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blip is a snot



image.png.3e631b08ae6f6fbe4aa371b24dfe6c88.pngreceived an email today

it was from a group image.png.68268d31d3f00afef9c853ac23e7b84d.pnghad affiliated with back in college

(there was sort of a parting of the ways. suffice to say, they might not realize that but image.png.4d284ccccb33c84dcc0c3661ab6d1f27.pngsimply will not be a part of any group image.png.114b62511801217510d9f84aa47b50c0.png finds to be lacking in integrity.

considering they literally state that they are all about integrity in their various oaths and literature, the hypocrisy irks image.png.8730a8d565248565a3b622f3a38ebff0.png far too much.

when image.png.b1c796e78764151cd7c1607f3a98edb2.png sees postings from some of these folk on facebook - a place image.png.f22cc76e707d233ab1ad8eaf23b64cf8.png avoids - the complete opposite of what image.png.3f6e490d37ffaa4d324923e4693260ea.png knows them to be

it makes image.png.ee35a0b11bfc6be4a21e2a3b6ed95ef7.png asks out lod, "And who the fuck are you NOW?")


the email requested image.png.3d9e55f7ea2284af9542dd501bc510f0.png's participation in their thanksgiving festivities

considering thanksgiving has passed it made little sense

image.png.98ab4f6e218bc8c43fa7f9c0a4d2b472.png did reply, "you do realize it is now december and thanksgiving was over a week ago?"

the reply - within an hour - was "will image.png.49d18157dc9e4fe34d61f56c1f849639.png be attending?"

image.png.9159f2286f452e176bd93519fa93f0bc.png informed them that A - image.png.3d57f325b9621cb10a960beac401d7bc.png has not conquered time travel

and B - image.png.1ea54dbd2912afa30196c83e44a9c9cc.png is now on the opposite coast. image.png.0d163b7e031c2ea9fc67001e1f57df5a.png ain't flying in to spend time with those image.png.39d90014b443ccd41a8343e72c55b871.png was treated like a sack of vomit

there has been a further reply, "we can still assist with accommodations"

image.png.f901e8c045b42ff0d1ff8dba32ca60f9.png has sent the following: "Really? Then right you are, college boy! FUCK the space/ time configuration! image.png.814cec9e8ad5d1eb9a0881383c1b7add.png will bike in with image.png.5bb713e06cb5c475c0e28d7c8fed15ad.png's great grandfather. Do you know of any people willing to assist image.png.22c208e6343f91f7c29d623b71822b89.png in digging up the body? He died in 1945 - but why quibble when a cold turkey sandwich is in the offing. Happy 1972!"


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