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Thursday - 20th



stayed close to the fort - worked on my pic collection, and almost, just almost got tired of looking at Tony Ganz. never could happen. so now we are posting, and trying to decide whom to favour as my feature. mmm I guess Jeff Conger is the cutest of the bunch, though I fear being labelled as a chicken hawk. he is awfully cute! hope you enjoy Sean Connery and the animated gifs I added :wow:







Danny001.jpg Danny003.jpg Danny005.jpg Danny007.jpg Stephen001.jpg Stephen003.gif Stephen005.gif Stephen007.jpg Jeff01.jpg Jeff03.jpg Jeff05.jpg Jeff07.jpg Sean0021.jpg Sean0023.gif Sean0025.jpg Sean0027.jpg Harry001.jpg Harry003.jpg Harry005.jpg Harry007.jpg
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Harry looks great in jeans there!ūüĎÖ

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These men...all on the same page!  This is why I love 'the digital age'!  It does not take up space to have the library of congress size of collection of porn!  I can literally focus on my own particular 'fetish', or likes/dislikes for that day and by the following week, completely change my mind and begin enjoying what I 'overlooked' the previous week!  No longer must I wait for the editor(s) of 'Honcho', 'Playgirl', 'Foxylady' or 'Mandate' to show me a picture, taken at the correct angle.  I can, as I have, set up literal directories or folders of pictures or vids and enjoy at my leisure.  I can talk as little or as much as I want, or turn up the volume on my headset and allow the 'dirty talk' as loud as I want for that day or moment.

Some call it 'horny'.  I call it 'hungry'.  I went 5 times in a row one day, not particularly counting the orgasms, but wanting 'the hungry' out of my system.  I remember that for #3, I 'edged' as it is now called for over an hour, focused on a few words from a str8 porn flick, "Talk Dirty To Me".  And yes, I love it all, str8 or gay.  But make no mistake, I am gay. John Leslie told the chick after showing his hard cock "say please don't!"  I was tarred, feathered and plucked!  Is it so wrong that something like that can send one over the edge with a 'super-stiffie' that won't go down?  By the way, in the 10th grade, I made the mistake of wearing boxers to school under some pants that they called in the 70's, "baggies".  They were wide-legged, bell-bottomed pants, with a huge cuff, worn with platform shoes. I was not particularly stimulated by anyone or anything other than maybe a slight breeze.  Literally had an extraordinarily stiff boner all day!  That particular kind of boner actually 'hurts'.  One has to find that special place on campus to 'handle-the-hunger'!  No such luck.  The swim coach made the gym off-limits.  One look at his blonde, hairy thick legs and it would be time to ditch school!  I remember the headaches with having an all-day boner.  Not good!

I love seduction, though, whether it be str8 or gay.  I love for a man to stand behind the partner and gently 'cup' the pec or breast.  I remember the days of the Pussycat theatres, x-rated drive-throughs etc, I was 'hungry' all of the time!  This was long before video (VHS/Betamax - can you believe that these formats are now in museums as 'retro'?) or the internet.  Can you imagine if everyone had the internet and cellphones to download porn in the 70's?

Speaking of 'hunger', it makes me wonder how that 'itch' is being scratched nowadays at 'The Nob Hill Cinema' in San Francisco, or 'The Vista' theatre in West Hollywood?  Those were my spots.  At 'The Vista', I would meet a man in the back, right rear of the theatre.  Our 'hookups' as they are now known as were quite random.  I was 18; he had to be 45, if he was over a day old.  What I remember about him was that he didn't have a particularly long cock, but his foreskin was massive, long and oh so delicious.

Because I was circumcised, his foreskin fascinated me.  But he knew that I was fresh from high school; the man taught me so much about passionate kissing.  Gosh, I loved playing under his shirt, pinching his hairy nipples, while sucking on his fat, juicy cock.  I love a man with fur all over, particularly hairy legs and feet.  I love that ring of fur around a man's ankle and how it spreads down the top of his foot to his toes.  Him: hairy in sheer socks; top two buttons on his shirt undone, exposing the dense, dark fur on his chest.  (Oh gosh, I'm damn hungry again!!!)

His cum also fascinated me because he came lots, with lots of moaning (another favorite of mine) there in the back of the theatre.  He did not seem to mind the crowd of guys that would gather around us, jacking off.  I usually collected his cum in my mouth, then dropped it on the floor in front of me, between his legs.  I remember thinking about him years later, missing him.  I never knew his name, yet I bet had I not been going into the military, I would have discreetly, willingly dated him, probably for many years.  Kinda DL before Oprah knew about DL men.

Now wouldn't ya know.  Now I'm 'hungry'.  Gotta 'handle' this because I'll never get to sleep with a 'spike' in my loins, and this damn hormone called 'testosterone' screaming in my veins!

By the way, men, my favorite joke of all time (read in Penthouse long ago) - what is the difference between a vitamin and a hormone?  You can't hear a vitamin! [Bad mood or good mood, that joke puts me in a 'great' mood!]

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