explore all! Having had so few women but had seen many in magazines and online; he was drawn to those with extra developed clitoral appendages. Why? He had no idea. But was just thrilled with the mini-penis like appearance and desired a long hot oral inspection of each and every one!

Rex was keen to get the report done now and get home and find a way to get better erotic photos taken of himself. Lenny would have to be away, damn...Rex’s mind shouted out.



Rex sauntered to his desk and put things back in order and settled into his big chair ready to work on that report. He left his shoes off, the carpet felt wonderful under his moist socked toes.

Barb, hanging back her small boyish body trembling in lust, moved and pushed the door open. She had to make a play for Rex, she knew it. The short grey haired 50 something lurched in and coughed.

Rex busily typing away on his PC looked up and met her soft, likable eyes with his playful green ones.

“Hey Barb, my meeting with Marlene was very...um, productive. I know how important this report is to her now. I shall have it done in an hour or so. Would you drop it off at her office on your way out tonight?” Rex said sounding very convincing. Barb assumed he thought she’d heard nothing from the “sex lunch” moments before.

“Yes, Rex. I shall do any other tasks you need. You know I am your PA, use me.”

These words flowed out of Barb’s mouth and she wished she could take back the last ones...Use me? What the hell?

Rex laughed. “Be careful dear Barb, a guy like me might actually misinterpret your meaning!

His handsome face beamed at her, his hair now smoothed back into place...he was a stud. Barb was smitten.

“Oh well, a girl can try.” Barb said wistfully.



Rex stopped typing. He heard the tone. He liked Barb, she always came thru for him. Maybe...his mind ticked. Just maybe.

“Barb, you are a catch to be had. Don’t sell yourself short. You know I have neglected my personal life far too long in search of bettering my career here in London. You may have heard gossip that I am now...playing the field. And it’s true. I am open to all. You should do the same.” Rex said with serious tones.

Barb quietly pushed the door closed and moved to the edge of Rex’s big desk...her foot stumbled on one of Rex’s fine leather shoes laying discarded on the carpet.

Barb’s heart beat faster.

“Feet sore, Rex?” She asked. It sounded as if she was changing the subject.

“Oh, no. Just slipped those off. My feet love the plush carpet here.” He said looking at Barb’s soft, mature eyes.

Could he sense a little crestfallen look?

“But, I do walk around London a great deal and even though those Italian shoes are very expensive, my feet do get a little tender...sore even.” He said watching her eyes.

They lit up.

“Oh, really. Here place your feet on my lap. Let me give them a little rub.” And with that she knelt on her trouser clad knees and Rex spun his desk chair sideways and placed his two big size 11 socked feet on her warm tight thighs.

The scent of Rex’s thin blue nylon dress socks wafted up Barb’s nose and made her swoon. She’d never smelled a man’s foot scent...a real man, one whom she fancied. And she fancied Rex, her boss...from his sexy toes upward!

Her manly small hands grabbed at his warm moist socked left foot and she began to rub her fingers into his meaty heel and up into his high arch...the sleek ultra thin nylon cotton blended fabric felt heavenly to massage and massage she did.

Rex began to type again at this awkward slant and he found his mind sailing away....her small boyish hands were making him horny...very. And he could see she loved his feet. Could Barb be a possible playmate? All these years of working together and never did he look at her in any way other than professionally...her fingers worked away any doubts. Rex typed madly constructing the needed report.

“Barb, any good at using a digital camera?” Rex asked playfully but with many new ideas. Barb smiled, lost in Rex’s socked feet on her lap.

Could she use a camera? Hell YES!


Much more to CUM!!

Comments and feedback welcome!



My thanks to the very talented and SEXY man, sheerulysses!!!!! These are older shots he did for me ages ago!



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