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blip wins first strike in war



image.png.3cb354d4740fd7d4e019a7ae50f0bc9e.png has told folks

at the organization image.png.176291ad676a85d960b6c3508f7f1cfb.png volunteers to maintain their web site

to NEVER send bunches of photos to image.png.6fecdec2aea45128444c4b7a9ad862fe.png

and - if you dare to - DO NOT use image.png.4985dc5e0018509ef6fffbface6eb124.png's regular emial

but image.png.f6cc229f34bd5390eb11eb804e1de2d3.png's gmail instead


so the being image.png.7f1847f4b0fba0cce54dcae527951b9a.png is supposed to take direction from

contacts a person image.png.e5dc07c753903501d08bac71ff1de0e7.png had warned not only takes horrible photos but never follows the rules on how to send them for posting


image.png.92e8e7a04f626ed07cf7155e80c1d458.png had a fit

image.png.8e2a16b198c881bef792cc6ea51a0f8c.png wrote the person image.png.f9d06ceefe16d154ee340f8fbed7de3b.png takes direction from that image.png.29b37dc78298a4cdb9dd43eaeaa34365.png was not

under any circumstances

handle photos that are not sent appropriately

and image.png.5f740432bc9c7ae9e14a152002008a65.png forwarded the photos to a third party who will deal with them


the person image.png.153024d8b51f086be996a8fc98fe8d30.png takes direction from said

"but it is only 4 or 5 photos. geeez"


image.png.f6c25f02ed9a4caf54b67093f17ecc1a.png then forwarded ALL the photos image.png.54d8166b5394865d74a5da111564366e.png got

which were a few dozen

and did not have the slightest thing to do with what the project was about


the person image.png.dffd0c1bfafca13e75113d6ef8bec86c.png answers to responded

"damn. what are these? these make no sense! do not do anything with these. image.png.fc4d76349623fb56d27324fcd7aae3a2.png was right. sorry"


image.png.c5636c4c7fdc777ad81482ecd642749b.png wins first strike in war

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