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blip going to a potluck!



image.png.3c10a4032beec521dade6df72104dcea.pngactually invited to the annual "staff" holiday potluck tomorrow

image.png.64e63246c300e4cf857715df3eb3647c.png is not "staff"

but image.png.dd0a087fb3ff81f36530567398e71570.png is paid a TEENY stipend for maintaining their website

so image.png.9c3a8bc7b5ec9a2ce55605e4f7cb7121.png is "staff adjacent"


image.png.ac3b39c8f1d36d8d08d15589c0436368.png wondered if image.png.9f443b30bfb4d9abb5dec5672da94ee3.png was going to be invited

because of the hiring of the new communications person

(who knows ZERO about communications or web sites.....or email)

and the flow of information to put newsletters and web updates has been significantly clogged

making image.png.9dfb8316a9bcf4b24fa433f1960c98b6.png feel image.png.73d340f0f3237ee31dbd55a79208a358.png is being disenfranchised


image.png.cad5ffc2047964e4fe5029ce93e1070d.png is ever the cynic and despite the invite

image.png.ad53e2115d1a6b37e29c60c02ba66028.png remains suspicious of this communications buffoon

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