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sorry - not sorry



so the person image.png.e473894ccb0511a4334f6e11ab20e944.png has to "answer to"

regarding communications stuff

for the organization image.png.047b58070a355b7d3a705904492dd43b.pngvolunteers to send out their email newsletters

and maintain content on their website

(which - by the way ain't XXX so get over yourselves on thinking that it is. bunch of pervs)

has had sort of an emotional breakdown



image.png.a777d23bc7ff7a21498fbddc5d009562.pnghas been told

"she's afraid to even open any emails from image.png.bec8bbea4e32adf14a4ce70ed5404f4c.png"

"she's been on the verge of tears"



while image.png.74d891641a0360ed956cf6ddf53d03c3.png genuinely does no want to be a bully

because image.png.1f1ea5f4dbf83912aee190a8ee5b2e7b.png knows all too well what it is like to be bullied

for years and years

and literally have nobody who would defend image.png.240e3a566fd1fcb2510e555a15240a80.png

- there is a part of image.png.23201d4ac26c0d56e36fa2ff155aaaf2.png that feels



image.png.e875ca99a42ae4964b050cebb41f7223.png sent an apology

but image.png.eec12f3cebd2a78ec42afabfd90d3a51.png wonders if image.png.a91a0712befe18cb34c467b132ce64b7.png's

sorry - not sorry

feelings crept thru

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