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a skit has died


image.png.de3f046b06ab4f84915809796bf76d42.png is mourning

the Dr. Who bit that image.png.047ebb29826210a9f93120e69a0fb6d1.png wrote for this -

and definitely at this point -

not particularly amusing amateur show

is not going to happen


there seems to be an awful lot of folks who were eager for the show

but nobody wants to be in it

and the other possibilities all seem to not just be out of town that week

but completely out of the country


(seriously. you could have just said NO and not claim you were going to be hang gliding in india)


the only real reason image.png.1774601de9febb38139b67133bf40c16.png really wanted the Dr Who bit to be in the show

was not simply 'cause image.png.b08ce41ac2c27fec393eee07ba62d6a8.png wrote it

but if they were going to have that traditional

and awful

chorus line as the finale

image.png.f7d7e8cdab5e0ca0634fa95e5832acbe.png wanted the dalek in the chorus line


maybe blip can convince the director to put the dalek in the chorus line any way

that it has no reason to be there at all now

at least for image.png.8a7c80625bd75c034c36a1dd9804e5e2.png's sensibilities

makes it all the more funny

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