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β€‹πŸ†β€‹ Damn he's got a really nice peen!​ πŸ†β€‹



So a few days ago while perusing around, I came across this vid. I originally posted & commented on it to my profile then later decided to post a blog about it.

Video of a guy at some gathering completely naked! ☺️ Damn he's got a really nice peen! πŸ†πŸ€€πŸ˜
In the vid, 2 women come up to him to pose for a photo / vid with him. One of them even touches & holds his penis (which yes I am jealous) while photos /vid being taken.

I even told TIff about this vid & sent it to her so she can get a look at this guy's nice penis! She agreed that he does have a really nice penis & that her & I should've been the 2 women on the vid! 🀭

Can only imagine when he is fully erect!Β πŸ€”πŸ˜‰πŸ†
Bet he would feel really good inside. Def would love to get fucked by him without a condom! ☺️

Vid caps:
Qj_IAi5OGODQF44e_Moment.thumb.jpg.8baea6d5e282ecedffd9eb3f50fc2544.jpgΒ Qj_IAi5OGODQF44e_Moment(14).thumb.jpg.ce1b49602f2c002fc15aabd4a5e3d4f7.jpgΒ Qj_IAi5OGODQF44e_Moment(13).thumb.jpg.9e5d8d060f79513898f10a575aadcb9b.jpg

Qj_IAi5OGODQF44e_Moment(12).thumb.jpg.14725c73f382b5354a35c7b2037035f5.jpgΒ Qj_IAi5OGODQF44e_Moment(11).thumb.jpg.967da4c0eac9e0323a1675b49f793539.jpgΒ Qj_IAi5OGODQF44e_Moment(10).thumb.jpg.9330c741f625cbd7910963733539d121.jpgΒ 
I wanna touch & caress it too! It would be so hard for me not to resist wanting to jerk him off & suck on it!Β πŸ˜‰πŸ€­

Qj_IAi5OGODQF44e_Moment(9).thumb.jpg.5bdaa3ac3811329a0252f4c18f3a8dca.jpgΒ Qj_IAi5OGODQF44e_Moment(8).thumb.jpg.29e6bb78e280bf2fe7c12cf45b099702.jpgΒ Qj_IAi5OGODQF44e_Moment(7).thumb.jpg.4e6644fa21cea2f3fd41d49157122dbe.jpgΒ 

Qj_IAi5OGODQF44e_Moment(6).thumb.jpg.c1a22ea0eb19c57007f7ea00b2f563b7.jpgΒ Qj_IAi5OGODQF44e_Moment(5).thumb.jpg.8ed2f62d4fad7b6e6bbca03e0fa78a28.jpgΒ Qj_IAi5OGODQF44e_Moment(4).thumb.jpg.82192fe38454aa85deee883fe64f5218.jpgΒ 

Qj_IAi5OGODQF44e_Moment(3).thumb.jpg.ad9eaa1e55b079c196f4e0841f1b0fe9.jpgΒ Qj_IAi5OGODQF44e_Moment(2).thumb.jpg.c359788e670fe41eb18ad2a6f300a1dc.jpg

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That is a nice penis. I love how one of the women is not shy about grabbing hold of it.Β 

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i love this too. what a beautiful idea to meet so many happy clothed women completely naked, and to be photographed naked for their amusement!

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On 5/6/2023 at 11:25 AM, vickiep said:

That is a nice penis. I love how one of the women is not shy about grabbing hold of it.Β 

That is an amazing penis.Β  I would love to see it completely erect and in my mouth.

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On 5/6/2023 at 5:34 PM, cfnm_guy said:

i love the very public exposure!

me too!

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