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Blip's Specail of the Day

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blip visits the dmv



image.png.86e24bf951ab40e505d346a59744f4b5.pnggot image.png.d9edddab243e6feb5e91adc45743b4d0.png's drivers license renewed



because image.png.51c0529587f3bb25688f81ac754f5def.png knows that next year image.png.6c5bd2caa13a30d91952226426a61b9c.png is going to need some minor eye surgery

image.png.2b56344db5d68c0d01f584b6e0f9e47f.png was nervous about having any eye exam

because the last time image.png.39bd6440b8a92d56e348e0f4d5eb23e2.png was at the DMV

they had image.png.b67cd3f69a495c88de2d860f996adaff.png do an eye exam

and image.png.be09005db00284433f94b0b546fef152.png did catch the clerk manipulating things

so that it was never clear


(that clerks were doing this at the DMV had made it into the local news

so it was not image.png.387f227f2fd8b93e673c640f04d055f9.png's imagination)


things changed at the dmv

image.png.ce3c551b5100f80332b6af577384d2bd.png was given a number

and sat

and waited

about 20 minutes

then image.png.7d0a69ec869ffe6257582dfcf72e1e9b.png went to the window

and they did not ask for any mail proving image.png.942b490838547cbc5af360e652b99fc5.png was at the address image.png.ae8092a5511e4c9176df985e0fc0648d.png claims

even tho their website says they will

there was NO eye exam


image.png.583451e444e8c270633899bba388cd45.png just signed a very few time electronically

they took image.png.7ec137986f88cb070f38ea3c9cfbb5b0.png's money

then took image.png.155dc75ee96e547a575753a9d6d52a61.png's picture

gave image.png.db6aeb80256507ec9f68adcac5887df9.png a temp license

and wished image.png.d57b403ca4d3c963a5f24eb86e7e0599.png a nice day


too bad it is such a seriously ugly building

the clerk seemed friendly enough

and they all smiled

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